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Friday, November 16, 2018

Nineteen Services?

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a reply to a reader who noticed that, hey, under the Constitution, our States only agreed to receive nineteen services from these vandals, but this has now proliferated to hundreds if not thousands of government services.  What is going on here? 

The perpetrators making all these offers of services are not really your government.  That's for starters.  They are foreign, for-profit corporations in the business of providing government services.  

That lack of disclosure is a large part of the whole problem --- they have been "offering" services as private commercial corporations and people have been mindlessly accepting all sorts of "services" ---- and then have to pay for these services they accepted above and beyond those that the States agreed to. 

It's like the magazine publishers back in the 80's --- you'd get a "free subscription" to something like "Outdoor Life".  It would just show up in your mailbox, "Absolutely Free!"  --- and when you read the fine print, "If you like "Outdoor Life" just keep this complimentary copy and three more months of the magazine will be sent to your door absolutely free!" 

Okay, so typical American --- whether they like "Outdoor Life" and read it or throw it out with the Junk Mail --- thinks nothing of it.  Three months go by.  The magazines come. In the third magazine is a postcard-like insert and in absolutely tiny print it says, "We are happy you have enjoyed your subscription to "Outdoor Life". To continue, simply do nothing and the magazine will continue to be delivered every month.  To "unsubscribe" simply check the box on this return postcard and you will receive no additional copies." 

Well, guess how many people saw that card and read It?  

Pretty soon folks are getting all these magazines they don't want and scratching their heads.  And then they start getting all the bills attached to these "Free Offers".  And the complaints start piling up with the Congressional Delegations about these "unfair" solicitations and "subscription scams".  And the magazine publishers got their hands slapped and prohibited from doing this kind of "promotion" through the U.S. Mail. 

Unfortunately, the government, operating as a foreign, for-profit governmental services corporation has done the same sort of thing with governmental services.  They have "offered" services, often for free, and as people having unknowingly used these services (probably thinking that it was just part of the program) they have been "subscribed" -- exactly like the magazine subscriptions --- to receive these "unearned benefits".  

When they unknowingly sign up to receive these benefits by enrolling in or applying for what appears to be a "government service" they become identified as "U.S. Citizens" --- that is, British Territorial United States Employees or Dependents or Corporations or Political Asylum Seekers.   The British Territorial United States Government Corporation, like the magazine publishers, readily agrees. That's what the "offer" was all about from their perspective in the first place.  

What they don't tell their new subscribers is that: (1)  In exchange for all these wonderful new "free" services, the perpetrators are going to "take title" to their names and land and all their assets including their children to pay for these "benefits", and (2) the victim's political status is going to be altered to that of a British Territorial United States Citizen, a subject of the Queen and the British Crown, no longer a free and independent American.  

Just like the magazine subscriptions, these subscriptions to what-appear-to-be government services have unseen costs that no right thinking American would accept, if the cost were fully disclosed.  Just like the magazine subscriptions, there isn't a clear, clean up front offer involved.  Just like the magazine subscriptions, the process of ensnarement is gradual ---  you have to accept the proverbial  "additional three months of free magazines" --- before they shut the trap door.  That extra "three months" in commerce is the equivalent of three months of Due Process Notice that you are being offered and are accepting a magazine subscription.  

This creates an implied contract between you and the magazine publisher and it is then "presumed" that you are knowingly accepting the product and are expected to pay for it, whether you ever read your copy of "Outdoor Life" or not. 

Same thing with what appears to be the government.  All those services you "apply for" ignorantly, like Social Security, and Selective Service,  and all those benefit programs you "enroll in" like Medicare --- have a cost that you are not being told, which results in an undisclosed contract, called an "adhesion contract".  

It is primarily undisclosed on two counts: first, you are misled to think that you are dealing with your own government when you are dealing with a foreign, for-profit corporation in the business of providing "governmental services" instead, and second, you are not being told about the actual cost of participation in all these "offers" --- that you will be "gifting" yourself, your good name, your credit, your land, and all your assets to these Grafters in exchange for these comparatively petty freebies, and that you will be subjecting yourself to the British Queen as a member of the British Commonwealth System, too, and selling yourself and your children into eternal pauper-hood, a form of debt slavery. 

That something like this could happen in the modern world is beyond abhorrent, but the combination of commercial fraud opportunity combined with the ability to enforce these bogus contracts under color of law was apparently too great a temptation, and now we have the ugly and inevitable confrontation between the purported "subscribers" and the "magazine publishers".  

The fact is that we didn't knowingly, willingly or "voluntarily" subscribe to this fraud scheme at all, because it lacked disclosure and lacking disclosure, no offer accepted can be considered "conscious"  (therefore the whole offer is "unconscionable") and therefore cannot be "voluntary" either.  

Essentially, all these international corporations in the business of providing "governmental services" have sought to expand their control and improve their bottom-lines by preying upon the people that they were hired to serve.  They have done this by the same process as the erstwhile magazine publishers: "voluntary" subscription that in this case, is not voluntary because it is never fully disclosed and because it is falsely presented as a "government mandate" to people who are not naturally subject to the British Territorial United States Government. 

As a result, the consequences in commerce are already well-established.  First and foremost, the British Territorial United States Government corporations must stop making all these undisclosed "offers" and demands.  The property and assets they seized upon under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure have to be returned to the States and People they have harmed and imposed upon.  Any services or payments that they legitimately owe to the victims --- such as vested Social Security accounts to which the victims and employers contributed and paid for --- must be paid out as commercial obligations without any presumption of ownership interest or pretense that these are "welfare benefits". 

As for the States of the Union, they have been dis-served, too, and all their land patents and titles must be returned to the States and the People. Our country is not going to be bought and sold for the sake of British and Belgian and French false claims in commerce, and our People are not going to be considered British Subjects or Paupers of the British Commonwealth for the sake of similar false claims in commerce.  

We have caught them at it and we have the patents that the perpetrators used to set up and automate this gigantic fraud scheme.


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  1. More info on past and present.. I have yet to see the vision, of life after the wrong has been corrected. Freedom? What is freedom?.. Besides a concept with a seperate meaning for each person.. But in general.. What is the vision? What has been accomplished

    1. trident, I have been saying this for forever in here, and the gullible folks who just live on pretty words that tickle their ears cause it ''sounds good' to them - - have done nothing but try to have me for lunch for point it out, Lol.
      So its music to my ears to see you and a very few others in here, who have also finally come to the same conclusion and perhaps now SEE what I have been saying for a very long time now.

      Fact is, there has only been yik yak and painted pictures of fake utopia but not one single literal change or improvement.
      And just like her claim here ....''we have the patents'......but not one iota of proof or evidence of that - we are just expected to take her word for that. But, sorry, no way, Anna. Unless you tell us precisely just how you managed to get into the U.S. Patent Office and obtain them, then I will not believe you.

      Just like a year ago or more, you claimed ''you had 9 of the Trusts yourself''. Another fib. Because if you did, you would by now have manifested them, literally. So that is another example of your false claims, along with the many many others.

      You see Anna, talk is very cheap. There is never any Reality to anything you say. Several of us in here have repeatedly tried to tell you You are serving up Nothing Bergers with NO Meat in them !

      When are you gonna get that, Anna, and quit playing this Game with us?

    2. Trident, what would you like the vision to be? What is freedom to you? Are you looking for someone to show what your freedom is going to be?
      Anna and her team have uncovered the fraud, found verifiable proof and yes, taking down the cabal won't be easy regardless of the proof because they are pure evil. She is doing her best to inform the people to build the masses. They want us all to just give up and do as we are told.
      We have to try. Have no mercy upon them!

    3. Taken as a collection Anna's articles offer a very wide comprehension of the historical influences that are an enlightening tapestry of facts and events which have changed the political and economic world we are experiencing. Reaching in to foreign claimants hidden plays is especially illuminating. I do not require her to divulge every detail of her sources, particularly not to strident students who make insulting demands and innuendos repeatedly in her face, baldly trying to bring discord and doubt rather than enlightenment to the discussions. Anna runs her articles - not her readers - and her reservations for discretion to not engage with readers who insist in petty bickering remind us of that.

      Allowing a student to demand a particular piece of evidence at any given moment would be allowing the class to run the lecture. We can respect the teachers wish to reserve certain particulars to be revealed in her own due time and way. If impatient, dig in and find the details, that is what real students do.

      Because of the overall harmony of Anna's perceptions wherein she remains focused on the underlying theme of sharing the facts supporting the hijacking of The United States of America by foreign usurpers she remains highly pertinent and enjoyably readable. An added feature is her very candid and spicy servings delivered from the mind of one who loves independent sharing of important facts to encourage free thought and free living. Students would do well to do the same - to emulate their teacher by taking her precepts and acting upon them - thereby becoming leaders, not detractors, in their own right. That's how things get done by a self governed people.

      No one else is taking up the position of the peoples issues being upturned and taken by fraud quite like Anna. The breadth of her view from the origins of the USA to the current palsied imposters of various stripes while she continues to make coherent presentations of facts I find helpful and encouraging.

      Perhaps those wanting more detail can assist the teaching by digging in to the subject matter and offering their own supportive discoveries. Meantime whining and incessant complaining about the teacher who gives a very full value to her content takes the appearance of a planted voice from the strangers outside this freedom movement.

    4. Yes wholeheartedly agree with every wonderful chosen Word you've been expressing and sharing here!!!! Breath of wonderful fresh clean air!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love your sense of humor as well.. Its so needed and appreciated as well for so many courageously digging in the trenches that are beyond tired now. 😎😀💖
      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness, and Peace Be for All Now

    5. Above message was intended to T.P.ConnonSense

  2. Prove it Robert. Prove it Abby. Put up or shut up.

    1. I agree with you T.P. This whining and bickering does nothing toward unity and progress.

    2. Indeed! .........

      On the highest note that I know of "Unity" is the most essential element in any "group" effort. In unity some kind of "progress" will be possible. Is this such a "group"?

      However, it appears that the forum here also accepts a divergent variety of absolute independent expressions apparently coming from individuals who may not have any intention of supporting unity. If this is conscious on the part of the host then one may ask is this great acceptance for the sake of some kind of "freedom of speech"?.

      Are there agents of discord showing up here? I don't know. In any case virtually all appear to be welcomed here by the host.

    3. Yes Chef, agreed. For everyone's knowledge and Benefit the Blog owner/publisher IS Paul Stramer, a skilled/talented internet marketer. The "Host" is Paul, not Anna. Paul Owns and administers the website and domain name Also in Anna's name as his voluntary contribution to the cause of spreading awareness of Anna & L.L.F's work and articles as publisher on his websites as the Sole Host/administrator only.
      From my personal knowledge/experience and observation of Host's words/actions "personal attacks" are allowed by host as long as they aren't directed at him or a threat to his internet subscriber lists and marketing efforts sadly. That IS his business and his own choice and personal perogative to choose. "Comments" by posters on Anna's articles, whether derogatory attacks or positive discussion all is "equal" in internet marketing Cyber "World" when it comes to boosting your Blog/Website "Presence" and Servers "Search Engine Optimization" efforts and therefore takes priority OVER "civility" once again. Business bottom lines Over Living People and their harmful behavior and hateful attacks on peaceful people that support The true mission and cause In Education and Personal Awareness. Like this entire "worldly" system of "capitalism" (haha just made a connection!) Its always about the "CORPORATE DEAD" "money ILLUSION" Valued OVER the Living True Substance People and Really) Cause of this Mission unfortunately. Its a personal choice we All have to truly seek deeper to See, and consciously choose to change if we truly are working toward true awareness, and true change in our living lives Now and consciously moving forward.
      Grateful for All higher conscious insight and awareness shared here always!! Thank You!!

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness, and Peace Be For All Now

  3. A child, born into slavery, has no idea of the situation.
    As an adult, the child learns of the condition at the birth.
    Thank you, Anna, for pointing these things out.

  4. Government-ID-fraud, by foreign-corporations, is a big problem in America.
    No corporation is sovereign, therefore no corporate-government is sovereign.
    Banking-fraud, money-laundering, mail-fraud, and contract-liability-fraud follow.

  5. For the vast-foreign-government-ID-frauds of the Americas
    is with a vast-America-life-paralizing-epidemic.
    For the corporations are with a void-sovereignty
    with a void-sovereign-government.
    For the fake-government-adhesian-contracts
    are with the courts-banks-money-mail-frauds.

  6. Speaking of lawlessness and boundaries:
    A one sentence creation-natural-law-constitution:
    "For the every-mankind-earth-populace
    is with the single-equal-shared-total-sum-creation-power-authority."