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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Attention, Please! This is Crucial Information for All Concerned....

By Anna Von Reitz

Disinformation: the spreading of false or only partially true information so as to promote incorrect assumptions, actions, or conclusions about an issue, a subject, a product, or an individual.  The object of a Disinformation Campaign is usually to sidetrack whatever normal action would be the result if the truth were clearly known and presented, for example, to delay adoption of legislation.  

Disinformation is commonly used against rival products, political candidates, public infrastructure projects, and proposed legislation. 

Most Disinformation contains elements of truth designed to create a factual basis for part of the message, which then promotes blind acceptance of the whole message---which is false overall. 

Once a Disinformation Campaign gets started the false information is passed on unknowingly by otherwise innocent people whose credibility is trusted, and spreads by word of mouth.  

As a result, disinformation can come from otherwise credible sources, may contain elements of truth, and may be passed on either deliberately or unknowingly. 

Disinformation is often plausible and requires deeper research to evaluate and discover the actual facts. 

And here is another classic Disinformation Campaign coming at you: 

Begin by taking notice of the source:, [which is probably a legitimate enough patriot organization that is making wrong assumptions and being co-opted] being "Presented by Legal Registry LLC" out of where? Oh, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, #190-626, Washington, DC 20004. 

Legal Registry is at the heart of the problem.  Legal Registry makes its living from "registering" everything and everyone it can possibly register--- and thereby trafficking whatever is registered from the land jurisdiction to the sea jurisdiction and from your possession to the possession of various for-profit "government services corporations" acting "as" your government under Color of Law.  

I have already told you ---- record everything, register nothing.  

Anything that requires "registration" is a demand that you give away your interest in whatever is being registered as a "donor" of that asset retaining a "beneficial interest" in the asset.  

Car registration is a demand that you give away your private auto or truck to the "State of ___________", Incorporated, which then becomes the actual owner and the State of State then gives you back a "Certificate" of beneficial interest allowing you to use their car. 

This "voluntary" act on your part makes you the Donor of the asset to a "Public Trust" managed by a private, for-profit corporation acting as Trustee, and reduces you to a Leasor of your own asset.  They have endeavored to do the same thing to all your private landholdings. 

Thereafter, you have to  pay for the privilege of re-registering what was your property every year or two---- essentially paying a tax to retain your beneficial interest in the car, which you supposedly "voluntarily" donated to the racketeers.  Or a "property tax" on land that is naturally already yours.  

I watched the short video being promoted at the link above, and it does contain elements of truth.  The Federal Reserve Banks (and other banks) have been allowed to hold title to our assets and to prevent us from accessing the credit side of the ACCOUNTS established in our names as remedy--- all in contravention of the actual Public Law.  That part is true. 

They do this by claiming that we are "dead", "missing, presumed lost". 

The credit they owe us is then placed in a generation skipping trust --- a giant Slush Fund for the banks --- and invested by the same banks "for" us, pending our "return".  The catch, of course,  is that you never get the benefit of any of this fraud. 

Anyway, that much is all true and so is the fact that when you are "proven to be alive" the actual Public Law demands that they release the benefit of your ACCOUNT to you. 

The rest of the information, however, is skewed. 

The bankrupt governmental services corporation that FDR was "President" of was "the" United States of America (Incorporated), a Delaware Corporation set up as a religious non-profit in 1925, hence his use of the word "consecration" when he announced "The New Deal".  

But who did "The New Deal" apply to?  

Not to us.  

As the Conference of Governors vote on March 6, 1933 stated, this Deal with the Devil applied only to "their states and the citizenry thereof".  

So what were "their states and the citizenry thereof"?  

Well, as we have documented, the actual States that are members of The United States of America (Unincorporated) federation of states were never involved in any aspect of all the incorporated "State of State" skullduggery, so it wasn't us and it wasn't our "states" being discussed by the Conference of Govenors.  

The advent of Municipal "STATES OF STATES" was still more than a decade away (1946) at the time FDR made his speech, so the only possible conclusion is that the "states" and the "citizenry thereof" being referenced by the Conference of Governors action in 1933, were the "States of States" of the British Territorial United States-- which had been established in Breach of Trust and constructive fraud to replace our actual Federal States of States "pending Reconstruction" after the Civil War. 

[Territorial] U.S. Citizens were the "citizenry" subject to The New Deal, who were sold by the Roman Catholic Church to the Federal Reserve Banks as collateral backing the debts of "the" United States of America (Incorporated) which was bankrupted in 1933, together with all their personal and private assets, including their bodies and their labor. 

But who was legitimately a "U.S. Citizen" in 1933 or at any other time? 

Federal employees both civilian and military, federal dependents, knowing and voluntary political asylum seekers, people born in actual U.S. Territories like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the District of Columbia not having any other citizenship elsewhere, corporations actually and deliberately formed under Territorial United States auspices, and their corporate officers.

That's it.  The whole laundry list.  And it doesn't include us. 

We were being "brought along" under the false pretenses that the incompetence of the moth-balled Federal States of States was an excuse to presume upon the people of the Free States of the Union.  

It wasn't a valid excuse for such false premises then and it still isn't now. 

Our States --- Maine, California, Wisconsin, Alaska --- are not party to any of this European-Inspired Manure Pile.  Our Federal States of States have been held "in trust" under false pretenses and Gross Breach of Trust by these vermin for six generations and we have not even been given disclosure of the facts.  

So the rest of the assumptions in this video --- for example, that the debts of FDR's Territorial United States -- are our debts, or that his "New Deal" applies to us, are entirely fraudulent.  

The idea that we need to pay those debts to "redeem" our country is also fraudulent.  Those debts being held against the [Territorial] United States by the Federal Reserve Banks are in fact debts owed to us and our States --- Alaska, California, Virginia, et al. 

We are the Priority Creditors.  

Not Debtors of any kind.  

The actual Debtor is the Queen of the United Kingdom, who has by allowing the Territorial United States to enter bankruptcy, become "incompetent" and who has therefore lost claim of delegated authority and has turned over the affairs of the British [Territorial] United States to Bankruptcy Trustees appointed by the guilty banks.  

These are the vermin that President Trump has been struggling with.  

But we are the actual Priority Creditors of the Territorial United States, not the Banks, which are only standing in an "assumed" middleman capacity; we are blatantly and internationally informing all Principals of the fact that the Banks are not our Agents or Representatives and neither are the members of the Territorial or Municipal "United States" Congresses.  Furthermore, all members of the Bar are prohibited from assuming any such position of Trusteeship or Agency related to our country.  We present ourselves, in the flesh, and are fully competent otherwise to exercise the International Powers of our States of the Union.    

There are now only two solutions to The Problem: (1) the Queen is prevailed upon to pay the debts of the Territorial United States which her employees and dependents ran up -- knowing that she has permanently lost any claim to delegated authority related to us; or (2) we, the actual States and People to whom the debt is owed can: (a) forgive the debts of the Territorial United States after negotiation with President Trump regarding resumption of a private  trade relationship, or (b) we can force the Territorial United States into Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy, liquidate its assets in receivership (which would involve all Territorial Governments worldwide and create no end of trouble for everyone, everywhere) or (c) we can demand that the Federal Reserve Banks pay the debts of the Territorial United States directly from the vast Slush Fund owed to us and its profits pending an agreement with President Trump.  

President Trump needs to speak to us directly regarding this situation and reach an agreement with The United States of America [Unincorporated] going forward.  This should not be difficult to do or take any long period of time, so long as we are mutually agreed --- and we are --- that the American States and People must be protected and the profits of the criminals used to build infrastructure and improve the lives of the victims of this vast fraud.  

Remember: never register anything you don't want to give away.  

Remember: no registration is valid if the nature and result of the transaction is not fully disclosed to you.

Remember: no involuntary or coerced registration is valid.  

Remember: you were never legitimately a citizen of the "United States" they are talking about, except perhaps for a period of time while working as a federal civilian or military employee, etc. or if you had no other political status available to you.  [White Americans born in the States have immediate State National status; colored people are still stuck with "Equal Civil Rights" pending action to finally correct this gross injustice.] 

Remember: you are a Priority Creditor of the British Territorial United States, not a Debtor thereof.  

Remember:  your State of the Union is competent to operate in either International Commerce or International Trade, and since the Delegated Powers have reverted to our States by Operation of Law, there is no reason for any other "state of state" or foreign principality to assume any form of Trusteeship or ownership interest in any jurisdiction of the law with regard to us or our people.  

Remember:  both the Territorial and Municipal United States are and were foreign entities with respect to us and though they are supposed to be under the control of our moth-balled Federal States of States, they continue to be under the control of  our States, from which all the "federal" authorities derive.  

Remember: all members of the Bar Associations lost their native birthright political status (as of 1819) as a result of the conflict of interest created when they accepted the title of nobility "Esquire" from the British Monarch, and they cannot regain it except by claiming Non-Disclosure and removing themselves from the Bar Association membership.  

The Queen abdicated her moral accountability a long time ago and has thus far abdicated her financial accountability as well.  We cannot expect honor among thieves, but we can stand our ground and demand that all those corporations and persons concerned respect the Rule of Law they have adopted for themselves. 

Don't be bamboozled into "assuming" that you or your State of the Union owe any debts, when you are in fact the Priority Creditors. 

Write the words "Non-Assumpsit" in large letters and make your position clear with respect to these issues.  

Please also make this information widely available to other Americans including those who have been misled by semantic deceit to assume that they are "U.S. Citizens" --- when they are not. 

It is, of course, not our intention to harm U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States in any way.  These people are confused and have acted according to Disinformation they were literally fed and need to wake up from their nightmares.  

Like President Trump, we have goodwill toward all our fellow Americans and malice toward none but the actual and knowing criminals who have acted in violation of our constitutional agreements and who have sought their own benefit at the expense of The Public Good.


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  1. Replies
    1. John Bolton @ 5:58, Explaining a bit of what President Trump meant during the United Nations Speech regarding Sovereignty not to be vested in the Head of State but how according to the Constitution, the Sovereignty is We the People, we the people are sovereign in America. (not an excerpt or quote)
      Check it out for your self.

  2. ''the fact that when you are proven to be alive, the actual Public Law demands that they release the benefit of your ACCOUNT to you''

    Ok, so we have a number of Commenters here who have told us they have done all their paperwork which is to ''prove they are alive''......
    so have any of You had your ACCOUNTS released to you?

    Obviously the answer is No. So this has been my entire stance in this Forum: What good has been derived from all the paperwork work and expense benefited anyone.
    It is fair and reasonable for anyone to expect benefit to be the result of any effort put forth. But at this point I have not seen one bit of benefit.
    We have even had several folks in here with serious current court issues
    who have intended to make use of their paperwork to cure their problem. Yet we have not even seen one of them return with a successful report.

    And so now I ask, who of the paperfilers with their stash of papers in tow, have received the benefits of their ACCOUNTS?

    1. Thank you Abby... you've got the courage to say what i am certain many among us have been thinking... certainly what i've been thinking. It's a paper chase, it's busy work, as if we don't have enough on our plates. And all i can think of is the fact that there are many more among us who do not have the intelligence to even conceptualize what's going on, let alone fill out and file the mountains of paper-work required. I don't think that's how we are supposed to be in the world. We are called upon to lift each other up, not to just save ourselves and it seems to me that is all that could possibly come out of all this.

      You know why an invoice is not a statement? It can't be... it's just dead ink on paper that has no voice. There's a lesson in there... it's spell-craft.

    2. What can anyone expect to receive from "The Federal Reserve Banks (and other banks)" when the foundation and very nature of that system is one of fraud and usurpation (at the very least)?

      When they decide to "collect" add on: "threat, duress and coercion.

      The system's behavior does not invalidate what "the actual Public Law demands" - however to expect compliance with that law is wishful "thinking".

      In any case - the whole entire process of all the "paper-work (that's) required" is firstly for one's own clarity, integrity, and expression of truth regardless of whether or not they receive "benefits". Something to possibly consider is where do you place your value - is it on truth of self or the illusion of mammon?

    3. Actually Abby is just an extremely lost bible preaching 'end timer' who shoots off her mouth daily in general here somewhere usually ~ since Abby doesn't have much of a life elsewhere other than to preach 'end timer' rabble😅 so it seems...who sounds sometimes somewhat intelligent to those who know little about the American state national subject matter Anna is usually writing about in general daily ~ other than to divert conversations back ultimately to her insane pet theory nonsense 'end timer' biblical prophecies😎

    4. The paperwork has worked for myself as far as taxes and courts go, as far as the accounts being turned over is useless, but we are the collateral holders of it all.

    5. Wanda, and thank you for still having your feet on the ground and being honest. I feel there is very little honesty in here and too many are still entwined in that old political correctness. The result has been we have had no progress in all this time.
      We have a bunch of grouchy people in here who would rather just try to get in their licks at one another, and just cant fathom that the Truth is just not pretty. Nowadays we have a bunch of go-alongs who believe anything they are told, and now that this world is in deep doo-doo they want to think doing a few papers will create utopia for them.

  3. it just keeps getting better and better. It has been said that 33% of the American population is part of this cabal is the responsible for the current day's agenda. Most of the remaining 67% don't know which way to turn and have been dumbed down enough fear making the right choice to end all this nonsense. It is plain to see that we are not at critical mass yet, but close then once that point is attained, the rest will fall into place, so we must strive to keep on keeping on.

    1. Dan, what does ''not yet at critical mass'' mean, or what does that have to do with anything.

      I am sort of reminded of how it was back in the days of Noah: Noah tried to tell the People for 120 years just what was what, and none of them listened nor did they believe him. They just went on partying and all of them remained ignorant.
      And so the Great Flood came and drowned them all.

    2. Actually quite a few survivors Abby....but then u probably wouldn't be interested in anything that doesn't support your p.o.v. 100%♩

    3. Abby, either the 67% increases to critical mass where we as a people of the world can put this cabal to rest and become a free people or we drown in the flood of Agenda 21/30. It has everything to do with winning this war on the existance of humanity as we know it.

    4. Dan, I think that is doing things the hard way. There is the means to round them up in one fell swoop, and punish them immediately. This picking around about it like a cat playing with a mouse, is total nonsense.
      As for 'winning this war' trying to rescue humanity as we know it.....if you really think about that, you would not even want any more to do with 'humanity as we know it.....and see it, and how it is now'.
      Sheesh, chuck it and let the King of Kings come mop it all up and start all over. That is where we are headed anyhow, so I'm good with that.

  4. Take the name Donald Trump out of your writings and then it will believeable.

    1. Trump actually seems to understand this...but stands alone in a pit of vipers on foriegn soil, trying to actually protect... Tax cuts may not yet be repeal of taxes.. But going in the right direction... Instead of stupid comments.. How about trying to help him... And if he dont know, why not send in thousands of calls to sean hannity... Who has trumps ear... Sean is phone... Letters go onto the garbage.
      As stated earlier... Where are the results?

    2. My sentiments exactly... Trump cannot do this alone...Even though he feels confident to tell all of us , just relax , daddy will take care of everything....!! But the massive matrix that has been created, involves almost have of the United States, and even the world.....!! And our judges and the justice dept. Itself has been given way to much power over everyone, including Trump...!! That WALL has to come down or we can never win this battle.....!!

    3. trident, the problem with hannity though, is that he is a bush-ite and refuses to expose any of the bush crime family crimes or that they are at the root of the problems our country faces; that neither of them were qualified to be president; that Senior was a foreigner. Instead, hannity has covered up their crimes for them.

    4. Hannity is also catholic, and is best buds with Trump, so how objective is he?
      Doc,i agree. Thinking that Trump has goodwill and malice towards none.
      This is on the verge of madness.

    5. Yes, hannity is also catholic, and he carries an attitude that 'being such covers his butt'' - a very false security.
      I even suspect that hannity has nuzzled up to trump to make SURE to stop trump going after the biggest criminals of all, the bush (scharf) family.

  5. Side the check across the table for thair meal pencil in our name .1812 the federilists. british congress in NYC wall street /banks attacked though agents the
    documents room in the anti federalist continental congress in Philadelphia .they burned all documents and started reprinting new improved versions . And then threatened the deputies of the continental congress with physical harm.
    And that has continued to this day. .

    1. Wave after wave of attacks the next great attack was the federilists hiring 800,000 .
      mercenaries to destroy the south that was trying to break out of the iron claws of tyranny paying 3/4 of the income to federal gov .great resources the average income of southerners was approximately 2,000. Dollars the north 850...
      Half of students in Harvard were southern .

    2. One disgusting mercenary general Ivan Turfloff told his men for the next 24 hours they could have thair way with the towns women.the tyrant
      Lincoln permoted.him .

  6. Non-assumpsit!!!!!! I love that!!!!!!

  7. Anna,
    I hesitate to bring this forward, but in the interest of correcting wide spread myths and half truths, I feel compelled to say a few words on the subject. I have been personally researching the law for solutions to our problems since 1979. What I found out will shock most people. I found out it is a fact that most Americans are not even by law citizens of this country. They are actually natural born aliens. I know this sounds crazy but it is true. I have known from the very outset that these legal beagles and their cronies had to have some secret that they kept tightly guarded which gave them justification to do the things to us that they have been doing in violation of our rights. Recognize, an alien has no rights in this country under our "organic" law. The Bill of Rights is unobtainable to them.
    What this all boils down to is that the legal beagles pulled off the scam of all scams in 1891. They successfully fomented a political plot to strip us of our birthright. Without a birthright your "Life, Liberty, Property and Pursuit of Happiness" go right out the window! What they did to make this happen was to move the process of naturalization from the judiciary to a federal government bureaucracy. This in effect ensures that anyone who goes through the process under said bureaucracy can only become an Article I citizen or in truth no citizen. It is reversible for those who under "organic" law possess the qualifications. Once one corrects his or her status under law, all the problems we now are being inundated with will evaporate like magic!

    1. Edward, just how does holding a fistfull of papers make 'all problems evaporate''? What is there to fend off the tyrants who still can walk up to you, plant something on you, make a false claim against you, or even throw you to the ground and kick the shit out of you if they choose to do so?

      What is there to halt such miscarriage of justice just because you have a stash of papers back home in your desk, or in the glove compartment of your car? How does paper work change the morals and corrupted hearts of those in ''high places' such as prosecutors or judges of jailers?

      Me thinks you are selling pipe dreams to folks, telling them that 'their problems will just evaporate'.

      I think I will go to the kitchen and bake an old fashioned heath bar coffee cake and watch Maigret.

    2. And so I did just that. And decided that Maigret is not a series I care to watch, lol. (but the cake was very good)

  8. President Richard Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham - the nation's most prominent Christian evangelist - frankly discuss the Jewish role in the US media during a private meeting in the White House. This recording of their conversation on Feb. 1, 1972, was made public 13 years later. Nixon says: "It's all run by Jews and dominated by them in their editorial pages. The New York Times, The Washington Post - totally Jewish too." Graham responds: "This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country's going down the drain." In response to that, the president says: "You believe that?" "Yes, sir," says Graham. "Oh, boy," replies Nixon. "So do I. I can't ever say that [publicly], but I believe it."

    Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

    1. the youtube link:

  9. I refuse to read comments as Paul efits me when I go pitbull. That being said , what other tgan correcting our own status and thst of our children and informing our family and friends can we do ?.. I can build gallows . I get the feeling some will not be forgiven and must be dealt with.

    1. Patriot,
      Getting our Hearts and Minds right is the first and foremost priority. Healing of our spirit and a connection to the Holy Spirit, the rest may follow.
      i do believe, depending always on the circumstances we may defend ourselves. However those who wish to begin the hanging and building of gallows are a concern. Why would we wish to become as they are?
      Mob justice which is what many are talking about is and always has been wrong.

    2. a follower, it all depends on true guilt. Even in God's Plan, He is going to severely punish the guilty and when he does, it is going to be horrendous. And since we have all been living under ''mob tyranny' then it stands to reason that mob justice is very much in order. There can be NO mercy or pity given toward the guilty, none whatsoever. We must get well past making decisions based on emotions and stick with Justice; good vs. evil, right vs. wrong.

    3. Abby, the comments you make about God's Punishments are made in First Person. How can anyone have a spiritual relationship in fear? How can you make those determinations? The Bible is written by men.

      I certainly hope my belief in a merciful God that loves all his creations despite their flaws and imperfections is more of a reality than the fire and brimstone you throw out at people with such certainty. It says in the bible in many places that Jesus died to take away the sins of the world, that we are all saved through Grace. If we are judged we all fall short. The God of your Bible sounds like a monster. it's no wonder our children don't want any part of Jesus.

      I sent my son to Christian School hoping a non denominational outlook would be better than the Catholic Judgemental BS I had growing up. I remember the exact moment they lost him in second grade. The class pet, a guinea pig died, the teacher when asked if it would go to heaven replied, NO It doesn't have a soul. My son was crushed. Who tells people stuff like that with such clarity? We have no clue what goes on after this life. I don't know anyone who has come back with the answers, do you?

  10. My dad always used to tell us as kids a regular joke about America

    The Italians discovered it, the Irish run it, and the Jews own it....!!
    That's sums up our countries history quite well....!!

    1. i like jokes also.
      Yet, satan attacks all creeds all colors. he, as is our Creator is color blind. Genealogy does not matter.

    2. Ultimately Soul is the eternal aspect of our divine beingness & its lower bodies (dream bodies including Soul's physical body) r ALL lower realities creation....which is the negative force's creation🎶

      Soul is just another glorious spark of God, thus not of this lower reality of time, space, matter & energy which is the domain of Mammon or the devil if one needs another common name for the negative force☇

  11. Good catch video sponsored by legal registry . And check the box U.S. CITIZEN .
    No thank you
    the judge in court is maximum effort to get you to being bad enough a U.S. citizen but incorporated in thair corperate system.80 million statutes and hit you with the book were now you plea out in fear.

  12. Consider - CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 SE 70 “Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.”

    I suggest any and all 'paperwork' has the effect of granting an alleged 'jurisdiction' to a fiction called ‘government’. There is but One who has authority over man, that being YHVH, and He is real, not a fiction. All else is the result of the Israelites' having had their request for a king granted, even though He warned them of what the results would be before the grant of the wish was given. Even at that point, He continued to give man a specific proof of identification in the form of fingerprints. Nowadays man elects to grant an alleged jurisdiction to the "institutions formed by his fellowmen" and obtain a fraudulent proof of identification document to evidence that jurisdiction in the form of either a piece of paper or a piece of plastic - fraudulent because it presents the photograph of a man with the name of an entity. By silence and obeisance man grants alleged jurisdiction to a fiction by showing cowardice toward another man who is playing the role of even another fiction called 'office'. It's all a big play on the stage in the so-called 'theater of life' with the Father not being permitted to exercise His supreme role. Lord, have mercy on us!

    1. Gavett, I tend to agree with you. As I read such things as ''registering my car means I have given it to the State'' I totally disagree, simple because if I choose to sell my car, I am totally free to do so. Our Registering it is simply a way for the so called Officers to identify me, know where I live and makes it easier for them to arrest me - - firstly, its a way for State to make money off me with tax on purchase and then yearly some more for yearly permission to drive it. Ching ching and tyranny is all its about.
      No Anna, it does not mean I gave my car to the State, and neither does my BC mean my mother gave me to the State either. The more I read all this stuff, the more it looks like pure bullshit to then make a 'sufficient' case to do busywork paperwork

      Yes Gavett it sure is just a big play on this silly stage; No group of elitists can decide what any Paper means, just because THEY say so. How stupid are The People being to fall for all this stuff, LOL. Documenting a birth of a child is necessary; registering certain things such as you Home is necessary; how else can anyone prove they live at that house rather than another person? This is no way means what these tyranists try to tell us it means. If folks would really stop and think about all this, they might just see what a silly bunch of nonsense it all IS.

      True, Man has tried to squeeze out the Supreme Role of the Father, but He is about to move them all out of the way in a fashion they are not going to like one bit, and then TAKE OVER total control.....and STUPID will all be GONE.
      Hallalujah !

  13. Kinda easy for many to be tempted and fall off track. The so called cabal has been at it for thousands if not much longer years in their attempts to succeed. As far as what I can see their plan leads to total destruction. They fear a situation where people will be forced to make a decision such as a major attack hauling people in mass like has happened before. Just what would people do? Even a tiny mouse will defend itself if pushed enough. The food supply, fuel, electricity, internet, an appearance of normal and some measure of perceived freedom are necessary. Enough to keep people anesthetized and wasting time as they work to build a system based on the destruction of things and others. Good is only a tool to be used for the opposition. Yet today people try for a few weeks, perhaps spend time to fill out one or two papers, make a lot of assumptions, figure they know better so do not go the entire route, fail and then claim it is time to give it up, not hope. What a battle, one team hell bent for thousands of years and having people think they are the creators and holders of everything (referred to often as them or they) and the opposition of good people who either wait around for Jesus to fix things or try and give up if not receiving a big check. Getting money and a happy ever after is not what this is about. This is important and is the difference to turning the table round so that good can flourish, money needs to fall in to its proper place, everyone should have the choice of how they want to live. Whose life is it? Yours or theirs? So isn't it right you should have you life to live as God has set it up? Like Thomas Jefferson said on paper it is the same age old question. Will people be allowed to govern themselves or be subject to a few elite rulers? Now that we can and by law are supposed to be governing ourselves as ourselves and not part of a elite incorporated evil false god ain't it about time to get on it?


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