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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Now Mint Builder lets existing members get a Lifetime Membership

How would you like to have a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in Mint Builder and still get your MS70 fine mint coin for a lower cost each month?

Important Information:

Especially for those who have their Auto-Saver set to process early in the month!

To lock in on the August Promo (discussed in the video) to BE QUALIFIED at the ELITE Level by upgrading to just the PLUS Auto-Saver...

  • If you are an ACTIVE Affiliate you'll want to upgrade your Auto-Saver right away for your August order!
Simply log into your back office and click on "Order Information > Manage Auto-Savings".
If you need assistance, simply email:
  • If you have never activated or want to re-activate your Auto-Saver to lock in on the
    August Promo to be qualified at the ELITE Level by just turning on the PLUS Auto-Saver...
Simply log into your back office and click on "Order Information > Manage Auto-Savings".
Set up the PLUS Auto-Saver to process in August and you'll be locked in.
If you need assistance, simply email:

I have upgraded to the Plus Auto-Saver and will now be qualified at the Elite level from now on. That offer is only available this month for existing members.  If you are now on autoship, and you want all the benefits of a Lifetime membership, and the best compensation in the industry along with all the value of the affiliate bundle for life, then upgrade your autoship right now to the PLUS Auto-Saver.

If you are not yet in Mint Builder now is your chance to get a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with all the enhanced features of the pay plan and all the features of the affiliate bundle at a bargain price.

Here is the link to see it all:

If you have any questions about the benefits of this upgrade and how it can pay off contact me.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183

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