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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Another Victim of Human Trafficking?

By Anna Von Reitz

A long-time friend asked me to post this under heart-breaking conditions:

Someone, somewhere knows that happened to "Alex". Someone, somewhere knows what happened to her car.
Someone, somewhere needs to contact the local police in Kalispell, Montana.
Now, Flathead Lake, Montana, is a more likely scene for a bear attack than a kidnapping by human traffickers, but if statistics are to be believed, human traffickers deliberately pray upon small town girls and children, because they are less guarded.
Neither they nor their friends and family members are expecting such an attack, so are not as watchful or suspicious of strangers.
A girl like "Alex" is likely to be friendly and to stop if she saw someone apparently stranded along the road, because people in remote areas have to stand together against the forces of nature --- cold, starvation, wild animals, distance between towns--- are common threats in small communities throughout America.
That's a good part of our tradition. Unfortunately, it's one that human traffickers are known to be exploiting to their advantage.
They work in teams like prostitutes and pimps. Often, it's a woman with a small child and a small, older car, apparently broken down by the side of the road. Often, it's late at night, or storming, or both. Who wouldn't stop?
But the proper step to take is to report the breakdown using your phone. Call it in to the local police. And keep going.
Why? Because just up the road, another car may be parked, hidden behind some trees. And that car has different occupants. Usually big, ugly, mean men who have used the woman and child as "bait". They have a video cam in the "bait" car, which keeps them informed of what is happening.
As soon as a likely victim stops, they are on it. They pull out of their hiding place --- maybe a mile up the road, and they stop as if to offer help --- and they attack and "roll up" the victim.
It happens amazingly fast. Just a matter of less than a minute, and poof! --- one guy has the victim's car, another guy has the "bait car" and another guy is driving the "pick up" car -- and all three are down the road to places unknown faster than you can draw breath.
Why would people act in gangs like this and do something like this? Money.
As long as there are slave markets in the world, as long as there are Mexican bordellos, as long as there are producers of child porn, etc., etc., etc., there will be markets for this. And the only way to shut it down is to shut the users and purveyors down.
And please, teach your children to be safe? Make sure they know how to protect themselves? And what to protect themselves from? ----To be street savvy, even in places like Flathead, Montana?
Call, don't stop.
Don't travel alone, if you can help it --- especially young women.
Keep a sharp eye on the kids, your own and everyone else's.
If you see anything the least little bit suspicious, take down license plates and make the effort to observe details closely.
Men -- you are supposed to be the guardians around here. Gird up and take notice.
Contrary to the anti-gun idiots, if every sane, responsible American was packing a gun and knew how to use it, we'd have a lot less crime and a lot fewer criminals, because the risk of being shot dead would soon overrate the lure of $100,000 "Grab" split four ways.
Alex is still missing. Whereabouts and fate unknown.

Update Just In -- About Alex

Wednesday, August 01, 2018 7:03 PM
"Our family would like to thank everyone who prayed for Alex and shared our post and put up flyers. Alex Nicole Beltran was found this morning inside her car in a pond. We are devastated and ask to please give us time to grieve. All proceeds for our go fund me page will be used for her funeral. I will post again with more information. --"
So, Alex is confirmed a victim of accident and not human trafficking, but perhaps this story run earlier today will serve a good purpose to remind us all of safety issues and draw attention to the fondness of human traffickers for small rural communities.

We all send our sympathy. At least, the pain of not knowing is over.

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  1. Check Israel big into human trafficking organ harvesting 120 shot dead 2500 injured protestors

  2. The door has opened probably for only a short time for us all to own guns and "open carry" them because of the case of George YoungJr v The STATE OF HAWAII which now gives people the right not only to own a handgun but to "open carry" it, for all to see legally....A very powerful symbol to would be thugs and thieves that would victimize us if they weren't in plain site.....this is our one and only chance to get out republic back...!! It can't be done just with paperwork now because we let them get away with it for far to it's going to cost us "blood" again to get it back...!! Trump is our general, but he has enemies surrounding him because our Congress has become nothing but a cesspool of decadence because of the unlawful weath they have come to enjoy...its caused all of them to be corrupted and downright evil...they have no loyalty to anyone anymore, especially to the American people....!! I'm not suggesting we use the guns every chance we get, but just to wear them as a psychological weapon against law enforcement and to send a message to the "elitist" that it will not be easy anymore to accomplish nefarious agendas against us anymore....there are too many of us now and we are armed...we took away your power to simply run over us like dirt...get ready for war if you try forcing us into a globalist NWO...Yes, you are better trained, and will probably kill a lot of us, but this time you are going to have massive casualties too because of the sheer number of us willing to die for freedom and a sound monetary policy that doesn't allow for nepotism and a ruling elite....!!!


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