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Friday, February 2, 2018

Lies, Lies, and Liars

By Anna Von Reitz

As a follow-up to my further expose of Satanism -- the worship of The Father of All Lies--and the practices of his followers in the world we live in, please take note of this information in light of the release this morning of The Memo, which details who lied to you, how they lied to you, why they lied to you about Donald Trump in order to "influence" the election.  

1. Notice that what the perps accused Trump of doing --- using the Russians to influence an American election --- is precisely what they were doing themselves.  The pot is calling the kettle black.  According to the liars, Trump was colluding with the Russians to influence the Presidential Election, but in fact, they were themselves ginning up a non-existent Russian connection to influence the election even after the fact.  Even though Trump won fair and square, they were counting on lies and help from their old buddies in Congress to get him impeached.  How's that for interfering in an election? 

2. And what a Big Lie it was: this fake dossier cooked up by Christopher Steele (a British agent--- no surprises there, if you've read my new book) wasn't just your normal every day spy dossier of he-met-with-Ivan.G-in-a-bookstore-parking-lot and received an illegal million-dollar contract to sell Chinese widgets in Hawaii. Oh, no, this dossier was full of disgusting allegations about Russian whores and urine fetishes.  No doubt Mr. Steele has such a fetish---and it's another case of the pot calling the kettle black.  You'd have to be twisted to even think of the things that were part of this so-called Russian dossier that was hatched by a Brit.  So yes, it was a classic Big Lie.  They told a really Big Whopper about Donald Trump and just kept repeating it and repeating it night and day through their "Media Circle" ---a nice name for embedded Propaganda Agents working in all the major mainstream media networks.  Notice that these mouthpieces for the DNC appear to be disinterested media professionals and they are already working for all the major networks, so it is an easy process for the perps to hand in a lead story to the pressroom and instantly their sycophants jump on the band wagon and start parroting: "News late today of a possible Russian connection between Donald Trump and....." 

3. They then used the Big Lie to justify other perversions of justice--- using it as the basis to request a FISA  warrant to wire tap and otherwise spy on an American, Donald Trump, and his campaign.  These people knew that the dossier was hokum.  They had cause to know it was pure bunk.  They nonetheless went before a judge, lied their rumps off, and proceeded to unleash an illegal and immoral spy op on Donald Trump and his campaign.  Hillary and her Boys at the FBI and DOJ were sitting in on every Trump Campaign strategy session, planning out how Hillary was going to counter every move the Trump Campaign made.  These are government employees on your payroll, actually and factually abusing police power and abusing the authority of their public offices, directly and materially interfering in and skewing a presidential election right in front of your faces.  Please notice that all of this is being accomplished via the use of what?  Lies. 

4. Notice also that the effect of the Big Lie was multiplied because confirmation of it was coming from people in positions of authority and respect---- the FBI and DOJ.  I wouldn't believe a Death Certificate issued by the Democratic Party, even if I had possession of the corpse, but the FBI and DOJ are supposed to be responsible, impartial and professional Third Parties.  What is an average American supposed to think?  No matter how outlandish the Big Lie, the normal response would be--- well, there must be something to it, if the FBI and DOJ are involved. Think of the abuse of power and authority as another amplifier for the Big Lie, similar to the Media Group jamming the airwaves--- but the purpose of the "Credible Witness" is to give the Big Lie a patina of credibility. 

5. What if, during Watergate, the FBI and DOJ had conspired to set up Bob Woodward as a Russian spy?  Well, here you have the FBI and DOJ colluding to set Donald Trump up as a Russian patsy and sexual pervert, and giving Christopher Steele Whistleblower protection.  Remember what I said about whistleblowers--- that you can't take them at face value?  Some are genuine and some are not?  Here's a grand example of someone appearing to blow the whistle on potentially dangerous "Russian connections" when this was really nothing but one of Satan's many minions doing what Satan does best--- telling lies. Also note that Steele "smelled his own hole first"--- another Hallmark of the Satanist tradition.   

6. There is a reason that Satan is called "The Father of All Lies".  When you catch someone lying, you know for sure that they are connected to the Source of All Lies.  If they are not knowingly and willingly worshiping Satan as a practicing Satanist, they are nonetheless worshiping him in fact by purposefully creating, repeating, and giving credibility to lies. Hillary, Huma, James Comey, Obama, Loretta Lynch, Christopher Steele, the Ohrs, all these people -- are liars, purposeful, self-interested liars.  They concocted this whole story with malice aforethought to gain a political advantage. They purposefully lied to you, the American People, and they abused your trust in them and their public offices. That is the actual story--and the Truth--- coming out of all of this wasted time and energy and money. 

7. One of the greatest ills of this whole process of telling, spreading, and amplifying lies is that innocent people believe them, and they then repeat the cycle of telling, spreading, and amplifying lies--- lending their good names and credibility to garbage.  When someone tells you a lie and you believe them, you naturally make wrong assumptions based on those lies, you say wrong things, you take wrong actions--- and the people who love and respect you are misled by you in turn.  It's a domino effect that corrupts and degrades everyone in its path.  So if you believed any of this horse-hooey, and repeated it to anyone else, you inadvertently became an agent of corruption and tracked the poo around, dirtying your own good name and credibility in the process.  You have Hillary Clinton and Christopher Steele and James Comey and . . . to "thank" for this circumstance, and I hope that you let the entire Democratic Party Machine know how much you appreciate being set up and lied to and used to disseminate false information. 

8. When this story about Trump paying Russian whores to pee on his bed first came out, I guffawed and spit coffee through my nose, just as my Father sometimes did if I surprised him in mid-gulp.  I came up gasping--- "Not in a million years!  Trump is a hotel owner!"  It was an odd reprise of my reaction to 911 -- "Where's all this full-color Technicolor film footage coming from?"  Donald Trump has made his fortune in real estate and hotels and resorts.  Can you imagine how much he takes in losses every year from people doing stupid stuff to bed mattresses and linens?  I didn't need any multi-million dollar investigations to know that I'd just been fed a Big Lie.  Congressional Subcommittees didn't have to vote.  President Trump didn't have to release memos.  I knew it was a Whopper the moment I heard it.  If you didn't, you need to work on fine tuning your Shinola Sensor so you don't get fooled again. 

9. My final point for today--- the success of evil people in telling lies depends on large part on our gullibility and willingness to believe lies. We can overcome gullibility by training ourselves to look around the corner and be skeptical like Will Rodgers used to say--- "Don't take any wooden nickels!" --- and by checking our prejudices at the door.  A lot of people believed this whole preposterous story about Donald Trump and "the Russians" because they wanted to believe it.  They let themselves be led astray because they didn't like Donald Trump and/or they didn't like the Russians, and they allowed themselves to be predisposed to believe lies about them. This is another important common trick of the Satanists--- they play to your prejudices, always.  These people will play on your prejudice against egotistical, rich, white men just as easily as they will play on a prejudice against burly, poor, black men.  They could care less.  If you hold a prejudice toward anyone, it's like a chink in your own armor that makes you susceptible to believing lies and being Satan's little helper by spreading them.  So become aware of your own fears and prejudices and guard against them.  

If you want to stay aligned with the True God, if you want to save yourself the embarrassment and shame of carrying lies, if you want to do justice and be just--- then be diligent in your reasoning and sifting of facts, be aware of the tricks and methods of the Satanists who are very much alive and active in this world.  Hillary and her Gang just gave you a fine example of how they operate and what they do and how decent innocent people can be misled by these Tricksters to do great harm to themselves and to others. 

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with a young woman, the daughter of a friend.  She is a senior in college, bright and pretty, hard-working, a really good-hearted young woman who will be a prize mate and a good Mom and a strong force in the community in years to come. I like young people in general, and I have always had a soft-spot for her.  So I had cleared my schedule and invited her to lunch at a trendy organic restaurant I know she likes--- and can't afford--- and was sitting there playing my long-accustomed role as The Ear, just listening to what she had to say and looking for whatever opportunity there might be to help her. 

Imagine my horror to discover that she had swallowed The Kool-Aid?  She actually, earnestly, innocently believed all the Russian Connection bunk.  Now, my friend, her Mother, is an idealist and quite religious---- not a worldly woman at all.  She never went to college.  She couldn't debate the color of the sky. I should have known that she couldn't prepare her daughter to be the least bit skeptical about such authorities as the FBI and DOJ.  I shouldn't have been surprised to hear all the Trump-hating venom and repetition of the bed-wetting story coming from her innocent lips, but somehow I was.  

Like many college students today she has been taught endless facts and no small amount of liberal political theology along the way, but she hasn't been taught how to think for herself.  She hasn't been taught to reason her way carefully from Point A to Point Z.  If she has a Shinola Sensor, it has yet to be developed and honed. Gently, I told her I didn't believe the story about Trump being in bed with any Russians, literally or figuratively.  She looked astounded and deeply disappointed in me.  I was the first person in her circle to lift a hand and sound a note of caution, much less say I flat-out didn't believe the media, the FBI or the DOJ.  

I struggled for a moment trying to think of a way to joggle her own Shinola Sensor.  I observed a few things to her.  She thought about it.  And that was really my duty to her, to make her think more deeply and critically and fairly about the information she'd been fed and who was feeding it.  We parted friends. 

Now the infamous Memo has been released and it is obvious to even true dullards and True Believers that the DNC and Hillary and the Gang are self-interested liars. I am sure my young friend will blush in shame the next time she sees me.  She will probably stammer something about being sorry for spreading lies and saying all the evil things she said about the Russians and Trump.  She's that kind of young woman.  But my point to all of you is that it really isn't her fault.  She was lied to by people much older and more sophisticated, people occupying prestigious public offices, people she ought to have been able to trust.  

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  1. I hope to hear something about Trump's diminishing the separation of church and state. That sort of thing strikes terror in my soul and conjures up images of the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch burning and the like.

    1. haha the church is the state it is a religious, non profit corporation organized in Delaware; i.e, mr biden's back yard, not sure how that would be done unless they scrap it and go back to something new as per anna's constant desire.

    2. Look at England, the queen is the head of state and the head of the church. And yes, you in the usa are still controlled by the monarchy. The queen though is subservient to the temple bar which is the door to hades. Hence why Jesus made the statement " woe to you lawyers". The bar to which these lawyers are called to is with in or behind the door of hades. They sold their souls for earthly wealth and are damned to eternity in hell IF they do not repent.
      The queen is de-facto however for the stone of scone was removed from the throne between Christmas and new years of 1950. She knows she is not the rightful heir and in fact not an heir at all. The bloodline signifies who is eligible foe the throne and she is not of Royal blood. They bred amongst them selves for eons and became retarded. Princess Diana was selected because she had Royal blood. She was bred by the donkey Charles to bring the Royal blood into their fold. She was Diana Spencer but her mother was a Stewart and that is where the Royal blood came from. The queen claims the Stewart tartan as her own. She is a German and there name was They rook the name Windsor so the people would not catch on. Diana was liquidated as she became a threat to their demonic existence. It is history not shoot the messenger.

    3. Wow! Thats interesting info to consider! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Bluecollarworker.....yourbingo has actually been proven in a "jury trail" in no other than Great BRITTAIN itself by default and the mistake for arresting a person of faith and highly educated many areas...His name was John Anthony Hill. Like all false flag accounts, the perpetrators always set up fall guys to take the hit if something goes wrong...John is a professional archeologist, and other fields, and has been making professional TV grade documentaries about some of the false flag accounts, and professionally debunks them, offering much better evidence than the main media....He got wind of 3 kids that the "English BAR" were trying to pin and charged with the "London Bombings", which he had already investigated fully and made a documentary about it called "911 the ripple effect that showed very convincingly who the real perpetuates were...He wouldn't let those 3 innocent guys go down without doing something about it..!! So, without being directly involved, he helped them by sending a copy to the court clerk, not the prosecution or the defence attorney, and told them this evidence could be of great value to the court and can exonerate the 3 people you are currently chargeing..He was in Ireland at the time trying to find the "ark of the Covenent" . But when the court received his tape, they charged him with trying to obstruct justice and actually had Iriland turn over JAH to Brittish authorities, who put him through hell, and 150 in jail, with only himself as the "attorney in fact" to rely on....But the prosecution made the mistake of actually entering the evidence for charging him...his profession grade documentary..!! That tape was logical for anyone watching it to disprove those 3 kids had nothing to do with it...but the biggest mistake they made was underestimating JAH...Instead of defending himself against his charges he challenged the legitimacy of the court and Attorneys, since he made another profession tape awhile ago, proving the Queens Coronation was a complete fraud and that she was never a "Soverign" ever...!! And the jury completely exonerated not just the 3 boys, but him to.. But it opened the door to another great LIE...The Queen is a "FAKE"..They conviently named the case REGINA v JAH, so no one would recognize who they were talking about...the case was in 2011 and I've given you the case # many times in my comments to other articles on this site.. So wouldn't it be great to get a class action suit to arrest and charge all BAR attorneys with false certifications and arrest all of them too...especially judges!!!

    5. James, I never posted to this site until this week. I have been following Anna though but do not recall ever seeing your post of the case number. Thanks for the great info...No need to worry yourself with arresting all the bar attorneys. That is where God comes in. They will be attacked by their own minds/conscience and will suffer severely for a time , they will want to die but God will not let them. Some will repent and the stubborn ones who do not will be sent to eternal damnation. This is written in scripture but I do not know where because I have never read the Bible but read everything else I could get my hands on. I would love a link to JAH'S work.

    6. Just Google in his name and you will get tons of info on him...He looks like "rip van winkle " because he is all grey/white with a beard in a "V" shape that is very long..!! Anyone seeing him for the first time would think he is just an old man barely living...Well he is definitely old, but he has an incredible resume of degrees in different fields , making him a professional in those fields, including being a biblical scholar. Which is why he mistakenly thought that the "Ark of the Covent" was under a historic site in Iriland. But Ron Wyatt found the Ark why back in 1982, in (where else), jerusalem, which is why we should trust Trump , because he recently made Jerusalem the main city for the US Embassy..!! Ron Wyatt is obviously another of God's chosen ones , because the Jews knew and actually approved of his digging in that site because they had already knew about the site years before Ron got there.. but they didn't dig straight down like Ron was forced to do, because they had a better way to access it by using a large tunnel in which the could stand upright and reach the burial site much easier and saftly..!! But Is real sent in their own jews, 6 of them, to it...and just to prove that they are not the choosen people , all 6 Jews were killed before even reaching the cave in which the ARK was hidden.After they recovered the bodies of the fallen jews, they had to seal the entrance to their passageway with a wall that was built so quick, that they couldn't wait for contractors and just pieced the whole thing together to quickly shut the entrance before the wrath of God could destroy Isreal..!! I'm there minds at least...But the fact that Ron was able to actually dig straight down, which was incredibly dangerous, sometimes forcing him literally to crawl through spaces on his hands and knees to get through, but he actually reached the cavern of the ARK. But there another artifacts he never expected to find, that would validate that this was the real ARK like the sword of Golliaf which was so big only someone of massive size could yield it..!! Ron was actually allowed by God to open the ARK and take out its contents....the two stone tablets containing the 10 commandants..!!

    7. And while he was in their he saw a dark substance he recognized as dried blood on the "mercy seat" of the Ark which Jesus will sit on again when he returns. The Ark does not look like this pristine beautiful golden shiny artifact like everyone thinks it would look probably will once Jesus comes back to sit on it...because Ron was able to actually get out of that site unharmed before two angles told Ron the ARK isn t ready to be exposed yet...he found it to early for God's timeline...One thing JAH did have right is that Jesus will not return until the ARK was discovered. And if you talk to any biblical schlors, they will always tell you the ARK isn't here anymore...shows you again that all biblical schlors have been deceived, because Ron had a private lab to test the blood and indeed it only had half the amount of chromosomes(23) of all normal human beings (46). And all of the chromosomes belonged only to Mary. There was only one chromosome belonging to God...a "Y" chromosome meaning a male that could only come from God and not her husband, otherwise it would have all 46 chromosomes... an impossibility!! But God covered up the site again until God's timeline was complete. He was sad, but just before Ron died, the two angles he found in the cave of the ark, came back to him to tell him God's timeline has been meet and now the ARK can be exposed and the book about its discovery is in Isrealy bookstores now...figures all they want is money out of it....Isreal doesn't know it yet, but God is going to destroy two thirds of Is real before the last one third finally gets it and repents and accepts Jesus as God incarnate..!! Anyway that case number for "Regina v JAH" is case # T20107746. I wish someone would get that case, because I don't have the money or means of getting that case , even using a FISA DEMAND!! I wish judge Anna would get it...!! The attorneys would be history in our country once and for all, and Trump would have another victory, not to mention finally removing that damn WALL (the courts and judges) that has kept us from getting remedy..!! Hint, hint, judge Anna!!!

  2. I agree with you 100 % Anna. I had respect for the FBI and the DOJ till this BS came out. I knew it was all lies the first time I heard it. I never did trust the government and now more than ever. Donald Trump is a very smart man with gonads the size of a medicine ball. He saw that someone needed to get this government back on the straight and narrow so he came up with Drain the swamp. Now all the dirty lies and crooked politicians and ceo's are like rats on a shrinking ship. The only way to get our country back is to bring back the original republic UN incorporated. This way Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons and all the rest would have a fair trial and if found guilty be excuited or placed in prison. Not the type of prison that looks like a country club that Martha S. was in but a hard core prison where the most dangerous prisoners are kept. Let them live in fear for the rest of there lives. May they never see the light of day so that they could do no more harm to this great country. I support Donald Trump. Thank you Donald Trump. You are saving America.

    1. I agree with everything said, except that I don't want trials; many of them are BAR attorneys and will appeal and appeal and it will cost America so much money to prosecute them. I much prefer the military tribunal for treason and just get it over with so the healing can begin.

    2. trump is owned by the CFR, the secret society JFK warned of. Those 911 put option/bets placed by those zio banks are all CFR members as hillary to cheny, seach Hillary takes orders from the CFR and plans decades ahead of time. USA has no MSM, no lawful money, no Good govt. I know n spect toBE SBC'd or jailed-Again

    3. Jon Martin....if you think all Federal Prisions are "Club Fed" you should hear how Martha Stewart charterizes them...!!

    4. And one more thing John Martain, Trump has already told the military to get GITMO ready to accept thousands of prisioners. So it looks like your going to get your wish...!!

  3. Here's another thought that should be kept in mind that a preacher stated in a sermon I heard once and it has proven itself so true: "People that will LIE to you will also STEAL from you," seems these two "sins" seem to be connected at the hip and I have found this statement to be proven over the years!!! check and see what ill gotten gain all of these liars have gotten and I bet you'd be surprised!!! ALL of them need to hang for Treason CAN'T do a damned thing about "the first "BLACK" president in American History, that would be "racist" don't you know, and if you don't know that, you haven't been listening to all of the media liars, and I bet a dollar to a doughnut that nothing will be done to the Clintscums as they are protected by the Chosenite Mafia!!! Expect a nuke to go off in some Israeli consulate if one of their fellow travelers is ever arrested!!! All of this is a "dog and pony show" for the brain dead as long as those 2 perps are walking around!!!

    1. lying is stealing really, your TRUST and good natured belief in goodness.

    2. When the lying involves obtaining money no matter who it hurts, then yes lying is absolutely stealing and I have a number of friends to prove fact they are so in denial of that, that they don't even think it's stealing when they ask for money knowing they will never pay it back...ever..!!

  4. Pardon me, but... you still believe in leprechauns and fbi, doj, atf, and all alphabet unconstitutional hacks that gave America Waco, Ruby Ridge, murdered Lavoy on video, murder 3,000+ Americans everyday, let a usurper treasonous reprobate occupy the White House and expect JEHOVAH to redeem us?
    I love America. The greatest nation on earth. Nonetheless, as long as we continue to allow this enduring slaughter of the most innocent among us, we are no better than was Nazi Germany. Abortion on demand will be viewed by our progeny as the single greatest blight on our American heritage.

    To live under Roe v. Wade is to live in shame. To live under pro-abortion leadership is to live under an evil reich.
    As Bonhoeffer said-"Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act". We must "SPEAK UP", "WE MUST ACT".
    Herewith is what every State can and must "DO" (PSALM 11:3)-

    Equality; Inherent Rights.

    “All people are equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights; among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; to secure these rights, governments are instituted, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. As applied to the right to life, the terms ‘people’ and ‘person’ shall apply to every human being at any stage of development.”


    If not now when, if not us who?

    Our cause (Psalm 11:3) is just, duty (Ezekial 33) is ours, results (II Chronicles 7:14) are GOD'S,


    "You lived on the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence. You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter"
    JAMES 5:5

    1. what about our helpless friends? a holocaust is perpetrated on animals about every six days or so. watch EARTHLINGS, called the vegan maker, and tell me humanity is not incorrigible and in need of a huge ass kickin, good luck

    2. Frankly, this whole idea of creating mankind at all, has been a huge mistake; even God said he regretted creating Man. (Read it in Gen.6) In fact, he was so disgusted and disappointed in Man because they became so corrupted and evil that he decided to Flood them all.
      Wiped out everybody except the 8 in Noah's family. So the human race started up all over again, and no surprise to me at all, here we are once again at the same damnable place.
      Now what? Well, its 'wipe out time' again - but this time by Fire - whether anyone believes it or not, it IS. All this talk of taking back our country is way too late; we lost our country when we got flooded with so many illegals of all kinds. All this talk about future generations is also idle talk; we are in the Last Generation; get used to it.
      Who in their right mind would even want to live in such a 'future' that is being formed by these evil bastards, anyhow?

      Logically, we ought to all see by now, that it cannot go on like this; we are at some sort of 'end of the road', and something has to change, dramatically. We also ought to see by now that Man is totally incapable of fixing it because EVIL and wickedness is the problem; man cannot fix evil people.
      People will buy a peck of tomatoes from a roadside stand. They see one that is rotten and quickly throw it out. Why do they do stop it from spreading the rot.
      Yet, the same people refuse to see dangerous rot that permeates throughout mankind; they prefer to think 'the world can be fixed' based on nothing but pipe dreams. And even while we literally see more and more ROT floating to the surface.
      Step back, look at the whole wide picture, tell me where you see any % of man turning anything right side up - - while the devil is roaming to and fro with plenty of peeps willing to do his bidding.

    3. From what i have read. The creator corrupted his own creation
      (Man/Women) by turning loose onto the earth yet another one of his creations(the fallen). I don't think creator makes mistakes and works at teaching his creations about loves by exposing them to evil. The flood effectively eliminated the giants as intended.

    4. Jason, it was not the creator who did the corrupting; if you read from the beginning, it was Man/woman who caused corruption to be loosed on the earth simply by their disobeying God in the first place. From then on Man had a choice to follow after good, or after evil. So the fault again is appointed to mankind, and having brought on its own destruction. It was not a mistake that God created mankind, but he sure regretted it after He saw how badly mankind has handled it. I happen to agree and think the creation of mankind has been a failure, not once but twice; man has screwed things up miserable and never handled anything the way it was intended.

    5. AP Henrey.....abortion takes a far second compared to what is actually happening to babies already born and little children too....thats a real crime with real victims...focus on that first, unless you approve of living babies being eaten alive by these satanist..just ask Jim carey!!!

  5. oh and anna, sorry to tell you but that mk ultra'd girl will not be able to break programming yet, the democrats are already spinning this to no end and they will probably cause her to dig in deeper especially with all her lib circles; dont expect her to say that yet, probably more like you are crazier until she really gets it, if she ever does??!!

  6. This is all still fictionland stories and Trump or who ever are all mere players in this guilded cage we live under

    1. Lawrence, is a script and it is being followed. It is the final battle between good and evil. We are now in the last chapter and it is called revelations. You are a smart man. Oh yeah, good conquers evil in the end. The good guys always win in every movie . Right

    2. I forgot one will NOW accept, acknowledge their lies for value(which is zero) and lay my authority OVER their fictional story(false title claims) and claim rightful, living authority as the true principal holder in due course of All these stinking papers that have been used/created with my energy to begin with. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of me and All titles written/published in my legal title Name. Its time to flip this story right side up and bring all this deceipt to its knees! We are our own authority, and We the living are the Highest authority. We need to accept, and courageously step into our true power as the living OVER these dead entity, fictitious Titles! Truth, honesty and in Peace

    3. What is becoming very clear to me NOW is ALL these "actors as middlemen" IS what is keeping us from our True remedy, And we must CLOSE via acceptance, acknowledgement (autograph & seal)OUR higher authority OVER their presumptions/assumptions in THE MIDDLE of our deeds/redords to completely ELEMINATE the middleman and properly correct via 1099A, and AFV process Every Record & DEED we Publish. We have TO CLOSE these GAPS and then we completely Eliminate any presumption/assumption OF "Assignment" of our "Legal Titles" and recorded deeds. Then we Are the beginning, the middle and the FINAL Authority(ALL 3) and Lawful/Legal Holder in Due Course, with NO MORE ATTACHMENTS on our Private Property Titles. We MUST close these GAPS if we intend to be FREE of their presumed/assumed position of fictitious Authority OVER our True LIVING Authority. We are the highest Authority Always, over THIS FICTIONAL Story created in our given names. Only we can END the fiction by accepting it for value & returning it for value and CLAIMING our AUTHORITY OVER THE FICTION as the TRUE HOLDERS IN DUE COURSE.

  7. Mass awakening via inner net . Yet Google like all law enforcement is incorporating with ADL. Can't compete with global thug a that print free money and buy.lawenforcement thugs.

  8. Could it be that we are all being played?
    Memo Revelations Have Little to Do With its Content

  9. Another article on Charles Manson on the news stands reaching far and wide to remind the public how the government protects the people from monstors. Yet now having taken a good look at it, noticing that Manson
    's "farm" was an acting studio property donated, noticing how the girls were not charged with contempt but allowed to spout off all kinds of verbal attacks on the judge. How the girls are featured in prison pictures wearing pretty dresses with pretty prison guards, how despite prison rules, Manson was allowed to grow beards, wear sunglasses, adorn himself with jewelry also not allowed in prison, and even left alone with reporters in a room. ( those convicted of murder and having tried to attack a judge with a pencil are not allowed to have access to anyone they could harm) Sharon Tate's dad was in an intelligence unit set up across the valley with good visual tracking of the "mansion". That particular intelligence unit made more movies than Hollywood and used many of the actors from there in the process. Thee is much more and the event occurred a week of so from Wood Stock an had a chilling effect on the policital movement that was a threat to the war, lying and death machine.
    Another article in Time collects all the alleged protective actions, Mad Bomber, Oklahoma, Waco, Randy Weaver and recently published to send our fear and assurance that "your government" is protecting you. Quite a number of the players and actors are related to the peerage, and have been putting on fake events for a long time. Very effective in controlling large masses of sheeple like people who like parrots do not check on anything but do right away parrot to their friends, neighbors, and take pleasure in the latest lynching as though it is normal. Think about it, there is a reason for a witness to have first hand knowledge. Liars, who are found out need be never again allowed to harm others as many of these liars have.

  10. Please rethink #1. How can you influence an election process that's rigged? Trump was selected. Clinton was selected. Whoever sits in the Oval Office does his master's bidding: rolling out UN SDGs, UN policies, tying down municipal franchises with contracts that intrude into local matters like uh county police autonomy; waging wars (police actions) and proxy wars abroad in the name of peace. The whole apparatus is one enormous snarl of lies. It's all done to give the illusion of government while fomenting chaos (Strategy of Tension) and perpetuating the trust scams and manufacturing bases for their legal presumptions which are justifiable on paper only by ignoring otherwise undeniable facts about the living people. Why should anyone believe anything that issues from that sector?

    Qanon is gonna have a blast with this one, running the marks around in circles. Don't swallow any of that either.

    1. Meanwhile the monopolies of crony capitalism eat our lunch every day. What is that government governing, really? Literally our ready availability for corporations to feed upon.

    2. Hard to argue that's is not all control but the force against trump took a hit exposing the deep state.
      Now operative even trey Goudy, quitting politics probably his nonstop damage control and snitching.
      Got him worried no doubt, timing is too suspect .

    3. He is only quiting his immediate job...Trump is planning on giving him the highest postion in congress...i think he will head the Dept of Defense, in other words the "military"..!!!Then he can arrest any judge he wants with a military convoy to make it clear to all court employees that either stand down or be killed, especially the sherriffs, who have been protecting the judges till now..!! Let's see how the like hearing..."GET ON THE FLOOR NOW"!!!

  11. Years ago I remember reading a book that stated in so many words that people would rather believe a lie than to know the truth. Makes sense. The lie LOOKS so much more interesting than the truth especially , for me, the advertising and the propaganda that red meat, white sugar, and black coffee, and alcohol and white flour and diary products and drugs (street drugs and prescription drugs) are good for you. ( of course, everything in moderation). HOWEVER, My point is this: Eating LOTS of this processed man made crap will have you believe most anything. In other words, you have been told that these processed foods are AOK. It just a lie. It just to get you to buy that crap. It's really ONLY for making money. And the belief in that lie is very unconscious. BUT the actions that come from the biological body that has been saturated with food that is biologically incorrect makes the actions one does absurd. The main one to me is making money rather that doing something that will benefit each other.

    Voltaire said it best: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

    1. Much appreciate all of the "Food For Thought" that you've presented here! I immediately think of Weston A. Price in is well documented work: "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" that could also include a subtitle: "Followed By Mental Degeneration". That's one supporting reference and another might be an invitation to contemplate the possible correspondences to "The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil".

  12. i hate to bring up "the c word" but the sad thing is there are/were actual so-called "russia" connections, way before "team trump" ever had a chance.

    see antony sutton's research (RIP). see who founded the u.n. (alger hiss).

    the actual names of "colluding with russia" are: general electric, federal reserve, woodrow wilson, u.s. army (held off anyone trying to overthrow the bolsheviks), ford motor, lawyers donning the "american red cross" disguise, ...

    see g. edward griffin interview with norman dodd re: carnegie endowment for "peace" and other foundations

    it has been said "the struggle for world power -- george knuppfer" that fabian socialist britain circles look down upon russia, in the sense that (state) socialism would've worked, but those backwards russkies were not mature enough, they blew it.

    just a thought. yes, pot calling kettle black.


    the u.s. put the "communists" there. we did it on purpose. woodrow wilson guaranteed trotsky's passport. see "woodrow wilson: disciple of revolution"

    colonel house a.k.a. philip dru: administrator, was an attempt at "socialism as dreamed by karl marx"

    we have/had "education agreements" during the "cold war" with reagan's approval. see "deliberate dumbing down"

    the "communists" were not even from "russia".

    from "Network" movie:
    There are no nations! There are no peoples! There are no Russians. There are no Arabs! There are no third worlds! There is no West! There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multi-variate, multi-national dominion of dollars!
    i have no idea if "russia" is "dangerous" or how far they meddled with u.s. elections.

    i do know, actual history is simply "business as usual" and any "collusion" goes way back, over a century, with "the enemy"

    one story for the public, another story in private.

    "perestroika" was all fine and well during "iran contra" deals too. guess who got to safeguard funds as a "neutral" party? the "evil empire".

    i have no idea how true "collusion" is. i will say, the MSM is bought and paid for. i find it hard to believe they will "break" any story.

    1. paraphrase of supposed former mossad agent: "the oliver north hearings were the best thing that could have happened to us. as they put on a show trial for the public with "known" people, our other outlets were able to safely finish the deals in privacy, all during the hearings"

      if there is any "deep state" involvement in anything, then "smokescreen" and "cover story" come to mind.

      whatever is going on, will not make the headlines.

    2. you can, of course, add rockefeller to the list, as frank church discovered.

      also romneys, as pravda pointed out (paraphrase) "for someone who is so scared of russia, your family sure likes doing business here"

    3. It's easier to just admit who isn t colluding or not colliding with who because they have the entire world , except very few of us that actually read and tested the truth and lies, to find the "truth" , that all people either directly or indirectly taking advantage of the system to better themselves not America..!!

  13. Not sure if this is OK with you Paul so i guess it's up to you whether you allow this to be posted. Awhile back now I said I would post in regards to who we really are in international law and promised to post why we (our group) considered us the Crown. There were a few amendments to our paperwork and their forms hence this is one of the reasons why I did not post as we would be giving out bad info with no confirmation to give that anything had worked. We believe that now we have nailed the process, and covered all bases. However we will soon see as the Chief Justice of New Zealand (Dame Sian Elias) was served by the Crown yesterday at the lower house at Waitangi. Here's a youtube video of her being served. If you wish you can fast forward to 1:30secs and watch the main member of our group (in the purple shirt) hand the papers over to Sian. We'll let you know how this goes. PS My old handle on this blog was Cody but that's because it was my sons account but my adopted name is Nick. OK here's the link.

    1. Hi Nick, I wondered what ever happened to my favorite down-under guy 'Cody'. Good to see you pop up again.

      I went to your youtube here and it says ''this video is unavailable'.

    2. Hi Abby, Cody is my son and he's the one with the google account so at that stage I felt the name wasn't as important as what the message was. My other son is Zac and he also has an account, so if you see his name pop up don't be alarmed. Anyway now you know it's Nick. I'm very surprised that the link went nowhere so I'll post it again and put down the name of the video so it gives you another option. Good to hear from you Abby! Video name "Crown has served Chief Justice" link
      If both options don't work PLEASE get back to me.

  14. Unknown....the answer to all our heath problems is "WATER"..!! Or I should say good clean unpolluted and "energised" water, that comes from "Structuring the water" using physical means and no filters or only takes goinhgoing through a device that creates funneling and magnets to create a "VORTEX" that doesn't take anything out Of the water but turns everything that is harmful in the water, and dissociate all molecules into harmless ions.....Look into "structured water"..!!

  15. "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

    FYI - That's my quote for Mark Pitcavage, and his ilk, at places such as ADL and SPLC. Some kind of biological matter, coursing through all their veins, has them all stuck on First and Second. (we know the reasons too)

    Here at Paul's blog, for Anna, we find a great following of folks who've made it to Third.

    Great truth, self evident.


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