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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another Reply to Manna "With Truth and Integrity"---

By Anna Von  Reitz

Unfortunately, every time I TRY to answer this, Projectspeak "closes the portal" so I will have to answer here on my own page and hope that others do due diligence. I never asked anyone to issue any bonds, period. End of comment. I asked Kim to rescue the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust funds from being illegally and immorally traded, but she not only allowed this, she did nothing that I know of to object, and in fact-- though this bit is secondhand from other parties--- she criticized Michael Young for not trading it, and wanting instead to disburse and use the funds to relieve suffering and build infrastructure and actually DO something with the money to benefit the actual intended Beneficiaries. 

What a stroke! Imagine it? 

The Beneficiaries of a Trust actually being enabled to access some BENEFIT from the existence of all that money after over 200 years of people like Kim "investing" and "collecting" and "trading" on the trust principal and never giving a goddam peso to those it was supposed to help? Maybe we should call up the King of Spain and ask him what the words on the paper mean in Spanish, when it says this bequest is for the development of the land for the benefit of the people living there? Is that clear enough, Kim? Anyone else have any questions about WHY it is outrageous that those funds were traded AGAIN on a private trading platform when the actual heirs and beneficiaries have come forward, expressed their Irrevocable Will, and cleared the way for the funds to provide heat and food and medical care and jobs and decent roads and electricity to people who have gone without for generations while all the gold in the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust sat in a bank vault being traded on and used as an asset benefiting nobody but bankers? 

All this talk, talk, talk is just that--- more TALK. 

Maybe Thomas and Kim have never driven through the Navajo Reservation or hiked back into the mountain and sat in a little hut with a tin roof and a five gallon oil can being used to burn lumps of coal as the only heat. Maybe Thomas and Kim have never held a Native American Grandmother in their arms while she wept in agony from the pain of rotten teeth? But I have. Maybe Thomas and Kim have never heard a young Native man speak his heart out and admit the fear he feels about finding a job and a place in the world, being able to support his family, being able to find a future? But I have. 

No doubt they haven't taken what "extra" they could give to support Native cultural and education programs and never set up a cooperative to help Native American women go into business for themselves instead of being de facto slaves doing piecework for predatory corporations. But I have. And it is plain on the record that they never issued a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty with any Native Nation. But I have. 

And you know, I doubt very much that either one of them ever stood on the barricades with the Menominee or paused to view the land and sky over Wounded Knee, but I have. And I doubt very much that they had any relatives killed in the Indian Wars that resulted from the criminality that erupted as a result of European greed and meddling in the wake of the so-called Civil War, but I have. 

And you know, I very much doubt that either one of them have ever done anything for people of color that would merit them being adopted into an indigenous tribe, but both my husband and I have been adopted. I was adopted by the Winnebago and he was adopted by the Tlingits, both of us, separately in different parts of the United States, many years ago. 

I would guess that neither Kim nor Thomas grew up with Natives as part of their lives, never attended a potlatch, never ran joyously out to gather berries in the early morning, never sat silent at Ghost Feast in remembrance of those who died too young, victims of diabetes, alcohol, drugs, and all the other evils that gnaw into the hearts and lives of people "on the Res". But I have. 

So I suggest that those who want to paint me as a "Nazi" and a supporter of the SS and a "white supremist" take their lies and shove them up their well-used asses. And while they are at it, maybe they need to check my Father's WWII record as a battlefield commissioned Lieutenant in the 8th Army Air Force and ask themselves why Ronald Reagan sent flowers for his funeral and not just condolences by mail, but three uniformed officers, carrying those flowers? 

You all need to account for the FACT that the money that is OWED to the Beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust has not even BEGUN to be paid out to them over two years after their claim process was verified and completed. You also need to account for the FACT that the VAST amounts of money OWED to the American states and people and the numerous verifiable group and family trusts including the D'Avila, Santiago, Durham, Bedford, and others are STILL hung up in La-La-Land waiting for your lordships to get your royal rumps in gear???

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  1. Is there no way to enforce these legally confirmed payments?
    Does it need the military to step in?

  2. Who is this Kim anyway? And how on earth could she possibly have access to this trust if it were not given to her from those who wish to remain in the shadows? She can only be a usurper and a front for those who again are intent upon stealing our rightful funds and use yet another deceptive method to appropriate these funds to themselves under color of law. Is she merely being used as a money mule?

    1. If Kim is the mule for Thomas then he must be the mule for the cabal. These are nothing less than fugitive funds that they are guilty of withholding from the rightful owners. Since the claim has been made on the record, and they have refused to turnover the funds, they are now guilty of unlawful conversion and outright criminal theft by deception. I count several felonies and worse. I see an appropriate use of the Dec 21st EO for seizure of all funds on our behalf and to be turned over to the undincorporated American non-citizen nationals.

    2. We would all like that and would be easy if we were dealing with one individual...but when an entire country demands money back from another country and they refuse, you can forget about the courts or the Haugh, because the only way to really get it back is by "military force", which we all know to well is what the Cabal is seeking!!

    3. The line has been drawn clearly in the sand Now. The "Military" IS first and foremost living men and women, our sons and daughters serving false masters but ARE also NOW waking up to this False reality and are NOW also consciously having to make choices based on their true conscience and intentions of their service moving forward. There are those unfortunately who will choose to continue to serve this FALSE BEAST "Master", however even greater will be the ones that have always intended to serve honorably that WILL make the right choice moving forward. No worries, it's all Good!!

  3. Anna's wearing her warpaint on this one.
    These are the kind of people on this end that should be held firm under the original 13th-Amendment
    Legaleze wordsmiths= political level "White Collar Crimes" = fruit from the forbidden tree of "freedoms under Liberty" = 'WE shall be as kings'...

  4. People have been looking into the "Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust funds" as far back as 40 years ago...!! But none of us is have ever been able to access it..!!

    1. So then how are Kim and Thomas supposedly able to access it? They are nothing more than cutouts and fronts for the real criminals behind the scenes who are pushing them out front to use them to attempt to once again appropriety these finds to themselves. Nothing new here.

    2. It is looking likely that kim is just a front, and that would be the reason why she has ignored Anna's requests for putting the Funds to work for the past year; she may not even have the authority to do so.
      I sure hope Anna has come to realize this possibility, puts kim on the hot seat and forces her to put the money where her mouth is....and to do it NOW, otherwise this stalling can go on indefinitely, while ''Rome is burning'.

      A question on my mind is, Who put this kim person in charge??

    3. Kim is clueless because she merely has her instructions and cannot (read: is not allowed to) think for herself. If she deviates from her prescribed narrative, she, as well as Thomas, may be sidelined. Following Anna's instructions is against her programming and totally against what her masters are attempting to achieve. It appears obvious that she has been fronted to attempt to win Anna's cooperation to remove her "big fat foot" out of the way which is hindering and barring access to the funds which Anna is not about to in a million years. Go Anna! We stand with you.

    4. YES,1 Freeman!!! Anna IS No One's FOOL and SHE SEE's THROUGH ALL THESE FOOLISH GAMES, forwards, backwards and Sideways!!! Anyone that IS Truly paying attention and has half of a mind of their own KNOW IT TOO!! They are desperate indeed!!


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