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Monday, January 1, 2018

Why Neither Gold Nor Silver Hold Any Answers

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last several months people have been wanting to argue over the pros and cons of silver versus gold standards to base monetary values on and so far as that goes, silver is the obvious choice.  It's our traditional form of money and it is the least subject to manipulation.  I have said that from Day One when the whole issue of precious metals-backed forms of money came up, and I still say so. 

However, as I attempted to make clear in my discussion about The Goat Standard, nearly anything that has actual value can serve as a standard for exchange: a sin, a female goat, and $200 have the same value in the current system of things, and it doesn't much matter how you cut it. 

The ridiculousness of the whole concept should be apparent given that example, but judging from some of the responses I've gotten, there are still those who just don't get the joke.  

They know that the present monetary system is bogus and can cite chapter and verse for why it is bogus.  The "secret" of the Federal Reserve is now well-known: check kiting is what the rest of us call it.  And insurance is revealed to be nothing but legalized gambling.  In fact, the entirety of the banking industry is now known to be a criminal enterprise aimed at theft of various kinds, fraud of various kinds, and enslavement of various kinds. 

So--- now you think that "going back to the gold and/or silver standard" is the answer?

Think again. 

First, there is vastly more gold already mined than the rats are admitting.  Tons of it.  Miles of tunnels filled with it.  Huge, vast, mindless quantities of gold.  You haven't seen it, but I have. 

Second, there are now means to extract endless additional quantities of gold from common materials.  Gold can be extracted from sand, from crushed glass, from sea water--- you name it, and gold can be extracted from it.  There is an endless supply of gold available now, just as there is an endless supply of paper money.  And again, you haven't seen that, but I have.

The rats in charge are all ready to spring this new twist on gold and have you buying in at over a thousand dollars per ounce.  They will try to make you believe that gold is very scarce and valuable.  They won't tell you how much of it they already have stored up.  They won't reveal how easily they can extract more on demand.  This is all designed to make you think that gold has value because it is supposedly rare and in finite supply, when it's not.

It's just a slightly different version of the same old schtick.  And, the same kinds of processes can be applied to producing silver.  So there is no long-term cure to be had from precious metals.  Or from paper.  Or from goats.

The take-home point is that we need to totally rethink the concept of money and the way we symbolize value and what we value. 

When we value external things, we make ourselves slaves of those things.  We have all seen this, we have all been victimized by it, and yet hardly anyone seems able or willing to look it squarely in the face.  We have been living as slaves to pieces of paper and numbers in bank ledgers.  Will we now live as slaves to little pieces of metal and more numbers in bank ledgers?  Ah......duh?

The essence of idolatry is that you take something in the external world and raise it up to be a god over you, whether it is a coin, a piece of paper, a goat,  a religious relic or a dictator.  It hardly matters what form the idol takes.

Somehow, we have to grow beyond this infantile condition of self-enslavement and delusion, this kink in our logic circuits.  In order to do that, we must become aware of the problem and of the truth. 

The problem is that we very easily lose track of the difference between the symbol of value and the value itself.  The truth is that until we can come to a more sane and mature basis of symbolizing value, we will be prey to criminals who operate as middlemen controlling the perceived value of these symbols and limiting our access to them.

How many here want to spend the rest of your days bowing and scraping to criminals?  Doing their bidding because they control the supply of "genuine" pieces of paper or pieces of metal, either one?

This is why I have said for a long time that we need to have a world standard coinage or currency or both, which is based on the value of all natural resources, all commodities in trade, and all labor on Earth.  This is the only way to have "honest" money that is immune to hoarding and speculation and manipulation. 

Imagine what would happen if we made goats the standard of value?  Everyone would suddenly be raising goats and turning out goats as fast as possible, and as the market became saturated with the "value" of goats, the price of goats would go down.

It's the same with any commodity you can name including gold and silver. 

The only answer that avoids all of this craziness is the answer I have given you--- base the value of your money on all goods and all services (labor) worldwide.  Then the only way for such money to gain value is for us to take better care of the Earth and better care of ourselves and the plants and animals that share the Earth with us.  Such money ceases to be an idol and an end unto itself, and becomes a motivation for good. 

And that is what we sorely need on this planet--- motivation to do what is right and good.

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    1. "The only answer that avoids all of this craziness is the answer I have given you--- base the value of your money on all goods and all services (labor) worldwide. Then the only way for such money to gain value is for us to take better care of the Earth and better care of ourselves and the plants and animals that share the Earth with us. Such money ceases to be an idol and an end unto itself, and becomes a motivation for good." Anna

      Hello Debbie, thank you for sharing this wonderful info about Ubuntu!! I had never heard of it before, but the entire foundation and mission is EXACTLY as Anna describes as the direction we need to be thinking and progressing towards! The philosophy is simple, just, fair and exactly what is needed for us to starve this beast system of "scarcity" once and for all.....I Love it!!
      Thank you
      Much Love and Peace Always

  2. Well spotted, Anna. I have been saying for years that we don't need money - and thus, trying to get people to think about the subject.

    The matter is all in our minds. Today, banks 'manufacture' money out of thin air - loan out $10 and poof! - $100 of 'credit' is entered in their ledger. Our U.S. money/currency has not been backed by anything but 'good will' - a U.S. Federal Reserve note simply redeemable in itself - for years, and still we use it as a medium of exchange for goods and services rendered and received. What's the secret?

    The only thing needed is a motive to exchange said g and s. Now we use the motive - an 'entity' in our minds - of something we call 'making a profit'. Hey - how about we use another motive (as you suggest). How about we use the highest motive that there could ever be: that we share our g & s with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love. The Love of the creature for its Creator, and vice versa. And then, all you need is a system of keeping track of credits and debits - like a LETS system, writ large. You contract with someone to provide you with a g or s at such-and-such a number of units, and their account is credited with that agreed-upon amount, and your account is debited with it; and The System is transparent, or monitored by an Umpire, with a monthly statement (electronic or printed), and agreed-upon limit to one's debit account. So that 'the sky's the limit' only in the sense that we are limited by our time and space, to produce a world of Good.

    People are afraid of 'getting the mark of the beast' if we go that route t(o our destination). But there's nothing wrong with the idea in principle. Call it the mark of the Creator. See: It's all in our minds. And 'money' - the agreed-upon unit of exchange; call it whatever we decide upon - becomes simply the means to the end. Not the end in itself. Not - as you say - an idol. And that's the secret.

    "And that is what we sorely need on this planet--- motivation to do what is right and good." Indeed, Anna. Indeed. And circumstances are forcing us to make that decision, for our future. But then, that's what The Process has been all about: to learn that lesson. For us apprentice gods.

    Gods in the making. Chips off the old block, as it were. Waking up, to our full potential.

    For good. Or evil.

    Our choice.

    1. Stan, none of us are gods and none of us will ever be gods or God; not even a ''little god''. That whole idea has come from false churches and false preachers. Turn that dial.
      I see you also have no idea of what the Mark means or what the potential chip consists of. In simple terms, it means it will replace all credit cards, debit cards, checkbooks, and you won't be able to stick your hand or your head in an ATM machine.

    2. And just who are you and who is going to manage this perfect system...certainly not man, because he can never be trusted...!! Or you, whoever you are..!! It has to be an autonomous entity like AI..!! No one, not man or woman can come in contact with the AI, When it comes to money..!! NO ONE!!! How about this...anyone that works, no matter what the job is, can apply for and get any car they want, plus a house for up to $500,000, just by asking if they are truely working and providing evidence...!! That way when you see someone driving a Porsche, you won't know if he works for Wall Street or Taco Bell..!! That at least solves the problem of people not willing to work because in order to get these things all you have to do is work...Even paraplegics..!! Sorry but they can do something. And no home based all has to be in the work force...!@

    3. first site, it certainly sounds like a good program...but that just it...its a little too good to be true..!! Like judge Anna said before, there are a bunch of private corporations willing to say or do anything in order to secure those 19 delegations of authority...Dont buy into it...!!!

  3. It begs the question: Who will be in control of this "world" coinage standard? And who will possibly have the knowlede and ability to factor in this so called "world value" much less make a determination which everyone will be forced to beholden? Hmm, smells like New World Order currency to me. The world will never be free as long as a centralized authority controls it. "Decentralization" is true freedom from the parasites. Until then, nothing changes but the smoke and mirrors shifting their shadows.

    1. Peter, That is the old paradigm. Reread what Anna has put forth...WE , must change the way we look at things..The concept of giving a thing the value of another thing is tge concept that must change. If this shift occurred , everything changes. I speak to people( mostly strangers) about this all the time. Some seem to understand how corrupt the system is but are stuck in tgeir inabiloty to act against it.

    2. But Peter, someone will always have a head start by creating cryptocurrencies that already will make them billionaires because the process is to complicated to understand by normal people. So when a certain cryptocurrency does become the standard the person who invented it will already have his leg up on all of us....he will start out as a billionaire, which will go straight to his head, making him a God...!! No thanks..Bitcoin is already up to $15, 000 last I heard...Either we all start out with nothing or no deal..!@

    3. Or better yet, we all start out completely equal or no deal.. There has to be an even playing field or someone will already have power over the rest of us..!!

  4. All of this is a moot conversation. Anna, you already said that a Panel was trying to come up with a 'world standard currency' and found they could not come up with one. So why are we still discussing this?

    No, this is not just 'all in our minds' and no, this world is never going to change their thinking about the matter. And no, a barter type system is not going to come into being. Lets just get real here and quit with the theories, put both feet back on the ground. It is what it is and brainstorming 'ideas' or 'how it should be' is like hitting heads against brick walls. Like, what makes us think we have any say in the matter?
    We are in this economic problem because of crooks, white-collar criminal banking system, and most of all evil hearted Mankind who are in control in cahoots with illegal government thugs. And they will all fight to the death, to keep things as they are.
    Our currency system will go from extinguishing Dollars and hard currencies, directly to all digital. It is already being set up that way; why do we have a debit card in everyone's hands today; even those who don't have bank accounts. Why else do all these backward countries, such as Iraq, have their banking systems converted over to handle digital 'currency'. Its the setting up for total control over each person's transactions. Have any of them asked us for our input into the matter? Do we really think they care what we think about it?
    I'm not being combative here; it is just reality and the handwriting is appearing on the wall already. Keep in mind too, this world had a beginning and it also has an end. Whether anyone approves or not, it is nearing its end, so there is no point on embarking on any long range Plan that obviously would take 50-100 years to accomplish.

  5. The link to the video Debbie Foster provided above is the UBUNTU movement. North Frontenac Ontario Canada is the first Small Town Community headed in this direction. Hopefully they can lead us toward that money free living.

  6. Some of these comments are way to lengthy. That's why I like Twitter. Your only given a short number of characters to make your point. I don't want to read a 3 page dissertation on Anna's articles. Keep it short and to the point.

  7. Anna, so exactly what do you propose as a means of exchange. So far you have been working on our 'thinking' but what is your bottom line.

  8. some jeers, then some cheers.

    "gold or silver at $xxxx/ounce" is intellectually dishonest at best. yes, dishonest people will try this.

    but, it is self-evident and known (see "The coming battle") it defeats the point of a gold or silver "standard" if paper/credit "dollars" are also "legal tender". anna is bright enough to know this.

    might as well not have gold or silver coin, if paper/credit is "on par". pointless.

    also pointless, irredeemable "gold backed" "dollars". i swear i have the actual money, just you can't see it

    likewise, there is no reason to have gold or silver coin if "paper" is placed on par without any redeemability.

    whether irredeemable "gold-backed paper" or "paper on par" both of these destroy any "gold" or "silver" standard (or any other "commodity")

    "noone ever forces them [the banks] to make good" -- "a primer on money, banking, and gold"

    that book, circa 60s, written by a fed res researcher (as in employed by them) trashes gold, praises the fed, while blushingly admits gold is used between governments, with no irony. gold is only for the big people, you see. just let us manage it, and we can borrow against it, and you get little pieces of paper.

    it is true "legal tender" or "money" gets a boost, being required to be accepted in payment of debts, this (artificially some might argue) increases demand

    now, the cheers

    putting all commodities/labour/goods/services as money would seem to decentralize things, so no monopoly can be established. that sounds good.

    the devil is in the details. if i decide my labour is worth 10 billion units, and someone disagrees, who is the arbiter? do we all vote on how much different "services" and types of "labour" are worth or not?

    solves one problem, but now the people who dictate what everything is "worth" hold all the cards and chips.

    seems easier just not have any "legal tender" and let people decide. the problem there is e.g. if the power company, ISP, supermarket, farmer's market, gas station, phone company, etc. doesn't like the currency you offer.

    "free market" but should that apply for everything? who decides what are "necessities" if this should not always apply, e.g. food, water, etc.?

    to quote: two words: monopoly inducement.

    a good reason for coin is debt-free (unless/until you loan it out). it is not "loaned into existence". ANYTHING that has this property would be a vast improvement, even paper IOU notes i.e. "non-interest bearing currency"

    the sleight of hand seems to be replacing one or two false idols with a million coinjoined false idols, so now there is not any one single idol...just one giant false idol

    re: How many here want to spend the rest of your days bowing and scraping to criminals? -- i resist as much as possible, but that is all there is. be corrupt or starve are the choices right now.

    1. i am not saying anyone would allow such a thing, but that is disingenuous to call it a "gold standard" if something else is still "dollars" and 1000 of this "something else dollars" will buy an ounce of gold.

      there are legitimate reasons for gold and silver not to be used, but that is a strawman, still not an actual gold or silver "dollar" if there are "something else dollars" as well.

      in practical purposes, yes, they will surely try that.

      let us not pull their deception of "purposely mistaking the symbol for the thing it symbolizes".

      if there is a true "Gold standard" then there is no "buy back at $1000/ounce". there is simply X ounces of gold == $1.

      someone might voluntarily accept 1000 "something else" for an ounce, but that "something" by definition, would not be "dollars", by definition.


      in practical purposes, yes, they will call it a "gold standard" even though it is not, and gouge and rape people.

    2. Anna, I thought you said that gold represented corporations and the "silver dollar" represented the American people. Where does it say that in the constitution...It only states that gold and silver will be the standard of currency for never states that they represent two different entities..!! Where did you get that idea...???

  9. Paul, for clarity I love, respect and whole heartedly respect Anna's work and teachings! I resonate completely with her calling and shining a light on ALL the "false appearances" actors claiming real authority over us in our world. I too share the same calling. Its not a fun job, but the multitudes have risen to this calling to serve a God given higher conscious purpose at this time. We are at a crucial and defining moment in our lives right now. Every personal choice we make in our thoughts/behaviors and actions affect Everyone in either breaking through the old paradigms/programming of our past "scarcity, need, greed" associations with "money" so that we can progress past it, and learn from it.
    As Anna wrote;
    "The essence of idolatry is that you take something in the external world and raise it up to be a god over you, whether it is a coin, a piece of paper, a goat, a religious relic or a dictator. It hardly matters what form the idol takes.

    Somehow, we have to grow beyond this infantile condition of self-enslavement and delusion, this kink in our logic circuits. In order to do that, we must become aware of the problem and of the truth."

    My intentions of shining a light on your choice of logic to continue to "market" your mintbuilder opportunity to Anna's supporters via subscribers ONLY wishing to receive JUST Anna's work, nothing more. I unsubscribed to the list simply because I don't wish to be marketed to. simple as that.
    Its unfortunate with such a huge list of Anna and the living law firm supporters that you've generated, that you haven't thought to Sell the idea of how much a minimum monthly contribution made to this cause could make an amazing impact for the benefit of All. Just makes much more sense to me at this time in our lives to put our focus and energy on moving forward in service to others, for the highest good. Anna's work deserves it!!
    I think I will start my own blog...I'll call it
    (Since I'm a Grammie too) save it in your favorites. I will be sure to include a PayPal button going directly to Anna's PayPal account as well! The more awareness the merrier right??

  10. No, I won't be selling any idea like a minimum donation. If people want to donate they have plenty of opportunity.

    I won't even be promoting something that doesn't help the people who participate in it. That is why Mint Builder appealed to me in the first place. People usually can't afford to just give away their money, and what about all those people who don't read Anna's articles? They don't know it but they should be supporting this work also, but they might (just might) be wanting to improve their finances? So I will show them Mint Builder and let them make up their own mind, and if they join, then they will be supporting Anna's work and they won't even know it. At some point they will see what I do, and maybe start reading Anna's stuff also.

    It's not idolatry to want to earn a living. You can preach your new age stuff all you want ON YOUR OWN BLOG. Just stick to the issues here. Keep it charitable or go on your way.

  11. Thanks paul, I will, and I will continue to stick to the issues here as always. Its unfortunate that you perceive a higher perspective of our God given gift of consciousness as such a terrible thing. Truly sad. Anyone that wishes to share their higher perspectives and peaceful, forward thinking solutions will Always be welcome and appreciated on my blog for their spirit guided thoughts, contributions!
    Much love and peace always!!!

  12. Good for you Paul..!! Has anyone noticed how many emails you get promising a million ways to get rich on POT, crytocurrencies, A way to predict almost for certaintancy when a stock will go up...there are tons of money making ideas that all claim is a no brainer. But no one will offer a guarantee no matter how they oversell their product, all day nothing is guaranteed 100%..!!

  13. Did you guys realize that Janet yellow of the FR said they have known about cryptocurrencies and "blockchain" technology has been around for years now and they know all about it and at the forefront of it...what does that tell you...!!


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