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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yet another new ad for Anna featuring a new Jerry Day Movie

Here is the link:


  1. Yes - the "god" of this world reigns over his kingdom's of mammon.

    There's only One that can and will turn this thing around and He awaits that day.
    That day certainly is coming...

    1. mtman2, it is amazing how many people do not know that satan is the 'god of this world'. I tested a pastors wife once years ago, asking her who the ''God' of this world is, and she said 'Jesus'. So I when I told her satan is, she was just astounded.
      Folks, 2 Cor. 4:4 should set everyone straight. Neither God nor Jesus are running this world. He is only overseeing those that are his own Children, which are few. In fact, it would be an insult to God to even think that He is has been in charge of this mess that we see today.
      God gave dominion of the earth TO Man; so Man is to blame. So its a huge mistake to ever look to our Leaders for any solution or to suddenly do any good for The People.
      Be warned though, that when God turns this thing around, it will not be one bit pretty until the final results.
      Advice: Repent, or perish.

    2. I would disagree... God is in full charge and sets up rulers as He wills for the ultimate human lesson...Dan 4:25 "They shall wet you with the dew of heaven, and seven times shall pass over you, till you know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses." NKJV All power is in Christ's hands despite Satan being the god most humanity follows unknowingly... Matt 28:18 "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." KJV

      God's plan involves every human who has ever lived... but not all today have the opportunity for salvation. There is a timing as to when most humans will understand God's truth.

    3. Country, disagree all you like, but 2 Cor. 4:3,4 clearly tells us 'but if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost. 4 in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
      It is quite clear there that God is not currently the 'god of this world'. I did not say God has lost his power, nor did I say he gave up his Power or is powerless; he merely handed dominion (the running of things) of the earth, to man...which is the reason for it being in such a mess.
      Your quote comes from a time before Christ ever came to earth and does not apply to us today. It is past history, long gone. It is from a time before He established the Church and the gospel for today, and his method of salvation.
      I might also suggest throwing away any of the bible with ''New'' in their title; they have too many words changed in them which makes them quite inaccurate and even changes whole meanings.
      The 'rulers' we have over us today are all crooks. Since when could I possibly believe that they were Gods choices? It seems to me that in this Dominion of Man, that Man decided to allow the People to vote for their choices. They set up the government, and others who serve satan, have decided to cunningly turn it into tyranny.
      And one day in the not too distant 'future' Jesus will come and reign as King of Kings and set up his Theocracy. Then we will finally see the way it should be run and satan will be locked up for 1000 years. That is when He will rule the earth, and not until then.

    4. It is extremely important for people to understand that God is not in charge for this reason: I have heard so many of the Lost get very angry when horrible things happen to them, and they lash out saying 'if God is so great, then why did He let this happen to me''. They go on to say they want nothing to do with a God who could be so cruel, etc.
      I've seen many just go and throw their whole lives away, become drunkards, and all sorts of things, all because nobody ever informed them of who the real culprit is so they saw no hope.
      It should be clear just why this clarification is so important.

    5. Sorry folks those who bring separation or a center to any point of reference within any faculty is in relation to the whole creating a false paradigm that has no influence of being wholein of its self .i me you they are all in one being boundless without form .you speak only of qualities yet fail to speak univesally and immutably based on the so called first cause have duality in your beliefs .and are lost inbeing whole ,you proclaim the belief as your own sense of self yet this is not possible atomicly speaking ,that is also an indication of what else is missing in the fixed position of choosing an archetype such as jesus or god and then pivot and speak from knowing as if separate from onmi presence and potency ..hahah ya what ever ..knowledge is NO ledge ...this is what this suffering is about and the work to maintain it is to re bind ..religion is a feudal franchisee mindset ..bart sympsom comes to mind all in the land of fiction .idol worship ,the word jesus is symbolic of what ? astrotheology would shift all these words .what swhat here folks ? phenomina which designation to the effect are we predicding inthese floks perception or suggestions of a truth of God or saten so called rulling a world .not mine but supposingly so ,I have already bee decided for by these folks above just look .how diluted is that .casting all reality in his own perceived way ..NOT for me bud ..these words I write are crude enough to delivery some other forms of light on your blue sky persona ...focus on the message here not the words

  2. Good men like John f. Kennedy told us the truth and the people rallied .The treasonous LBJ,clinton,wilson,FDR.screwed us.We as a people need groups to protect from propaganda .

  3. Comment from Kelli Miller

    Due to my own actions to choose to participate in a assumed "court" under a presumed "obligation" I realized something very important that completely changed my perception and awareness of the reality of ALL our current situation. Our lawful standing and true identity as living men and women IS NOT recognized, and can never BE recognized in their colorable system. They only exist because we literally keep it alive by accepting/acknowledging by participation that it does exist and we assume any responsibility for its continued existence by our perpetual participation. Why do we keep giving our energy to a known false entity, that has been created not by us, nor for us. We are not now, nor have we ever been a party (knowingly,with full disclosure)to their creations or self interested business dealings. If we truly know who we are, the only thing that is required of us is to stop all participants. Period. Stop giving this beast our energy, one by one, by not accepting its business as our business. Refused-Name unknown-return to sender! By acknowledging it exists, by accepting it as if its our reality is what it depends on for its existence! We need only be aware of it existence to choose whether we are going to acknowledge it and accept it as our reality or refuse giving it our power and true authority. mirror back the non acknowledgment of our living energy existence with acknowledgment of fictitious existence. Refused-Name unknown-Return to sender. That is our ONLY business. Choice. Freedom to choose is our free will choice.
    Refused-Name unknown-return to sender. Game over

    1. The People participate in their scam and sham simply because their 'remedy' for not showing up in court when 'ordered' to, will get us a warrant for our arrest. Then we have an addition thing to deal with, a bigger can of worms......thats why.
      Furthermore, we know that to try to invoke our true standing may well get us their next 'remedy' which could well be an order for a 6-month mental evaluation. Then you have added yet a third problem; they make sure it grows worse and larger the more you try to take a stand for what is Right.
      Our choice and free will does not exist, as things stand right now. We hope that Anna and the Team are ripping them ''an additional cavity' so that it will be easier for 'them' to crap themselves.

  4. Thank you K. Miller. Would that those who have the sight as you do proclaim perpetually the citation at hand and explain the remedy for those who see not with thier own eyes or hear with thier own ears as they still remain as they have been implied to be by the corporate matrix arround them: a legal fiction.

  5. So far I have been doing a lot of the things from lack of knowledge. I have the tags on the car and licenses, and tell them I know it is not the law, explain a few things about why that is and tell them due to the corrupt system I do it out of duress, that I fear they will steal my property, hurt my body, threaten even shoot me. It is the truth and they know it, but since I have broken none of the rules, they do not take my car, or open up mountains of tasks that may be energy put to some other use at the moment. Odd we are beings that live mostly in the senses, knowing we are because we know we just were, vision, touch, smell, taste, imaginations of such things, everything seems to material experience of the senses yet those things while a part of us and a part of God are temporary and all go to dust. Only the eternal love and our true eternal being, the central fountain of life really matter. Love God above all things and all will fall in place is said for that reason. Getting caught in the worlds traps, towers of imaginations that are false, all fall away or at least lose any real power once connected to God and aware of what the senses are. And the senses are "real" things, not the imagined powers of entities created in the mind that can only be imagined to exist...Like receiver transmitters we receive divine energy process it and send it back out. Will it glow and warm the hearts of the weary, heal and spread solving the problem or go out as poison, creating more damage and destruction? Scripture says the powers are usable by everyone, evil can succeed just as well as good by abusive use of God's good energy.

  6. Yoi yoi yoi, I think a few in here need to consider psychiatric care... on a distant planet; the more distant the better.

  7. Today is close to being the last perfect weather day, so I had to get out and had lunch. There was a tv screen there with sound off, and it looked like lindsey graham was talking about the budget being passed.?
    If thats what it was all about, then pray tell, how does a broke fake govt. pass a Budget?? Why are they acting like its just business as usual? When will this nightmare end; I feel like I'm living in some kind of matrix here.
    I would think it will take cutting off their checkbooks and credit cards to force them to pack their bags; how can that ever happen?


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