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Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Testament For My Sons and Daughters

By Anna Von Reitz

I am still alive, by the Grace and Glory of God, this day in October in the year called 2017, and yet, realistically, I must take steps to prepare for death and the likelihood that I and my husband and perhaps many other innocent members of the Belle Chers will fall in the line of duty.  As I said in the beginning, we are Shepherds sent to guard the flock; we fight with wolves and lions.  

One of the most frustrating things about the condition of death is that you can no longer be heard by the living.  You can stand right next to them and shout as loud as you like, and they will just go on eating or typing or whatever else they are doing, totally oblivious.  

So to save myself that frustration later I am giving my messages now.  

First, and foremost, I love you all.  All.  Even the Bad Actors. Our Father has purposed that all will be saved and not one left behind.  Remember that.  Not one. 
Remember this, too--- that love is the most important thing you can give, and I give it freely to each and every one of you reading this today.  

Second, Jim and I have done our duty by you.  Nobody can say that we failed to report or didn't sound the alarm or didn't make speed or didn't do everything that we possibly could do to restore order and justice once we knew for sure what was going on.  At every step, like good soldiers, we have reported back to you all and acted to protect and preserve your lives and property. We shall continue to do so until our last drop is shed. 

Third, this Earth and its people are worth living for and worth dying for. If we are murdered for loving this country and its people, we have no regrets.  Let our blood cry out to Our Father and may He bring them to ruin who have sought to enslave those He created as Free Men. 

Fourth, don't get hung up on the past and don't wait for or expect kings to lead you.  Such kings exist and they will come forward, even as Jim has, but they are simply acting "for" you and the real point is that you become the kings and queens of your own lives.  So long as you love justice and mercy and truth, you are kings and queens, and as you live in this moment called "Now" in which both alpha and omega meet, choose this as your time to be and act, to undo the miseries of the past and let them go, to enjoy the day given you as a gift, and to choose a future of peace and joy for all Creation. 

There are Eight Trusts bequeathed to you in this country.  They are: 

Genesis 1:26-28
The Twenty-Third Psalm -- pay attention to that line, "I shall not want." 
The Lord's Prayer
1620 Mayflower Compact
The Unanimous Declaration of Independence 
The Gettysburg Address
The New Deal
The Declaration of Flag 

The New Deal was a False Trust, a trust engineered to steal everything from you, and The Declaration of Flag has now returned everything to you.  Hold fast to it, and try to uphold the peace that it also declares.  

Fifth, the Belle Chers have stood for many centuries as the authors of justice at arms and mercy in peace.  It was from their lips that you heard for the first time that "might must be employed for right" --- and it was from their hands that the Magna Carta sprang.  Now, then, let every good and honorable man come forward and embrace these principles and be accounted my son, and let every woman of courage and sound mind be my daughter.  Say with me that each one of us is sacred and each one of us is free. 

Sixth, the Ancient Romans said that courage is the first virtue, and they spoke rightly, for without courage no other virtue can be guaranteed; that said, mercy is greater than the courage that earns its exercise.  This world is by its nature deceptive.  Things are not what they seem.  The one who seems subordinate is often the greater, and the student is often the teacher, and the poor are among us so that we may have the opportunity to give and the guilty are here so that we may learn the benefits of mercy.   Look deeply and hone your mind to penetrate these secrets, so that you might know the truth and pass it on, even as I have. 

Seventh, perhaps, when we--- my husband and I--- are gone, and the members of our table are again scattered, you will feel the loss and remember when we were among you and you will think: what am I to do?  Where am I to go?  Who am I to trust?  It is at that moment that you must look deep within your heart and go outside and reconnect to the One Life that is our life and yours. Do not be deceived and think that we are ever far from you; indeed, we shall come to you with the swiftness of thought, even as Yeshuah is with you, so His Servants are, in spirit and in flesh. As He is with you always, so are we.  So whenever you feel you need it, just pause and think of us.  Feel the warm though unseen hug.  You are not alone and never will be. 

Eighth, know that I will miss being able to speak with you directly, but listen carefully to the quiet voice within, to the birches singing on the wind, to the odd coincidences and the things that bring you some thought or memory of us.  As Yeshuah asked you to remember Him whenever you break bread and drink wine (and not as some would say only in a church and only according to the rules they set up as a boundary) please think of us, His Servants, when you see a friendly dog, faithful and watchful to the end. 

Ninth, as I leave this world, I will be handing a torch on to you, a torch that was lit by Our Father long ago, a perpetual burning fire that burns in our hearts.  Let His Holy Spirit come to you and teach you.  Let His Grace and Mercy melt your hardness of heart.  Let all fear flee before you.  Let His Glory be incarnate in you. 

Tenth, I here record my Confession of many, many, many grievous sins and errors, many down-fallings, many failures.  I have no special, unusual, or particular excuses.  I have been as other women in all respects, and have committed by my count, one way or another, every sin.  Yet I rely firmly on the love and the grace and the kindness of Him that sent me, and know that He has already fore-given me.  To all those who try and all those who fail to live a righteous life, take heart. We are not here to triumph. We are here to be limited and to learn and to fail, to be humbled--- and I certainly have been.  

Eleventh, as Solomon has written, to everything there is a season.  In this world we have our beginning, our middle, and our end, but just beyond the veil of this life, eternity stretches out in limitlessness, and Our Father remembers each one of us in the finest detail.  We can never be lost, never cease to exist, never be destroyed in any true sense.  Our bodies are like space suits that wear out, but our eternal being is safe from the ravages of age and disease and deception, thus remember the secret of Isaiah 57.  We return to rest, and that is no cause for sadness.  

Twelve--- as for my worldly goods, let my name be found inscribed in the Book of Life known as The New Testament, which is the Ninth, and most personal trust I leave to you, whatever your religious beliefs may be.  Let my houses -- and those other baubles that have belonged to me for a time, let them pass on to my son, Eric, and my husband, James Clinton, and my Executive Officer, Harold Heinze, according to our agreements, and to my beloved Sister, Em, and such other family and friends as I have left remembrance to. 

To all the people of the world I leave the Truth of their Divinity and their Mission to merit the gifts they have been given freely by Our Father, the One Life that exists in this One Time called Now, where all that ever was meets with all that ever will be. 

So it is said and done this ____ day of October 2017 while I am well in mind and body and competent to give this Testament.  

                                                                   Anna Maria Riezinger

*** An official signed copy will be posted for all to see. 

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  1. I sincerely hop that you are not checking-out for many years to come, Anna, though this is wondrous testimony all the same in this Eternal Now. Thank you for it, and your (and James') service to God's people.

  2. an absolutely beautiful testament, Anna. From Canada, may the love of life flourish in your heart of hearts. May your efforts be profoundly blessed upon the people of the world to bring peace and happiness to all. Thank you for all your efforts and those of James and your team!

  3. Bless you and everyone who spent even mere moments or years toward righting the wrongs of enslavement,deception, and theft.
    Much love to you, dear Anna! Thank you!

  4. Bless you Anna, James and everyone else in this movement of truth, justice and true Freedom. For all of you who spent even mere moments or years toward righting the wrongs of enslavement,deception, and theft.
    Much love to you, dear Anna and James for standing up for all of us! Thank you!



  7. Anna is a real spiritual Wordsmith worthy of sharing- which WE do to open the eyes of the "sleepers"all around us.
    Do live long and prosper in your endeavers as the wish for us all...

  8. Anna is a real spiritual Wordsmith worthy of sharing- which WE do to open the eyes of the "sleepers"all around us.
    Do live long and prosper in your endeavers as the wish for us all...

  9. I have only known your writings for a very short time and you have captured my heart and mind. Whatever lies ahead, may our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior be at your side. Many Thanks and Blessings to you and your family!

  10. Thank you for EVERY THING, and to ALL, that has help bring the light of truth.

    love light peace to You Anna and Jim

  11. Anna you're my angel from above as well as your husband James,and team I've always greatly appreciated all the work blood and sweat that has been put into saving the people, and I do understand this beautiful testimony, I've known you but a short time as well going back into mid 2016, and I definitely want you around much longer..😔 continue to stay strong and healthy, much love to you, James and the team.. you're also very greatly appreciated and loved.
    I love you guys forever ❤😚

  12. Anna you're my angel from above as well as your husband James,and team I've always greatly appreciated all the work blood and sweat that has been put into saving the people, and I do understand this beautiful testimony, I've known you but a short time as well going back into mid 2016, and I definitely want you around much longer..😔 continue to stay strong and healthy, much love to you, James and the team.. you're also very greatly appreciated and loved.
    I love you guys forever ❤😚

  13. Thank you Miss Anna me and my wife is stumble across you today actually and it's been very eye-opening and very awesome trying to consume all of it in this first 24 hours that we've been reading all your information I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping everybody and doing the right thing for Humanity God bless you and I will definitely help carry that torch Godspeed

  14. Don't think you're checking out so soon. The party has just started. Cry Havoc! We all have a front row seat.
    Bless you for all you have done Anna. I have been in this fight all of my life, and endured many, many painful hardships because of it. The only thing I live for now is to see the outcome of all our work. If by providence, I fall, or anyone else in this war for the mind, hearts, and souls, of America, then I can go to the other side with the knowledge that I did my part, and then some. I can only see one outcome now, in that the tyrants and satanists who have created this living hell, will come to justice, and this tyranny will come to an end, so that future generations may enjoy the blessings of liberty that we have been denied. The point of no return has begun. I only pray that we survive the coming days so that we may be around to help rebuild and shape the new society into what it is and was supposed to be. Find shelter. The devil is not going to go down without a fight.

  15. In heaven, I see the crooked Authorities threatened Judge Anna. The Crooks worked with Google, facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo to snoop behind people's business. All our Gmail accounts are unsafe, flush all our physical address's attachment after sent. They wouldn't be able to analyze anything after the country's Chaos started. They have enemies inside out. Attach lots of phony addresses to confuse them back. Use old Apps, don't upgrade too often like the Chinese and Russian do. The old Apps give us the flexibility to use quick Proxy addresses. We all should fight against the injustice.

  16. Praying for you today, as every day. Remember the rules of the game; they cannot shoot the red cross workers!

  17. What can I say? I can say thanks to you, I have knowledge I never would have if I hadn't been led somehow to Paul's site. At times I wish I didn't know this, as it shakes my world and turns everything I thought I knew upside down. But I can never say I didn't know now! I love you all too, and by the Grace of God we will have the courage you have, the will to continue and the strength to prevail.

  18. Thank you Anna, James and all your spiritual guides and helpers. Your acts and authentic character expressed on behalf of all of God's children in this work of waking and "Shaking" this world and all its people, has shown us what being a true witness is and how we all have within us to be. Im eternally grateful to have been lead to you and to share your work for as long as I'm blessed to be here. I understand now how important the declaration of peace is necessary, but more importantly how it is our thoughts and actions in faith individually that will breathe life into it. It is now our time to let our light shine and be true witnesses and bringers of this peace, by being in peace first within ourselves, and it will naturally manifest outward in our lives. You are so loved and appreciated Anna and Jim, and I for one, will never forget the gift you have given all of us.

  19. Anna, most graciously received, I pray that you and Jim will live a long life and continue the fight as we are all in this together side by side. God Bless you and Jim, may the Lord keep a covering of safety over you (both).

  20. I have nothing but silence and tears as chills ran through My body reading this out loud as though I was speaking them myself. I did this in the greatest honor to you and yours. My tears are for such elegant, courageous most honorable words ive heard from anyone, ever. YOU have my greatest and deepest loyalty, as Yeshuah IS my witness. May He have mercy on their souls!

    In my heart, mind and even body, you, dear friend, dear patriot, one of the brightest shining lights, of we the people, one dear, kind, loving woman, and We will never! forget YOU, Anna Marie, nor your husband nor your children, nor your ancestors nor your hiers. My gratitude is abundantly richer for ALL those on the front line. I shall continue to carry the torch and do so in your spirit!!

    May Yeshua protect you and all you love, to keep you safe and under his greatest care! May he continue to bring fourth the knowledge, bring fourth the courage and empower each of us in unity, each and every hour.
    This is not over. We have much much much to do! Anna, you are but one of the messengers, the queen of queens amongst the many!! Should ANY of us parish mysteriously, by accident or plotted murder, this act shall be deemed highest treason and proof of such and be it so their very own fate by which that soul or souls shall take, times ten or, as my friend would say, 8, 8 ,8.

  21. wow ur an inspiration for sure, i love your work. my wife and myself live as christians on a 40 acre property here in Queensland Australia, this property is a "refuge" for those that will left behind during tribulation that is soon coming upon this dieing world. a property that is lived on now off the grid. we would like 2 find another christian couple that would be willing to come live here and share in the same dream of leaving "a legacy" of sorts to those that will have to "survive" tribulation. so please pass along my email thank you.

  22. Thank You Judge Anna and thanks to your team. I am glad you are reaching so many folks in this country (USA) and other countries.


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