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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Notice of American Claim

By Anna Von Reitz

Sent: Monday, September 04, 2017 2:31 PM

This Notice was sent internationally to the owners and operators of the, which is serving as a registration platform for DTCC, which is a spin-off of the original DTC/DTTC, etc., operation.  This and similar platforms are where "you" and every aspect of your life have been bought and sold to profit the perpetrators of this scheme. 

The assets "borrowed" from us, the American states and people, without our knowledge or consent, were "securitized" and traded and used to secure debt accumulated by the monsters responsible for this entire racket and also used by their foreign franchises--- foreign government "service organizations" and other innocent people worldwide who were preyed upon in like manner. 

Those responsible for this deplorable circumstance have attempted to seek bankruptcy protection for themselves, assuming that because their victims never knew about their activities, we would never step forward and claim all the "unclaimed assets" attached to our estates, that in turn would allow the criminal international banks to come in as "Secondary Creditors"--- claim that the Priority Creditors (all of us) had "abandoned" our assets, make a claim favoring the banks, and skate on. 

This Notice (below) issued in my capacity as a Federal Postal District Judge puts an end to this venal scheme, which can only succeed under conditions of secrecy and "lack of objection".  This is one form of objection made in behalf of the would-be victims, and in behalf of the lawful land jurisdiction government of the United States of America, Unincorporated, representing the public interests of the American states and people:

I am making this correspondence public so that everyone in America and worldwide has proof that this was done, an explanation of why it was done, and evidence concerning when it was done.

to CustomerService

Sent: Monday, September 4, 2017 12:11 PM
Subject: Notice of American Claim

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

This is your Notice that your partner, DTTC, is the holder of illegally obtained securities.  This is also your Notice that all the “unclaimed” securities on your system and the MERS System belong to the unincorporated United States of America--- the doing business name of the actual American states and people, whose assets were invested and put at risk as securities underlying all these instruments without their knowledge or consent.

The value of all the securities held by all the corporations and franchises that have been formed under the auspices of the UNITED STATES, INC. (Municipal Level) and the USA, Inc. (Territorial Level) in fact belong to the United States of America, Unincorporated, which is the Paramount Security Interest Holder and Priority Creditor of all these corporations and all of these securitized accounts identified by numeric and alpha-numeric codes within your system. 

These include Social Security and SIN numbers, Employer Identification Numbers, MERS contracts, Licenses, Leases, Labor Contracts, Construction Contracts, Insurance Policies, Court Case Contracts, Bonds, Stocks, and all else that naturally derives from these securitized instruments as derivatives are debts owed by the corporations and franchises to the living people and are credits belonging to the living people. 

There are virtually no “unclaimed” credits, because we have established and cured UCC commercial claims and non-UCC liens including Agricultural liens on everything associated with the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. and their franchises in preparation for discharging all debts and cleaning up this mess. 

Please enter this “Challenge” against all accounts on your system, including accounts which have been claimed prior to this, as far back as your records go. This circumstance is the result of a vast multi-generational fraud scheme which is now being addressed. 

Start with 390-66-2350 and 574-12-3413 and progressively challenge, enter, and claim all similar account designators, all related licenses, leases, labor contracts, construction contracts, court bonds and contracts, corporate bonds and securities, mortgages, utilities and utility accounts, and set them aside as assets belonging to the unincorporated United States of America. 

As much as possible, sort the securities attached to the Masterfile Numbers according to country codes to expedite the return of purloined assets to the lawful governments and people to whom these assets belong. 

I may be reached at the email shown above, by telephone at (907) 250-5087, or by mail, in care of Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska, 99652.  Please provide an update of your progress on a daily basis.

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

CC: s


  1. Thank you Judge Anna, we love you.

  2. Rhode Island Jim
    James Magee III
    661 8th Ave East-North #18
    Columbia Falls, MT 59912-3204

    Dear Judge Anna, Paul,

    I sincerely applaud everything you are doing, in the name of and the benefit for, all the American people, (And the rest of the world because it would seem obvious, people everywhere are at least taking notice of the "noise being made" here in America) to help wake the people up.

    Because it is a "tad" unclear to me, and probably many others as well, we the individual flesh and blood people, (not fictional entities) as to what our successive steps to take should be, to make sure, I/"We the people" actually follow your guidelines, would it be an imposition to ask you if you could provide a (1) one-page, step-by-step diagram (outline) as to what we all should do individually, so that we are all protected? If there is any monetary/land/property reimbursement that we should expect, what do we do to make sure that happens? Or at least make the "PTSNB" - (Powers That Should Not Be) aware that "we know what you've done and we want back what you have stolen!"

    As we all realize, particularly those of us who get dragged into the "Legal Justice System", (It might be legal, but it is certainly NOT just) words matter, and should we say the wrong thing, even though we intended it to mean something completely different, they will shove those incorrect words down our throats and even though we were innocent, and the case should have been dismissed, we are then guilty by default and there's nothing we can do.

    So with that in-mind, a 1-page diagram as to what to do and then what to do next would be a blessing. Then, after the diagram is put together, if people are unclear as what do do and have questions, they could then go to the link for that diagram and simply one click it and download it and read and follow it. I always transcribe instructional/informational audios to do the best I can to make things "idiot-proof". And I am always the class top idiot, so originally, I started transcribing so I would "get it." If by doing so, I help others, then so much the better.

    I know, but actually I don't know how busy you are, how could I or anyone else? But if you could do that, that would help us all who fervently wish to be free, but do NOT want to make a mistake.

    Again, thank you so much for all you do and are continuing to do. From my heart to both you and Paul and whatever team and staff you might have,

    With respect and love,

    Rhode Island Jim - Jim Magee

  3. The question posed is: What steps do we the people have to take to further seek remedy? In the simplest form, if you will? thank you for doing what you're doing Anna and Paul!

  4. Anna,
    I have posed the below question asked by a friend who is a postal court judge from Pennsylvania. He is wanting you to define more clearly who the the United States Of America, Unincorporated are. Are they the natural person(s) such as "Doe, John-henry" (written like so) that are registered in the library of congress by the Jesuit General?
    Thank you so much for all your amazing work you are doing for all the world.

  5. Awesome Anna!
    I can't thank you , Paul, James and the entire team enough for all this information .
    ((Big hugs))..

  6. Anna, Way to go !! Big heartfelt thank you, even though that is putting it mildly. Put all these buggers in their place and picture all of us standing with you. If you would, please tell us what response Mr. T has given to the ''offer''.
    And a Big Thank you to your entire crew!

  7. I can hardly await there response..! You will post it Anna wont you..!! But i bet it either wont be answed or some lower employee will simply give you a template answer to see if they can get rid of you...!! But i have to admit your very tenasious...!! I dont really get it.. As a single individual you have caused them more trouble than the whole patriot movement together. You should be posted as "Americas Most Wanted" by all legal agencies..yet tons of patriots are sitting in jail, but you remain free... How do you explain that. Iam a nobody, and yet even i had to do time, just for exposing some of the fraud when i was dragged into court. I would love to have your "immunity" from prosecution..because when its all done and said, even with proper paperwork in place, they can still put you in jail if they want, just like that guy in the video who talks about liability bonding..!! He got the last laugh, but it cost him 3 months in jail, like me.

    1. James, well with all that is in process, we should see these Admirality fake Courts and the tyrannical BAR Assn. get ''waterboarded''. Eh?

  8. Is this filing on record anywhere ?

  9. Dearest Anna__ I AM Losing eMail List Subscribers (Ohh Well) For Posting "Oh So Much To Think On & Digest" To So Many People __ But I Simply WILL NOT "Cease & Desist" Educating & Assisting To The Best Of My Ability!! Keep It Up!!!

  10. Dearest Anna,
    I salute you mam. Thank God for you. You are in my prayers and thoughts and petition God daily to surround you with thousands of guardian angels to protect you fortify you and strike down any who attempt to harm you that you may continue your mission. Please accept my my most sincere gratitude and Thank you so much.
    I am a 100% disabled Veteran who served in the US Army Special Forces (Airbourne) for 21 years and was disability retired with a truamatic brain injury. I swore to uphold the Constitution and defend the people of our once great nation. Liberty is what I fight for, Liberty is what I seek and Liberty is what I demand. Liberty is what they will have to pry out of my cold dead hands. I will never give up and i prey to God that before I go I have enough energy to spit in there facesas i cry out for Liberty taking out as many of these soul less bastards as possible using the least amount of force neccesry to bring this nightmare to nuetral. I have been assaulted, kidnapped, and held for ransome by these color of the law courts here in San Antonio, Texas. The veterans administration is taking half of my disabilty check for being imprisoned (insult to injury) and refuse to even address the issue as I am now a felon. Wells Fruado has sucked up 4 months of my social security to pay for checks that i deposited for "deposit only do not cash" three weeks after they cleared. I am starving, angry (understatement) and have seriously considered starting my own personal war with the Veterans Administration, they denied me the veterans court, they never showed for testomony that would have saved me years in prison and parole. But I decided to get back to my roots and look in ward for answers not outward. Me, myself, I am the source of my strength and through meditation and endless hours stuck in my room at my hose due to severe PTSD I am climbing out of this opression "De Opresso Libre". End of Rant. I am financially F****d at present and am still doing what I can from the backroom of my PTSD imposed prison.
    Once again thank you and be safe. God Speed.


    Benjamin Eugene Gee

  11. Addressing the article of KEEPING SUNDAY A HOLY DAY. Sunday is a pagan day not the christian sabbath. The christian sabbath is on Saturday. The last day of the week. Emperor Constanteen incorporated the Romans worshiping of their sun God and respecting the jewish sabbath of saturday, thus changing the sabbath day to Sunday. Worshipping the sun God is where the word Sunday derives from. The catholic church worships tyhe sabbath on the first day of the week as opposed to Saturday the last day of the week. God seen all that he mad and was please and rested on the last day blessing it and calling it Sabbath.We are not to change anything in the bible. Just like you say the constitution doesn't give de facto governments authority. Same as the bib le. The bible is Gods constitution and dictates for man what is allowed and not allowed. Don't fall for the pagans trickery.Satin is the anti-christ and duplicated what Christ has done but as the opposite. Stay true my friend. God Bless.

    1. You have bought into all the false history that anti-Catholics have babbled about for hundreds of years.
      Now read the history.

  12. AWESOME!!! Judge Anna, You are the light in Darkness imposed by corrupt forces (Banksters/Fraudsters, public servants) and only hope stamp out Tyranny from unincorporated USA restore Life, Liberty, Property and Happiness as envisioned by Founding fathers.

  13. Benjamin Eugene Gee, My heart goes out to you! Fight the fight! There is a reason for everythng. Maybe to bring you here?

  14. For people who don't know what is DTCc? Here is the story, mounted around 1989. The Pope, CONgress, and GHBush scamming Affordable Housing Act 1989 (42 USC 3545(d)) is tied--> their section 911, 102(d) and to --> their altered UCc 8-102(14) {a/k/a 8-102(d) in hexcode}, also tied to -People HJR192 credits (taken by Corp.'s) to play their magic Lending/Fraud.
    Signed under H.R. 5334, by GHB, Public Law No. 102 – 550, fraudulently released on Oct-29, 1992 by GH-BUSH and CONgress to direct their sub-Corp.s (Bancorps), Bar lawyers to perpetrate GREAT FRAUD, to scam all souls worldwide, but mainly in N.America.

    So what is UCc 8-102(14)?
    (14) "Securities intermediary" means:
    (i) a clearing corporation; (DTCc, Cede & Company) or
    (ii) a person, including a bank or broker, that in the ordinary course of its
    business maintains securities accounts for others and is acting in that capacity.


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