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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New Assignment For the GCR Committee

By Anna Von Reitz

Having reviewed the many known evils of basing our currency systems on the value of any standard commodity, we, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of every Municipal and Territorial Corporation and franchise on this planet, including the UN Corporation, request that the GCR Committee come up with a Starting Total Trade Value for all known traded commodities and all labor assets as of September 1, 2017.  The purpose of this calculation is to provide a basis for issuance of a new global currency denominated as a tiny fraction of  the Total Trade Value.  This new currency based on our collective commodity and labor assets is being issued into a competitive  free market and not intended to displace any viable national currency, but merely to offer an asset-based alternative to conventional asset-based currencies which in our opinion are too subject to manipulation, scarcity, inelasticity, exclusivity, and other ills. 

Let us simply address the background for this request for the benefit of those uneducated in the subject.

Commodity markets (and commodity-based currencies) are subject to supply and demand, futures selling and trading, seasonal variations, hoarding, market speculation and manipulation, and insider trading.  Money is itself a commodity, which competes in the global marketplace, and rises or falls dependent upon ephemeral factors such as "perceived value" and "public opinion" and attacks by counterfeiters. 

Always, producers of a commodity enjoy very decided advantages over investors in commodities, as producers have a direct ability to influence supply, demand, price, and even future price offerings--- factors that consumers and non-producer investors cannot influence or profit from.  This at the very least creates a severely tilted playing field.

Also, we note that whoever has the most of "the" standard commodity in an asset-based currency system enjoys an unparalleled advantage over all others doing business within that system.  It doesn't matter if we are talking about Arabian oil or Chinese gold or American silver--- whoever owns the most of that particular commodity backing a particular currency has a decided and unfair and unassailable advantage in the marketplace.

We, Americans, (as opposed to United States Citizens with whom we are constantly confused) have always used silver as our preferred commodity to back our asset-based currency known as the United States Silver Dollar and we hereby announce our intention to continue to issue and use our traditional national silver-backed currency, however, we tire of the spectacle of what are essentially rigged storefronts and rigged markets that are designed to exclude people throughout the rest of the world who don't have gold or silver or oil in abundance from an equal participation in both trade and commerce. 

Like all non-producing investors in specific commodities markets--peas, soybeans, cotton, or whatever--- these people and their countries are crippled and dependent upon whatever winds of fortune blow upon commodities they don't possess---gold, silver, platinum, oil, etc., and can't influence and which leave no options that include them as producers.  That is, the absence of a world currency that takes into account all commodities and all labor resources means that producers of all other commodities aren't able to fully or safely participate in the world's currency markets, which then also cripples their participation in the global economy as a whole.  

Our initiative is designed to provide everyone on Earth a safe haven and means of investment in a currency based on assets they and their country produce.  The issuance of this new universal currency, called the True Value Dollar, TVM or TRU (trademarked by the unincorporated United States of America) marks the beginning of an open world economy and world market, one in which actual value is traded for actual value, and in which everyone is a producer unimpeded by any natural lack of any specific standard commodity such as oil, gold, silver, etc. 

The True Value Dollar will be issued through licensed, regulated, and bonded cryptocurrency providers, as well as being made available through our international trade and commercial banks.  We await the GCR Committee's findings and request that they carefully consider our position and our objections to returning to the same kind of corrupt 19th century commodity-backed currency system as our great-grandfathers left behind.  We object to any such unmoderated system of single asset-backed currencies, not for any lack of silver or fear for our long-established currency, but because we already know the evils and limitations of such currency markets and have no need to learn the same lessons all over again

These single asset-backed currencies and the markets dependent on them are patently unfair to over five billion people, and a full 1.2 billion of the world's poorest people are unable to thrive, compete, come to market, access banking services and have currency options that respect and reflect their status as producers. 

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  1. I understand how money has been manipulated. I understand that all that is created is on the backs of all beings on this planet. I don't understand cryptocurrencies and suspect that likely 7 billion souls don't either. That educational process is monumental. How then does this get rolled out?

  2. The intention sounds great. But, the problem is who is going to control the aggregate tally calculations and would that not just create another even bigger centralized control entity? Manipulation of such a macroscopic number would seem easy because who is in a position to challenge the calculations of this "god body". We have seen this constantly with our government's publication of unemployment rates. How would this be any different. As is virtually always the case, the real answer lies in decentralization of control and NOT in greater centralization.

  3. I struggle with money, never have enough now that is has gotton even worse. I never liked it cause is always seemed to put others at a loss and I saw a lot of problems made by it that people did not seem to need. Not liking it has not helped me since most everyone else is so addicted to it and will not admit it despite carrying it around in there pocket or purse and using it everyday fearing loss of it worse than a heroin addict. It is high time a system designed for everyone is created so our garden can start really growing and not be taken over or struggle with weeds trying to poison out the healthy plants.

  4. Dan Carpenter:You don't need to understand it right now. You do understand what the current system is doing to billions of people at present..Let's get it "cryptocurrencies" rolled out,and understand it while doing so..

    1. Why roll out something we don't understand? There could be huge, negative, unintended consequences! You sound like Nancy Pelosi regarding The Affordable Care Act, i.e., we must pass the legislation so we can read it and then we'll know what's in it" (paraphrased). NOT UNDERSTANDING MONETARY ISSUES IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS THE WORLD'S PEOPLE HAVE ALLOWED! Let's not go from the frying pan into the oven!

  5. I am not for any crypto currency.. it is just another Scheme from the ELITE..backed up with nothing ( you can tell me a lot it is backed up by Gold that nobody sees. It is a NWO roll out! out the front door..coming in in the back door! nothing more nothing less. comes the chip.. oh wait we are chipped already with all the shit they spray from the sky... NANO Boxes!

  6. Folks, it is way too early for y'all to be coming against something that is too new to be able to have all the facts on. Actually, I think Anna has explained it pretty well. What this does is remove all the dirty hands from Control of money. Don't you see that? It eliminates the unfederal reserve, central bank, which is what got us controlled in the first place !
    Chill out, be patient and stop getting all bent out of shape here. Anna knows what she is doing. No one person is going to be in Control as there will be more checks and balances.
    There are also high tech methods to manage cryptocurrencies and make them nearly unhackable.
    All the finite facts are yet to be seen; until we have all those facts, it is just way too soon to be rushing to judgement.
    Ok, guys?

  7. Probably best we let the current debt based, dishonest, usurious system phase out as we/you/us phase in a more honest credit based, non-usurious currency....

  8. Anna, I have a question, which many others may also have:
    Some of us are holding some foreign currencies, such as the iraqi dinar (iqd). I don't have a lot invested in it, but what little I do have, I am wondering if it should now be treated as toilet paper, or should we expect it to have any value, upcoming. Also the VND. What say you?

    1. I'm also wondering about my Zim notes. Is the RV just another scam or is it worth waiting for?

    2. Jewell, zimbabwa called in their zim notes about 2 yrs. ago, paying out about $5 per note, and they gave a 60 day time limit on that. I could never understand why anyone was pushing zim to begin with. I believe they use the Dollar there. They are an extremely poor country, though they have plenty of metals/assets in the ground, nobody seems interested in going there to dig them up.
      Neither do I see iraq revaluing their dinar; I expect them to just scrap it because counterfeiting got so out of hand. Those that purchased large sealed boxes and told not to unseal them until they were exchanged.....are now opening those boxes and finding nothing but newspapers stuffed in them. And these boxes of ''currency' were purchased directly from their Central Bank. And guess who was in charge at that time.
      Anytime a currency is going to be discontinued, Law states that they must first give a time limit, generally from 30-90 days. After that, it becomes 'extinct'.
      The only revaluation I see, is what Anna is talking about --
      Fair Value. So the 'jury is still out'' as it remains to be seen just how this will pan out. But I would not count on currency exchanges or RV, as has been presented by brainless guru wanna-bees. The good part though, is what Anna is doing. If/when our accumulated Assets are successfully returned to us ? your zim will not matter to you. (read her Sept. 6 latest article)
      My advice to you, though you didn't ask for it, its ''free'':
      Stop listening to all those exchange sites. They have NO ''secret sources''. Nada. Instead, stay here and follow the progression of Reality.

  9. We as spiritual entities are operating in human bodies (most of us with memory blocks that prevent us from knowing this). So, the playing field for humans is the earth and the things it provides for life forms to maintain themselves. What we need is a system that honors humans as part of the system of earth and provides for each one the means for our species to thrive without causing lasting harm to any other part.

    To live, humans need air, water, a land base, shelter, and a food supply. All these things should freely be human rights, but in harmony with those other parts of the system. Thus, we don't populate beyond the capacity of the system to support human life, and we help to manage the other life forms and systems harmoniously.

    Most of our social ills would disappear if we all agree that each person is entitled to a land base, to the means to create a shelter and have a food supply and water, enough to sustain themselves. The social systems can be as simple as those of pygmies around the world, or in a more complex and developed system like that described by Jacques Fresco's Venus Project

    But a more complex system that requires more resources may not be allowed to impinge on the survival rights of any other group of humans. The needs of a complex society should only be allowed to expand to the degree that it works in harmony with resources found in the living space of any other group. Right now pygmy populations in the Congo and elsewhere are being driven off their land to satisfy the voracious demands for the materials we need for cell phones and electronic equipment of our more complex cultures. This has to stop. But in America we must insist that it is the human right, and the birthright of each one of us to a free and a fair share of the land and natural resources that the earth provides us for free, and that we each need to live. There are 2+ arable acres of land per person in this country for every man, woman, and child - so there is no shortage, and there is no reason other than greed and bad planning that has created a situation in which hundreds of thousands of us are homeless or hungry.

    Any creations that we devise beyond those basic needs can be subject to a system of exchange, but the basic resources that we need to survive and thrive MUST BE ours without constraint or cost.

    We need to recognize and acknowledge the reality of the playing field that we occupy and work to create a harmonious system in which we all participate justly,happily and safely.



    3. Trish, you have a 'poverty mentality'' lol. I'm way past just basic needs; I'm sick of basic needs; and no I don't want to be bothered with bartering for anything. I want to just pay as I go, where I wanna go, and when I wanna go. We have been held as prisoners on this planet from the get-go.
      I worked my 40 years and I am not working anymore. Why? Because I have next to nothing to show for it. Now I'm just plain done with all that. Just give me what was stolen from me, give me the profits they made off my little ole Name, let me have a little ole 2000 SF house on an acre, and get the buggers all off my back and quit stealing from us all. And I will be a happy camper.
      I mind my own business,and everybody else should do the same.
      But they should all go do it in their own native land; diversity is not our friend because cultures dont mix very well. It is high time the Leaders of their native countries are called on the carpet, take care of your own people and stop pocketing all the money and resources to live in splendor while their constituents are wallowing in poverty.

  10. there is plenty of free food everywhere if you just look ,shelter,every benefit known to man .

  11. Listen Anna and folks ,we are not the American priority creditors NOTHING ,,why because our nation was founded on the backs of those all enslved around the world to give us recources and labor and technology that we pretty mucg stole and those who stole we used without paying for its true woryth ,NO ONE CAN ACCOUNT FOR THE GENOCIDE AND THE LOSSES AND WE ARE ALL LEFT UPON THE SAME PLANET WITH THE SAME RESOURCES STOP YOUR SACRILEGIOUS CRUSADE WITH THE PEN .HOW MANY HAVE YOU SAVED WITH THAT PEN ?HOW MANY HAVE YOU CONFUSED FURTHER ? GOD IS WITHIN ME HE REVEALS ALL WHEN I ASK .he has given me the blessings of a Universal empath ,look and see ;TYPES of EMOTIONAL EMPATHS:
    Manifestive Empath: The ability to create their own reality and infuse the reality of others.
    Intuitive Empath (Clairempathy): is the ability to sense/feel the attitudes/emotions of others.
    Healing Empath:The ability to take in the energy of others and transmute it.
    Spiritual Empath:The ability to sense the other persons oneness with their god.

    Precognitive Empath:The ability to predict a certain outcome and see where paths lead.
    Telepathic Empath:The ability to have thoughts, as well as feelings.
    Judgement Empath: The ability to distinguish truth from lies and good from evil.
    Seer Empath:The ability to see where the emotions are coming from, along with the cause.

    Molecular Empath:The ability to blend their aura with the aura of another person.
    Animal Empath:The ability to talk to animals and understand their needs
    Shaman Empath:The ability to be one with nature and speak with animals and plant life.
    Universal Empath:The ability to possess all of the Empath traits. The psychic-hybrid.

  12. Presise,preasent,aware.....have you ever been an attorney...?? Because with the words you use, you would have made a good one...!! You sound like a new age millinial scientologist...!!!

  13. First of all, if we are really going to have a "fair" playing field, the first thing that has to go is "WALL STREET"!! NO MORE DEALING IN SECURITIES WHICH ARE ALWAYS MANIPULATED BY SOMEONE...!!! Then we can talk about a new currency. One that benefits everyone without external manipulations who have knowledge of how markets work or insider trading secrets. Its time to get rid of the "Casino"...and a totally rigged one at that. If Wall Street wasnt in place today, we would have seen the fraud years ago...!! All countries are supposedly "bankrupt", but the stock market is still going up...Wall Street can produce any illusion it wants or needs to make it all seem as business as usual...NOT THIS TIME..!! Like you said judge Anna, we dont want to learn the same mistakes over and over. Let me off at the next stop..!! And the current cryptocurrencies are good for the moment, because they are all based on decentralized blockchain technology on limited resourses, like gold mining!! But as soon as a cryptocurrency comes out based on "unlimited" supply and demand , like our current system, it will be centralized and it will dominate the entire cryptocurrency market, because the banks have been at this way longer than any of us, and they will undoubtably with enough time, ultimately control that too. Because no currency that is based on limited supply, can compete with an unlimited supply of currency...!!

  14. Once we wake up to the fact and acknowledge fully that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' everything else falls into place. Consider. All we need is a motive to keep things circulating. The motive of making something called a 'profit' - which is not a law of physics, understand - has worked for a long time; but it has terrible 'contradictions' built in to it as a system. Such as, the sicker we are, the healthier the economy is. And so forth. I've got a better idea. That we share our goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than that. Out of the highest motive that there could ever be: Out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love. And then - as I say - everything falls into place from that basis.

    There can still be 'money'. For awhile; while we get the hang of a system without money. Which is, after all, in its essence, simply a (convenient) medium of exchange, aka a means to an end; not an end in itself. The end in itself that it has become in our minds, and driven us mad - and unseeing - as a consequence. A universal currency can be based on gold. (There is enough gold, mined and unmined, to hydrate the world enough for everybody to be living a comfortably basic level of existence.) And can be circulated via electronic means, and the system kept regulated by a centralized tabulating system of credits and debits. (Once you change your system to one based on gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning, you don't have to worry about too much 'centralization' any longer. That was in the Old Age.) Like a LETS system, only writ large; with a bit of a fee to The System Keepers for running the system, via the quantum computers that we have by now. And then, when we have advanced to the ability to operate replicators - after all, everything is energy - we can do away with 'money' altogether. As we live via our free energy devices, and zip around in teleportation mode, and so forth. The New Age of long ridicule. Brought to life. Because

    it's time.

    All we have to do is release the concept of interest-bearing money, and its partner in the crime going on around us, fractional-reserve banking. Both concepts having had their day in the sun.

    And now, needing to be released. For the New Day to begin. Just waiting, for us to wake up to it.

    1. Stan, sorry, but to all that sci-fi stuff, I say bunk. I happen to like real life, my human life, and I also like the Spirit of God to lead me how to live this life. I am not ''energy' and I prefer driving my car to get around in. This new age thinking, which seems to be going around like a bad disease, is disgusting to us real living people. We are not ''spiritual people', we simply have a spirit or a soul, and they are not all alike in all people.
      Its time to ''come back to earth'' and you might even try reading ''The Book''.
      As for Replicators, they already exist, and have been kept hidden from us. That why I just spent an hour in the kitchen 'replicating' my own by-hand-from-scratch potato soup, Lol.
      (same with that frozen strawberry pie in the freezer).


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