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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

North Korea

From Bill Baker,

We are being deluged 24/7 by all the media including the Fox New network about how we all should be concerned by the North Korean missile and atomic bomb tests. Trump has surrounded himself with military men who love wars. A lot of pressure is being put on President Trump to make a preemptive strike on North Korea. That would be an unconstitutional act of war without a formal declaration of war by congress.
Remember that North Korea is a sovereign nation and that the U.S. nor any other nation has the right to tell North Korea what it can or can not do no matter what it does. The other enemies the U.S. including Russia and Chine also have atomic bombs and missiles. Does anybody believe we should make a preemptive strike on those nations as well.?
Lew Rockwell has published a great article on this subject that you should read so that you can be informed on the consequences of starting a war with North Korea.


  1. China already warned that if the U.S. makes the first move, China will retaliate and maybe even Russia. But China said that if North Korea strikes first, then they will step down and thats supposedly what they told N Korea too. So let them have there nueclear weapons. They are going to find out what the rest of us already know....its da tont. He will never be able to use one, because he will know the consequencies of using one... he might be crazy, but he isnt about to give up all his luxurys, just to prove he can do it. If i were Trump, i would simply push him, on a dare, to go ahead and make my day...!!

  2. Kim Jung Ug is just a big short bully.
    Remember, were all on the International sea and the rules are different. Until the Bankers restore our republic, there are no constitutional restrictions.

    It works both ways now. It's just business, as they say, or should I say commerce.


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