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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Important Notice Regarding Territorial Claims

By Anna Von Reitz

What follows is a letter for public knowledge, though the name of the addressee is withheld for obvious reasons.  I wish everyone worldwide to know the content of our objections.  

Dear M ----

It is with real consternation that I have learned this day of the issuance of a $100 trillion dollar bond against assets in seven western American states, specifically gold in the ground, that the Queen's Territorial United States Government claims is theirs as a result of The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783---- and that the same parties responsible for this, have used my name in vain and claimed (falsely) that I agreed with and authorized this. 

The Queen's Government has been in breach of trust since 1822 and has never been owed a single gram of our gold, produced or in the ground, ever since. 

You are perhaps in a better position than most to understand the implications of the guile and depravity of the British Crown and the Territorial Government in making such a claim against us and against our assets. long after any such obligation on our part was severed by their own greed and Breach of Trust. 

As a matter of fact, they have not had a commercial contract of any kind with us since April 2014, and it is patently ridiculous that this claim was made by anyone or honored by anyone. 

You may share my extreme displeasure with the Pope and with other Higher Contracting Powers and be assured that the American Government has no intention of disturbing a centimeter of soil to access any such gold for HRM much less delivering it to her creditors.

To those who have funded this bond against our asset without our knowledge and permission, I say that you are guilty of fraud.  The Queen's Territorial Government is not welcome to make such claims and the consideration of all billings must be made on a case by case basis subject to fully disclosed agreement and wet-ink signatures under seal. 

At this point, the American Bar Association and its members are under a $279 trillion dollar lien for their part in British predation and inland piracy upon the trusting Americans--- all of it done under color of law and in Breach of Trust. 

I need not mention that Our Father is as intensely displeased as I am with these and other actions taken even after those responsible have confessed their guilt and pleaded for mercy and promised to reform in exchange for their lives. 

Let their reforms be genuine or their lives will be forfeit.

Night before last in Rome, twelve of the Draconian Lords met in secret and I observed their meeting.  They discussed among themselves how they have run up the stock market and the gold prices preparatory to collapsing both and leaving the world in chaos.   

Certainly you know that this is all unacceptable in the extreme, and contrary to our agreement to hold these individuals harmless in consideration of their professed reform and cooperation. It is also extremely naive and disrespectful toward me and my embassy.

These and other indications of double-dealing and Bad Faith have left me no choice but to order the activation of VAXX.  If there are any further infractions against the peace or false claims against American assets, any moves to collapse the stock market, or threats from UN Corporation troops, those responsible will be removed.  Permanently. 

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  1. Yes, what is VAXX. ANNA, you go get 'em girl ! There are no words too harsh or strong for such sleeze-balls. However, from all the Comments I've read from various places for a long time now, We The People do not want these crooks left off the hook. The Law is the same for all of us and they have done the worst of crimes and harmed The People for all our lives! There is no punishment that can make up for all the anguish and pain they have caused us ALL. We prefer no more second chances be given to them. Please ! We need Justice and that can only happen when we see them paying for all the injustice they have done to us. Let them reap what they have sown; they robbed us of the life we should have had, now it is Time to take theirs from them. Permanently. This is no time to have any compassion on such tyrants. Evil deeds must be dealt with in the same manner they were done. God says He is only a Rewarded of them that diligently seek Him. But He punishes the deeds of the wicked. We should do likewise. These are all adults who KNOWINGLY did their crimes; now payment is due in every way. Imprisonment for the rest of their lives, or better yet death, and financial reimbursement of all their assets, especially since they were ill-begotten gains through robbery from The People. Restitution in full is most necessary. Burial in Potters Field with no Markers.
    Go for it, Anna. We are behind you.

  2. How in the hell do you know what they were planning...!!! Or already planned..?? Did you astral project yourself right into their lair, invisable to all..?? It wouldnt surprise me at all that they are planning something special behind our backs again. But then thats what kind of people we are dealing with.. Its obvious they will never give up their power or their wealth. But we dont have to kill all of them. All we need to do is put one of them that everyone in the world recognizes to death in a worldwide event, like Queen Elisibeth 2..I think the rest of them will get the hint quick. Its about time she was arrested and pay for her crimes with her life...a guillotine sounds appropriate...a pay for view event!!

  3. I would like to know what a VAXX is too?


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