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Monday, April 24, 2017

How to Correct Your Political Status and Why

By Anna Von Reitz

Chances are you aren't obligated to be considered any form of federal Municipal CITIZEN nor as a federal Territorial Citizen, but you have been entrapped in a profit-making scheme that pretends that you have knowingly and willingly agreed to act as a volunteer federal employee--- specifically, as a "Withholding Agent" -- a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine Service, and that you have purposefully and knowingly enrolled in the Social Security program which is only available to federal employees in order to receive benefits from the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) which was organized in the wake of the Civil War for welfare relief of former plantation slaves.

What? You never worked a day for the federal government? You were never told that "Social Security" is only for federal employees and dependents? You aren't a former plantation slave? You never got any benefits?

Well, then, you have to stop calling yourself any kind of "US citizen" --- because citizens all work for the government. They have a duty and obligation to obey every statute, code, and whim of the government as a result, and they are also liable to pay federal income taxes. You also have to stop voting in any "US elections" including "State of State" elections, because the States of States are just local franchises of the federal corporation(s) defined at 28 USC 3002 (15).

So, Step One--- withdraw and rescind any and all applications and enrollments as a "registered voter". You have no natural interest in the elections of a foreign corporation that you don't work for, right?

If you don't get a paycheck direct from the federal government and you don't want to function as a for-free Withholding Agent and aren't interested in any "benefits" that you pay for yourself and don't want to be held subject to the whims of a foreign entity that is supposed to be providing you with Good Faith Service instead-- then read on.

You have been mis-characterized and defrauded and you have prima facie evidence of that readily available. You think of it as your Birth Certificate, but it isn't. It is a "certification" that a federal MUNICIPAL "PERSON" was created and named after you and that at one point in your life you were a real American. You were born on your birthday, but the MUNICIPAL PERSON has a birth date which is several days or weeks later---the filing date shown on the certificate.

Please note that the "Birth Certificate" is printed on bond paper. It is a security instrument. Please also note that it has been signed by the Registrar --- an officer of the probate court. This is prima facie evidence that your earthly estate was probated when you were only a few days or weeks old and that it was seized upon by the State of ___________ or STATE OF_________ and operated for its benefit from that time on.

So, Step Two---- ditch the federal MUNICIPAL PERSON and the responsibilities and obligations associated with it.

You need to get the Birth Certificate authenticated if that is still possible in your state, or certified, if not, and then you need to endorse it and "surrender" it to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
(Please note the two dots between the "U" and the "S"----- the U.S. Treasury.) and make Steven T. Mnuchin the Fiduciary responsible for IT.

The endorsement is simple but exact. The authenticated or certified Birth Certificate that the birth State Secretary of State sends back to you will have a cover page riveted or hard stapled and firmly attached to the front of the BC. You leave that cover page attached and on the front of the BC itself in the upper left hand corner and in red ink you write: "Accepted by Drawee" and sign it by: Your Upper Lower Case Signature, and date it.

Then turn the BC over and on the back anywhere write: Pay to the Order of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. Without Recourse. And again, write--- by: Your Upper and Lower Case Signature, and date it.

Next comes the Form 56, which is the IRS Form called "Notice of Fiduciary Relationship". This is your Notice to Mr. Mnuchin that you are making him and his office responsible for the PERSON named after you.

The Form 56 is very simple -- the name of the PERSON is the NAME on the BC which you are returning to the Treasury.
The name of the Fiduciary is Steven T. Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury. You can look up the address online. I believe it is 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20220.

Section A (f) --- "Other" -- Public Commercial Trust Administration

Section B(4) -- Check (a) (b) and (h) "Other" and just say, "All forms that may be necessary".

On the back, Part II, 7 (C) "Other" --- Surrender of federal "PERSON" to U.S. Treasury

On the back, Part III "Court and Administrative Proceedings" --- enter the name and address of the agency issuing the BC. The "date proceeding initiated" will be the File Date which is never your birthday, but a few days or weeks later. The "docket number" will be the State File Number on the BC. The time will be the time you were actually born, and the place of "other" proceedings will be "usa".

On the back, Part IV, "Signature" ---- you write the word "by" like a by-line to a newspaper story---- by: Your Name (Upper and Lower Case), Authorized Representative, and the date.

Underneath the Signature is a blank space. It is appropriate to say that you wish to be indemnified against claims or losses under the sovereign usa Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US.

This is basically a bond posted in behalf of all the actual states of the Union and all the people living in those states insuring them against any further claims related to the MUNICIPAL PERSON(S) they have surrendered back to Mr. Mnuchin.

And that is that. You have now surrendered the MUNICIPAL "CITIZEN" back whence it came and you have insured yourself against any further claims or losses or charges brought against that PERSON.

Along with the Form 56 you should include a brief letter stating that it is your instruction to operate exclusively under 100% commercial liability and without benefit of any limited liability or other benefit of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT).

You are going to send this package of documents via Registered Mail to the Treasury. Each red and white Registered Mail label (available with instructions at all Post Offices) is unique and has an alpha-numeric identifier to track it. This includes a nine-digit number that is compatible with the federal system. As part of your assignment letter, instruct Mr. Mnuchin to open a Treasury Direct Account with that number and to please inform you when it is open for business. Also ask him to settle all debts and charges related to YOUR NAME and deposit the remainder and all other credits owed into the new Treasury Direct Account.

Thank him for his time and attention.

Well, that was a Royal Pain and you shouldn't have ever been entrapped and obligated by your employees in the first place, but now you have taken action to sever the presumption that you are volunteering to act as a federal MUNICIPAL CITIZEN, and nobody can say otherwise. From now on, "IT" is Mr. Mnuchin's problem and you are indemnified against any further claims or complaints related to "IT".

Step 3.... Notify both the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service at Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 480, Holtsville, New York, 11742-0480 and the Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner, Room 3000, 1111 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20204-0002, that you have retired from all presumed federal service and you are revoking your election to pay federal income taxes effective October 1 of 2016. Send these Notices via Registered Mail, too. Save a copy and the mailing receipts and the Green Card Return Receipt Requested for your Eternally Done and Over File.

No more Voter Registration, no more obligation to file Federal Income Taxes and no Municipal United States PERSON for the US DISTRICT COURT -- that is, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION DISTRICT COURT to address.

That much is done and over.

But there's more.

You also have to rebut and return the allegation of Territorial United States Citizenship. You do this by recording an Act of Expatriation.

This is as simple as saying that your allegiance is to the soil of your native birth state, say, Louisiana, and that you act only as a private American state trading vessel and birthright member of the unincorporated private trade association doing business as The United States of America.

Now, no matter what kind of word-smithing and duplicitous redefining of terms that goes on forever afterward, no incorporated entity or franchise of any incorporated entity can claim that you are operating as a Foreign Situs Trust belonging to them or abandoned for their benefit---- which was FDR's fraudulent claim against Americans in 1933.

You have declared that at home you are living on the land and at sea your Name is an American vessel engaged in international trade--- not subject to federal regulation of commerce and owed all the protections of the actual Constitution and treaties backing it.

So now they have no grounds to "presume" that you are a Territorial United States Citizen, either.

X and X.

Finally, the rats have created "International Organizations" and run them "in your name". You need to seize upon these organizations and file liens against them. You do this using a UCC-1 Financing Statement Form. The organizations doing business as your FIRST MIDDLE LAST and FIRST M.I. LAST are the DEBTORS and your non-Territorial Lawful Trade Name (aka Christian Name-- First Middle Last) is the Secured Party. This is not a Notice of your interest, because you have already given plenty of public notice. You can lien these organizations directly by checking the "Non-UCC" claim in Box 6.

When filling out the UCC-1 Form be sure to write the names in the proper style. Everything related to the DEBTORS including USA should be in all capital letters. Everything related to the Secured Party should be Upper and Lower Case, except that for the Secured Party it should be "usa" --- the actual organic states.

And now, finally, you have provided your employees with a fistful of paperwork refuting all their lies and presumptions about you. They can no longer presume anything about your political status, except that it is private and that you are operating lawfully and without any obligation to them or their organization. Quite the opposite--- they are in fact your employees and obligated to you.

Your final stop should be the State Secretary of State's Office to present him with another copy of "your" authenticated/certified BC.

I want you to stare that man or woman right in the eye and say: "This is prima facie evidence of a Public Trust....."

If necessary, continue on----- "and also prima facie evidence of intent to defraud."

"I have reclaimed my birthright political status and I want the proper passport I am owed. If you aren't authorized to issue it, get on the phone and find out who is."

If they attempt to drag you into one of their courts ask them where they will find the authority to address you? And where will they find a jury of your peers?

The Great Fraud is over.

The international trustees responsible for this Mess know that it is. You know that it is. It is just a matter of time before the whole world wakes up and goes---- WT.....?

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  1. Much obliged, Anna!
    Eternally Grateful, WirkinDawg

  2. are the indorsements/endorsements always in "red"???

  3. What you write on the BC is in RED.

  4. I think their is one more very important thing to make very clear to them in a memorandum of understanding , filed at the county recorders office, or through a local newspaper, of your intension of only using your "lawful money demand" at 12 USC 411 And 95(a), by using your non-endorsement/endorsement on all and every "transaction" using FRN and other commercial instrments under the doctrine of "implied contracts". And therefore, you have and will only be paying for things from now on, and closing all accounts as soon as the transaction is completed, leaving no further libility(tax) and applying the credit to the "CORP US DEBT", and that you are no longer "discharging" your debts with "limited liability" with private credit from the federal reserve any longer. This has the added benifit of no longer being answerable to all their private debt collectors from law enforcement to their courts and judges. That demand has to be made, otherwise, it will still be argued that we wanted the benifit of their private credit, but asking to be free American nationals. No sence in leaving any stones unturned...RIGHT!!!

    1. again this is similar to the secured party creditor process which has had NO success, any positive results to speak of yet? can anybody confirm that this has worked in some capacity?

      it all sounds good but what is the proof & evidence that this actually has an effect?

    2. +James: There is no more 95(a) e.g. 12 USC 95a We now find 95a at 50 USC 4305(b)(2)

    3. Actuall i said 12 USC 411 as the main law for making the "lawful money" demand. But i dont think it is necessary to quote the exact law, because they always change something when we find a remedy. All you should have to do to get around their merry go round is simply make your demand at 12USC411, then add " or in the NATURE of this demand formally found at 12USC411". NOW , they cant play anymore games. When you say "in the nature of this demand, that still does exsist. And the actual law is codified at 31USC5115......

    4. james what is the end result? is there evidence that there is actual rememdy that you can share or just people saying that this or that code says this and that will happen but there is no proof?

      please share.

    5. There is proof and people are getting remedy, but only through the demand at 12USC411 and 95(a)2 and without going through the SPC Process. Just go to the "saving to suitors club" site and go to blogs or forum discussions about lawful money demand, and you will see people are getting remedy. Because when using that demand we are not "of" this system, but only "in" it trying to survive and actually help bring down our debt, instead of creating more of it. Once you make that demand, it is up to whoever sent you a "statement"(there are no true bills) to act as your trustee to make sure that your supposed debt by your demand, was completey payed for and discharged completely by turning it over to the tressury of the U. S. as a asset for "offset" of any more liability. If he doesnt do it, je has dishonered your request. Because 12USC 95a(2) "assures" full discharge of all obligations upon assignment or transfer of payments to the United States. Supposedly, that code has been changed to 50USC4305(b)(2)....Short title....'Terrorism Victims protection act". It seems that after an authorization is issued, it is done so through the "Office of Foreign Asset Control Of Dept. of Tressury". You Might have to enforce it by contacting them. That law was just recently passed by our traitorist congress in 2016 as some sort of terrorism. But by who, them or us...its a complicated leagalese bill intentionally confusing like anything else attorneys do. Trump needs to make an "EMERGENCY EXECUTIVE ORDER" Demanding everyones resigniation and fully replaced with new people so he can get everyone working together to straighten this mess up as well as to protect himself, otherwise, no one in govt. will understand what they are doing is right or wrong. Its a quagmire of of "double speak" that will intentionally be just as confusing to all govt. agencies as well as us. That congess has to go...lock stock and barrel before Trump is "press ganged' into their corruption. His wife has to be as mad as she is proud of him. She is too innocent and good to be involved in such corruption. Im sure she never signed up for this when she said... "I Do"......

    6. Here is a site that explains it in simple english, if there is such a thing......

    7. Thanks, James, that's some highly useful information!

  5. Thanks, Anna! I filled out the Form 56 and corrected my BC tonight and will be sending copies and other letters along to Mr. Mnuchin, the IRS, et al. very soon. Much gratitude to you.

    1. Hi Chris, is there a specific format you followed for your letters? Is there a template out there I can download?

  6. This is all swell & dandy as candy on paper, but when you have to deal with these people, govt agencies, courts etc in real life it can become a nightmare for some people. What about driving? What about cops? What about people who are employed & not self employed? What about dealing with banks with no SSN etc? I think your intentions may be well & good, but this is not laid out properly & not realistic for some people because they may have extenuating circumstances. Some have small children or take care of elderly. You mess up one step & this government will SLAM you. People need to be careful. Sometimes I think you have fanciful notions. Whatever happened to this "Bounty Hunter" manual promised over a year and half ago? Uh huh...
    You seem like a smart woman, but at times you also seem full of crap. You jump all over the place. You talk smack about Karen Hudes, but at least she's out there showing her face. How come you don't make info vids & show your face? If everything you're doing is "lawful" then why hide in the shadows?

    1. you started off making sense a little bit in that she is throwing a few too many things out there without complete due diligence/care/understanding of the effects of these actions for the newbie/average "person" without having the proper foundation. true. and then you go waaaay out there with the karen hudes comparison as it is well known that she is a shill/joke and admonishing anna to get her face out there with videos. she has done a plethora of articles which at the end of the day the pen is mightier than the sword. think of the metaphor of david and goliath.

      anna is much further in with the people that she is attacking, lawfully which a much greater impact as well as enlightening the people at the same time. its not up to her to educate everyone, she is getting the ideas and the movement, practically the ONLY one targeted in, but at the end of the day it is about self governing yourselves and asking God (it is a spiritual battle believe it or not) for direction with hard work sprinkled in.

    2. +A AApril 25, 2017:: Great job at identifying the problem and your choke points in comprehension but fail to ask yourself a question, "What is my nexus connection to any of these problems I identify? And, through what capacity can I attain control over the issue?"

    3. From Anna:

      The Birth Certificate, the Social Security Account (Card) and whatever other cards and numbers they have issued.

    4. What judge in any court will answer a question like
      ....:what is my NEXUS with the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, or the "THE STATE OF THE FORUM". What is the foundational "instrament"(contract), which created the disability of some unrevieled contract while at the same time claiming i have accepted some "BENIFIT" ,knowingly, voluntarily, and with consideration(not just the illusion). I object to ever receiving any consideration at all, unless you consider slavery as my consideration....Well, your honor...??? Does anyone think a judge is just going to admit that it was your application for "Social Security" benifits and all the "adhesion contracts" you signed after that , that gives me the right to charge you with a crime, even in the absence of a "real injured party", in which case the "CORP. STATE" can claim injury.......RIGHT..!!! Dream on. Ive tried this. Thats when the antics start with the judge....Rantings, ravings, temper tantrums , outright threats of contempt, and anything else he can use to get you submit to his jurisdiction. And guess what. You will more than likely be all alone, in a strange place, with strange people, and scared to death if you arent very confident of this knowledge we are applying, and judges can spot a weak minded person mediately. So can cops. They are trained to recognize fear in a person, and take advantage of it. It took me awhile, and two or three loses before i understood their proceedures and became confident enough to confront them without "EMOTION". And i only learned by taking the advice of a truely good judge, who even though i lost, the ticket remained the same amount even though i cost the court the time and money for a jury trial.. But only because i dressed and conducted myself exactly like any attorney. He even allowed me a "sidebar" when the prosecuting attorney kept "objecting" to every question i was asking the "officer" on the stand. So i finally asked him if i could approach the bench". Court is no place and will have no tolerance for "attitudes" which is where most "patriots" blow it. This judge was thevonly one in that entire courtroom who understood why i was really there. It wasnt about a win. It was a learning experiance for greater things i would face later. So when i went up , of course the DA came along with me, because now its private, with just us 3, without the jury being involved. I asked the judge straight out, whats going on here judge...why is the DA objecting to all my questions, and your sustaining all of them. In his very calm and respectful response to me he said she is objecting Mr Pansini, because all your questions are questions of "law". All i could do is put my hands over my face. Because the law has to be settled first, which is the whole reason for a preliminary hearing, which i never got or "objected" to. By the time it goes beyond that, to a jury trial, the law was already settled. Now all you have are "facts only" to fight with. And attorneys are experts at facts. He knew that i knew exactly what he meant. Nothing else needed to be said. But when the case was over, i thanked him "off the record", at which point he thanked me, right in front of the jury and called me an attorney, just like the DA.

    5. He was hinting to me that if you went this far to learn law, then go get your record, because thats where you will find all the reasons that led to this getting this far. Boy, was he ever right. I made so many mistakes, and they are all there marked in RED or in some cases so obvious that courts have a red stamp for the error. Thats how often we make mistakes. Thats why i keep harping on everyone so much about "getting your record". It was my fault that i lost. Thats why im giving you the best advice he gave me if you deceide to go to court...."THE STUDY OF LAW AND THE PRACTICE OF LAW ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. How do you expect to competent in a courtroom if you dont know any proceedural law.. You have to know and apply their proceedural law, to be taken seriously by these courts. They wont stand for "grandstanding" or outragous outbreaks. You have to lose a few to be any kind of expert in their forum. But if you do, i dont care what anyone says, you can stand your ground confident and with dignity and turn the tables on to the judge, instead of you wjen you learn the secret.....its nobodys court, until someone makes a mistake. If he makes it first, you'll know it. Je will become visably agitated and will try anything to get out of it. You have to get the judge to answer your question first. But this is where you have to stay calm and collective. Me, i usually take a few "valiums" to make sure of it. But nothing is ever accomplised by avoiding the courts completely. If it can be done using only refusals and paperwork, more power to you. But thats not reality. One day will come where you wont have a choice. The cuffs will simply go on with or without your permission or even legally. Thats reality...!!!

    6. Peace, This is message is to A A and all that is in opposed to what little info we are getting in support of those who are giving. What the F*@K you think as far them in the alleged acting government seats, they are terrorist and pirates on the land and they know contract / admiralty law, basically how to trick you ass back into being a slave. until we realize that there is no De Jure Government in place (Yes even Trump is operating under democracy / acting as republic by not enforcing lawful money remedy) see "Clearfield Doctrine - Supreme Court Annotated Statute, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States 318 U.S. 363. It's not that fact that none of this is working, these pirates have so called people ( relinquished their citizenship and taking a secret oath to a foreign power) in every walk of government to block your lawful remedy. Now that is treason and sedition! Also see:
      Corporate UNITED STATES
      3rd Edition

      Read and weep. We have been played the FOOL. This by no means is an exhaustive thesis on this matter, however, this should give the reader some insight to what has and is actually happening in the supposed Land of the Free and Brave. When in actuality this is the land of Suckers and Slaves. Government is one big SCAM, run by Attorneys, British Aristocratic Regents, with forked tongues.

      On December 26, 1933, 49 Statute 3097, Treaty Series 881, “Convention on Rights and Duties of States”, CONGRESS replaced STATUTES with international law, placing all states under international law.

      On December 9, 1945, International Organization Immunities Act relinquished every public office of the United States to the United Nations.

      22 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 92.12-92.31 FR Heading “Foreign Relationship” states that oath is required to take office.

      Title 8 U.S.C. 1481 states, once oath of office is taken citizenship is relinquished, thus the oath taker becomes a foreign entity, agency, or state. That means every public office is a foreign state, even all political subdivisions; i.e., every single court is considered a separate foreign entity.

      Title 22 USC, “Foreign Relations and Intercourse”, Chapter 11 identifies all public officials as foreign agents. See more here:

  7. be prepared could be a couple of interesting next few days around the country

  8. does this still apply if you have a certificate of live birth with your name styled correctly?

    1. From Anna:
      It is true that there are many choke points in the system designed to keep the slaves living as slaves.

      If you are too scared or lazy to undertake the fight and seek the remedy nobody is forcing you to do anything.

      On the other hand you might also count the very real danger of being considered chattel backing the debts of a foreign corporation that is bankrupt.

    2. Jeff, Pauls "From Anna" reply seems misplaced... I also have a certificate of live birth with my name styled correctly, I wonder if it is special. I also have one on the bond paper though with the all caps name, so I know there is that MUNICIPAL CITIZEN to deal with. I tried using the properly styled one to convince the DMV I wasn't a legal entity and to issue a properly styled DL but they said they couldn't do that. Maybe I have two persons?

  9. The D E V I L(we know who they are) hides in the details. That is EXACTLY why if there was a template/process/proven method that covered ALL the DETAILS(like adding the lawful money redemption) the D E V I L does not have a place to hide !

  10. The only effective thing you can do is be a real Christian and encourage other to do the same. Most Christians follow Paul's teaching "Be Subject to the powers that be for they are ordained by God" Christ said "if you would become a leader be a servant" Paul's teaching is what brought us the dark ages. Christ's teaching is what brought us limited government under God. God is our creator thus we are subject to God. God is Love so we do not have the authority from God to subject others to our will.

    1. Paul was speaking of Church government, not civil government.

  11. Thank you so much! Was looking for this information for a friend. My question is: What about the "States". What do we send to those corporations, to stop the taxation?

    The State of Michigan denied my UCC-1 filing. Seems it goes before a board who rejected it. I think it wasn't filled out correctly. No reason was given for the denial. I watched several videos on Youtube before I filled it out.

    Michigan would not provide me with a birth certificate other than I could get at the county level. It is a "Certified Copy of Record of Birth" with the state seal. Can this be used and if so do we put something else on it?

    What IRS Form do we file to stop the employer from withholding taxes from our earned wages? Where do we find the form? My
    understanding was IRS Form 504 was what we needed. I haven't found any forms to stop wage withholding thru my employeer! Help! Thank you so much for all you do for us! Bless you!

    1. From Anna:

      Your birth record should work as long as you get the State Secretary of State to confirm that it is true and correct by having it authenticated. Ask for it to be authenticated for use in Indonesia. Most states will comply. Others will only certify. In either case it will come back from the State Secretary of State with another page stapled on top. Follow through from there....

      For most people the IRS Form to use is a W8BEN. You are beneficiary of the PERSON on that form, which releases the employer from reporting requirements.

  12. Form 8233. Most employers won't honor it and you will be forced into a W-2 which you sign under POP and this becomes the contract law that puts you in dishonor. Okay, the mercenaries say get out of the car, but shoot at you when you are trying to exit, because you are unable to comply, they say correctly, you did not comply and simply blow up the car killing all in it for noncompliance. This is the world we live in, and they are connected in ways you cannot imagine. Think about that.

  13. From Judge Anna:

    We have to get our own lawful government completely operational and in short order.

    That requires us to declare our own birthright political status and to call together our local jural assemblies in our counties and our states.

    It's our own lack of action that is the fundamental thing standing in our way.

    So get on your hind legs, declare your birthright political status, and then call your local county jural assembly to begin meeting and taking control of the land jurisdiction you are heir to.

    Every American is born as a birthright member of the local county and state jural assembly and also a member of the state militia.

    You have been misidentified and mischaracterized as both a Territorial Citizen and a Municipal "citizen of the United States" which is a foreign political status.

    Repudiate it step by step----- "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" --- and then call your assembly meeting and help others do the same. Sign up members of the state militia at the same time.

    Just do it. You are the heirs and Holders in Due Course.

    1. Well said. We are the creators of our reality. We have the power to liberate this world from the control of the dark forces.

  14. What if you are already d/b/a your Assumed Name/PERSON, as I have filed in the State of Minnesota? Do I still have to return the PERSON to the U.S. Treasury, or do the two not cancel each other out? Can I have the debts of the DEBTOR absorbed by the Treasury and still own and d/b/a the Assumed Name? Thank you.

  15. No. No. No. KISS. Keep it simple, stupid.; Come on! Get real! Do you think anyone, but wonks and x-lawyers, will document their political status using the procedures outlined?

    It is extremely important, if America is to reach consensus, we agree on a really simple, KISS, solution that allows millions to re-define political status, that is almost as simple as signing a petition.

    Once achieving this, we must agree to support, with force if necessary, these declarations of political status.

    Yes, we must do this. We must also agree on a method that applies to millions, not just wonks and x-lawyers.

    Why, why, why, must we bow to frauds and thieves and let them define what constitutes a lawful declaration of political status? We must define it ourselves, agree, and enforce the decision.

    Following is a humble example of a two page document, if posted publicly, in an easily accessible public forum, at little or no cost, might allow millions to clarify their political status, practically overnight.

    Of course, this example is not a final copy or version. Two pages has to be the limit. One page is better. One paragraph, even better. Do we get the KISS idea yet?

    Here is a two page first draft plan, easily signed and easily posted anywhere including the intranet. I stop when running out of space. Just get the idea...

  16. Simple Declaration

    A Quote
    By Anna Von Reitz

    Let me say it again for the benefit of all those still asleep: there is (1) the actual United States composed of fifty (50) independent sovereign nation-states which are geographically defined, (2) the Territorial United States which only exists on paper composed of (57) fifty-seven incorporated "States of States" such as the State of Washington, and (3) the Municipal United States which also exists only on paper composed of (57) fifty-seven incorporated "STATES OF STATES" such as the "STATE OF OHIO".


    This declaration is in regards to the above systems of overlaid governments, described above by Anna Von Reitz, existing today, in George Washington's America.

    Let it be publicly announced and stated, to document clearly, the position of john-q:adams in regards to the three-government-confusion described in the preface.

    The only layer of government john-q:adams recognizes as legitimate, in the above preface, is government (1) the actual United States composed of fifty (50) independent sovereign nation-states which are geographically defined. That is to say:

    john-q:adams, is an independent sovereign insert-your-birth-state nation-state national.
    john-q:adams is not a paper bound, two dimensional, British/Dutch Empire corporate franchise legal fiction. That is to say, not associated with governments (2) and (3) above.
    john-q:adams is not a British/Dutch Commonwealth subject.
    john-q:adams is a living human, heir to creation under Natural Law and the Court of Ages, heir to the Articles of Confederation circuit 1781, and heir to the Constitution for the united States of America circuit 1791.

    To state anything, otherwise, verbally, or in writing is both treason and fraud.
    john-q:adams will not be party to, or enticed into, treason or fraud.
    The use of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS in addressing, or other forms of GLOSSA in letters or legal documents is GLOSSA fraud as described in the attached cease and desist order.

    john-q:adams refuses, nullifies, dissolves, and rejects all jurisdictional legal claims of governments (2) and (3) above upon his person or property. Any attempt to force a GLOSSA description upon john-q:adams, to gain any form of jurisdiction, is simple piracy, mail fraud, and enticement to treason.
    page 1 of 2
    Any further GLOSSA mail to JOHN QUINCY ADAMS must be addressed: JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, c/o The Honorable Lord Mayor, c/o William Chapman, Secretary and Chief of Staff Mansion House, London EC4N8BH

    john-q:adams declares disassociation with the organized international crimes of the JOHN QUINCY ADAMS fraudulent franchise, its web of lies, bully BAR lawyers, judges under The Universal Charter of the Judge, fraudulent international color of law courts, failed disclosures, conflict of interest Court Registry Investment Systems (CRIS), statute revenue collections, counterfeit money, franchise jails, human traffic systems, deceit, fraud, pedophilia baby sacrifice complacency and coverup, extortion, theft, press-ganging, personage, duplicity, secret private membership organizations, economic treason, national treason, and attempted mail fraud.

    john-q:adams regrets all naïve and unknowing use and money-laundering of monopoly counterfeit satanic FEDERAL RESERVE notes (FRN's). john-q:adams demands immediate stop to all FRN criminal economic activities, demands immediate remedy and ability to exit from these international FEDERAL RESERVE organized war profiteering and satanic baby-sacrificing crime syndicates, and demands immediate ability to exit from all economic treason under fractional reserve counterfeiting.

    The FEDERAL RESERVE is disbanded and dissolved, for crimes against humanity, by martial law order of the Court of Ages under Natural Law at:

    1. Foreclosure is ordered at
      Board member arrest warrants at:
      Arrest warrants for Banker's Association leadership of the deep state at:

      All correspondence to john-q:adams must use exact not-GLOSSA addressing styled as follows: john-q:adams, c/o street address, unit X, postal extension your-zip-code, your-city, your-state-in-small-lettering nation-state.

      The cease and desist order, attached, applies to any and all correspondence, contracts, legal documents, or any other existing form of GLOSSA enhanced paperwork. All further correspondence requires no use of GLOSSA in addressing or letter content.

      Sincerely, acting in honor, in honest good faith, this declaration is signed:

      john-q:adams Date:____________________
      page 2 of 2

    2. From Judge Anna Von Reitz:

      This is basically very wrong-headed and unlawful. The people did delegate authority to their states and their states did agree to The Constitution for the united States of America. which then allowed Congree the right to develop both the Territorial and Municipal governments as stated.

      All this gain saying otherwise to the effect that you accept the Constituion on one hand when it suits what you like of it and reject it when you disagree with the results won't hold water-- especially from the standpoint of 250 years after the fact.

      We have what we have and we need to deal with it as is.

      The as is part is that we have foreign Territorial and Municipal governments usurping upon the actual government that we are owed and they are doing that as a result of our own cluelessness and failure to organize ourselves and operate the government we are owed.

      In order to do that we need to declare our political status apart from the Territorial and Municipal governments and call our jural assemblies at first the county and then the state levels.

      All this stupid chest beating and talk of "treason" gets nobody anywhere but jail or the end of a bayonet and that is the way it should be, too, because the Constitution ALLOWS the existence of bioth the Territorial and Municipal governments and if we don't like it the Constitution also gives us peaceful means to change it simply by organizing ourselves and doing the work we are supposed to be doing anyway as SELF-GOVERNING people.

      So "Coach" the first thing you need to govern is yourself-- your own wrong assumptions and your own lack of proper and productive action toward running your own government.

    3. I am not talking civil war, bayonets, jail, or anything else. I am talking about dispensing with my involvement with, what I feel, are criminals.

      Stating political status simply makes clear to these institutions that they do not, not, not have my permission or constitutional authority to contract with me about anything.

      Yes, I do believe they are in violation of the Constitution of 1791. Of course, they are not in violation of their own "homegrown" corporate constitution.

      I am not the one making "homegrown" constitutions. It is the corporations, lying about their authority, that are making "homegrown" constitutions and trying to pass them off to me as the circuit 1791 constitution.

      That's fraud and treason in my book. I am not advocating violence, only arrest and trial. These bums have a right to trial. I'm not advocating war or revolution. Arrests and trials are needed.

      We cannot expect the corporate governments to arrest and trial themselves. Is that what we are waiting for? How long have we been waiting? 150 years?

    4. It's a letter. It's a declaration. It's a public statement. It's a statement of political status position. How dangerous is that? What does that got to do with guns, bayonets, and civil war? It is simply about coming together and solidarity. Put the bums on notice. Their game is up. Simply stop playing it.

  17. What do we do with our drivers licenses? Do we continue to renew them or get rid of them?

    1. We all must live our lives, first, and let all this political flack live through its life cycle.

      Compromise is not retreat, it is the result of resistance. No one person's, even total resistance is enough. That's the way I see it.

      We all have a small part to play in forming the future for our children. That small part requires discernment, communication, and resistance.

  18. How do you correct your political status in Canada, and the other Commonwealth nations? Would be nice to know how.

    1. My humble opinion is that you agree with 12 other people, a jury, on how to correct your political status, and then you do it. Do it your way. Don't let some bum in an office thousands of miles away tell you how to do it.

      At this point, you have a jury of peers, already, when someone tries to take you to trial for your decision. Take your jury to trial with you and let them testify to the jury in that trial. We still have juries, don't we?

  19. I sent in a donation via paypal and will be praying for your friend. Thank you, Anna, once again for pulling through to help with the forms for the packet to the Treasury. ONE QUESTION on the Registered Mail label. What do we put in the box "Customer Must Declare Full Value $ "?

  20. I do really appreciate this forum. It took me, almost a lifetime, to find one like it.

  21. The bottom line is political status and how to gain it correctly without hiring a BAR lawyer. (joke)
    This issue was also addressed in "Trojan Horse Alert". I could not comment there, so please oblige this comment, here.

    I made inquiry of the Government of The United States of America in a comment on their T-ROH program at:

    This is their reply to three important questions. The first quote cited is from opening of "Let's Settle this Hash…" by Anna Von Reitz. Here is the reply:

    (Quoting) The Government of The United States of America1 day ago (edited)

    First: Anna is not holding any office of Judge, now we can move on;

    "The de jure government of this country is called The United States of America (Unincorporated). It has to be unincorporated to serve as a sovereign government, because if it held a corporate charter granted by some other government, it would be subservient to that government." (Quote from "Let's Settle this Hash….")

    1. Does The Government of The United States of America agree with this quoted statement? yes?, no?, if no, why not?

    Answer: Yes, the Government of The United States of America agrees with the statement above and it is absolutely not incorporated anywhere nor is it subservient to any other country.

    2. Is The Government of The United States of America government for a corporation called The United States of America? yes? no?

    Answer: No, there never was a corporation known as "The United States of America" that the American Nationals are aware of and deem that claim arbitrary, slanderous and extremely offensive.

    The people of the several States voted to form the original Confederacy of 1781 under the Articles of Confederation which was the last time that happened in over 240 years.

    They named the country "The United States of America" and the Government of The Untied States of America is a continuation of that same National Government.

    The American Nationals today are honoring the sacrifice and dedication of those revolutionaries that did the impossible. They were accepted into the family of nations and everything we do is for the purpose of honoring our fellow countrymen.

    3. Is The Government of The United States of America government for the "de jure government of this country", as quoted, called The United States of America? yes? no?

    Answer: Yes, it is a dejure Government that has elections therefore it cannot be classified as defacto meaning operated by non-elected office holders. All of this is published on THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST here: Everyone that has come to the realization that the Government of The United States of America exists has asked these same questions and have come to the same conclusion. They have come home. This will help also:

  22. From Anna:

    Coach, we can debate all afternoon about exactly how, when, and why.

    The fact remains that they have 99.9% of us categorized as Territorial Citizens and MUNICIPAL CITIZENS and they are interacting with us on those premises, which allow them to cheat, bilk, tax, jail, and charge us---- when we are exempt.

    So do you want your exemption honored or not?

    1. My exemption? Has someone exempted me? Well, thank you, thank you, thank you, if indeed I am now exempt. I don't want any part of these criminal institutions.

      By the way, who and how have I been exempted? I only know of some mysterious exemption that takes a wonk or lawyer to figure out and impliment.

  23. This is a simple solution to political status in court. Get a lawyer that insists on it.

    Please excuse the formatting.

    Political status in a justice system, for defendant and plaintiff, is important for any jury seeking justice. To facilitate the sorting out of political status, this declaration of political status form is voluntarily completed by both plaintiff and defendant for jury inspection and consideration. This form is pre-trial documentation available for all juries. Political status is dealt with, first thing, in any trial by the jury.

    Declaration of Political Status Form

    This form is voluntarily completed by both Plaintiff and Defendant for presentation and examination by the jury chosen for the case. All answers are optional. The jury decides the significance of any unfurnished information. The jury decides the political status, for trial, of both defendant and plaintiff.

    Summary understanding information provided by court administrator:.
    Case number: _____ Case Generic Title:___________________
    Plaintiff: _____ Plaintiff Generic Claim:_____________
    Defendant: _____ Defendant Generic Claim:______________

    Information provided by defendant and plaintiff: (All answers are optional)

    Check one:
    ___I am the defendant in this case:
    ___I am the plaintiff in this case.

    My name is:______________________
    My address is:___________________
    My phone number is:_______________
    My email is:_____________________
    Other means of communication are:

    Complete what applies: Documentation available yes/no?
    ____My American state of birth is:________ ___yes___no
    ____My American foreign nation of birth is: ___ ___yes___no
    ____My religion is:__________ ___yes___no
    ____My nationality is:_______ ___yes___no
    ____I have a previous or current declaration of political status to present to the jury.

    Briefly describe your desired political status for this trial:

    Check the legal system desired for jury deliberation. Documentation available?
    ___International Law __yes___no
    ___American corporate statute law, 1871 ___yes___no
    ___American corporate common law,1871 __yes___no
    ___American continental unincorporated statute law __yes___no
    ___American continental unincorporated common law ___yes___no
    ___Natural Law ___yes___no
    ___Sharia Law ___yes___no
    ___Other:____________________________________ ___yes___no
    ___Other:____________________________________ ___yes___no

    Check the desired legal document basis for this trial. Documentation available? yes/no
    ___United Nations declarations and rights ___yes___no
    ___American corporate constitution, circuit 1871. ___yes___no
    ___American continental constitution, circuit 1791 ___yes___no
    ___Articles of Confederation 1781 ___yes___no
    ___Natural Law handbook and constitution ___yes___no
    ___I wish no legal documentation basis. ___yes___no
    ___Other:_____________________________ ___yes___no
    ___Other:_____________________________ ___yes___no
    ___Other:_____________________________ ___yes___no

    Check the religious documentation desired for this trial. Documentation available? yes/no
    ___Christian Bible version:___________________ ___yes___no
    ___Koran ___yes___no
    Natural Law Church
    ___I wish no religious documentation basis. ___yes___no
    ___Other:______________________ ___yes___no
    ___Other:______________________ ___yes___no
    ___Other:______________________ ___yes___no

    Political status (jurisdiction) is a simple matter for a jury to decide.

    My apologies, again, for the terrible formatting. I will gladly send a copy of this form to anyone requesting it. Its a page and half form.

    1. Answered by Anna Von Reitz:

      This is nonsense. Political status is a purely personal choice which you make. Neither a judge nor a jury makes that choice for you, nor does it have any bearing on any case EXCEPT that depending on the choice you make, the court may or may not have jurisdiction related to you.

  24. Either add value to Annas strategy or create your own.

    Title 15USC 1692(a) is organic law in disguise,
    Your status us that only of a creditor and all agencies,emtities,courts etc are mere debtors in the form of service providers /debt collectors,this title unde article 3 is self enforcing ,the fed is prosecuting on your private consumer right and that of any thing related to name,private property,labor,estate,everything you own is private and exempt,
    I am in hopes that anna bring this into the light to show the emmense value of the most powerfull status currently available is that of a creditor non subject,vessal,citizen,defendent etc under 15 USC 1692 (a)
    Alot can be accomplished with this at the same time you elect to change your status as suggested,this is where you deal with all claims against your legal name,fed rules 601-801 state that legal fictions are incompetent to you see where this stops the currupt officers from forcing you into interstate commmerce using your federal instrumentality (legal name)without your consent or that of the Doj..
    If anna could suggest several methods to how she recommends abating a charge by these agents of franchises after changing political status?
    I suggest a counterclaim under 15USC 1692 a (28pages)
    (A fed question)
    As far as the bounty hunter manual i havnt heard of but we are all considered a private general attorney under the Bounty Hunter responsibilty Act of 1999,2005
    There is more entitlements not listed here .
    Why cant we place adds across the nations major economic hubs,once that is seen everyone will be posting,sharing and it will go viral and will lead back to this cause and further the coverage globally..
    Dont forget everyone has free will and that is essentially a subject of self determination outside of a personal injury/tresspas subject matter.
    Thats quite a balancing act for those that are eitherjudgmental ,ignorant ,controlling ,psychopaths ,opportunists ,capatilist ,and those unable to objectively discern intentionally or not..
    other question that I would like answered is after status change of children that have been stolen by courts ,how does one go claim back ?
    Foreclosures too?

    These alone will generate mass interest..

    Regards Ray.

  25. If someone knows how to retrieve 100k from a state court after consficating and case is dorment after 12 years ,i am willing to donate a portion to this cause or to your choice of causes.

    Leave details
    I will contact
    Hopefully this us acceptable here on this forum.

    1. After you have launched your authenticated COLB into the Treasury and have appointed Mnuchin as your fiduciary on a Form 56, acquire the account with a 1099-A, 1096 and 1040-V to Covington per Anna's instructions, using the case docket # as the account number. Stamp the first page of the docket sheet with your Acceptance stamp and send it to the court with Copy B of the 1099-A and a letter instructing them to discharge the case and the Bid Bond and release the confiscated funds held in escrow back to you.

  26. Where do we send the acc forms? there is no address listed

  27. Where do we send the UCC forms? there is no address listed

  28. When we sign the Authenticated COLB, do we sign in blue or red ink? Thanks.

  29. Hi Anna,
    so, I'm working on my letter of expatriation and lawfull rebellion, and I was looking to quote the Florida constitution which advocated such prior to being re-written in 1968.
    The original stated:
    1838 version:

    Section 1. That all freemen, when they form a social compact, are equal; and have certain inherent and indefeasible rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty; of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property and reputation; and of pursuing their own happiness.

    Section 2. That all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and established for their benefit; and, therefore, they have, at all times, an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter or abolish their form of government, in such manner as they may deem expedient.

    revised 1968 version:
    1968 version:

    SECTION 1. Political power.—All political power is inherent in the people. The enunciation herein of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or impair others retained by the people.

    SECTION 2. Basic rights.—All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to pursue happiness, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire, possess and protect property; except that the ownership, inheritance, disposition and possession of real property by aliens ineligible for citizenship may be regulated or prohibited by law. No person shall be deprived of any right because of race, religion, national origin, or physical disability.

    It looks like any mention of the government being for the People was completely removed.
    What do you suggest I do?

    1. I just saw the new article with the letter of expatriation and will follow that instead.

  30. really love the togetherness, can someone send me the packet so that I can follow it 100 percent. I've done plenty but no remedy. My email is:

  31. For receiving dubious funds worth a total of DM12m the CDU was separately heavily fined some DM 18million. The scandal delivered a blow to Germany national self-image. No longer could it be seen as a country considered largely free of ingrained corruption.guarantor loans

  32. Hello! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! May the good Lord Almighty Jesus Christ bless you abundantly.
    On the CO Secretary of State Birth Certificate Authentication Form, what do we put on this question: "The document(s) is/are being authenticated for the foreign country of: _______________________ " (Is it INDONESIA?)

    Thank you so much!

  33. What if a Naturalized Citizen with a passport was born in Europe to non American parents. As far as I know there's no birth certificate for me to apply for political status correction. So can I still proceed without a BC? Or is there some kind of trick that attached my BC to the passport or the Citizenship? For now I'm stuck so I'll just keep reading.

  34. Peter, as a naturalized US citizen, you can trade you US passport in for a NCSN passport. I have already helped a friend of mine who was born in India and naturalized in the US obtain a new NCSN passport. We both got ours from

  35. Has anyone seen this statement:
    "Birth certificates were acceptable documentation of American citizenship"?:

    1. I would not put any stock into this statement because first of all it is most likely written by an attorney on behalf the the UN-American Bar Association and second they are addressing US citizens, misnaming them Americans, and not non-citizen state nationals or State Cotizens (Capitol C) See here:
      "In the United States, birth certificates serve as proof of an individual’s age, citizenship status, and identity."


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