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Monday, April 24, 2017

A Very Important Announcement--- The Nature of the Battle

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning it comes across my desk that the foreign organization calling itself "General Post Office" is assembling an "army" to invade the Continental United States. 

Let me point out that no such foreign entity has any right to be on our soil ---and that includes the forces of the UN Corp and NATO and the US ARMY. 

We are not allowing any additional illegal commercial mercenary actions to take place on our soil and we don't care who is trying to do it or under whatever name or NAMES they are seeking to accomplish these venal ends.  You can call yourselves God, Mother, and Apple Pie for all I care and the answer is still the same.  You have no right to be here causing trouble on our soil.

Just because they got away with it during the so-called Civil War and succeeded in getting us to stupidly fight against each other instead of dispatching the perpetrators of these illegal "wars" doesn't mean that they are going to pull it a second time. 

We will not fight among ourselves, but will draw the distinction and the line very clearly for all the world to see. 

The foreign corporations inhabiting the foreign jurisdiction of the Municipality of Washington and the District of Columbia have nothing whatsoever to do with the American states or their people---- these entities are subcontractors who are supposed to be here providing "essential government services" in Good Faith. 

Judge for yourselves if they are doing that and who the aggressors and criminals are? 

This is a criminal matter--- not a political one.

And it needs to be addressed in terms of crime and it will be. 

These corporations that are offering to do violence on our soil need to be liquidated and the person(s) uniquely responsible for doing that duty are Pope Francis and the Roman Curia. This is because they created all forms of corporations that exist in this world and they are responsible for making sure that they operate lawfully. 

If they fail to pull the plug and the funding of the "General Post Office" and the "UN Corp" and any other corporation that offers to harm us---- "JAPAN", "Raytheon", "General Electric" or any other incorporated organization bent on harming actual people and our land, then it is clear to the entire world that they are part of the problem, not the solution.  

These corporations have one duty--- to fulfill the contractual obligations created by the actual constitution; instead, they are fighting among themselves and making all sorts of insupportable claims about land, gold, and other assets that belong to the American states and people and not to them at all.

Enough of this ridiculous situation. 

The land belongs to us as it always has and titles taken and enforced under color of law and in breach of trust and under conditions of self-evident deceit and fraud are crimes.  Nothing more. 

Today, it is possible to simply cut the availability of funds to such organizations and dissolve their charters---- deny them the ability to exist and identify them as outlaw organizations, aka, international crime syndicates--- and in very short order, they cease to exist in any effective sense of the word. 

Any assets then revert to their creditors and in this case, the American states and people are the priority creditors bar none. 

For those faithful militiamen and others who are concerned and "getting ready"---- being ready for whatever comes is always a good idea and Nature does not absolve us from that responsibility--- but this is not a battle of arms and armies.  This is a battle of truth against falsehood and fact against fiction----criminal corporations against the organic states and people of the entire world. 

Participants in any commercial mercenary action on our shores will be identified simply as what they are-----criminals, whether they wear uniforms or not.  And we could care less what flag they fly or what ditty they whistle. 

Anyone including the Pope who fails to take drastic action to prevent any such unpleasantness is a criminal also, as an accomplice to the crime. 

So use your mouths to get the word out and raise your voices and point your fingers at the actual source of the problem----- dishonest politicians and dishonest international bankers making insupportable "claims on abandonment" and seeking unjust enrichment.

If the Pope fails his duty to liquidate the offending corporations causing these dangers and problems, then point your fingers at the Pope, too.  Don't bother to fight among yourselves.  Just hunt down the politicians and the bankers responsible and bring them to trial for crimes against humanity.

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  1. Is it not true that 3 executors or more of landed estates of the nation (eg. The Texas state, The Illinois state etc.) acting in concert can revoke the charter of a corporation?

  2. Is it not true that 3 executors or more of landed estates of the nation (eg. The Texas state, The Illinois state etc.) acting in concert can revoke the charter of a corporation?

  3. Thank-You!
    i will pass the word along...

  4. I want to shout it out and let the People know there is remedy but in truth, these criminals, and Cabal enterprises are everywhere. The only Enforcement they are doing is throwing All those who do stand up in Prison and they are being treated real bad, without Due Process and in Solitary confinement, for twenty two hrs a day. How do we get them to enforce our laws?

    1. From Anna:

      It isn't their job to enforce our laws on our land. It is our responsibility to declare our birthright political status as American State nationals and then enforce our own laws

    2. Judge Anna, It's taken me yrs to even embrace, the things you share and I'm wanting to get my political status right but my birth cert is not in all Cap letters but in Upper and Lower case, and trying to work with clerks and those in this Criminal Enterprise, is received like I'm the wart on Gods nose. How can these people be stopped or held accountable if they run everything, and we don't even have a prison to send the criminals to ? No matter how I try to share the things Ive learned, but it's not received and the populace is not interested. From the moment of birth I was a Ward of the State and Poisoned all my life by them It's a miracle that I even have a mind but it's not easy to swim all you life upstream without a paddle, and at 65 I'm getting pretty tired. I personally don't know anyone who even wants to be free like I do, and I'm still in the ghetto prison trying to climb out of the crab bucket. I don't want to go to their institutions be it jail, prison or nursing home, I've had my fill of it already all my life.

    3. From Anna:

      They know what they are doing--- at the top of the food chain in all these organizations----they know.

      And knowing that we know is having its due effect. They are beginning to wonder how much longer before things get ugly and they are caught out as criminals.

      So..... keep pushing and keep sharing the information and keep calling them out whether they like it or not.

      The Truth is the Truth and sooner or later, the Truth will indeed set us free.

  5. There are some comrade in arms snowden, Julian lesange,general Hamm,
    One admiral one general who block the falce flag nuke attack on Charleston judge Andrew Napolitano says there are some good judges they assassination of justice scillia . Certin parts of the FBI, good attorney general sessions . Trey goudy.a company man but honest.

  6. I cannot say everything in Teddy Rooselvelts opening speech at he 1907 Jamestown Exposition is correct but this he did say and I believe it is correct .."and where as is true in our Republic, wherein the people are sovereign, then people must show a sober understanding and a steadfast orederly purpose'...also "a sovereign cannot make excuses for his/her failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the the exercise of power that inheres in him/her"...
    We are the Kings and Queens of the land, not subjects of a corporation and need to start acting like it. What sovereign would bumble around asking an employee what they want the sovereign to do?


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