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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Issues of Sovereignty -- by James Belcher

Everyone needs to remember that the "United States" is a foreign entity.  It's only relationship to the united States of America is as a subcontractor obligated to provide certain enumerated government services for the states in common. 

With respect to the united States of America, the United States only exercises delegated power and has no power of its own.

Yet, it does have its own bits of land used to complete its duties and it does have its own citizens--- those born in Washington, DC., members of the military, the federal civil service, those born in Territorial and Insular states, and so on. 

The District of Columbia is what is known as an "enclave" of this foreign United States government on American shores and Washington, DC is operated as a separate international municipal city-state by this foreign government. 

The American states control all of the air jurisdiction, all of the land jurisdiction, and all un-delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea owed to the united States of America, but in recent years, the United States has usurped upon and sought the overthrow of its employers and benefactors and by fraud and other surreptitious means the servants have attempted to become the masters.

The United States and the members of Congress controlling the United States as Trustees and as the Board of Directors of its corporate enterprises did this by the use of deceptively similar names, identity theft, unlawful conversion of assets, false claims in commerce, bankruptcy fraud and similar ruses and deceits, and they have attempted to substitute their own territorial and municipal "states of states" for the land jurisdiction states that the American people are owed.  

Set against this backdrop and common understanding, the time has come to speak of many things, and most especially, the nature of sovereignty among men. 

My ancestors came to England with William the Conqueror.  Upon his death, they were among those who became "free sovereigns by their own right".  This is known as The Settlement of the Norman Conquest. Less than a hundred years later, they were among those who created and enforced the Magna Carta.

A few centuries after that, we ventured to the New World and helped to found the brave city of Boston.  In 1776, we heard the call and once again, fought and beat the British Monarch.

When the United States created its "Ship of State" to sail upon international waters, it had to sail under the seal of a free sovereign.  As anyone can see, the Great Seal of the United States is the Belcher seal, not King George's.  For the United States to claim that I am its citizen is a situation akin to my dog claiming that I am its pup.

In 1861, the British Monarch and the Pope tried to overcome us once again by force of arms, and failed. 

What they could not win by force of arms they have tried to win by fraud and deceit and breach of trust enforced by  commercial mercenaries disguised as judges and lawful government agents, all operating under color of law.

I am here to remind the progeny of the brave men who stood at Bunker Hill and White Plains and Ticonderoga of who and what you are and what you won from King George. 

Just as the Belchers are free sovereigns by their own right with respect to the British Kings ever since 1087, you are "free sovereigns in your own right" owed the entirety of the united States of America. 

We became free sovereigns as a result of the Norman Conquest and you became free sovereigns as a result of the Revolutionary War.  Now I stand here fully acquitted on all accounts, a free sovereign in Britain and a free sovereign American as well. 

When I say I am owed my free sovereignty and the Magna Carta, that's not just whistling in the dark. That is literal, verifiable fact.  Likewise, when I say I am owed the Declaration of Independence, that is also literal, verifiable fact.

When any President of the United States looks up and sees whose seal he is sailing under, he has cause to know better than to claim that I am his citizen. Very clearly, he is my citizen under international law and every word I say to him or to the British Monarch concerning their operations on this continent has the force of law and sovereign power.

I here record my Sovereign Mandate regarding all these false commercial claims advanced by the United States against the American states and people via a secretive and non-consensual process of hypothecation and declare the "National Debt" null and void, the fruit of fraud and dishonor.

The Sovereign Letters Patent and Declaration of Joint Sovereignty with the Native American nations issued in November 2016 stand alone and together as a reclamation of the land in my capacity as a free sovereign American and Son of the Revolution.  They also stand as remedy for grievous errors made by administrators of the United States, extended in my capacity as a free sovereign of Britain having authority apart from and above the Queen, and as the lawful owner of the Great Seal of the United States.

My sovereign claim to own and control the United States outranks that of any British Monarch and predates any such claim by over two hundred years.  Mr. Rothschild will do well to take notice that I have not accepted his offer on anything but a temporary month-by-month basis until final settlement of the bogus National Debt and the set aside of all other odious debt issues is completed.  Queen Bess and Donald Trump do not have the final say. 

All employees, elected officials, and inhabitants of the United States, its territories, and municipalities, are to obey the organic and Public Law of the United States [of America] without exception.  No Federal Code, Public Policy, or federated State of State statute can be enforced upon a natural born American absent a true consensual obligation evidenced by conformance with the first Naturalization Law and no Federal Law may be enforced usurping beyond the delegated authorities.

All territorial and municipal Sheriffs, all law enforcement personnel and court personnel are to cease and desist their activities under color of law and are to resume their lawful offices and duties owed to the American states and people. False arrests, enforcement of victimless crime statutes against Americans who have been mischaracterized as United States Citizens or citizens of the United States, and overall failure to honor their exemptions and their extradition from federal custody must cease.

Members of the Bar Associations are to be considered undeclared Foreign Agents and their activities plundering penal bonds and individual public trusts are to be audited, corrected, and enforced as crimes by the Internal Revenue Service and local law enforcement agencies.  Embezzlement by the court system via the CRIS accounts held by Federal Reserve Banks in every federal district is to be shut down immediately.  Human trafficking promoted by The Bank of New York Mellon and its affiliates must similarly be shut down.

All property and titles to property rightfully belonging to Americans including the copyrights and trademarks associated with the given names is to be returned to them and the legal presumption of any form of United States citizenship pertaining to them is to be dropped from all their records including the census and in all cases at law.  The repugnant practice of press-ganging Americans and suppressing their natural political status and the issuance of CUSIP Bonds in their names must cease and all indebtedness related to this practice and merely presumed to exist must be erased. 

All birth records of Americans are to be returned to the land jurisdiction states as public recordings and not held as registrations. Likewise all vehicle registrations, marriage licenses, limited liability insurances, mortgages and similar contracts that Americans are naturally exempt from are to be returned to the land jurisdiction counties and converted to simple public recordings.

The Social Security obligations incurred as part of the Great Fraud are to be paid faithfully and without presumption of any kind against the vested recipients.

The United States State Department is to immediately resume issuance of American State National and American State Citizen passports and is to expedite the free flow of American travel here and abroad.

All United States agency subcontractors including the FBI, BLM, DHS, FEMA, BATF, IRS, US MARSHALS, etc., are under Notice that your role on American soil is strictly limited to the policing of actual US corporations and actual US citizens. All federated State of State organizations and County of County organizations are similarly circumscribed.  This does not allow for any presumption against living Americans, nor any attachment of their private or public property based on fraudulently procured information, undisclosed or unilateral agreements, mistaken registrations, false licensing, or any other coerced adhesion contract, corporate Public Policy or improper commercial claim including hypothecation of debt.

The cost of these and all such other corrections and remedies owed by the United States to the American states and people are to be assessed against the Federal Reserve banks, the World Bank, IBRD, Bank for International Settlements, Vatican Bank, the Holy See and its affiliates and charged to the Universal Payment Bond and Bill of Lading established under my Agency as AMRI00003 recorded and presented to Cardinal Mamberti in his capacity and office as Prefect and head of the Vatican Chancery Court.

Mr. Rothschild, ELIZABETH II,  FRANCISCUS, and President Donald Trump are under Sovereign Decree to correct their operations with respect to the United States as outlined above, so as to provide lasting remedy to the American states and people for all the wrongs and the violence which has been perpetuated against them by their usurping servants and foreign powers acting in Breach of Trust. 

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  1. Nobody really understands the meaning of this. it seems like a foreign entity and I cannot wrap my head around this. No one I know understands this. We read this and tell others and they hear us but then it is not discussed. What is the answer to this? How do we maintain some sort of rights? This is really very confusing and I don't mind saying so.

    1. Anna VonReitz has been telling you how to start this for months, and I am not competent to advise you, however, I have gone to the County Recorder in Yavapai County, Arizona and filed notarized documents declaring that I am not citizen of the United State but a Nevadan currently residing in Arizona. While I have to give up my right to vote in Atizona (for the time being) it does not stop me from making political statements under the First Amendment becasue I am entitled to all of the Protections in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, being a direct descendant of Governor William Bradford who arrived on the Mayflower in 1621 and was the first Governor of the Plymouth Colony in the New World. You will find the link to Anna's website above, and there you will find detailed information to use.

    2. The US Code refers to each individual Union state as being "foreign" to the United States and said Union states comprise the united States of America.

    3. Makes sense to me. Pilgrims came to America centuries ago to escape the Crown and it's slavery. Since America came to be the Crown has done all it can to keep the colonies enslaved. Right up through today.

    4. I really like this article. My ancestors were not immigrants. we were already here. The Athabascan people have been here many centuries. Now is the time for us to all work together because whole nations have been enslaved by these deceptions. A United States citizen has no rights, only granted privileges by the incorporated State who claims to "own" everything, even our children, mostly based on false identities created by the State via the "registered" Certificate of Live Birth signed by our mothers. No full disclosure has ever been given and they think they are safely hidden behind their corporate vales and therefore not liable for the damage they do to the uninformed people. But we have news for them, right? Individually, they are fully liable.

    5. Thanks for going to bat for we the people in USA but what about other countries ie Canada?

  2. WOW !!!!

    That says it all.

    Thank you James.

  3. Keep on reading baylady. The light bulb will come on.

    Maybe you need to start at the beginning at

  4. Even though we have rights, that like your arm or leg are yours to keep, they can be violated. It does not mean you do not have them. Just because someone does not respect them does not change the fact you have them. We are born with them. I have no right to violate anyone else's and no one has a right to violate mine. Just the basics as I see it.

  5. Maybe this will help you guys keep it straight. The Corporate State judge Anna keeps referring to is known to all attorneys as the "Forum State" or "State of the Forum". They never learned it as judge Anna characterizes it as "States of States". They would never understand that. They never learned it that way. Judge Anna is trying to make this understandable to the average person without using a lot of legalese language, which would really make it hard to understand if your new to this. But i think sometimes it becomes confusing using her language which at times sounds like double-speak. Have you noticed how she sometimes uses all capital letters anfd other times only capitalizes only the first letter or in some cases uses only lower case lettering as in "states" instead of "STATES" or "States". She is doing it on purpose to show you how they got away with all this fraud. What you think is normal language between two people talking to each other has completely different meaning in a court of law. And thats because of the insideous doctrine adobted by all courts called "silent judicial notice" the judges are constantly taking note of behind your back without telling you. For example, when a judge calls your name in court and he ask you are you John Doe, the way we all learned grammer in school, he is actually looking at your name like this...JOHN DOE, the corp. fiction, not the real man/woman. As soon as you say yes, its over. You just admitted , at least to him, that you are not real, but an employee of the CORP. STATE. Because no proper noun is spelled in all capital letters. This is the reason why people are getting slaughtered in court. You lost even before you begin to testify or say anything else.

  6. Just remember, you are a man/woman not a person, individual, resident,Citizen or anything else. Everthing they do is underhanded and unconsciousable in order to get jurisdiction over you, which is so frustrating to so many people going to court that often most people become totally beligerant having no clue what the judge is taking notice of and why it seems that he doesnt understand you, or you him. Thats on purpose. The less you say in court, the better. But that leaves you at the mercy of an attorney or public defender, which would be ok if you knew how to guide him or understand what he is doing to you. Its necessary to study some law, with someone that can do it without using a lot of legaleze. If you google "Accepatance for Value"or "Redemption" for remedy, they usually will make it a little clearer while showing some of the legal terms the way law students learned it. Because of all this symantic and gramatical deceite they are using and not aware of, no one without an attorney stands a chance. Therefore, you have to keep it simple in court and when addressed by the judge you simply have to let him know that because you have been forced to come in, after signing a ticket(which is a valid contract,even though it was under duress) that you are appearing "specially" and not "generally" and that you are there "without prejudice"(under duress) and that you are not waiving any rights or remedies, either legally or proceedurally, ever. Furthermore, the "person"(corp.fiction) you called isnt here, but the man/woman is and he is dragging the "land"(remind them this isnt the sea) with him into court. Dont answer another question by the judge unless you answer him with a question back. You arent there to answer his questions. He is there to answer your questions. The first one to answer a question without a question back, loses. Its that ridiculous. And that easy to get jurisdiction for the court. But you cant depend on judge Annas descriptions of history to get remedy in a court of law. You have to understand what is going on and legal terminology . You need to do this even if you dont plan on defending yourself just to keep the attorney honest. But the worst pleading you can make is "not guilty". But walk into any courtroom and you will see every attorney plead "not guilty" for their client. Right there, you know hes not on your side. A not guilty plea means the case can no longer be dismissed. He should be either asking for "dismissal" right up front or in the alternative using the only plea(actually its a pre-pleading defense that doesnt give the court jurisdiction) called a "demurrer". If you look at the penal code it has at least 5 things you can demurrer to...but the best one is "failure to state a "claim" upon which relief can be granted(FRCP12(b)6). A claim is not a charge. A claim is "title" to your property(your name).How did the court get title to your name..??? Only the all CAPS one, not the real man. Who is the court charging...the all CAPS fiction or the real man..??? Let them answer that first or move for dismissal "with prejudice"(meaning they can never bring the case up again. Its over. Study...!!! We have no choice.

    1. You add NOTHING here! PLEASE, get a blog of your own and learn how to spell and speak grammatically correct!

    2. Hey Jack, you didn't say who you were speaking to. Are we supposed to guess?

    3. Right. When you walk into a court room you have entered the jurisdiction of the sea. Just think of it as a grounded ship more than 1 mile inland, and with a big hole in the side of it where the land is working its way in. Say "If I come in I'm bringing the land with me. Is that a problem?" They probably won't let you cross the bar. It's all in how we define ourselves and our status when we are confronted by these pretenders.

    4. court starts BEFORE you enter the bank. if you show up without negating the presumption then you are creating a controversy just by response you give them jurisdiction.

      Motion to dismiss 12b 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

      are you claiming a title of nobility? i am that i am.

  7. On the bright side aginst overwhelming odds white ppl woke up voted in such huge numbers the rigged machines couldn't fix the out come.
    We got a shot to not over run by out of controld third world immigration like all white countries in europe.
    lisen to our last attorney general talking about blood shead.and .media fan the flames can you imagine if the Muslim invasion was complete the civil war aginst ppl like me a 18 year war vetran.

  8. Thank you James Pancini, for the clarifications. These are welcome additions.

  9. C'mon, get your facts straight! Hitlery won the popular vote by around 5,000,000 votes. The electoral college went against the voters and Trump is president! The electoral college is not obligated to support the popular vote.

  10. I don't believe it Keith. It doesn't matter anyway. The electoral college was designed to do just what it did. We are NOT supposed to live in a majority rule democracy. We are supposed to live in a Constitutional Republic. The electoral college is one of those differences between the two.
    If you want to live in a mob rule democracy feel free to move to DC.

    1. Agreed. Ron Paul called it a "Corporate Democracy". Corporations are the created and living people are the creators. Since when does the created rule over the creators? Why would we even "vote" for those corporate CEOs? Do we really need THEM to "govern" and re-present us? I govern myself thank you. What's so great about "Demon-ocracy"? It's rule from the top down and mob rule. They are supposed to provide us with real money of exchange which they have failed to do among other services which they have not provided, and yet they continue the theft of our private credit and property in exchange for so-called "benefits" which belonged to us as rights in the first place.

  11. Thank-You, Sir!
    A timely piece, in my humble opinion...

  12. haha keith...hillary won the popular vote? by who's count the undocumented/dead/irregular voting machine results? wake up brotha.

  13. This statement: "you became free sovereigns as a result of the Revolutionary War" was not verified or referenced here! Law in America is written and although the first Organic Law is directly pertinent to "the Revolutionary War" and is a verifiable document it does not include this quoted statement or anything that comes close to it! IMO - these are facts that leave the quoted statement simply as a belief. Nevertheless I warmly invite a presentation of a verifiable reference that can show otherwise.


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