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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The MISSING Original 13th Amendment - Evidence Study

This is a series of videos about the controversy surrounding the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America.

If this Amendment is still in full force and effect it changes everything.

The Amendment reads as follows:

" If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept or retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them or either of them."

This series of videos is all over the YouTube website from several different channels.

Watch them in order for a real shocker. The evidence in the archives has been removed in every state's archive that it was found in. This is a cover up of massive proportions. Why do you suppose it was so important to remove this archived evidence?  Those that did this were evidently not counting on ever having to deal with the invention of the Internet.

Draw your own conclusions. If this is true, and I think it is, we have been lied to for over 200 years by the very people this amendment prohibits from holding any office in government in the United States.

Not only that, but they are all in dishonor. Look that up in the law to see what the consequences are for them and for us.
The written report on this from David Dodge is here:


  1. Need help was given two felonies for standing up for God-given rights: my notice of understanding and claim of rights and all of my documents were by threats resting cores and removed from the court by me saying okay under threat dressing coercion.. court knew that they could pick me up in the morning the stress would cause hypoglycemia. I wonder initial traffic stop which was unlawful stop in a speed trap and was charged with federal crimes not state and without jurisdiction. I told the policeman I didn't know what a citizen was and/or drivers license. It gets worse I need help my family needs help were in our 60 late 60s and early 70s they sold every penny we had and I'm a Service Connected disabled veteran: for me speaking out the VA tied me to a bed and give me Thorazine (for speaking out on WNAR Joe Finnen Akron) Dr. Vigistackas lost his position as a VA doctor: because he helped me stating how terrible the medical care and treatment was towards me. There is much much more the state of Ohio and the VA participated together so I would not get a job even when I work for myself they interfered with clients.

  2. I have a friend who has a certified copy of this amendment from Colorado, not that it would do any one else any good, but in 2008 they would sell one.

  3. This is a truly awesome development. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Supposedly the archives has, if you are a bar member, an original constitution that only they have access too and already know this to be true. But they are running a corporation not the goverment so it is really a moot point. We need to stand up as a people and take back the original republic of the people as anna is trying to get us to see.

    1. Unincorpoated not incorporated, recorded not registered just like you never did when you where birthed versus your day of nativity. You were registered not recorded. When you register anything you gift it to the public trust. When you record its private. See the difference. Cesear public. Jesus private.

  5. Good morning Paul,

    First of all, a thank you and much appreciation for your efforts, time and dedication.

    Regarding the original (missing) 13th Amendment:

    In the mid/late 1990's, when I was in Alaska, Ralph Winterrowd (Anna knows him, not sure if he's still alive)

    use to hold weekly meetings to help enlighten individuals regarding lawful procedures and study for/about

    mainly Alaska, but also on a national level sometimes. These meetings were held weekly in Anchorage and

    Wasilla. I use to help and lend a hand with Ralph's efforts on a regular basis.

    I was in Ralph's office (Winter Telecommunications, a business he had back then) at the time his mail was

    delivered, in which there was a large envelope containing a ledger type of book (about 8"x12", or thereabouts)

    and the book was an 1819 edition of The Laws of Virginia, in which the 'original' 13th Amendment was the

    only 13th Amendment therein. Ralph had paid $2,000 for this antique collectable edition of the book.

    Anna may still be in touch with Ralph (again, don't know if he's still alive?)? The last time I visited with Ralph

    was in the fall of 1999. I'm sure she knows/knew Ralph, etc. If Ralph's alive he most likely he still has the book?

    If not alive, I wonder where the book has gotten to?

    best of regards,


  6. I know of someone in Colorado who has researched this topic extensively and claims there is still evidence of the fraud in archives. I have a book showing the original 13thj Amendment as the one above, and I know of someone who has a book showing the 13th as above, and the 14th, and the 13th that is now passed off as the original 13th... can't fake these books printed many years and even decades after the original 13th was ratified...

  7. It's right here in a book published in 1840, + notice "United States of North America" I found this style also in an old Maritime dictionary from the same era.

    Needless to say the deception is far deeper then most have uncovered, personally I don't pay much mind to this Amendment when the founding document the Constitution was codified off of is "the treaty of peace" and it was signed by 4 Esquires (Nobles) representing the States, not to mention it being a mutiny of the original Articles of Confederation to begin with, and they knew it was pure deception from the start hence "A Republic if you can keep it!" knowing full well the ramifications regardless as long as the current elite and their posterity were taken care of. All one needs to do is check out the Anti-Federalist papers most of which are on audio, to see the foretelling of the great fraud unfolding in it's inception.
    According to Brent Winters the original Roman Citizens were the Attorney’s/Lawyers of the time so hence they were Nobles if we're on same rational of the 13th, So in my opinion getting rid of the old 13th had more to do with the new 14th and the new Roman citizen being created hence a new class of Nobles under the foreign Roman system being installed through the Civil War/Reconstruction.The new 13th being the freeing of the future nobles from private bondage and opening the floodgates for the law-merchant to take over through new criminal codes so being in fact the new involuntary slavery amendment. It's an implied Roman trust benefit "title" received at birth and ratified through quite acceptance once one becomes of age, we were all born Noble's and foreign to the state republics at birth, resident aliens and subject to every tax they can dream up for all the state privileges and federal benefits we unknowingly receive as D.C. Nobility of the lowest class.

  8. I knew about this amendment at least 30 years ago. I used to have a copy of it before i started moving all around and then losing everything during a rapid foreclosure. But i seriously doubt you could enter it into the record without incurring a "motions illumini" by the state which every BAR card carrying judge would immediately sustain and a specific order to the jury to ignore or strike from the record any mention of that amendment. Even Andrew Jackson wasnt strong enough to get rid of all those "vipers". And Trump surrounds himself with them. He knows a lot, but he still doesnt understand our court systems which is going to be his undoing in the end if he doesnt address this problem soon. Hes already being called out to prove his lastest alligation of "wiretapping" of Trump Tower by Obama. He fighting ISIS when he should be arresting the real terrorist in our own country....The America BAR Association and all its unlawfully unregisted foreign agents working for Great Britton and the Queen(QE2), who herself has been proven to be a fraud, never a real soverign, because she was never lawfully "Coronated" using the "stone of destiny"which was replaced by a fake stone, along with her signiture in a false bible , the real one stating that she would always work for the people and never creating any statues or laws other than biblical ones that God had already made. The case was in 2010 or 2011 in the case of "Regina v JAH" (JAH stands for John Anthony Hill). You know what that means....all attorneys get their authority from a properly coronated Queen. If she is a fraud, then every attorney is working without any authority at all. And you talk about "Continental Marshalls" working without authority. Please prove to me any of them have any authority either. No one has a lawfully established authority to claim the position of Marshall or Sherriff or Police.....NO ONE!!! I say lets make a moritorium abolising all firearms and weapons of war period, in this country and all the rest. Lets see how willing people are to go to war with only a sheild and sword. It doesnt get much more personal and up front like that. Modern societies would never allow it because no one would fight like that now....

  9. President, Senator, Sheriff, Clerk, Judge, when these folks go home for the day to their family, what powers to they retain? Charge the wife and kids, goats with state crimes? Who holds the real powers? Did the offices create the collective of people? The reserved powers of the people, designed to reign in the limited powers. Once joining up as a US Citizen or just another downstream employee, allegedly you agree to obey the rules, just like a job at Walmart. United States Mart if you will. In your common law, God given rights, where all stand equal state national status, special privelege rules for the employees are not for you and cannot be used to kidnap, extort, non-disclose, lie, cheat, steal, eat your portion of the food, take our clothes or cut your hair against you will unless they prove you are harming them and even then certainly not an open take all you have whilst you tremble in fear. Many still do not get this and keep wanting to act as though they are subjects. Are you a monarchist or a free soul accepting you personal responsibility here on the planet? Fearing God does not mean shaking in your boots letting bullies make a mess of your house.

  10. You can find it in your state of constitution too I have 1867 copy

    1. I thought the 1867 constitution was the Canadian constitution. But I do have an old 17___ Constitution for the United States of America that has the 13th amendment so it's not missing.

  11. You can find it in your state of constitution too I have 1867 copy

  12. From Anna Von Reitz:

    This has already been sorted out and conclusively proven. No need to do it over and over and over again.

    TONA was passed and ratified. Period.

    It is part of the actual constitution owed to the states.

    So what does this tell you? The attorneys are barred from hold public office in our lawful government, so what are they doing? They are holding private offices in a merely "legal" corporate government.

    Exactly what I have been trying to tell everyone for years now.

  13. I wonder how many attorney's consciouses would be bothered if we sent everyone of them a copy of this original amendment and see if they would follow up themselves or simply dismiss as bogas so they could sleep at night....If someone was good enough with computers, they could get a list of all attorneys through a "list broker" with their emails and send them all out at once. It could be done if anyone out there would be willing to do it. Then only significant cost would be gettinng the "list" from a list broker. And you know how many attorneys there are. I think the list brokers sell them at so many thousands or so per a set amount. But if someone who is competant with computers thinks they could do it then maybe he coould post something on this post informing us of the cost and we could all pitch in for the cost. Wouldnt it be worth it to see what happens to the BAR members association "INTERNALLY"and all its members. Who knows, maybe some of them hold a deep gruge against their BAR members and the system itself enough to actually help us in our quest for restoring our Republic...what do you guys think. We have to use the same stratagy they have been using against us for years....divide and conquer, from within. I know a lot of attorneys that hate their profession but cant get out, either because they dont know what else to do, or security or insecurity reasons of finding another job, etc. like the rest of us. But once the evidence of not only the "original 13 amendment is shown, plus the fact that the BAR stands for "British Accedited Registry", and the fact that all US laws are merely copywrites of Great Britian making the Queen(QE2) their only Authority who has been proven in court to be a fraud(her coronation a complete fraud) , it most assuridly would cause chaos within their own industry. It might just turn enough of them to our side to finally make a difference. "WHAT DO YOU THINK".


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