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Friday, February 3, 2017

It's the Political System, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 30

By Anna Von Reitz

This comes from our brethren in South Africa, where the struggle to be free and at peace has always been a constant issue:

"One of the architects of the central banking system, Sir Denison Miller is attributed with saying: “This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world. By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.”

So there it is again--- divide and conquer, pillar or post, either/or, Democrats or Republicans. 

"They"--- whoever "they" are, select them, and we then have no choice but to elect them.

And the entire presumed difference between the two political parties is just that--- a difference that we only believe exists based on external signs and rhetoric, but which in fact is staged and purposeful and illusory.  I thought of the endless squabbles we have had over useless things, and could only nod as I read the quote. 

Millions are unemployed, millions of families are routinely destroyed, our educational system is falling apart, our science is politicized, bridges are literally falling down and we are wasting time arguing about transgender bathrooms.  Truly, modern politics is a circus in the sense of the Roman coliseum-- something to distract and entertain us while the Visigoths are creeping through the weeds and crooks are plundering the public treasury. 

The real business of a public government isn't being done in America and it hasn't been done in a very long time, and that is largely because we have political parties to distract us. 

Teddy Roosevelt knew the real purpose of political parties.  That's why when he couldn't find support from the Republican Party, he formed his own Bull Moose Party.  Find an emblem.  Raise a flag.  Get your gang to outspend their gang. And whatever you do, keep things polarized.

How about this idea from a recent newspaper column in Anchorage, Alaska?
---The Yellow Lab Party?  Where politicians are honest and friendly and truly concerned about the public well-being?  They may be eager for treats, but their intentions are good.

Even if you view all political parties with a jaundiced eye, as I do, and even if you admit that they serve no good purpose beyond entertainment and debate--- why only two parties?  Boring, polarizing, always the same.  Democrats get into office and spend the public purse and cheat the people blind.  Republicans get into office and spend the public purse and cheat the people blind. 

Where is the entertainment value in that? It's like wasting your money on a bad, predictable, cheesy movie year after year, decade after decade. And I just love it when people say, "You'll waste your vote!" if you choose anything different.  Waste my vote?  What vote did I ever have in the first place? 

None whatsoever. 

Corrupt private political parties chose the candidate roster.  Corrupt private political parties chose the issues to be addressed.  Corrupt private political parties came up with the emblems.  Donkeys and elephants?  Come on, now, how lame is that? 

No, don't blame me for any of it. I recognize it as Babylonian sophistry designed to placate the masses and make everyone think that they have a dog in the fight and even convince them that there is a fight, when in actuality, it's just two gangs vying for a franchise to practice legalized theft. It all has the same results.

There is nothing honorable or meaningful involved, just a perennial choice between Awfully Bad and Really, Really Terrible.  This is, no doubt, the primary reason that over two-thirds of Americans just close their eyes and block it all out.

Politics and political parties, the only means of change offered by the Game Masters, is in fact a form of co-option.  If you play the game at all, you become responsible for it and for its outcomes. 

Many people get deluded and desperately concerned about politics, because they mistakenly believe that this is their remedy and the only way that they have to steer the boat.

I would argue that simply by not doing anything related to the corporate dog-and-pony show, by not registering, by not participating, by waking up--- you vote against the system itself. You also deny them that quintessentially important thing: a public mandate.

While no Mainstream Media or politician is likely to comment on this fact, there hasn't been a public mandate for or against anything in America for decades.  Not enough people vote in these phony elections to create a mandate. There is never anything close to even a 51% majority.

And without a mandate, what the governmental services corporations do is obviously and strictly private and lacking authority even in their funky system of things.

Saul Alinsky wrote his Rules for Radicals.  So now, I am writing mine.

Sometimes not doing something is as important as working your rump off. Simply refusing to participate can be a revolutionary act, and can be more effective in securing change than all the efforts of all armies in the world.

Having rescinded any Voter Registrations and washed your hands of any responsibility related to the political parties, you are now free to spend your money and time restoring your actual government and making it strong enough to hand these charlatans their hats.

Always remember that you are dealing with a governmental services corporation which is in the business of selling you governmental services. That isn't going to change no matter who gets elected to fill their private corporate offices. 

The far more important and necessary change is for us to speak to our public servants and tell them what we need done and how much we are willing to pay for it.  Instead of letting the Republic be represented by for-hire lackeys who have a built-in conflict of interest, it's time to present ourselves and direct our own business affairs through our own Jural Assemblies, land jurisdiction counties, and land jurisdiction states. 

Put all the energy you sidetracked into arguing over such vital issues as unisex bathrooms and traffic cameras, and all the money you spent on political candidates, too, into restoring your rightful government.

With your rightful government restored, you won't have to worry about who gets elected to run the governmental services corporations--- because whoever gets elected to that job will have to answer to you, and not just because you gave them a donation. 
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  1. Good arguments are what sway a court.
    statues are corperate but making us a corperatee entity they have jurisdiction .
    Keep your mouth shut if at all possiable.challenge jurisdiction.

    1. On top of that, go to and learn how to make it a court of record where YOU are in charge.


  2. I like the 2 wing system you have the right and the left wing but they fail to mention their both attached to same Vulture or Dodo in the middle, LOL and they said it was extinct.
    Or it's like having a football team and the fans are polarized into only cheering for offence or defence, while playing in a global football league.

    I agree it's better to do ZERO and do not submit to any of their BS. This whole deal is quasi-contractual implied benefits for hidden duties and then penalties for non-performance, every contact should require "show me the law that applies to this specific person(me),or show me the contract I personally authorized"
    I am proud to have received my voter resignation letter over 2 years ago, and I believe calling them on fraud stopped any further jury duty summons to appear. I refused to sign any jury contracts and finally returned their last summons to appear unopened "Return to Sender-Mistaken Identity", and that was about 2 years ago. Most recently had some interesting conversations with the Census lady on my front porch. LOL it went from me being "closed minded" into "were you on the debate team in HS?". I was nice and stated I would talk to her supervisor and say you did your job to the best of your ability, but still not going to happen! They finally quit after about 4 personal visits, LOL why should I help you do your federal live-stock count?

    If Trump really wanted to so something positive he would say "F the Pipeline deal" and build a damn refinery right in N.Dakota and get the ball rolling in the direction of infrastructure.
    Want to really blow the doors off, pass a bill requiring all States and subdivisions to reinvest at least 50% of all pension fund money back into State Corporations that do their primary business in those States. See how fast jobs and public work projects spring up by Co's looking for contracts.
    Imagine if every State had a closed circuit stock market investing only in that State, and the Globalist scum could not milk the entire county at will, no booms, no busts, no bubbles. a system where at least 50% stayed in the state and no more then say 5% into any one market like say "real estate".

  3. Remember what this article address as all of you watch "Superbowl" this Sunday. Those games represent the epitomy of conflict that is so pervasive in our entire polictical system. I have talked to Christians that have bought right into the "liberal" vs the "conservative" retoric, basing the liberal agenda to death, as if he had some inside knowledge that "conservatives" are any better. Christians, from my perspective, have become the easiest people in the world to be deceived. And wasnt that the whole reason the system is there in the first place....!! I have often said that the best way to send a message to our elected officials is Not To Vote at all and unanoumously. But people are just to stubborn. They are convinced that the party line has to be held or something bad might happen. But it already happened 150 years ago. For a media that loves to exploit the suffering of others, they have had almost a total "media blackout" about Venezuala and the carnage that is taking place their, this very minute...people standing in long lines in front of grocery stores for days just to get any food at all. Everyone is losing weight and their health. They dont want us seeing what might happen here real soon. If Trump was really smart, he could make an "executive order" stating that all professional sports been temporarily banned from TV , until the other half of America woke up and joinded forces with us, or never watch profession sports again. We would get our original Rebublic back in one week, guaranteed..!!!!

  4. Ok...I am old. Truly. Just a quick chuckle and ever so brief deviation off topic.

    I began reading this new blog received via link in my email. I clicked the link and there they were....two familiar faces: Anna and Paul. I settled in my Laz-Y Boy to begin reading this and whoaaaa! What happened to the font? Itty-bitty, 20 year old eyes size of font staring up at me. Yes, I squinted hard. Text blurred even more.
    I began to type my comment to Paul with a gentle suggestion to enhance these posts using an age friendier (old-fart) font type.
    Three words in and the "AH-HA" moment hit me. Danika darling, just zoom out the page...duh! Technology is gonna be the death of me yet. �� Hope this gave you a smile; I laughed aloud at myself!

    1. The fact that if you zoom out far enough you can't see the ads is just an added bonus! LOL!

  5. ONE main issue needs to come to light in this country with all the idiots rushing to booth thinking some how they are maintaining their "Freedom" or I like to call Free-Dumb, is the fact we have more non-violent prisoners in jail then we had slaves at the hight of slavery. So we have a system of involuntary slavery going tit-for-tat with the pinnacle of legal slavery everyone wants to pat themselves on the back for some how evolving out of.
    Also the greatest voice we have is where we spend our money, if everyone realized they were brainwashed part time debt slaves (30-40%+ tax slaves) instead of full time slaves (in general but debatable we are full-time all things included), we have traded Full-time in for a few extra toys to play with for good behaviour and licenses instead of physical shackles. A true tax protest movement with a total shut down on April 15th and everyone send in a signed oath to The Declaration of Independence instead of there tax returns would be a jolt to the system.
    My daughter is ready to start a new job and I'm desperately trying to protect her but she will do what she chooses including filling out whatever crap form they put in front of her to secure a job. I understand the W-4 is a main door converting your SS# into a TIN number, converting your legal name into a new trust account using only the middle initial and I just realized today this is where your "pay" is converted into "income" , after hours upon hours in the tax code never saw the word pay ever this was always in my mind and today BAM! smacked me in the head it's right there in the first part of the W-4 form, so essentially this is where you volunteer into your new Foreign trust, have your "pay" converted into income and start withholding your excise tax for transmitted funds (gift) into your foreign estate trust.

    If any type "Party" is needed in this county it is a legit State First Party geared toward rebuilding states and shutting down the tax flow to the federal parasites. American States First and any Corporation off shore or funnelling money offshore will be considered First Class traitors and enemies of the states.

  6. When I was young I saw a poster of a politician that listed number of things. It said if nobody supports this that and the other thing, about 10 included like my rights for one then vote for nobody. I took it to heart and still today have always voted for nobody. Guess at least I been doin my part there.

  7. Anna

    I realize you do not think much about the corp side of things.
    I passed on a few tweets to Trump and I gave him this link pauls and I feel like this you could in no short of time help Donald get the right information and then he can do a executive order to re instate the original 13th amendment which would be a fantastic event so please be aware someone might reach out to you or paul and I really pray Trump looks into the 13th amendment. I know he seen the tweets I sent as he responded within seconds of me tweeting and he is tweeted as I type this please send him a tweet with some help he is like us his soul is pure...

    1. Skully, beings you have the ear of the POTUS, and it's the POTUS's decision on using the gold fringe play and fobs. Those of us who know what this means take note of this. He is sending a message that is not, IMO, aligned with the reset back to the original constitution.

    2. Gold fringed "Flag". I typoed.

  8. If you ask anybody why should we be paying "income taxes"(besides the fact that it is fraudulent and all corporate, etc.) they will all tell you and completely convinced that those taxes are needed to build roads, help our infrastructure, pay for law enforcement and the fire dept., help fund our schools, and on and on. President Regan totally wasted his time and effort trying to educate the public , by hiring the "warren commission" to answer this question once and for all by publishing their findings in the "Grace Report". Granted, it wasnt a great read, because it was only meant to answer that one question.....and it did...."NOT ONE PENNY OF YOU INCOME TAXES GOES TO PAY FOR ANY GOVERNMENT SERVICES AT ALL". It goes on to say that 100% of all taxes collected goes only to pay the interest on our DEBT , and not even one cent to principal. So why is everyone still contributing their hard earned money , when it isnt even being used for anything that benifits anyone but the bankers....Because the damn Corporations force us to collect the taxes for the IRS, in order to decrease their liability. But people to this day(people with educations and professionals) will still tell you that we have to have taxes to pay for our schools,etc. This is withoit a doubt the most ignorant generation of Americans to ever populate an entire country. We are nothing more than a nation of "opinions" and no real facts, or truth. This country no longer needs or deserves a "president". It needs a "dictator". And that was pretty much what Trump implied during his inaguration when he pointed right into the crowd and TV when he said "You made it clear America that you wanted change. Therefore, I am going to start immediately to FIGHT for you. Implying that he gets it. Your just to damn afraid to do it yourselves. So ill do it myself and take the liability myself because you have become to weak or scared and waited way to long to accomplish anything now. Hes right and you all know it. Did any of you reach out to his site and leave a message on how to make America great again. He wants to know what he is missing. I tried to fill him in on our history and even left my email. Why arent we backing him, if nothing else, at least in spirit. He even realizes that POPE Fransis is not this pesonification of niceness he trys to portray himself to the public as. POPE Francsis is a magalomaniac communist/socialist, totally dedticated to globalism. Thats why Trump hired the person he did as ambasator to the Vatican. He was hired by Trump to reign him in and return to the original CHURCH. Even the rest of the church realizes he is compromising everything the CHURCH once stood for. I flat out told him that to accomplish real change he has to get all attorneys to turn in their BAR cards or return to Great Brittin and QE2 who they really work for. Those comments are posted to for anyone to read. So we will also be teaching other people that go to that site what is really going on if they read the post...good tool.


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