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Monday, August 8, 2016

Holy Crap Corporations

by Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday I had the odd pleasure and distinction of finally knowing what the all capital names convention used in court cases is all about, what it is, how it works, how it is misused by unscrupulous courts and lawyers--- all of it finally came out of the closet.
We now know that what appear to be names simply written in all capital letters like this: DAVID MICHAEL DOE are actually not names, but signs written in a debased form of Ancient Latin called “DOG-LATIN”, or “GLOSSA” or “American Sign Language”.
We know that these signs which appear to be names are actually ACCOUNTS belonging to the Vatican. These ACCOUNTS are held as split titles to incorporated entities, with the Holy See holding equitable title in behalf of the Devil and the legal title left hanging in the wind, available for anyone to claim.
So when you see this “thing” that appears to be your name on a letter addressed to your mailing address you naturally assume that it is yours, when in fact, it should be addressed to the miscreant Holy See.
After all, they are getting the benefit of the ACCOUNT and expecting you to do all the work related to it, including coming up with the funds to pay the bill for their ACCOUNT. They should be the ones sitting in the docket with their checkbooks ready.
This then, and your ignorant willingness to be identified as the party responsible for this “THING”, is at the heart of what is going on in these fake courts. It’s all deliberate fraud, designed to give an “appearance of justice” while “practicing” but not actually executing either law or justice.
All these attorneys are functioning as the Pontiff’s bill collectors and ACCOUNT managers, just like the IRS is functioning as his modern day Inquisition, still collecting “Peter’s Pence” and your “Confession” every April 15th.
How does it feel to be managed by crooks and to have the Roman Catholic Church fronting for all this?
Don’t tell me that the Popes, both Benedict XVI and Francis, don’t know the ins and outs of this scheme. They would have to know. It’s been going on since 1250 A.D. They’ve been on Notice and Demand for eight years to correct operations directly related to this central fraud----these Vatican ACCOUNTS.
So far as I can see, Benedict acted in good faith to correct the situation, but the most constructive action Francis has taken to stop this criminality, his First Apostolic Letter, has merely been a defensive action to cover their own butts.
Now the whole crap wad has been discovered and the closet door has burst open and it is all rolling like a brown wave down the Palatine Hills…. It’s the Roman Cult embedded like a tumor in the Church that has caused all this misery and graft and oppression of humanity, plus Loyola’s perverse dream of creating God’s Kingdom on Earth by force of arms.
Apparently, Loyola never observed the fact that God gave each of us freewill for a reason.
Oh, I am tired, folks, and world-weary. I’ve grown old contesting with this Beast, shadow-boxing it, tracking it, negotiating with it, hearing its vain confessions. It’s time for everyone to wake up, especially the Archbishops and the Jesuits.

The actual beneficiaries of the Vatican ACCOUNTS are here and seeking settlement.
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  1. Another MASTERPIECE writing and thinking. Thank You.

  2. I agree with all above, however, note the statement regarding "free will". As all of our thoughts, resulting in our actions, have been given to us by God and was a part of His plan before the creation of the world, and we have none of our own, He then directs what we do, and "free will" on our own would be non-existent as our actions exhibit His will for His own glorification.


    1. Oh gafuey with the no free will. God does not glorify in our misery. We have help you know. It is all tied together. Our galactic brothers and sisters are aware of the mess made by the dark souls on earth. Divine decree states that they do not interfere unless it is the will of the people. Start welcoming them. The other fraud we've been sold is that there are no UFOs. That is because the gov has worked with the bad ones to keep us enslaved. There is Aahtar, St. Michael, St. Germaine, Jesus / Sananda and many others of the Light, working to help us now. Research, learn, and contact them. They are the best hope, so ask ask ask them to send boots on the ground.

    2. Not true Margy, We were created in God's image and likeness. That means we DO have free will. We can choose to reject His plan for us, which is what Sin is called. Rejection of God is our choice. We can also choose to follow His grace and His inspiration, and His known teaching. That is His Holy Will for us be he will never force us to do anything we don't want to do. He knows, from all eternity what we will choose, but he will never interfere except to prompt us with whatever grace he can to make the right choices.
      Here is a great study written by St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo around the year 426.

  3. The gang with the most guns usally wins! Just sayin...militia are you deputized?or uh a constutional dejour.
    Marshall ?

  4. Don’t tell me that the Popes, both Benedict XVI and Francis, don’t know the ins and outs of this scheme. They would have to know. It’s been going on since 1250 A.D. I believe it is 90AD from what I have read.. or the formation of the that religion out of thin air.


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