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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Smell of the Rose - Anna Von Reitz

When I was a child of maybe 2 or 3, I remember tearing apart a rose blossom, trying to figure out where the smell came from?

If only it were so easy.....

When we ask such questions the answer leads us down a rabbit hole that leads to the center of the Universe, only to find that the center of the Universe is empty.

Light, which illuminates and gives life to everything, is itself completely invisible.

So it is with God. We cannot see with our eyes. We cannot fathom with our reason.

And this is why the teachings of Ignatius Loyola, the Founder of the Jesuit Order, can be so profoundly destructive.

Loyola was a soldier and he thought in terms of war.  His vision was to create Heaven on Earth by force.  If men would not accept the Pope as King and give their lives in devotion to the Church, then they must be forced to kneel and believe, or else.

He had no respect for Freewill, which is the problem confronting Islam, too.

The idea that you can force a man to believe something is like tearing a rose apart to find its smell.  All you are left with is a handful of crushed petals, shame for being ignorant, and regret.

When this same simplistic approach to life and religion is allowed to prevail we are left with nothing but the basis for endless war as one gang of knotheads tries to enforce their beliefs and moral code on another gang of knotheads at the cost of prejudice, ignorance, bloodshed, and fear.

Whoever wants to go back to the Bad Old Days of the Inquisition or the Jihad does not do this for the sake of our Creator or for the sake of their religion, either.  They do it because they feed like Harpies on negativity and grief and destruction and most of all, war profits, and because they are criminals and thieves who wish to kill rather than pay back their creditors.

The last two major World Wars have been about bankers finding excuses to kill their creditors.  Are we really so stupid as to allow this to happen again? 


  1. All wars are based on lies otherwise there would be peace. Imagine what would happen if a war was declared and no one showed up to fight. Our men and women need to read the founding documents and honor the oath. This would put an end to the illegal wars.

  2. Anna Von Reitz, August 10, 2016
    I have only touched on a few topics to which I have been addressing with the people, on my videos, as this is my only sounding board, YOUTUBE, because mainstreammedia refuses to afford me the same time as my opponents on National News. Possibly YOU can change that, however I don't know how good of friends you are with Trump, since you're of the same stature, and wealth. Be that as it may, possibly you won't give me a second thought, but if your heart was for this country and not the money aspect of getting her heart (which is the PEOPLE) back to work, exports of our goods, the label made in America back, the factories churning and our country back in production, possibly you would give ME your vote, for I AM AN AMERICAN, I am for WE THE PEOPLE, be they rich, poor, middle class, white, black, Hispanic, whatever nationality, if one has become and American then I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU, and I WILL DIE if the need arise, to stand up for those that can't, speak for those who are are not heard, listen to those voices who've been silenced for way to long, be the voice that could not speak,

    I regurgitate the news for those that have trouble with site, those who are hard of hearing, and those which just like my style of reporting. I do have certain exclusive stories, as well as calls I make to POLITICIANS, Scientists, and people I find interesting or wanting ANSWERS from. I have nearly 1.5 Million which have come to my channel, when I started a short 2 years and four months ago when I had a mere 21 thousand views and 244 subs. The Father in Heaven told me to (do the news) on February 28th, 2014, it has grown exponentially and continues to climb at an alarming rate. You see, I offer TRUTH, that's what people seek. I do not get paid for what I do. I do not nor will I run ads on my channel, it would pose the question from my viewers, such as: Is she doing this for the ad revenue, or because she is concerned with humanity. I can assure you, its the latter. I use adult language, its been a great tool, plus its a freedom of speech issue, my viewers don't have a problem with it. I'm humorous at times, especially when reporting on Yellowstone. My playlist is extensive, check it out, IF you have time, and or the interest to do so. I have put up some 7,000 thousand videos in the past 2 yrs and 4 months, I'm certain you would find something of interest. Most of those vid's are on the following links to one channel. I also own my name wheepingwillow2, as its connected to my KY Injured Workers Organization I began years ago. Another story. According to the Constitution the Majority rules, wherefore IF I attain enough votes I win.
    I have instructed people to obtain their absentee ballots, write the name Carol Bohannon, make 2 copies, send the original back to the clerk via Fed X, whereby they'd have an instant receipt, sending me a copy of that verification, retain one for themselves, and one to me with their name address and phone number. Then when all the votes are tallied, after November 8, we'll truly SEE who was the winner. IF by chance I'm wrong, please educate me. Thank you.

    The following is my latest video.

    The following is for any Donations which are welcomed:

    by: Carol Bohannon (surname)

    President2016 Owensboro, Kentucky

  3. I remember walking into a Army Compound in 1969 and hearing on HUGE loudspeakers, Country Joe AND the Fish belting out: "WAR!. WHAT IS GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING." I don't know what happened to the guys blasting that out of their windows but the song was shut off immediately after that.

  4. I was going to say the last two wars were bankers wars good enough I'll cede the rest.

  5. I was going to say the last two wars were bankers wars good enough I'll cede the rest.

  6. I am doing a hand out (6pages) that I have had copied telling people about the corporate U.S.A.,the law/money system and why we must get out of the mess we are in. I give them Anna's web site and yours. I talk to people I know & perfect strangers but it is very discouraging. You can't effectively solve a problem unless you understand the problem & VERY few people want truth. Their "belief systems", especially regarding religion keeps them imprisioned in lies. Since the churches have Tax free status the government has a strangle hold on them. the last church I was a member of (many years ago) had a trial and kicked me out because I got wise to the minister. Now I tell people that we all have A MORAL OBLIGATION to check out organizations we support and make sure they are working in our best interests and not against us. Just because our parents and/or grandparents were supporters of a religion doesn't mean we should blindly follow suit. Most people are sheeple and don't want to take a stand. Maybe they will have to pay a heavy price for their sheeple mentality.

  7. Foreclosures now at an exponential rate. Now lawyers are lying through the teeth. But the judges are in on this too. I thought there would be an end to this. Look out people paying your morgage or not THEY WILL TAKE YOUR HOUSE! Devalue the treasonous usd that simple. I thought there was help, hell I had to give up my medical treatments to pay a paralegal.. can't even donate to Anna and Paul. Our country is under full attack. the only place i can think of to post this.

  8. No respect for Free Will?

    Anna you are great at what you do with the mechanics of the world system and proving the inability of man being able to govern himself outside of God.

    I have learn a lot and it has reinforced what i had already studied.

    But again this thing of free will keeps coming up.

    Definition of free will: Meriam Webster Dictionary
    : the ability to choose how to act
    : the ability to make choices that are not controlled by fate or God

    So then is God managing a damaged control situation from his Throne? Does he not know the end from the beginning? Did God created evil?

    Isiah 45:7
    New International Version
    I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things.

    Did God form the light, yes agrees the Christian.
    Did God created darkness, yes agrees the Christian
    Did God created evil (disaster, calamities), no disagrees the Christian!

    Does God know the end from the beginning? Yes answers the Christian.
    Does a sparrow falls from the sky and God know not about it? Yes God knows about it, answers the Christian.

    But when it comes to the fanthom of free will, God is totally out of the picture.
    So are we save by grace? Yes answers the Christian

    What is grace??

    From G5463; graciousness (as gratifying), of manner or act (abstract or concrete; literal, figurative or spiritual; especially the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude): - acceptable, benefit, favour, gift, grace (-ious), joy liberality, pleasure, thank (-s, -worthy).

    Devine influence upon the heart! BINGO! And who is doing this influencing?

    Don't everybody answer at once.

    Are you beginning to see my friends and Anna



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