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Monday, June 13, 2016

Should Democrats Be Disarmed?

by Anna Von Reitz

I have a good friend whose integrity I respect highly and whose information is always solid. 

He has investigated the known mass murderers, assassins, and gun-violence terrorists in recent years and with one exception----and it's a long list----they were all Democrats. 

Now, it has been a big question in my mind for years why the Democratic Party has been calling for "gun control", when it is clear that our Constitution requires an active militia and guarantees our right to keep and bear arms----and it is also apparent that guns are not the problem. 

I have watched guns for sixty years: rifles, pistols, Uzzis and submachine guns in general, air rifles, AK47s, 911s, 50 mm sniper rifles, elephant guns, shot guns, little bitty two shot Derringers, you name it, I've observed them lying on logs, perched on tables, snugged down in gun cabinets, tucked behind doors, over doors, carried in holsters and backpacks and purses---- and I have never once seen a gun move by itself.  Ever.  Not as much as a quarter of an inch.  So why would they need to be controlled? 

The Dems, however,  can disarm whenever they wish. 

While they are at it, why stop with guns and pistols?  They can turn in the billions of rounds of ammo they have purchased for quasi-governmental agencies like FEMA, FBI, BATF, DHS and the other alphabet soups.  

If Democrats cause more than 90% of all these shootings, just think of the harm they can do by misdirecting government agencies?   

If they feel so inclined, they can turn in their nail guns, chain saws, ice picks, all kitchen knives with blades longer than one inch, lawn mowers, drinking straws, ropes, razors, pipe wrenches, hammers, chisels---oh, well, the whole tool box is dangerous. Decorative swords, antique animal traps, axes, hoes, shovels, post hole diggers, ice scrapers, bicycle chains, rolls of wire, baseball bats..... just add it to the pile. 

Why not just clear out the garage entirely?  Cars are really, really dangerous, so....turn that in, too. 

Come to think of it, should they be trusted with poisonous substances of any kind?  Might as well collect any rat poison, pesticides, drain cleaners, caustic soda, weed killers, and fertilizers,  

Matches, too.  They might start a fire.  And God Forbid!  Seize their woodpiles!  Just think of all the damage that could be done by one man gone crazy with a piece of unauthorized fuel? 

As for the rest of us----the obvious move is to go sign up for a refresher course at the nearest shooting range and start carrying. 


If all those people had been on their toes and carrying sidearms, we wouldn't be talking about fifty dead Americans in Orlando. We wouldn't talking about one dead nutcase, either. He'd simply be dead and we'd never know----and that would be all right with us. 

Same thing in Paris.  150 sane people with weapons can easily dispatch three nutcases, but 150 unarmed people are helpless as fish in a barrel.  

We must admit that the police are never there when you need them and always present when you don't.  That's not their fault.  It's just a law of nature, like the rain storm that comes in response to me washing my car. 

The government also needs to admit that its "Open Doors" policy is contributing to this sad day when lawlessness compels average Americans to strap on shootin' irons and make like John Wayne.  Or, in my case, Granny Clampett.

People---sane people---have to be ready to defend themselves and their families and friends and neighbors.  For most (though not all) Americans the days are gone when they had to worry about Grizzly Bears and charging Moose and stalking Mountain Lions, but the worst predator of all remains. 

Those that don't want to carry firearms can pay a Community Defense Tax, payable to the families of shooting victims. After all, if we have to bear the responsibility of defending ourselves and our communities, it's not fair to let the Disarmed Democrats get off with a shrug. 

I am liking this plan better and better.

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  1. Right on Anna. I've been saying that for a long time.

  2. I am really disappointed with this article after Anna's clarion call for indigenous unity in another post today. The old Democrat-Republican ENMITY is a classic divide and conquer in our history, whether the 2 parties are called that or not. Why not just deal with people as individuals? You know who wants to disarm us. The enemy is central banking, which owns our "government" and that of every every location in the world and is responsible for authoring everything Anna has documented. Who do you think wrote all that fraud? Look at the huge fascist symbols that hang over the DC Congress, the wheat shafts with the embedded ax. That is a long-term fascist symbol and it hangs over Republicans and Democrats alike. Not one in the Congress objects to it. It's obvious that Republicans have done their share to sell us out to our oppressors or we would not be where we are. Stop defining things in terms of political parties, which are just how we're set up to never have enough strength to rise up together and throw the real enemies off. Gun control is just one of their tricks to enslave us. Perhaps "Democrats" are more prone to being used for it. What about all those "Republicans" who have backed the worst forms of General Bullmoose for many, many decades? Get over partisanship and recognize we're all being used for whatever we can be used for. Stop looking at each other's weaknesses and focus on the puppetmaster. That's just what the puppetmaster wants to avoid, hence the partisanship.


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