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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Several Major Updates -- June 27, 2016 from Anna Von Reitz

( Editor: This is huge so pay attention to these wins for the Living Law Firm.)

Greetings to Everyone, Coast to Coast, Pole to Pole--- 

I am very tired after a long day, so I will make this short;  

1. As of four o'clock this afternoon, June 27, 2016, Alaska Standard Time, we have confirmed the necessary (and in many cases more than sufficient) number of claimants who are "grandfathered in" as American State Nationals and heirs of the Republic to prove up on our claim to secure the land jurisdiction of every one of fifty nation-states.  Thank you to all those who have answered this call for help and special thanks to the "Mormon Miracle Workers" who worked so hard to confirm and secure the public records and documents needed.   

2.  As of six o'clock this evening, 165 Americans held for a variety of non-violent crimes in federal prisons and work camps (that I know of and only God knows how many total) have been released to their families as a result of using the Habeas Corpus paperwork pioneered by our Living Law Firm. Thank you, all of you who have sent donations in support of our Non-Bar legal team and their continuing effort in behalf of all of us. I think that the importance of what they have done and what they aspire to do is now becoming apparent. 

3. As of ten o'clock this evening, the first paperwork establishing the American States and Nations Bank in practical terms took effect.  Within the next several weeks our American sovereign bank will open on all platforms worldwide.  You and your family can say good-bye to the Federal Reserve and the IMF and vote with your feet for a new banking system that guarantees privacy and peace of mind and a bank account that will keep on chugging when the lights go out.  Worried about "bail outs" and "bail ins" and "bank holidays" and "asset confiscation" and the constant gnawing unseen tax of inflation stealing the value of your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week?  Kiss that dilemma good-bye and remember the name--- "American States and Nations Bank"--- because this bank is hand-tailored to protect you, protect your assets, protect your privacy, and give you the keys to a brand new world. 

Just another Happy Monday here in the Great Land of Alaska.  Thank you all, each and every one, for the prayers and the information and the donations that are making this progress possible. Those 390 million little "raindrops" out there are beginning to make a lake, and before you know it, there will be an ocean of people righting the wrongs and addressing the evils and cleaning out the halls of justice and doing all the many things that need to be done. 

Those of you who have read my book, "Disclosure 101", have a good sense of just how helpless and alone I felt in those early days---- when I wrote my letter to friends and family and sent it off and asked them for help getting the word out about our nation's actual history and the corruption overtaking us. Just want you all to know, I don't feel alone anymore. Thank you more than I can say. 

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  1. There are thousands needing an effective WHC. Please share your template or list a couple cases we can pull up the Writ used--especially any federal case. I have access to PACER.

    1. Dennis, I am hoping not to be sent to jail or prison on July 8th for a trumped up Probation Violation. I am fighting it all the way. I have filed the necessary paperwork, I hope, to make me a State National of Nevada in Yavapai County, Arizona where I reside, The case is Mohave County Superior Court vs Sharon Holmes CV 2012-0838. I agreed to am Alford plea deal in 2013 based on three years probation (which would be up this July) and at that point the felony was to be reduced to a misdemeanor with all my rights restored. They have assigned the case ro a new judge who knows nothing about the case, and the prosecutor is now determined to convict me of the probation violation and is refusing to end the probation of 3 years, and restore my rights. I am a 72 year old widowed LDS Christian who lived 62 years in Nevada with no police involvement, but three trumped up "crimes" in Arizona after moving here 10 years ago. Arizona has the largest per capita incarceration rate in the US because they have used private loans to build bigger and more jails, and now they have to pay for them with the Billion dollar State budget from Arizona Corrections which seems to have lots of tax money to keep the citizens incarcerated so that can make the payments on the jails. Mohave County pays $6,000 a month to FAULKNER USA for 12 years before they own the jail. My E-mail address is sharonkholmes@

    2. Challenge the Constitutionality immediately, FRCP 5.1 and check out/google john trowbridge jr v the US

    3. Shenny. It sounds like you have a case of the prosecutor exceeding his authority. The biggest issue you are up against is the corrupt structure that will collude with him and support his criminal actions against you. This is exactly why we need this Writ of Habeas Corpus Anna is touting. I have so far received two responses from her that evade the request for a template or case I can review. Many people are very capable of writing solid, irrefutable WHC's but the courts deny them anyways. It is the only thing these corrupt bastards can do when we are right. Under these circumstances the best advice I can give is when the judge orders you imprisoned for the probation violation be sure to immediately object on the record and announce your intent to appeal his decision and make your demand the order be stayed pending the appeal on the grounds that you are not a flight risk or danger to the community. Many will give you all kinds of advice about challenges to make. Your first goal is to stay out of jail. Which do you think will be more effective, doing it in a way the judge will recognize as fitting in one of their check boxes are filling his head full of Patriot/Constitutionalist (I am one) "babble" he is not going to understand? The best to you and I will keep you in my thoughts.
      Dennis at berrybestfarm at yahoo dot com

  2. Please post more about the American States and Nations Bank, as this is the first I've heard of it. If we can get back to honest weights and measures, i.e., lawful money, the fiat system will implode.


  3. Great going. Yes I too would love to hear more about your continued efforts. Keep up the great work. and if you have the time check out tks

  4. Ok this is important and Anna has been busy along with those Non BAR attorneys. A sovereign bank not connected to the century old federal reserve system. I will put my whole $20 savings after paying the sharks every month into an account there. American States and Nations Bank on all platforms in 2 weeks? My guarded optimism is swelling. Great news Anna and kudos to all involved in this process.

  5. I know from my own personal life what it means to push on alone, Anna. It's sad, lonely, disheartening and scary. While my experience didn't have a nation depending on it, yours did and does. And you forge on even though in the country you're saving many don't even know that it was taken over by criminal parasites. But people are finding out!! It may take some time, but I believe you will be remembered with the founding fathers. It wasn't the order of the day in 1776, but now we will have a re-founding mother! God send you strength and blessings.

  6. i also would like more info on the American States and Nations Bank. Where is it located? What does it take to put money into this bank?

  7. American States and Nations Bank, what and who are classified to comprise of the Nation Bankers. We have a clear picture of the American States Citizens in your call for Jus Sanguinis relations of the American States but nothing is said of the Nationals. Now that the initiative is on the way I think it is better now than later to clarify the inclusive term of "All Men Are Created Equal" to avoid an Apartheid economic regime.

  8. Now That's NEWS to Cheer & Celebrate!!!
    165 Americans set Free! Awesome product!!
    You've added some depth & meaning to the upcoming Holiday!!
    I realize you didn't ask for my advice but...I suggest you take a Family Day with Friends and acknowledge the Wins & make them firm!!!

  9. Anna,
    My family probably wouldn't understand the unimaginable task you faced when you started down this road because they have not been taught the real history of our Country and when I began to delve into it a few years back, they thought I was becoming unbalanced in my thinking. I can only imagine some of what you've been through as you've tried to educate those who were so fast asleep. I pray for you and ask our Heavenly Father for strength and guidance for you because you are doing (almost)the impossible and I'm sure many thought the improbable. Thank you will never be enough to say but it's all I can come up with that tells you my appreciation and gratitude for all you're doing. My family will know what you've done and they will appreciate it when they understand because one way or another they will know of your tremendous gift to them. Again with all my heart THANK YOU to both you and your husband.

  10. Keep on sailing Anna girlie, you doing it right! May the fountain of THE Living God and His goodness and favor continue being poured out upon you; defending you with His guardian care!you looking strong at 60 Ms. Kitty... brouhaha, BIG HUGS!!!le in texas state am ready to fly with somebody

  11. I'M TIRED , GIVE US HOPE AND LEAVE US HANGING , ASK QUESTIONS NEVER TO BE ANSWERED . wHAT'S THE BIG PICTURE ; WHY DON'T YOU KNOW ,THAT 'S A SECRET , fipo ??? Here in BERGEN COUNTY , NJ Tthe courts purosefully shut down prosessing your recommended paperwrk several years ago ; common law , not here . I no longer believe you .

  12. And 7/1/2016 marked the end of UCC-1 filings ; is that right . How do you get free now ?

  13. Wonderful News Anna and to all you Patriots, Preppers, and members of the Republic of the States in America.

    Will be be able to make it in time?

    Give us a step by step plan and let us know how we can participate even if we can't or don't have the money to donate.

    I am a Minnesota residence, how can I help?


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