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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NLA and Karen Hudes ----Unanswered Letters 23 --- For Concerned Parties

by Anna Von Reitz

In answer to the question I received tonight: 

"Karen Hudes joined the NLA call tonight and is asking for concrete support in helping getting the frn exchanged for the gold backed currency. She says if the exchange does not happen soon, the frn will crash and there will be a 3rd world war.  Why does she say that?  do you know?" 

It's because she and her buddies have deliberately confused their own worthless promissory notes with actual United States Dollars and people all around the world have been defrauded as a result.  They thought they were buying our lawful currency, but they were buying Federal Reserve funny money instead. 

They were naturally angry and blaming the Americans, but I said---- whoa!  This isn't our fault.  The same rats defrauded us, too.  And I instructed the Bank of International Settlements to settle the "United States National Debt" by transferring the equal National Credit owed to us to balance the books and get all the other countries off our weary backs.

Now the Bank Rats are desperately trying to get us all to accept their gold casino chips and start their same old fraud game again, only this time using pieces of metal and "gold certificates"  instead of other pretty pieces of paper. 

We need to understand that there is really no difference. Both things are almost equally worthless and merely symbolic of the value of our labor and the natural resources of the Earth. 

They confiscated our privately held gold back in the 1930's and traded their worthless promises for the gold in Fort Knox, then claimed bankruptcy protection for themselves and left us holding the bag as "presumed" sureties standing good for their debts. 

Now they have moved the gold hoard to China and the Chinese government is trying to get us to go along and buy back the gold that was stolen from us in the first place by these fraud artists at super inflated prices. 

Gold traded at about $30 per ounce in 1928.  It now trades for around $1300 per ounce.  The difference of $1270 per ounce is pure profit for these criminals, which is why they are so desperate to get everyone herded into their new casino.  

But their scheme doesn't work if we don't take the bait.  They are stuck with tons and tons and tons of gold, a substance that is objectively not worth much.  It makes pretty jewelry and is an excellent conductor of electricity (second to silver) - but that is about all. 

So, everyone, tell me again why gold is so "precious"? 

The reason Hudes spouts off about World War III is that if they can't get us to buy into their fraud---- at our great disadvantage--- they propose to kill off their Priority Creditors so they don't have to pay us back what they owe. 

This idea is attractive to the Bank Rats because (1) they avoid paying us back; (2) they collect on the life insurance policies they've bought on each one of us (using our money, of course); (3) they get to charge our accounts for the "service" of killing us; (4) they get to claim our homes and lands and businesses as "abandoned property". 

It's Hitler's Final Solution all over again. The German Jews were the Priority Creditors of the Nazi Government. 

I have a Better Solution.  We kill the banks and corrupt bank regulatory agencies instead.  Liquidate them as crime syndicates. Seize all their assets in payment of their debt to human society.  Establish a public worldwide trading platform using block chain technology. Guarantee everyone on the planet access to food, water, shelter, medical care, education--- all the basics, plus an investment account that they can use for any positive purpose. 

Contrary to fears that people would just sit on their butts and do nothing in such a system, actual tests proved that after an initial adjustment period wherein people paid off old bills, did needed maintenance on their homes, and took care of medical and dental needs they had otherwise been putting off---they went on working, or went back to school, or took early retirement and started doing things to help their families and communities thrive. 

Even more embarrassing for the social planners--- Mom and Pop proved to be significantly better investors than Wall Street, beating the index 70 percent of the time, because they invested locally or otherwise in business sectors they knew from experience.  They didn't play the market like "institutional investors" by throwing a handful of darts and hoping that enough of them would stick. 

There is absolutely nothing standing in our way but the greed of banks, the stupidity of politicians, and fear. 

Oh, and let's admit, openly, in public, that we have been bamboozled, defrauded, robbed silly by our own employees, and let's finger the banks responsible for this. 

The IMF set up the UNITED STATES, INC., a storefront "governmental services corporation" and fifty STATE franchises right under our noses and we stupidly mistook this for our own government.  THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sponsored by the FEDERAL RESERVE came in right behind them, and offered to do the same thing and tried to set up a rerun of what FDR and the United States of America (Incorporated) pulled on us in the 1930's. 

The criminals need to be recognized and what they have done needs to be recognized for what it is----crime. 

This is the only way that we can deal with the problem and make sure that it doesn't morph into something even worse.

Karen Hudes wants immunity for all the bankers despite their heinous crimes.  She wants us to buy into the gold casino so that the same bankers can profit beyond their wildest dreams --- at our expense.  She wants to drive us into their trap like sheep or cattle, by threatening World War III if we don't. 

Now do you all have a clear picture of exactly who and what Karen Hudes really is?  

At the end of the day, the world only works because we work and because we create and consume products. That's it. 
The bankers have no real power of their own. They rely on lies and deceptions and false claims---- and its all just snake oil and Wonder Powder.  

If we won't trade for their gold, who is going to make us?  And given the circumstance---that those who have the gold stole it from us and the rest of the world and are now hiding out in China?----- why should we?  The Chinese are looking worse by the minute: not only stupid for allowing the parasites to set up shop in China, but dishonest for trying to profit from stolen goods. 
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  1. This post is a Bulls Eye on target and this cannot be denied by any of our Creators people. We always wanted the truth, well, HERE IT IS. Take heed and read and let us get it done!!

  2. This article is right on, as usual. BUT who is going to make "the Bad guys," do what is right. That always seems to be the problem.

  3. I appreciate your insights my dear. You show wisdom beyond your years!!

  4. By the Bye,
    I wouldn't be too concerned about what the "Bad Hats" will do. They're psychotic and it's anyone's guess what a psycho might do.
    Much more relevant to be concerned about what you will do! Get productive, build community, get exchange rolling in abundance, and build your jural assemblies to get self governance back under control.
    Pretty simple, really.
    And don't buy their fool's gold!
    All The Best,

  5. Thank u anna for u have helped us to awaken

  6. The Concept of Money - Oct 05, 2009
    ♫Rhode Island Jim♫ - P®et of the “Common Man™
    Dedicated to all my “Common” Brothers and Sisters
    The concept of money has been on my mind,
    Quite a lot these past days
    That “printed paper, backed up by rocks”
    Can make the whole world so totally crazed
    A devious scheme by a master-mind
    To keep the majority down
    And the plan is working if everyone’s face
    Is constantly wearing a frown
    No one should ever have to endure
    Homelessness, suffering or hunger
    And just the mere thought of a night without heat
    Should be helping your heart to grow stronger
    Help everyone with all that you can
    That should be your main objective
    But do it with love, and patience and caring
    It’s a gift – it is not a directive
    When we think about all the resources we have
    There’s no need to leave anyone wanting
    When you see news-clips of the homeless and ill
    The pictures are really quite haunting
    If everyone everywhere would gather together
    And all be the “Family of Man”
    The combined worlds consciousness would create a new beginning
    And it’s not a case of “COULD” but rather “CAN”
    “Brothers & Sisters – am I getting through to you”?
    “Together, that’s the ticket!”

  7. Always thought Jose Resaul.story was a little hard to swallow . No body but Ed Mc Man and publishers clearing house kept promising to send me my million I won all I had to do were to subscribe .

  8. Lot's of information here, but in my humble opinion, I think the real bulls eye is being missed. If you are a Christian, and believe the Bible is the word of God, then you can't help but agree with the doctrine of predestination, whereby, all that will happen on earth has been foreordained before the creation. ALL. That means that if there is to be a WWIII, it has been foreordained, or, if we are to have something as described by Anna, that too will have been other words, we are not to fret over these things. Everything we do in life has been foreordained too, and we couldn't change it even if we wanted to, as that is what foreordained means. This is God's battle, and He will, and does, use us as He deems fit...not as WE deem fit, so we should rejoice He is using us for good, which ultimately, He is.


    1. Sadly, The Doctrine most Christians have swallowed is called the "MCS Syndrome" Here's "The Tip of The Iceberg"... "Sorry, but. . .Why the Catholic Church Can’t Move on From the Sex Abuse Crisis
      Today’s news about the media reports concerning the Catholic Church in the Netherlands should not “shock or dismay,” despite what the Church PR people say.. As a sex abuse lawyer, I’ve seen similar scenarios play out in Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, not to mention the numerous occasions I’ve witnessed it with the Boy Scouts of America, the Mormon Church or the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
      An investigation has determined thousands (I’m talking tens of thousands) of children were sexually abused by priests, nuns, brothers, and sisters in the Dutch Catholic Church for the past sixty years. Officials in the Dutch hierarchy knew about the abuse and turned a blind eye. Now, they are “shocked, dismayed, and saddened” by the news. That’s quite frankly a bunch of bull.
      The “sorry but” approach to dealing with this scandal by Church officials is way too little and woefully too late. Certainly, it’s what some PR spin firm told them to say, but supposedly these church officials are folks who are men and women of faith. If they are, then they should remember the ancient prayer, wherein humble people of faith pray for “and for a good account before the fearful judgment seat of Christ, let us ask of the Lord." Have they no holy fear? Have they forgotten that, though they may escape our civil statutes of limitations, yet there is another, deeper and more eternal reckoning awaiting us all?
      Perhaps, I’m angry at this rote, mechanical response that shows no hint of belief or faith. As a Christian struggling with my own defects of character and sinfulness, I am quite aware of Christ’s admonition that we take care the log in our own eyes before we point to the speck in our brother’s eye. But I also recall that the Master also said: “It were better for a man that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he be cast into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to stumble,” referring, of course, to little children, always and especially beloved of God.”
      We have for a decade now heard various expressions of regret from Church officials. I have written about this before, in a series on apologies and forgiveness. But what we have not seen or heard is anything like biblical repentance—metanoia: an about face, a turning around and a complete change. When we witness that, the Church will begin to recover from this terrible scourge it has inflicted upon herself, and upon thousands and thousands of children" "Cover-up Symptoms" to Create MORE FIAT PAPER, Smart PERSONS, right?

  9. I notice that Winston Shrout is touting the "New Republic" and currency reset. Like so many others, he appears to be a shill for the criminals who are trying to steal our birthright. There are a lot of disinfo agents out there and they come with very convincing rhetoric. There is never any evidence presented, just rhetoric.

    This is not just a physical con, it is spiritual as well. Maybe it is primarily spiritual. I'd hate to lose my spiritual birthright to these swine. It's important to pay attention, be open, honest and honorable, and to not get fooled again.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. No one can steal our spiritual birth rights. In fact, no one can steal anything material either, unless you believe in the illusion of ownership.Chief Seattle said something very profound when he said "Land does not belong to man, man belongs to the land. The corrupt counterfeit bankers that Ana refers to, are amongst the social engineers who intentionally set up the current immoral, and certainly illegal system of things, to keep the masses and their offspring impoverished, enslaved, and indebted to them forever.To quote a line in a very famous Janis Joplin song, "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose", a truer statement can not be spoken. We have been intentionally socially conditioned to rely and depend on our modern day slave masters. Perhaps it's time to seriously make a distinction between what we know in our hearts to be true, rather than go along with the rest of the sheeple, and except what is false. Time to choose between what we are told we should want, and decide to focus on manifesting what it is we actually need. No one really owns anything, it's just an illusion constantly being shoved down our throats by the deceivers. Everything belongs to GOD, and we are just the stewards of all things material.The more we aspire to own in the material realm, the more we loose in the spiritual realm !!!!


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