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Thursday, January 14, 2016

To Betsy Hammond of the Oregonian RE "self appointed judge" showing up.

on January 12, 2016 at 4:48 PM, updated January 12, 2016 at 5:55 PM

In reference to your recent story in The Oregonian in which you said: 
"In late November, Anna Maria Riezinger, an Alaska woman who claims to be Judge Anna von Rietz under the same inaccurate reading of the Constitution that Doucette uses, ruled that the members of Congress, the president and the U.S. treasury secretary all committed crimes and directed U.S. marshals and FBI agents to arrest them.
Last week, Riezinger issued a statement about the Harney occupation. In it, she wrote that "The Hammonds and the Bundy Family are Priority Creditors of all the (government agencies) which are now or which have operated in this country in the past. ...They and their countrymen are owed the patent to all land within the geographically defined boundaries of their respective states, free and clear of liens, encumbrances, or other presumptions."
Hundreds of people who have used similar sovereign citizen arguments to justify failing to pay federal income taxes, getting drivers licenses or other government requirements have never prevailed in any court."
-- Betsy Hammond
Ms. Hammond,
In the first place, I never actually said any such thing.  I explained the law and its implications for the members of the law enforcement community.  You should read before you gossip and mindlessly repeat sensationalist headlines.  
If I am not legitimately exactly what I say I am--- a Judge operating the Common Law jurisdiction of the Alaska State Superior Court --- how is it that I have functioned in that Public Office for three years now, and have not been arrested for "impersonating" a Judge?   Certainly, you have heard of me all the way to Oregon.  My role is not exactly a secret, is it? 
How is it that I haven't paid a penny in federal income tax in twenty years?  That's another good question for you to ask.  
Could it be that  "federal officials" are in fact nothing but private corporate officers with no Public Office at all, and that they are wildly out of compliance with the only commercial contract allowing their presence on our soil?  
I published their Dun and Bradstreet Numbers in our sworn, autographed, sealed and published affidavit of probable cause, "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" which is available on  I can also produce their Registered Agents, EIN Numbers, and lots of additional evidence to prove that what you think of as "your government" is in fact not your government.  
Your government has been incorporated and via that simple mechanism has been usurped into the foreign and international jurisdiction of the sea and placed under the Law of the Sea, not the Law of the Land which you, as an American, are owed. 
Except for people like me, the Organic Law of this country--- The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution for the united States of America, and the United States Statutes at Large are not being enforced.  And now you know the reason.  
If your interest in providing a "balanced" reporting of the facts is not aroused, it should be.  
It is true that a great many well-meaning patriots have gone to jail when they tried to enforce their guarantees owed to them under the Law of the Land in courts that are functioning under the Law of the Sea. So what?
Those patriots were not wrong in their basic assumptions, they were simply duped, misinformed, as you are Ms.Hammond, about the nature of institutions merely "standing for" our lawful government which is supposed to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people" and not of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.   
Please bother to open up a copy of any United States Constitution you can find and look at Amendment VII. There you will find that all issues of value in excess of $20 (around $500 translated to current values) must be tried at Common Law.  
So like most Americans you probably assume that the courts you are familiar with are operating under the Common Law you are owed, right? 
Wrong.  They are operating under a form of martial common law euphemistically called "Special Admiralty". It's the only form of common law that the corporate federal government and its incorporated franchises operating the Federal States and Federal Counties possess.  
Back in 1938 in a U.S. Supreme Court Case known as Thompkins v. Erie Railroad, the Justices admitted that there is no such thing as federal "General Common Law", so in order to keep their incorporated Court System going, they had to fall back on a provision made at the end of the Civil War allowing military commanders to establish military common law tribunals in the Southern States for the purposes of punishing and subduing "rebels".  
This situation was addressed again by the U.S. Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte (1866) which still stands and it was decided that there was no excuse for the use of martial common law in areas where the local Common Law Courts were operating. 
So via the process of incorporation the rats responsible made sure that the continental Common Law Courts got no support, no access to the public funding they are owed.  The corporate managers simply arranged to undermine the lawful Common Law Court System so that the only "common law courts" left were the federal martial common law courts which could be used to further usurp our lawful jurisdiction.
And that is what they have done. 
Foreign Admiralty courts have run rampant upon the land jurisdiction of this country and have inflicted terrible damage upon the American people and their private property assets as a result.  And people like you, Ms. Hammond, have supported them in their unlawful and unprincipled acts against your neighbors and have laughed at the poor "deluded" patriots over cocktails, never realizing that this same process of racketeering and usurpation can be applied against you and your family and your friends and your neighbors, too.  
The history of Nazi Germany is most instructive.  It became fashionable to be a Nazi.  All those common people who weren't Nazis were looked down upon, made the brunt of jokes, gossiped about.  Just like the patriots are being treated now.  
At the end of the day when the truth was fully out, it turned out that the Nazis were madmen and criminals and that far from being educated or elite, they were nothing but a crime syndicate with a lot of wanna be "elitist" sycophants following like dumb cattle in their footsteps, wearing their gang colors, and parroting everything these swine said while doing every evil imaginable. 
Welcome to who you really are, Ms. Hammond--- one of those dumbly following along and parroting the fashionable story line without a thought in your head of your own, without an eye for the cognitive dissonance created by living as a slave while endlessly prattling about "liberty".  
I suggest you look up the word "liberty" in a dictionary, Ms. Hammond.  It's what British sailors get on shore leave.  It has nothing to do with freedom.  
If you want to preserve what is left of your freedom, you had better double-down on actual hardcore research of the facts instead of merely repeating what is fashionable.  
Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website


  1. Paul,

    It is good to hear of Anna's knowledge of John Trowbridge and the sister federal tax cases he endured. John is a true American Hero without a doubt.

    It's obvious Anna has high regard for John Trowbridge and the work he has done with regard to disclosing the truth of the hoax of federal jurisdiction.

    John's writings must become widely read as possible as they clearly enunciate how the unconstitutional path the United States (District of Columbia) District Courts have 'taken' is done under color of law.

    Mr. Trowbridge' two unconstitutional department of justice federal landmark cases in which all federal officers involved in the proceedings apparently took the fifth, and went totally 'sub silentio', need to be absorbed by all competent Americans.

    The ultimate price of freedom is to learn well what is really going on around us. From the writings of Thomas Jefferson it is clear the running of a Republic can be more than tiresome at times.

    In John's cases is found the revelation of the lynchpin, the fatal defect, of all those masquerading as federal officers throughout the United States District Court system.

    John's information can be accessed at:

    For those readers who wish to gain further insight into our 'legal' captivity you will find John's depth of insight into this massive system of legal fraud eye opening and refreshing, I promise!

    As your read John's material it will benefit you most if you start at the beginning and familiarize yourself with an overview of the sister cases.

    From there bear down on the specific issues of jurisdiction.

    Exactly what is a United States District Court? What does the term 'United States' actually mean? What do the statutory terms 'state', 'State', 'States' really mean.

    Does a United States District Court possess constitutional authority to 'take' cognizance of civil and criminal proceedings regarding a debt in any county, parish or burrough of the 50 Continental States of the Union?

    We need to have the answers to these questions flowing out of our mouths like the words 'good morning' do.

    Education is one powerful key to awakening.

  2. ...the Judge is definitely FACTION II, per Rayelan Allen. See:


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