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Thursday, January 14, 2016

About Federal Title 12 USC 95a and b2 - Who owns your property?

by Anna Von Reitz
I have read 12 USC 95a and b2 and all I see is the usual duplicitous lawyer-speak in which they offer a last minute used car salesman pitch---- the essence of the offer is, give us everything and we will pay your debts during your lifetime. After you die, our corporation owns your land and home and etc.,etc., in perpetuity.
Now I want to point out that this offer is being made by a bankrupt entity and the only way that they can possibly pay your bills during your lifetime is by selling your interest in your property. I also want to point out that you don't own things in the way that you think you do or that they claim you do. Every land asset is actually held in trust by the United Colonies of America, not any version of "United States" or "United States of America".

I also want to point out that although there have been some "exchanges" based on 12 USC 95a and b2, etc., two fools claiming to own and transfer interest in Florida Real Estate does not any actual Florida Real Estate make. It just makes the overall swindle more contentious and interesting.
No, the IMPORTANT part of 12 USC 95a is in the "afterthought" phrase referring to how we may "otherwise" direct our affairs. This is admission that we don't have to deal with them or adhere to their "System" and it also implies that you don't have to give up any interest in your property in order to have the basic "public" services all paid for. This was in fact part of the "New Deal" the Roosevelt Administration offered and never made good on.
Instead the whole business was misadministered with all the claims of ownership of your property being made by them and no benefit being realized by you. This is part and parcel of what needs to be cleaned up now--- claims against the "Trustees" who administered the bankruptcy and against those responsible for this continuing state of affairs wherein "laws" of defunct corporations (all Federal Titles are exactly that) continue to masquerade as law pertaining to Americans or having affect upon us and our property interests.
These are fraudulent claims, people. You never knowingly agreed to it. Your parents never knowingly agreed to it. The non-consent to this "New Deal" voids it in commerce and serves as your protection. Why on Earth would you give that protection AND your property away to the same goons who have sought to defraud you and your grandparents and parents?
Just say, "No"----and "otherwise direct" your future.
Always bear in mind that what you are dealing with is a governmental services corporation not a lawful government. They are under contract to provide "services"--- which they are eager to promote and sell as any other vendor of any other service. Hold their "offers" in the same degree of skepticism as you would hold an offer from Fast Eddy's Suck and Shine.
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  1. Anna understands the results and SOME of the mechanics of why we are in the situation we are in in America today, but the only way we can fix it all is to hone down on the mechanics of what happened to put us in our current dire straights. It is only in this way we can see the remedies which we so desperately need. I agree with her on the majority aspects she puts across, however, several of her points are just not relevant to remedies. For example, we need not know what is being done so much as how it was made possible to be done. Light will shine when we understand fully the catalyst which made it possible. A good quote by Lord Coke (an equity judge in England) who is recognized in America, said in his 1st Institute (1 Co. 99) "The origin of a thing ought to be inquired into" In other words, we should be looking fast and hard on what is the root cause of all our troubles here in America. Anna comes closest to that goal when she talks about F.D.R.'s "New Deal" We need to be asking ourselves where, what, when and how the "New Deal! Anna seems to think the New Deal was a way to bring this country out of bankruptcy, however, nothing could be further from the truth! On an individual basis only, as an example, how can a person go bankrupt holding huge amounts of assets? America, at the time the New Deal was pawned on the people of this country had more assets in the form of natural resources than most of the rest of the world! Surely America would not be warranted in going bankrupt if this were the case, right? Bankruptcy never has and never will work that way! What really happened was the rich banking families needed to control all the financial institutions of the county in order to control everything else. A very simply reasoned plan. It wasn't rocket science is what I mean. The banks created a financial crisis which opened the door for them to realize their goal just stated. The people were in a very bad position to negotiate anything different than what the bank families put before them. VOILA! THE BANKS WON! The banks of course blamed all of what happened on the "archaic operations of the then financial system" rather than telling the people the truth - that they had set them up for a fall. There is much more to the story which I have uncovered. This but a short overview of the circumstances which today hold our great country hostage. For anyone interested in all this, I suggest the first thing they do is go read and listen to F.D.R.'s 1st inaugural Address of March 4th, 1933. Here is the link to find it: PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ALL HE SAYS!


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