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Friday, January 29, 2016

Instructions Regarding "FBI" Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon

Reports of over 200 heavily armed paramilitary commercial mercenaries disguised as lawful government employees rampaging through Burns, Oregon, trying to provoke local people into an armed insurrection.

They've been laughing about how they murdered LaVoy Finicum in local bars and restaurants.

They've been swaggering on the streets, proud of what they have done--- that is, supporting crime so blatant it takes your breath away.

They've been terrorizing local ranchers, entering private property, face-slamming people who are feeding livestock, threatening them with death and "ball crushing".

This is what's going on, America.

This is the "service" you are paying for.

This is what the IMF and its UNITED STATES, INC. venture is all about, and has always been about--- they were just busy doing it in other countries.

So now they are here, doing it to Americans.  If you don't want them in your town doing the same things, it is high time you listened and took action.

(1) Call the Office of the Provost Marshals in every state of the Union and specifically tell those men this:  (1) My name is_____________. (2) I live in ____________, ____________.  (3) I am in fear for my life and property as a result of commercial mercenaries operating under color of law calling themselves "FBI" agents. (4) These men are pretending to represent the lawful government of the United States while engaged in criminal racketeering and murder on our shores.  (5) These men are employed by the French banking cartel known as the International Monetary Fund which is an agency of the United Nations. (6) They are provoking acts of war on our soil, when they and their corporation no longer have any natural right to be here. Their contract to provide governmental services here is over. (7) We require the immediate assistance of the combined American military and civilian police forces to remove these undeclared foreign agents from our shores.

Now that you know who is who and what is what, call the United Nations and tell them the same thing.

Call the "Members of Congress" for whatever good they are, and tell them. 

Call the White House for whatever good they are, and tell them.

Call your Governor, wherever you are in the United States, and tell all of them.

Call your friends and your neighbors. 

Start writing and emailing and faxing and sending. 

It is imperative that these acts of aggression by a foreign bank corporation be recognized for what it is and immediately and severely punished to the full extent of the Public Law of this nation and also according to the international laws pertaining to crimes of war, inland piracy, and crimes of commerce.  It is imperative that these men be recognized for what they are--- commercial mercenaries acting under color of law --- and that they be arrested as criminals and punished as their deeds merit.

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

Federal Postal District Judge Western Region
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  1. If I recall the history of the first revolution creating these united States of America, what is described here was occurring then as well...i.e. blatant, in your face tyranny. Only 3% of the population at that time participated in the fight, and even they didn't jump right in at first, as they had their families and estates to think about. The main thing is...after weighing safety against abject subjugation, that 3% acted. I look at Burns, even more than Ruby Ridge or Waco as they got little publicity, as possibly being another shot heard around the world, and Anna is one of those leading the charge and must be supported. Not only should we appeal to those "authorities" she suggested, we should also appeal to officials of governments that might be sympathetic and all of us write the Pope if he has any direct authority at all. Let's just wait now to see how this develops without "pushing" it. This really is part of an ongoing spiritual battle and the Christian should be comforted that it all is in the hands of our Lord, as is EVERYTHING and this will be resolved according to His will and not ours. In the past, when His people fell away, they were taken into captivity. Look how far we have fallen the real solution is we need to be on our knees and repenting and asking Him to forgive our transgressions. I don't think anything short of that will prevail as things are now. His will SHALL be done no matter how it might appear to us.


    1. The Jesuit Pope is the enemy.
      Do not writ the Pope about anything.
      The U S gas a constitution not a King and Queen and not a Pope. The constitution and the people rule for Gods glory through lord Jesus the Christ - the precious blood of the lamb, the 'power' of the cross, the sheik of faith, the father the son and the Holy Ghost in the name of lord Jesus the Christ.
      . - the Pope is ' not ' Christs vicar on earth. - The Pope is a filthy dirt rag sinner that falls short deserves nothing and has on free a debt that he can never repay just like any Jew Rabbi just like any Pastor just like you and me.
      The Pope can only harm America. He cannot help. He will be in El Paso on Fwb 10 2016. Instead of writing tell him in person. - let's not forget about whAt took place with Bill Cooper.

  2. wow... yes look how far we've digressed, people afraid to pick up a pen to save themselves.... we can accept god becoming man to save man... but we cannot accept man becoming god to save himself....

  3. When truth comes, what is false must pass away. !0

    We are all sovereigns 5
    Sovereign's Oath to Peace 5

    As inhabitant of this great nation, 10
    the united States of America. 10
    I pledge my honor. I pledge to the peace. 10
    I solemnly pledge allegiance to peace. 10
    I solemnly pledge to peaceful conduct. 10
    I pledge to seek all peaceful solutions. 10
    I pledge to arrest impatience and fear. 10
    I pledge to seek understanding all sides. 10
    I pledge to honor all citizen's space. 10
    I solemnly pledge allegiance to peace. 10

    We are the children 5
    Of battles long won. 5
    In faithful memory, 5
    We hold on our gun. 5

    A gun I carry. 5
    I part the bullets, 5
    No bullets inside. 5
    The bullets I part. 5
    The bullets I give 5
    Are freedom symbols 5
    For lost companions. 5
    For all freedoms won, 5
    I give up bullets. 5
    Entrust to the son. 5
    For long won battles, 5
    I hold on my gun. 5

    Has your gun bullets? 5
    Does fear play a part? 5
    Do lost companions 5
    Weigh heavy your heart? 5
    Then join me in peace. 5
    Hold on to your gun. 5
    Give up the bullets. 5
    Entrust to the son. 5

    Talk becomes easy. 5
    Talk now from your heart. 5
    Our freedoms are won. 5
    They shall never part. 5
    For long won battles, 5
    I entrust the son. 5
    For long won battles, 5
    I hold on my gun. 5

    We are the children 5
    Of battles long won. 5
    In faithful memory, 5
    We hold on our gun. 5

    Syllables are an utterance from God 10


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