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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Comments for White Hope Mine Update

One of the articles updating the White Hope Mine case is getting some comments you might want to read.

Just click this link to see the article with all the comments at the bottom.

Here is a comment from Fred Kelly Grant, the Counsel for the miners,  that he posted under the article.

Good article, Paul; yes, the miners can mine their claim. The "government" did not get an injunction to stop mining pending outcome of the lawsuit. Had they done so, we would be trying for an interim appeal to set the injunction aside.
We will not concede that this is simply an administrative review case for a court to decide in accord with the administrative procedure act; we will contend throughout that the miners own their claims and sites as private property owned under the original mining acts of 1866, 1870 and 1871.
The importance of this case is that the mineral deposit of the entire nation is at risk; if we lose, you can count on a MASSIVE crackdown by the "government" to drive individuals off their claim sites; if we WIN, it will be a win that can be shared by all miners----and a boost for all those who graze, hunt, fish, log, or recreate on the lands that the "government" claims to manage.

We invite you all to add to these comments and keep this discussion going. These issues cut right to the heart of the problems we are seeing in our country.  As I said in the article, if we don't solve these issues on jurisdiction, then we have not won, or restored peace.  If we don't win a big victory, then these corporate mercenaries will just continue to terrorize the miners, ranchers, farmers, loggers, and all the other people involved in resource based industry, to say nothing of other individuals who use the land, like hunters, fishermen, etc.


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