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Friday, November 13, 2015

New Post RE: Karen Hudes

by Anna von Reitz

A Reply to Karen Hudes
I have something to say back to Ms. Hudes, who is, as usual, misrepresenting everything including me:
I NEVER, EVER said I was representing the "Vatican". The Vatican is the management system for the Global Estate Trust which is supposed to work for the Holy See. The Holy See in turn is supposed to work for and under the direction of the Pope. The Vatican has been around since 1929. Anyone care to guess how old the Holy See is?
Pope Benedict asked us to act in a private capacity ("private attorney"---look it up, people) to do two things that we were pursuing anyway---- (1) to document the crimes against Americans being carried out by mis-directed and misinformed corporate employees ----including bank employees; (2) to return American property that has been purloined to the Americans it belongs to by any peaceful means.
Obviously, anyone not in favor of our mission objectives--to expose the fraud and return property stolen from Americans-- is working for the other side, and that includes Ms. Hudes.
She also misrepresents the true nature of the dilemma the World Bank Board of Governors and their buddies are in. They have put themselves forward as the Beneficiaries of fraudulent international bankruptcy proceedings affecting entire nations and are in receipt of stolen goods as a result. Now they are trying to figure out some way of returning the gold to the victims and washing their hands to avoid being held responsible for the criminality involved in collecting and amassing the hoard in the first place.
Why don't they just admit that they are in receipt of stolen goods as a result of a fraud that took place back in the 1930's? And that they are responsible for returning the gold to the heirs of the people it actually belongs to, or they become accomplices to the crime?
It's simple. But for some reason the Board of Governors of the World Bank and their cohorts don't want to admit that they find themselves in the same position as a Pawn Shop owner in receipt of stolen goods. There's something so tawdry about it. They would have to admit that World Bank and IBRD purposefully presented themselves as the Beneficiaries even though they knew full-well that they were only secondary beneficiaries and that the Priority Creditors, including the American People, were alive and well-----only kept in the dark, so that they couldn't bring forward their own claims.
Ah, so..... there's the rub for Ms, Hudes and her employers and Wolfgang Struck and whatever other Patsies the rats care to employ.
Their banks were parties to the Great Fraud back in the 1930's and much, much more recently, they knowingly presented themselves as the Beneficiaries of that fraud and knowingly acted to cheat the Priority Creditors--- the Priority Beneficiaries---by not informing them.
And that surely makes them accomplices to the crime and culpable for their actions in the present day, not just back in the day.
I told Ms. Hudes that the Americans are coming to breakfast---- and they are. It might take us all a little while to wake up and get moving in one direction, but we are doing so. We are going to land on the doorstep of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and we are going to say--- "Give us back our money with interest."
And that is also what they don't want to hear, because quite apart from the actual gold that was stolen, the USE of that gold was stolen for going on a hundred years. It was used as collateral and borrowed against and reinvested and turned over and over and over......and the World Bank and their co-conspirators surely don't want to be responsible for returning to the Priority Creditors what the Priority Creditors are due as interest.
That amount in itself if correctly calculated would be enough to buy us each ten solid gold bathtubs, and the banks quite understandably are now ANXIOUS to give back the principal--- the actual gold--- so that they don't have to continue paying the interest, but also scared silly that all this is going to come out from under the rug and they are going to be held accountable....hence the "delay" while Hudes and Company try to wheedle concessions of immunity.
The criminals are plea bargaining while trying to look like the Good Guys by offering to give back stolen goods to the rightful owners.
It's understandable --now that we all know how they came to have the gold---that they want to give it back, but it is not nice how they came to be in receipt of it, and especially not nice how they came to be misidentified as the rightful Beneficiaries of it. Nor it is it nice that they and their friends are persisting in trying to avoid paying the interest due. Nor is it nice that they are delaying settlement of their debt to the Priority Creditors in order to try to wrangle immunity from prosecution for themselves.
It's especially cloying that they are trying to bill themselves as philanthropists. Please, hand me the vomit bag?

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