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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Answering the confusion about the Bundy ranch militia infighting garbage.

From Paul Stramer in Montana,

I have worked closely with Stewart Rhodes for a long time now. I can't even Imagine him as anything but what his actions toward the Bundy family have indicated he is. He is CERTAINLY NOT a provocateur as the so called Ryan Payne says. I know his family, and the people around his family and I would trust them with my life any time..
He donated $12,500 in a check directly to the Bundy family to help with the expenses and logistics associated with the camp and guard details. He donated a full case of Baofeng radios for the camp and guards. He bought very specialized FLIR (forward looking Infrared radar) vision worth almost $10,000 for 3 units, and donated one to the camp militia (Jerry) and another was stolen along with the chargers for all three. We patrolled the AO for a 30 mile radius all night for 5 nights in a row after the drone threat. He set up a WiFi at the ranch for everyone to use. These were all made possible by members of Oathkeepers donating many thousands of dollars for this travesty the BLM caused in Nevada. 
I was there. We set up a system of radio communications and kept it running for almost a week, and would do it again if the Bundy family would just wake up to who their real friends are, The Oathkeepers, and tell this "Ryan Payne"? or "Jim Messina" or whoever he is to hit the road and not come back. Just the communications part of this mission was worth a bunch to the Bundy family not only as a deterrent, but for their actual safety day and night, and cost the Oathkeepers thousands of dollars.
I hate the infighting as much as anyone, but I will not tolerate being called a traitor or coward or deserter for not spending every minute of the day sitting around a camp in a tent and trying to sort out who is lying.  I KNOW what I saw, and what I saw was Oathkeepers members staying up all night on patrol to make sure that the Bundy ranch was a safe place, and to get them early warning if things went south. I personally spent a week of my life getting ready and performing this mission and I can tell you if it wasn't for the national Oathkeepers organization making it possible for me to be there I would not have been able to come to Nevada at all. I am really glad that I was able to bring Sheriff Peyman to the Bundy ranch, and for being able to meet and spend a couple of hours with Cliven and his family, and I am grateful for having met this great Sheriff with a backbone made of stainless steel, and for being able to spend almost the whole day with him. Some of the people I met at the ranch were very loving and kind, and some (not the Bundys) were as cold as ice when they found out I was the communications person for Oathkeepers.
That's just tough, because I don't get intimidated. I treat everyone kindly and at face value. If they were there for the same reasons I was, that's great, but if they were there for their own ego, or to blow their own horn like this Ryan Payne, if that is his real name, then God bless them, because He is the only one who can.
I hope and pray every day that the people who started this backbiting crap get exposed and have a change of heart. Mr. Pain should get a strong dose of humility, and realize he is NOTHING along side of our creator.  He said and did everything that an agent provocateur would do to drive a wedge between the people at the ranch and the Oathkeepers. That didn't do anybody any good at all except perhaps the government.  Regardless of what anybody thinks about their high and mighty military career, and military discipline, the ranch camp was NOT a military operation. It was NOT conducted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, period. Those were private citizens and residents who were free to come and go as they darn well pleased. There was NO authority present to "command" anybody to do anything at all. Everything was completely voluntary, and even if they volunteered to abide by some kind of temporary order, what was Ryan Payne going to do as punishment if they decided to leave, walk up and execute them for desertion???   What a blow hard, egotistical maniac. What a self centered idiot. What a foul mouthed provocateur.
The best thing he could do for his country now is just cease and desist and disappear from the scene, or any other scene, but that won't happen, will it? He will keep on making himself the supreme "commander" of every incident he can find.
If you want to go to a real patriotic website don't visit this stupid Operation Mutual Aid website. In the first place the Mutual Aid terminology is a police term for frequencies used for inter agency communications at any incident. It's a mainstream police term. Where did they get this name? I surmise that someone who is still in such an organization suggested it, or someone who is under cover in one of the militias.   This is why we should be following Dr. Edwin Vieira's outline for the lawful unorganized militia of the several states, as outlined in his long book on CD rom entitled "The Sword and Sovereignty" instead of having every Tom, Dick and Ryan forming up some kind of ad hoc group and calling it a militia. IT'S NOT a lawful militia unless it's done right. Where does the lawful militia get it's power? From the popular elections of both the Sheriff and the Governor of a State.  Read the book. I bet you can't refute it.
The real patriotic website that scares the hell out of the leftists is, and that is why the left will try to infiltrate these militias and try to use them against the Oathkeepers.  Between the Oathkeepers and the CSPOA there is a real threat to the criminal enterprise that has hijacked the federal government, and they know it full well. They will stop at NOTHING to destroy those organizations, and they will spare no expense. I wonder how many of the so called militia at the camp in Nevada were actually on the payroll of the feds? Think about it.

Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ   Lawfully exercising my right to communicate.

Donations will be used strictly for the communications project and are not tax deductible.
My time is voluntary and the funds go to purchase radio gear or power products and related equipment only.

At your service,

Paul Stramer KC7MEZ   800 889 2839     Look up my ham station on

1 comment:

  1. Paul, I agree with you and KNOW that you are 100% correct in what you write above! Those others of you who also agree with what Paul writes here, say so. And let's get this information from Paul here out to the right people.

    I sincerely believe there were conscious fed agent provocateurs within the "Ryan Payne militia" at the Bundy ranch. I also believe there were some people who were not conscious provocateurs, but people naively believing that Ryan Payne was/is sincere and that they were doing right to the best of their abilities. Some of these folks may be naive because they do not yet know about the solidity, substance, and character of Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers. They need to do some personal research. Action without education makes one a 'loose cannon' and a loose cannon pointing itself at the good guys, however innocently, is dumb and dangerous!

    Is Oathkeepers leadership a legitimate, helpful, constitutional, strategic, and effective, and growing operation. You bet your sweet liberty, it is! Is Oathkeepers leadership and organization imperfect? Of course its imperfect. Tere is not one human being, other than One who rose from the dead about 2000 years ago, that isn't imperfect! Is there too much profanity within the membership of Oathkeepers? YES, there is! And General Washington's orders from primary source documents (research them on the internet) is the antidote for this! Is Stewart Rhodes profane? NO, he is not! He is salty and effective in his communication, and above all, savvy and strategic in his relationships. He is also remains friendly with his teammates and reaches out to those who have for whatever reason surprised him with mis-using his trust (Jerry, Stewart and the rest us OKers are STILL reaching out to you, brother!).

    All of us should continue to kick the tires of OKers if we must and check them out. OKers is most definitely the REAL DEAL! Why venture out on your own or with dangerous yahoos like Payne, who is a real "major" payne to our cause, when you can be involved with a non-bravo sierra and no-nonsense, yet friendly, and carefully wise and strategic operation like Oathkeepers! In my opinion, it's "Join or Die"... die on the vine, die in isolation, die in a rabbit trail, die for someone else's or your own ego, etc. Yet, OKers organization is NOT an intimidating organization. It doesn't say "My way or the highway" It sets the example, takes the flak, moves on, and continues to show the way with humility. OKers is worth joining at whatever level of commitment, tiny to immense: financially, communications, background person, state level, etc., etc., etc. OKers really doesn't need or want self-appointed big -egoed yahoos. But I personally put the call out to all who may be willing to acknowledge their own temporary naiveté or trust in a wrong leader or operation (mutual aid?) for them to consider and ponder the effectiveness of the Oathkeepers and to join us! We've all made many mistakes in the past of our lives due to naiveté or misplaced trust in people or organizations. Joining and finding your place in the OKers operation has not, is not, and will not be one of those mistakes! I'm VERY glad I've joined!!!


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