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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bring the troops home from everywhere! Stop the Wars

Ron Paul is right. We have no business being there!
There is NO JUSTIFICATION. These are NOT just wars.

Read St. Thomas Aquinas, perhaps one of the world's most revered minds in all of history about what may justify a war:


  1. The rise of Executive power and the rise of the Dark Side

  2. Ron Paul should study Scriptures. We are heading into ww3/Armageddon. The day of the Lord! America under the Republic had better be ready for it!

  3. My condolences for their's a fucked up world..plain and simple...we are too busy to sit and think for things that actually concern us immensely ...and when the truth appears....we are already blind ..unable to the obvious attempts by many and various to hide and not neccesarily university etc is what we need...pass on the knowledge within the home..the family...good luck to all of us....
    a message/belief of some optimism.... everything changes..that's the one and only valid law...from anything to might be like the caving of the rock by the waves...slow in time..and hardly observable ..or quick like the balance of a bank account :-)..eventually, might take generations, things will take the natural flow...theat's the power of it as you matter how hard man tries will never break it...unfortunately the frail bonds of vanity are stronger for some than the pharaohs in ancient buried with treasures, slaves , wives etc.... victims of their lust and vanity..good riddens to them..and to their present imitators...


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