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Monday, December 12, 2011

Agenda 21 ends your property rights.

Agenda 21 for Public Officials
An EXCELLENT 14 minute video, on Agenda 21...this clip was shared with me by a member group of the Montana Tea Party Coalition. If you are not familiar with Agenda 21, you will be very informed enough afterwards! This should be sent to EVERY county commissioner, city planning groups, mayor, Governor, etc. Defintely every elected official in your state! Linda Johnson, NW Montana Patriots

Agenda 21 video clip for all Public Officials, a MUST SEE


  1. The UN Has too Much Power and Should be
    Immediately Disbanded as it works like
    the EU and is able to bully Nations in to doing things they do not want.
    Ending up with One World Marxist Fascist

  2. What if a judge or someone who plays one on TV claims to be god and signs this junk.If they just can take anything and everything because they can,then why not just admit that everything in the universe hates you for being so stupid.It also explains why bad things happen to good people.Its because they are delusional and because they deserve it.Use the nuclear weapons already,you can't hide fails this big.Look I have a cat,his paw print will authorize the whole thing.

  3. Excellent presentation. The Agenda 21 diseases has metasticized throughout all levels of government and academia. The universities are pumping out these sick mind controlled "planners" at breakneck speed.

    "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention ...The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

    The First Global Revolution: Club of Rome, Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider, 1991: Pantheon Books, New York, p 115

  4. not the right place to complain but with yahoo going bogosity with facebook and the CIA and ending comment sections thought to relate another monstrosity by government banker owned ploiticians in a state where 160,000 dollar formerly sold for houses are not selling at 25,000 dollar listed sale prices, debtors have taken to walking on high priced mortgages to free themselves from a degree of slavery and buying for cash the free and clear price slashed houses, thereby trying to "upset" the fractional reserve system of dollar leveragings and price compoundings.......needed, "new" law proposed to stopppp this attempt of "breakout....thereby, up pops a law writer.....yeah government stooges......

  5. From a practical perspective:

    What comes to mind is: free energy, free communication, self-powering vehicles, technology advancing faster than ever, widespread organic produce, raw dairy, cleaner purer water, genuine natural medicine, less effort, greater reward and a healthier economy across the board.

    Just like today, anyone would still be able to out-do others in material possession if they're driven to.

    ALL of this is can already be implemented in practice, but today's society is a corporate monopoly, far from modern by any contemporary standard, where everything including progress is governed and limited by control for profit.

    Power, communication and oil companies, the auto and tech industry, Monsanto, the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, even our education system and of course maybe most of all the banks are driving society backwards because they benefit from doing so.

    While I have a deep-seated distrust for the UN and anything that comes out of their organization, corporate control has a longer, consistently dirtier and bloodier history.

    To seal the deal, there's the military industrial complex and it's dependence on war for profit.

    By my estimation this is a win win win win, even for those who are concerned about a possible maybe negligible (unnecessary and unrealistic) decrease in square footage, considering the real-life benefits to every single person across the board.

    If Steve Jobs isn't the perfect example, not only was the manifestation of his technological dreams greatly hindered by the limitations of the industry (though to his credit he overcame a few), he died because even he couldn't buy great 'natural' medical care (he tried) considering the damage and fragmentation done to that industry as well.

    It's noteworthy to point out that these ends could be accomplished through free-market means, such as a People's Union Company, and while it would be a more arduous journey fraught with many more obstacles, if not an all out economic war resulting in the demise of any and all corporate entities at the hands of a free-market union, the eventual result bringing a political arena driven by the People's Union Company instead of private corporations.

    (Contrary to popular belief a non-governmental union is a function of the free-market, and when popularized, organized and leveraged can destroy any corporate entity.)

    In conclusion, the choice is clear:
    1. Maintain the status-qou of corporations working independently and through government to impede advancement for profit at the expense of public health, safety, well-being and life
    2. Reap the benefits of a peacefully established multifaceted economic system, or
    3. Force the issue to become a grass-roots initiative, resulting in a more arduous transition, especially for the opposition, and likely bringing about destruction of the free-market entirely by a People's Union Company.

    Do you want to continue to unknowingly be a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical companies to leech off of?

  6. A people's union? Are you serious!? Do you think everyone else thinks like you and will support you? I'm not a commie, personally.

  7. If I no longer actually own my property then I need not pay tax on it.

  8. Anonymous said...
    "A people's union? Are you serious!? Do you think everyone else thinks like you and will support you? I'm not a commie, personally."

    Firstly, this has nothing to do with me. It's all purely objective.
    Second, it's not any more "commie" than getting stock options in a company you work for, and being that only members would hold stock, serve the best-interests of it's constituency all around, not purely for profit.
    Additionally, the majority of this country is the working and poorer classes, and they would join ranks and wage economic war on the upper 1% if it benefited their monthly budget nevermind their well-being, and membership to such an entity definitely would.

    I'm sure you've heard of the concept of a credit union, and surely you don't see it as a particularly communist institution. Even more-so, if your local credit union offered you a significantly lower interest rate than the local bank if you would become a member, surely you would, and if that meant you got paid dividends annually for being a member etc, surely you wouldn't send it back citing your "commie" hating agenda, and if they offered to deliver a fresh organic produce package to your home bi-weekly, asking nothing in return, I'm sure you wouldn't mind, and if they financed it by selling half their yield to non-members at market prices to cover their costs for the farming and distribution, and if the people who were distributing it were unemployed members who volunteer for little to no pay...

    And should you continue to work for the corporate beast and make more ill-begotten money (see original comment), and store it in the credit union like any other bank, to be lent out or invested for profit yielding a return to you and funding further services by the institution etc...

    Maybe you're starting to get the picture...

    Using the free-market against itself to promote the well-being of the people, it's like the good old-fashioned workers union, or do you consider only corporate unions (price fixing etc) a free-market function?!

    I think I've made a reasonable presentation.

    Good day.

  9. Understand that the planning and funding for Agenda 21 comes from central bankers. These private wealth interests own 150+ central banks, nearly one in every country. They dominate governments around the world since they control their money supplies and economies. They seek greater control through Agenda 21. People worldwide are their livestock, to be dumbed-down and manipulated in order to ensure the survival and prominent standing of the central bankers.

  10. Get rid of the U.N. Agenda 21, ICLEI, Obamacare, and you still will have all of it advanced through the National Association of Counties and it's puppet state affiliates like MACo and the League of Cities and Towns. NACo brags it has 100% national membership as does MACo state wise(stupid.) l

  11. If agenda 21 is what we are to have then we are all to become slaves again!Only lazy liberals would think of wanting this,but look who signed it in 1992!How free are we really?God pray for the future generations to see what we do now!

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