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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Should money be controlled by government?

If you have seen the movie "The Secret of Oz" and are wondering what might happen next in the world about money values and who issues currency, then you also need to read this article from "The Daily Bell".

If you have not watched the Secret of Oz watch it here on YouTube.

Or get it from me on DVD. Just call 800 889 2839

Then read this article:

There is a power struggle going on at the top in elite circles once again about who will control the money supply.

Some want a gold standard, some want fiat money, and NOBODY wants to let the free markets decide the value of currency.

The daily bell article above brings out some very old ideas that seem new in this day of government controlled monetary values.

One thing that jumps at us from history, is that the value of gold and silver and other precious metals has been something of a stability factor and yardstick of wealth.

If precious metals had not been so, why do the elite consider them their primary form of wealth transfer and stability, why would some insider elites want to go back to a gold standard?

There is a move afoot in Montana to start a state owned bank. If that bank stays out of the IMF and only deals in precious metals, and stays away from fractional lending then it might work to stabilize the "Treasure State", since we have the world's richest deposits of silver right here Montana. In fact they are right here in Lincoln County. What better way to increase wealth and prosperity in Lincoln County than to mine this huge God given gift of wealth and put it in the Montana owned bank as a backup for the State's funding.

There are other funds available to back a state owned bank that already belong to Montana.

I realize that with this letter I am giving up some of my most valuable sources on silver markets but you need to pay attention because time is very short now, and the only hedge is physical silver and gold. This, of course, assumes you have already put away food, fuel, guns, ammo, dry goods, and everything else you will need when the dollar collapses.

Silver should be selling for over $80 per ounce right now at it's normal price ratio of 16/1 with Gold over $1300 per ounce.

Earn Silver Here:

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