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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Oh, Lord, Let Them Hear Me!

 By Anna Von Reitz

Federal citizens have no Natural and Unalienable Rights afforded to them. This is as true for U.S. Citizens as it is for citizens of the United States. They have no protection provided by the Constitutions.  They have no right to free speech, to own land, or much of anything else. 

They are modern day slaves, indentured servants, or both.  

The slaves have "equal civil rights" until one of the Masters takes their civil rights away, as Donald Trump did in 2020 with the stroke of a pen. 

The indentured servants have "human rights" until they are redefined as "transhumans" and "GMO patentable commodities" after receiving undisclosed injections of patented mRNA.  

Both citizenries are obligated to live under the limits and constraints of their respective Constitutions, but have no constitutional guarantees. 

The Constitutions are their meal tickets and service contracts, which is why they hold the Constitutions in such veneration.  This is why they talk about the Constitution day and night and also why they seek ways to avoid their obligations and duties under it. 

These men and women "acting as" public employees  have been in a state of rebellion and insurrection since the so-called Civil War, but nobody noticed that they were, steadily, year after year, secretly undermining the American Government, illegally accessing American credit, and evading their duties.  

Hardly anyone noticed their stealthy misdirection and malfeasance and coercion, but it has been there nonetheless.  

So when you hear about election fraud impacting their elections and nobody seems to do anything about it, and you see that their "Supreme Court" is taking away their "right" to free speech (because civil rights have been suspended by DJT or because they lost their standing as "humans" and their human rights once they took the mRNA shots) and their CONGRESS votes to sign treaties giving away their right to control their own bodies to another nameless faceless corporation calling itself the World Health Organization ---- realize what is going on, realize who this impacts and why. 

Make sure that you are standing on the land and soil of your own country and are recorded as being in your proper political status when the curtain comes down. Make sure you can defend your position as Joe Average American, so that all this wrong-doing and evil cannot be misapplied to you.

And for God's sake, share this information, so that Americans can stop calling themselves "citizens" of these foreign entities, and Public Employees can grasp the importance of what I am telling them, too. All the lies and deceits from the Civil War until now are all coming home to roost.  

If you have to quit your job to retain your rights, quit your job.  If you have to move back home to Bellevue, move.  Whatever you have to do to assert, re-establish, and maintain your identity as a plain old American --- do so.  It's more important and more precious than you know. 


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