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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

International Public Notice: Another Failed "Legalization" Scheme

 By Anna Von Reitz

We recently unraveled the secrets behind "Regulation Z" and showed how it came into being as a remedy for actions and demands that are otherwise blatantly illegal --- forcing people to make false statements and create false public records about their own activities and the use and ownership of their own cars and trucks.  

Despite Regulation Z being on the books for almost seventy years, there has been little or no effort to provide this remedy to the Americans who are owed remedy.  Nobody advertises the remedy.  Nobody explains it.  And many of the "state-of-state" service providers don't provide the Z plates or Z tags that legalize their own registration statutes, with the result that these statutes are void and their activities are "recriminalized".  

Instead of correcting their operations, most of these state-of-state "service providers" prefer to try to misidentify the victims of their ineptitude as troublemakers and attempt to ignore their objections and continue to suborn them to create false registration documents.  

We've had cases of Americans being arrested, thrown in jail, their cars impounded, and themselves fined for "failure to register" when they have no obligation to register and are in fact being suborned to commit a crime against themselves and against their own property interests without remedy --- remedy that is supposed to be provided by the same characters who are causing the whole problem from beginning to end. 

Let's bring forward another example of administrative self-interest and ineptitude torpedoing another "legalization" scheme -- with even more dire consequences for this entire country and everyone in it. 

As part of the legalization of their Federal Reserve Note legal tender imposition, immortalized in Federal Title 12, are provisions for Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges, MOCEEs, which are basically debt swaps. 

The idea was/is that whatever we Americans may owe the Federal Subcontractors for their "services" can be swapped against debts they owe us--- which over the years have grown to absolutely staggering proportions, estimated to be in excess of $200 Trillion dollars in "unrealized losses" --- meaning that we haven't called in their debts, until now. 

In this scary Mutual Detente situation, we have offered to swap some of our massive prepaid credit against their National Debt, thereby relieving their increasingly untenable practice of constantly "raising the debt ceiling" --- all without our permission, of course, which really is an issue and something else we object to. 

Swapping our credit against their debt pays down their "credit cards" without changing their debt ceiling; and in fact, our prepaid credit -- which was all paid for with actual goods and services -- could wipe out their National Debt in an instant, except for the fact that they have stubbornly refused to accept the MOCEE debt swaps that are mandated as remedy and provided for in Federal Title 12.   

Apparently, they don't understand the profound advantage there is to them in doing this. 

Imagine that you had a $35 Trillion dollar credit card balance to pay off and a $36 Trillion dollar credit card limit.  You are on vapors. 

Imagine that a customer with a $200 Trillion prepaid credit surplus, offered to debt swap everything they owed you for services, against the $35 Trillion debt you currently owe them.  

What would happen? 

Your debt would be reduced by a commensurate amount and you would have new credit to spend, just like paying down your personal credit card, and you would have, in effect, a new extension of credit without any need to increase your credit limit.  

The MOCEE was built into the Federal Reserve System to provide means to pay down the credit cards on one side, and to provide legal remedy on the other. 

The legal remedy for the imposition of the Federal Reserve Note legal tender system depends on the MOCEE debt swap being made available and accessible, but it never was.  

The Office and Officers responsible for processing MOCEEs was never released to the General Public (we now know it is the Secretary of State who is responsible) with the result that although remedy was provided for, access to the remedy was not.  

In a very practical sense, millions of Americans were prevented from using the MOCEE debt swap provisions to pay off tax bills and service bills that they should have been able to discharge ever since the 1930s, which has resulted in harm to them and harm to the service providers, too. 

Members of the U.S. Congress have kept on "kicking the can" down the road until there is no can to kick, instead of implementing the remedy upon which the legalization of their whole legal tender scheme depends.  

Here's your Public Notice: Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents: 

We object to any presumption that our people are the "public" that owes bankruptcy protection to the Federal Government Subcontractors, their state-of-state franchises or affiliates. 

The "public" covering the debts of these foreign corporations is limited to actual, proven, and not merely "registered" members of their citizenry, owing to their illegal and immoral practice of undisclosed registration of  American babies. 

The Federal Reserve Note has been re-criminalized for failure to provide remedy and the so-called "Federal Debt" continues to skyrocket -- and still the Members of the Territorial U.S. Congress refuse to provide a required remedy that would, in the end, help all parties concerned: Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 26th 2024


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