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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

International Public Notice: Seeing Is Believing

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people resist the news that their beloved national government has been usurped by dirty crooked mercenary corporations merely in the business of providing "governmental services".  

Even the idea that their State of Idaho or State of Florida administration could be exactly such a corporation and nothing more, is such anathema that they spend their days muttering under their breath and saying the equivalent of, "Oh, what nonsense! Our government --- a foreign for-profit corporation?" 

Surely, that's not possible, right? 

If anyone reading this has doubts that the organizations that have been deceiving you and bossing you around are incorporated entities no more sacred than Raytheon, Inc., McDonalds, Inc. and Starbucks, Inc. --- here is your chance to prove it to yourself. 

Here are some fresh links you can use to search the database at OpenCorporates--- just plug in "State of Idaho" or "U.S. Congress" or "Macon County" instead of Dairy Queen: 

AMERICAN DAIRY QUEEN CORPORATION :: Michigan (US) :: OpenCorporates- I started here, take a look at the filings go to 1968 Application for Authority to do business.

AMERICAN DAIRY QUEEN CORPORATION :: Delaware (US) :: OpenCorporates The notation means the parent company is DELAWARE, the US franchise operating in our State called Delaware. 

Next, go look up some Dun and Bradstreet Numbers for your State of State, County, or any Federal Department or Agency: is an excellent search engine for slightly different information about business entities, too.  

And don't forget "The Companies" for businesses in England. 

Look up "Great Britain". 

Virtually any name of any part of any traditional government has been "mirrored" with an incorporated entity of some kind.  

The original Department of Justice has been mirrored by both the Department of Justice, Inc. and the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, INC. 

And so it goes.  

They have incorporated versions of everything, every county, every state, every province, everywhere, every department, every agency, and none of them are your government.  Many are not even chartered in your country and are operating out of a home office somewhere else. 

All of these "government" entities have devolved to the level of a commercial or municipal corporation in the business of providing "essential government services" and just as Nike Shoes, Inc., has no connection to or authority over you (unless you work for Nike) neither do they. 

They've operated as thugs for generations and they still do.  They hire private police forces to protect themselves and their investments just like Feudal Barons, and they use these private police forces to harass and rob people of everything including their homes and children.  

So everyone can stop wondering if we are telling the truth.  See for yourself. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 26th 2024


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