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Thursday, June 27, 2024

International Public Notice: Our Capitol Issues and Our Flags

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we showed everyone how to prove to their own satisfaction that their traditional government has been usurped by foreign, for-profit commercial and municipal corporations that are merely in the business of providing "essential government services".  

Today, we are answering questions about our actual National Capitol versus our Federal Capitol -- which involves some details about the Federal Capitol that most people don't know, and our new Treasury. 

Our National Capitol remains in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we maintain an office there in preparation for the day when the Union States convene the Continental Congress.  

Owing to the wrongful persecution our Federation of States has suffered, the Federation Capitol has moved repeatedly over the course of the last six generations and is now located in Big Lake, Alaska, a sleepy frontier hamlet on the edge of nowhere. 

We have learned to be adaptable and efficient in the long years that our lawful government has been persecuted under False Pretenses by its own misdirected employees. We can function almost anywhere and maintain our operations, as the current situation proves. 

In addition to the Union States Capitol and The United States of America (Federation) Capitol, the Federal Capitol remains, albeit, in a condition of confusion and decay.   

The District of Columbia was created and set aside as a location for our Federal Subcontractors to operate, and within the District of Columbia, the City of Washington, DC, was established as the Federal Government's Capitol.  

Though this is coming as a shock to many people, Washington, DC, is not the capitol of our country. 

The capitol of our country is wherever our State Fiduciary Deputies choose to officially conduct business "in Congress Assembled".  

They can move the capitol by moving their meeting place; Topeka, Kansas, might be next.  

Washington, DC, is the "Federal" Capitol, where our Federal Subcontractors and their respective Congresses are supposed to conduct their businesses and maintain a secure, neutral, and international meeting place for their mutual benefit.

Yes, we said, "Congresses" --- multiple Congresses exist, not just one.  

The Union States' Congress is known as The Continental Congress.  The Federation Congress is identified as the "Several States in Congress Assembled", the Confederation Congress (if it were still operating) would be "The States of America in Congress Assembled". 

In addition to those Congresses and their delegations of Fiduciary Deputies, who are not necessarily the same officers, there are three (or supposed to be three) Federal Congresses.  

The Congress of the Federal Republic -- the missing American Federal Subcontractor -- is called, "The United States in Congress Assembled".  

The British Territorial United States Congress is properly called the U.S. Congress, and the Municipal Congress is styled as the UNITED STATES CONGRESS or "the" United States in Congress Assembled.  

Only the latter three have been active in recent years and they have most often been operating under conditions of constructive fraud. 

Much of the disruption and constant infighting observable to the outside world is the bickering between these two foreign subcontractors caused by their divided business interests.  

So our Federal Subcontractors have their own Federal Capitol set aside within the District of Columbia, where their respective Congresses are supposed to meet.  

But it is not actually a single Federal Capitol. 

The City of Washington, DC, is the Federal Capitol that is supposed to be run as a "plenary oligarchy" by members of the Federal Republic Congress under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.  In their absence, the British Territorial Congress members have been running things. 

Within the City of Washington, DC, in a "one mile square" area enclosed by the Boundary Stones set around Capitol Hill, we have what has become the Municipality of Washington, DC, an independent, international city-state run as a theocracy by the Holy Roman Empire. 

Thus the District of Columbia is constructed like an onion, with the Municipal capitol in the heart of it, the Territorial Government holding the City of Washington capitol surrounding it (in the absence of our American Subcontractor), and the District itself forming yet another enclave under the control of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation set up in the 1790s. 

If this seems mind-bogglingly complex and confusing, it is.  

The January 6th Protestors were fine and unmolested so long as they stayed in the City of Washington, DC, but they were lured deeper into the maze and trespassed onto the "sacred ground" held by the Municipal Government--- which is, within those precincts, enabled to inflict the Roman Catholic Law of the Inquisition, which explains the deplorable mistreatment of these prisoners.  

At a minimum, bear in mind that the American Government capitol and the United States (Federal) capitol are two separate things, and that there are multiple governments represented, both foreign governments under contract to provide us with "good faith service" and our own American Government.  

The American Government has never entered the District of Columbia nor held any Congressional Sessions there. 

Our American Federal Subcontractor known as the Federal Republic, which now stands "absent" and vacated, and its members were entrusted to maintain the City of Washington, DC, and operate it as a "plenary oligarchy", but in their absence, the British Territorial "Rump" Congress initiated by Lincoln has been maintaining it on an "emergency basis".  

The Municipal Subcontractor has morphed into something never intended or permitted; the Holy Roman Empire Successors have gone far beyond their granted role to maintain the Capitol Hill surrounds as "sacred ground" and have established a foreign secular city-state akin to Vatican City, without the benefit of a treaty allowing them to do so.  

This violates the basic use permit granted to the District of Columbia by Maryland and Virginia, a point that we have brought forward. Our intent was simply to give our foreign subcontractors a separate and safe place to conduct business, not for them to establish separate governments and separate countries within our country.  

The State Assemblies are now in Session nationwide and the Federation of States is in operation, so the American Government is present with no representation needed to conduct its business. 

The absence of our Federal Republic among the Federal Subcontractors gathered in the District of Columbia is a concern, but its delegated powers have simply returned to the Federation of States from which those powers were delegated. 

The States and their Federation of States are competent to wield their own powers and have accepted the return of the delegated powers of the Federal Republic. 

It is within the power of the American Government to: (1) reconstruct the Confederation, and via the Confederation, (2) to reconstruct the American Federal Republic; or (3) to hire or create a new American Federal Subcontractor to exercise the duties of the Federal Republic and (4) issue a new Federal Constitution enabling this, or (5) leave the Federation of States to exercise the returned once-delegated powers, or (6) come up with an entirely new business plan to meet our needs. 

Some of these options require action by our Congressional bodies, but in the meantime, the Federation of States is competent to manage all essential international and global business and did so for almost five years, 1776 to 1781, all by itself. 
It can certainly exercise those once-delegated powers of the absent Federal Republic without question. 

Please note that the enumerated and delegated powers entrusted to our Federal Republic have never been redistributed among our other Federal Subcontractors, so that their exercise of those powers formerly entrusted to the Federal Republic have depended upon presumptions and assumptions of delegated power on their part that have never been affirmed by their Employers.

We find their actions to be self-interested, as their protestations of "emergency powers"--- that were never granted to them,  allowed the British Territorial and HRE Subcontractors to vastly expand the scope of their operations, purportedly "on our behalf", when we were present and able to conduct our own business and would have done so, except for their own pernicious persecution of their Employers and failure to disclose the nature of the purported emergency, which was the absence of the Federal Republic. 

The absence of the Federal Republic is not now and never was cause to assume any emergency powers, just as the existence of an undeclared Mercenary Conflict can never be successfully mischaracterized as a "War".  

The Delegator of the enumerated powers has always been present, willing, and able to accept the return of those powers from any Federal Subcontractor unable or unwilling to do their duty.  

It stands upon the Public Record and before the face of the world, that the Federation of States has not been at war since 1814 and the peace process ending the War of 1812 is the most recent peace process we have engaged in.  

It is also self-evident in view of this fact that we fly our peacetime flag and why we are requiring our Federal Subcontractors to fly the peacetime flag to the extent that they pretend to represent our country and exercise our Delegated Powers. 

It is incongruent and unsupportable that our country is at peace and has been at peace for many decades, while our Federal Subcontractors are flying our Title IV wartime flag and claiming to be at "war" while in fact being engaged in mercenary conflicts.  

This is an abuse of our Title IV wartime flag and an abuse of every man and woman that has been innocently engaged in these felonious activities without their knowledge or consent.  

The foreign Principals responsible for the operations of the offending commercial and Municipal corporations promoting  these misrepresentations must be held to account for this, and for their failure to fully inform their Employers and Treaty Allies --- our American Government and People --- which means our State Citizens, the Creators of and Parties to the Federal Constitutions. 
The corporations belonging to our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors may be at "war" to the extent that a corporation may foment illegal mercenary conflicts.  Their Municipalities operating as unauthorized independent international city-states squatting on our shores may be at war. 

But our country is not at war and cannot be rendered at war by any act of any "President" being put in charge of any foreign incorporated entity whatsoever --- and we are putting our foot down concerning the misuse and abuse of our Title IV wartime flag. 

It was our firm and only intention in setting aside the specific form and dimensions of the Title IV flag to create a version of our flag for the specific use of our foreign Federal Subcontractors while they were exercising our delegated powers in time of actual war declared by our Congress. 

No such war exists and so, there is no plausible reason for our Federal Subcontractors to fly our wartime flag and operate under our trademarks and names, while they are in fact engaged in criminal activities unrelated to any rightful or reasonable exercise of our delegated powers. 

They've been abusing our trust and our Title IV Flag and our trademarks and seals while they have been engaging in war profiteering, racketeering, press-ganging, human trafficking, genocide and other crimes and acts for their benefit and unjust enrichment of their own private, foreign, for-profit corporations.  

We hold the officers and administrators of the Holy Roman Empire and its Successors, and the various British Government Authorities -- the Monarchy, Westminster, and the Inner City of London -- responsible for these gross breaches of trust and abuse of our delegated powers and abuse of our Title IV flag and abuse of our people who have been unlawfully and illegally press-ganged and conscripted for use as cheap mercenaries.

We are outraged by their activities and misrepresentations and outright lies told to the American Public and the rest of the world.  We demand that they cease and desist their practice of mischaracterizing their illegal mercenary activity as "war" and also cease and desist their practice of abusing our Title IV Flag, which is to be used only during actual wartime and only when exercising our delegated powers under contract. 

Our country is at peace and our Federal Subcontractors need to be flying our peacetime flag when engaged in any exercise of our delegated powers whatsoever --- and otherwise, they have no flag to fly in relation to us.  

No doubt the unauthorized independent international city-state representing itself as the Municipality of Washington, DC, will fly its own flag; similarly, the United Nations, which is also squatting on our land and soil without any permission from us to do so, will also fly its own flag.  

We note that they have no contract with us and no permission, basis, right, or standing to set themselves up as separate countries within the borders of our country and to address us with any nonsense promoted by these rogue corporations merely pretending to "represent" us. 

The corporations cannot grant rights or privileges which they do not possess themselves. There has been no grant of land by New York, the actual State and actual State Government, to the United Nations.  

Similarly, there has been no grant of land pursuant to the creation and use-permitting of the District of Columbia allowing it to set aside land for the promotion of a foreign city-state government to stand on our States or our shores. 

The right to act as a plenary oligarchy and government for the City of Washington, DC, belongs to the congressional delegates of the vanished Federal Republic, and otherwise that right devolves upon the Federation of States, not to any British Territorial Congress.  Any deals cut by their Congressional delegates with respect to the creation of a foreign city-state municipality are null and void for lack of valid authority. 

We are presenting ourselves in proper character and order.  Our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors and Treaty Allies are not. 

Please observe: 

Our American Government is substantially different and apart from our "US" Federal Government Subcontractors in important respects, chief among them, the fact that: (1) our Public Elections are not veiled corporation elections conducted by political lobbies; (2) the delegates attending our Congresses are all Fiduciary Deputies bound by the Prudent Man Standard, and (3) our Deputies are not  "Representatives" holding proxy power derived from corporation shareholders and (4) our American Government enjoys state immunity and is not eligible for nor in need of any bankruptcy protection; and (5) our citizenry is composed of State Citizens operating as Lawful Persons within their State Assemblies.

By these marks you may know us and be enabled to discern the American Government and People as opposed to our foreign Subcontractors and their Employees ---- all of whom owe us good faith service and due diligence. 

We intend that these facts about our country, our capitols, our intent, our history, our present circumstance, and our empowerment, will be widely distributed and accepted by all persons conducting business in this country or interacting with the remaining two (2) Federal Subcontractors. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 27th 2024


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