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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

It Was Even Worse Than The Informer Imagined

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was a fledgling when I met The Informer in a Minneapolis, Minnesota, cocktail bar.  I was in town to visit a friend from college who lived in one of the swank suburbs; he was there giving a talk to a group of  Certified Public Accountants. 

The irony of this was not lost on either one of us. It was on that occasion that Paul (his real name) told me, "You can never prove anything to anyone. They have to prove it to themselves. You can put the facts under their noses, but they still have to dope it out and "get it" on their own."

That was The Informer's role -- put the facts under our noses and invite us to "dope it out" for ourselves. 

So many years have come and gone and the amount of information has grown into a manure pile that he wouldn't even recognize, but it was because of The Informer sticking up like a sore thumb, that so much of it was collected in time.  

It was because of him that the analysis was begun. 

After he died, devoted friends kept his work alive and contributed to building a website; the Informer Archives was born.  Today, it's with bittersweet remembrance that we are adding the link to the Informer Archives to the TASA website. 

Here is an example (annotated) of the kind of thought provoking insights you can find there: 


Please go to your Library and pick up the OMNIBUS Acts. They can be found by looking up 86th Congress volume 73, 1959, volume 74, 1960. These are Public Laws 86-70, 86-624. This points out the crafty way the Government uses correct English and how Congress changes words by using their definitions, for example all the United States Code definitions had to be changed to allow Alaska and Hawaii to join the Union of (Confederate Territorial) States. Another example is when Alaska joined the Union and left the designation of “States OF the United States,” Congress added a new definition that never appeared before, that being;

Continental United States “Sec.48. Whenever the phrase ‘continental United States’ is used in any law of the United States enacted after the date of enactment of this Act, it shall mean the 49 States on the North American Continent and the District of Columbia, unless otherwise expressly provided.

Where is it expressly provided?

Sec. 22 (a) Section 2202 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (relating to missionaries in foreign service), and sections 3121 (e) (1), 3306 (j), 4221 (d) (4), and 4233 (b) of such code (each relating to a special definition of 'State') are amended by striking out 'Alaska.'.

(b) Section 4262 (c) (1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (definition of 'continental United States') is amended to read as follows: '(1) Continental United States. – The term 'continental United States' means the District of Columbia and the 'States' other than Alaska."

When Hawaii was admitted to the Union they changed the definition again to wit;

Internal Revenue Sec. 18 (a) 4262 (c) "(1) Continental United States.– The term 'continental United States' means the District of Columbia and the States other than Alaska and Hawaii."

WHAT ARE THE STATES OTHER THAN ALASKA AND HAWAII? They certainly can’t be the other 48 States united by and under the Constitution, because Alaska and Hawaii just joined them, RIGHT? The same definitions apply to the Social Security Acts. So what is left, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Etc.. These are the States OF (belonging to) the United States and are referred to as “the States of the United States.” Do not confuse this term with States of the Union, remember what the word “of” means."

Today, we know that Alaska and Hawaii and numerous other Western States never actually joined the Union -- that it was another sleight of hand, with the U.S. Congress bestowing Territorial "Statehood" instead. 

To finally answer The Informer's question: they were talking about Hawaii and Alaska joining the "48 States (of States) united by and under the Constitutions".  

Alaska and Hawaii entered Territorial Statehood and became Territorial (Confederate) States, that is, States of States, but not States of the Union, because the U.S. Congress could not confer that status. 

We also now realize that our Union of States does not exist "because of or under" any Constitution; it exists because of and stands under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, instead. 

Simply observe that the Union of our States predates the existence of the Constitutions by more than a decade, though there is a lot more evidence than that.  

Calling "Confederate States" (meaning States of States) by the name "State" has been used repeatedly to cause confusion as to "which kind of State" and which kind of "Union" we are talking about, in the same way that "States of the United States" has been used to cause confusion with the "States of the Union". 

The inclusion of Alaska and Hawaii as States of the Union, as opposed to their inclusion in a Territorial "Union" made of Confederate States of States,  would have to wait another seventy years, for a new generation of Americans to repopulate the States of the Union, and officially enroll Alaska, Hawaii, and the other States formed during and after the Civil War Conflict as full-fledged States of the Union formed in 1776.

That happened and took effect on October 1st 2020, decades after The Informer died. 

I know tears of happiness and exhilaration would have poured down his cheeks on that occasion. He would have been so proud of us, his students. 

When I think about The Informer, I think of his piercing intellect and obdurate energy, always on the quest, always poking the underbelly of what he called "the Federal Enclave", forcing us to notice the holes in the common narrative, and making us face the gradual erosion of our rights and immunities. 

It was under his tutelage that I began my own quest so many years ago, and though he didn't have all the answers, he asked the questions we've answered, and in my heart of hearts, I always remember The Informer, and say, "Thank you...." 

As you discover the Archives and read his seminal work, you will be constantly challenged to bring his work and commentaries forward in light of what we know now.  His students, me among them, have continued to research and nail down answers as demonstrated in the example above. 

Paul knew there had been some kind of bait and switch between "States of the Union" and "States of the United States", but he couldn't quite put his thumb and forefinger on it. That would remain for my generation to ferret out, unravel, and finally solve. 

So be aware of the dated nature of much of The Informer's work, but savor it, too. Be alert for unanswered questions. Be aware of the process of question and answer that went on and that built the foundations of what we now know. 

Observe the manner in which The Informer dissected the Federal Code sources he examined, how his questions arose in the first place, and then see how we expanded his inquiries to include the new information that we discovered along the way.  

Like his contemporary, Paul Harvey, The Informer was forever intrigued by the mysteries he found and always ready to tell us "the rest of the story". 

He found plenty of conclusive evidence that we built upon, too.  I don't mean to give you the impression that all his work was left for others to flesh out and answer. He nailed down a lot all by himself. 

The Informer nailed down the problems associated with "the Federal Enclave'' terminology created by the U.S. Congress and its use as a means to create a cancer-like growth of federal authority outside the District of Columbia.  

The Informer exposed the role of the Federal Reserve Board and its Board of Governors, the mechanisms of the embezzlement of our gold and silver, the illegal securitization of living people impersonated as corporation franchises, the commodity rigging of the central banks, and so much more during his lifetime. 

Like Christopher Story and Godfrey Bloom in Britain, The Informer provided a lifeline from the past through the present and into the future -- a lifeline of flat-footed understanding that is not for the faint-hearted, but well-suited to those willing to face reality and deal with it. 

A more limited archive of Christopher Story's work can be found here: and more officially, here: and here:

Owing to the divisions caused by having a common language, Christopher Story's work is a bit more difficult for American readers and it is generally even more technical and rife with economist jargon and British Government jargon, too, but if you are patient, his work yields many nuggets of pure gold and the veracity of his analysis has stood the test of time. 

Christopher Story died in 2010, and his predictive analysis has played out and is playing out on the world stage right now. 

If you want to know where I am coming from and "what set me off" -- once the initial shocks wore off -- read what The Informer wrote when I was still a kid in High School and what Christopher Story added to the mix in the 1980's, 90's and early 2000's.  

Like the recent publication of Eduardo Rivera's analysis of the Federal Income Tax, the work of The Informer and Christopher Story and Jean Keating (yet to be archived) shed abundant light on what I call the "history of the background of the background" --- the how-we-got-here-and-why part of my own generation of researchers and scholars. 

We didn't just pop up like mushrooms in spring and study some kind of unknown and arcane curriculum everyone else missed. We built on a knowledge base and question base provided by other researchers going all the way back to Dred Scott and Lysander Spooner -- and from there we branched out to read the Law and History of England and Rome, and eventually the Law of the Roman Catholic Church and the City of Rome.  

The Informer and Christopher Story are much more contemporary to us, more like older brothers than figures from the history books, so their work and the questions they served up are more recognizable and contemporary, too.  

Our work here and now has opened up a door for you to many other doors, and if you open them, you will become aware of the many deceits that have plagued progress, (like substituting Confederate States for States, and substituting the States of the United States for the States of the Union) but you will also become aware of the insights and the questions that led to crucial discoveries and provided the foundations on which we stand.  

For all those who are hungry to definitively know what happened to America and to Britain, to our religious, financial, and government institutions, to know how we got here, welcome to the Quest.

The Quest moves back and forth through time and space, weaving a story of deception, idolatry, illusion, and confusion for profit that goes back to very ancient times.  

It moves from Babylon to the Levant, splits in two streams, one across North Africa and Spain and Portugal, another cutting through Anatolia, Greece, the Balkan States, and Rome -- finally, to Britain, and from there to The United States, Europe, the Commonwealth, and Japan.    

You will be forced to ask and answer questions you don't want to ask and don't want to hear the answers to; but, you will also gain something that can be gained no other way.  You will understand the world that is changing and dissolving before your eyes. 

You will realize as I do, as The Informer and Christopher Story did, that we have been snookered into believing in fantasies and reacting to things that don't exist, that we have been entrapped with twisted verbiage and undisclosed contracts, have been forced into a cult of idolatry, and that cult is now wreaking havoc on the world as it tries desperately to evade detection and slither away into China and set up a new base of operations in Ukraine, by creating a smokescreen of war, false identities, and false alliances. 

I am reminded of my Yellow Labrador Retriever, who used to get gloriously wet and wait to come inside to ---just as gloriously--- shake himself dry, usually in range to hit my upholstered furniture with drops of Eau de Wet Dog.  

That's what we all need to do. Shake ourselves violently awake.  Let all the alarm bells go off. Let the dots connect.  Let the horror and glory of everything shine on us, so that we truly realize that we've been living in a completely make-believe world, akin to The Land of Oz, where persons substitute for people, territories substitute for countries, legal terms substitute for common words, and credit substitutes for money.  

We've all been sold a completely false narrative by our own public employees, who have sought to redefine and substitute their "public" for our "public" via a process of deceitful registration and enrollment, carried out under color of law. 

These criminals have been acting in Gross Breach of Trust for over 160 years. 

It's time to wake up, Dorothy, time to see what is factual and to be grateful for it, as Kansas, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, and the farm hands all come back into view, Toto jumps on your bed, and life begins again. 

As the Informer said the last time we spoke, "Don't worry about those who won't believe you. This is something everyone has to learn for himself." 

Don't worry if you don't understand and catch all the nuances right away, either.  Just keep looking and learning, until the smoke clears and you can see the sun


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