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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

International Public Notice: How It Goes Down -- Financially

The whole deal with Hamas, the Palestinians and Israel happened on October 7th 2023October 7th 1941 was the date that the last deposit was made by the Hired Administrator of the Avila Family Trust and the beginning of the fifty (50) year contract ending on October 7th 2005 when the United States (Corporation) and its Allies wanted to rebuild the world after World War II -- which, it turns out, was just another filthy illegal mercenary conflict.  

You think it is just a "coincidence"? 

!855 was the year that the Avila Family Trust assets entered the world economy as lawful assets. They were almost immediately commandeered by the Roman Church and used to promote enfranchisement and incorporation on a worldwide basis.  

By 1865, America lay in ruins, the victim of its own military unlawfully converted into a mercenary service by this same process of commercialization. 

England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales had similarly ceased to function.

Millions of innocent people were "enfranchised" as cogs in "National Corporations" and "National Associations" and worked as slaves by the criminal masterminds responsible for all this --- men like T.E. Harriman and J.D. Rockefeller, Cecil Rhodes, and Henry Wellcome. 

The actual owners of the Avila Family Trust reacted in horror.  This was not the world they wanted. They were not pleased with the mismanagement of their assets.  

So they bravely set out on their own and worked with professional Metals Depositors to set up a new distribution of their assets that would, they hoped, now be used for peaceful purposes to underwrite the functions and costs of government -- whatever government the people wanted -- and infrastructure, so that individual people could be forever relieved from the coercive and parasitic system of taxation.  

That was the task and the hope, but by 1941, the world was deeply mired in yet another "World War" and already vast destruction had taken place. Funds were needed to help rebuild everything, and the only assets deployed widely enough and in sufficient quantity, belonged to the Avila Family Trust. 

So, even though rebuilding anything was not the original intention, the Avila Family Trust agreed that their assets could be used to back the rebuilding and later be recouped and used to end taxation worldwide. 

That part of the plan, the end of taxation, was supposed to (finally) start to be realized beginning October 7th 2005, but the Department of the Global Federal Reserve didn't show up for the meetings and the criminals simply closed the doors in the faces of the Avila Family Trust representatives and pretended that they didn't know who they were, or that they didn't exist any longer. 

Many of the assets were snarled up in the probate of the estate of the professional Metals Depositor that the Avila Family Trust hired to make the deposits, Severino Sta Romano.  Severino was an honest man.  He never claimed that the deposits belonged to him, and he instructed his only daughter, Flordeliza concerning the Avila Family Trust deposits, if he should die before these issues got settled. 

Flordeliza was told that a young man would come from the East from the original family and he would be instructed and she would be able to recognize him by certain signs --- and then, in 1974, Severino Sta Romano died, leaving his daughter to settle things. 

Regarding Severino Garcia Sta. Romana.  Severino before his death had spoken to his wife and two sons about the role Flordeliza would play in the recovery of all global assets and instructed them to comply. Severino had taught Flordeliza from a very early age all the information Julius would need for the recovery of all global assets. Due to the information given to Flordeliza by Severino she was raised secretly for her safety and in order to become his heir and administrator Julius had to prove by blood and DNA that in fact Flordeliza was the daughter of Severino Garcia Sta. Romana. 

That is why Judge Charles R. Norgle (Illinois Federal District Court) requested that all family members of Flordeliza including the family of the deceased son of Severino waive all rights and sign off on the Irrevocable General Power of Attorney given to Julius.

This DNA evidence and the action of the court stands on the public record in Illinois. 

There is in fact no "Sta Romano Clan" associated with any of this.  Severino was self-admittedly not the owner of any of the funds he deposited. His was work-for-hire only, and he retained no claim upon the Avila Family Trust assets and his family retained no claim upon these assets, either, as fully documented by the court records in Illinois and in the Supreme Court of the Philippines. 

Attached are some of the exhibits, evidence from the Federal Court Order taken from the certified copy we have on file from the Federal Court.

You could call this evidence the Sta. Romana clan as Judge Charles R. Norgle required all family members of Flordeliza T. Sta. Romana to sign off on the Irrevocable General Power of Attorney given to Julius by Flordeliza.  Enclosed and submitted to the Federal Court is the original GPA that was signed by Flordeliza on April 21, 1999, and the one all signed by her family members on July 11, 2000 that includes the wife of Serverino and her mother Salud Tan Sta. Romana

The Certified Federal Court Order is over 50 booklets of evidence and rulings.

Only Julius, you and me representing Julius have the legal right to access all assets deposited under Severino Garcia Sta. Romana with the intent to Settle his estate.  The agencies, banks, and all other interested parties know this and know it would be illegal and criminal to violate the original court and the Federal Court Order.

As I mentioned before, Flordeliza told Julius to only give $1 million to each of her family members that will be taken from the 1% that will be set aside.  99% of all global assets covered by all authority given to Julius will be used to uplift humanity.  Julius must follow the instructions provided by his predecessors, choosing you as his Fiduciary....

Yes, The United States of America (Unincorporated) Fiduciary is the natural Fiduciary for all the people living in this country who are not Federal Employees and who do not choose to function as part of the incorporated citizenry.  As a properly and fully immigrated South Carolinian, Julius is owed the complete and full protection of our government and his assets are also owed our protection. 

Richello (Snr. Fed Trustee) (admitted) that all Avila assets were put in the name of Severino Garcia STA. Romana.  Yes, after WWII when all assets that were taken by Germany and Japan were recovered by the United States of America and its allies, other assets were mingled in with the Avila assets that were used to create the Black Eagle Trust under Sukarno/Soewarno and the M-Fund.  This is the reason Seowarno, Mooi, Anthony Santiago Martin, and others provided Julius with Irrevocable General Power of Attorney and was assisted by the Department of Federal Treasury once Julius obtained the Federal Court Order in Illinois issued by Federal Judge Carles Norgle regarding the estate of Severino Garcia STA. Romana.

Julius has been appointed the Attorney-in-fact for the estate of Severino Garcia STA. Romana, Julius is the only one that can settle his estate and any claims.  We know Avila is a claimant and reason Francorito Miguel Cortez De Avila was instructed by his predecessors to provide Julius with Irrevocable General Power of Attorney.  We will need to get a full audit and accounting from the BIS, US Treasury, Federal Reserve, Swiss Federation and others that hold all the records  to these assets and may also answer the questions about what may have been mingled with the Avila Assets. Under Soewarno in UBS alone, confirmed by a swift message by UBS is 108,121,000 Metric Tons of Gold.

Severino Garcia STA. Romana himself  in person was the one to inform Julius in 1972 of his destiny and gave him the instructions and what needed to be done to recover all assets if the United States of America (Incorporated), Allied Nations, Banks, and all agencies did not honor their agreements.

Which they didn't, because they are crooks. 

And they are still trying to avoid the obvious fact that these assets must be returned to the family. 

1. Julius was in contact with Ferdinand Marcos while he was in exile on the Island of Hawaii.


2. Ferdinand Marcos was very careful to separate assets that belonged to STA. Romana and Avila from his own personal wealth that he accumulated as the Attorney for Severino.  As indicated in his last will and testament that was provided by William V. Morales, Ferdinand Marcos and his mother Dona Josefa Marcos willed all those assets to his eldest son William V. Morales.  He did leave his personal wealth to Imelda and their 3 children.  After the Death of Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda obtained some of the receipts for assets that were being managed by William V. Morales but could not do anything with them as the assets did not belong to her.  William V. Morales was instructed to sign all authority over to Julius when requested and this was done by the Department of Federal Treasury in 2009.


3.  Ferdinand Marcos Told Julius and Hilario Camino Moncado (General X) wanted the Philippines to become the 51st State of America.  Moncado indicated this in his book and lost his bid to become president of the Philippines by 10,000 votes and ran on making the Philippines the 51st State of America.


4. Julius arrived in the United States in December 1982.  Ferdinand Marcos' invitation to the White House by President Ronald Reagan was on September 16th, 1982. After this meeting Julius was told to prepare for his exit out of Romania and to make his way to the American Embassy in Austria. Julius swam across the Danube River in November 1982 and made his way to the American Embassy in Austria.


5. All the Irrevocable General power of Attorney documents and authority given to Julius was to make sure all assets that originated from the Avila Family Trust were recovered and under his authority with instructions from his predecessors.


6.  While we were in Washington, Ricchello told Julius to be very careful of this CIA lady who confronted Julius at our breakfast table.  Ricchello said she was very powerful and wanted to arrest Julius.  Ricchello told Julius to stay out of her way and let him handle her as she was only a Captain and he was a Colonel, outranking her. I was there and witnessed her telling Julius that he had fucked up their plans and Ricchello making those statements.  After she left the Table Ricchello came down to our breakfast table to discuss this with Julius and he also paid for our breakfast.  

Are you all beginning to get the picture here? We have the goods on all of you and your only hope is to come clean and do what's right before God and Man. 

There are hundreds of thousands of pages of documented evidence all over the world affirming exactly what we are saying here.  There is no song and dance, no narrative, that will erase these facts. 

The Avila Family Trust, the V.K. Durham Trust, and other private family trust assets, State assets, and personal assets -- must be returned to the owners and the private trustees and public trustees and Fiduciaries--- and all pretense of "war" seeking to justify any retention of these assets or any intervention as a "National Security" issue is already precluded because there has never been an actual war in evidence this entire time and the only "National Security" at risk is that of criminals who chose to form a "nation" of criminals.  

The FBI must return the Seal of St. Peter that they stole from James Thomas McBride and the Federal Reserve of the Philippines must return the Great Seal of the United States and also the Great Seal of The United States of America that was stolen from Clintwood Belcher after the Civil "War".   

All Americans are set free from the fraud and the deceptions of their erstwhile employees and the Perpetrators stand exposed: they have no viable contract and all their franchises don't exist. 

Return to God what is God's (the individual private interests) and to Caesar what is Caesar's (the actual government of this country's interests and assets). 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 7th 2024