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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Vindication Paramount

 By Anna Von Reitz

So, we all know, or should know, that a Fabian Cell in the CIA in Frankfurt, Germany, worked with their Italian Intelligence counterparts, who contracted with Chinese Contractors to hack the US Elections in November 2020

I reported it at the time and nothing has changed, except that after a horrendous three-year reign of riots, treason, and economic destruction, the Election Fraud that makes Tammany Hall look like a tea party
has finally been proven on the local level. 

The Georgia Election results, including the "certified" results, were ginned up like an extra corporate franchise named after you. 

And if anyone ever votes in such elections ever again, I am prepared to give them a plastic funnel to wear on their heads and a free "Too Stupid to Breathe" bumper sticker. 

Why do I say something so fundamentally shocking? 

It's because I am sitting here viewing the pageant from the perspective of someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight. 

First, your votes don't count in a presidential election. 

The popular vote for President doesn't elect anyone. It's the vote of the Electoral College that counts, and they go against the popular vote with impunity.  

So your participation in these elections is even more useless than you might have supposed. 

Second, by participating in these meaningless straw poll elections, you make yourself responsible for paying the debts of these bankrupt foreign corporations and obeying all their foreign codes and regulations.  

In exchange for what?  You didn't ever elect a single President, no matter how many times you plodded faithfully to the polls, signed your name on the dotted line and went through the pathetic ritual of "voting" in a fraudulent election. 

My point is-- all these elections are fraudulent by nature.  Voters have no free choice in any of it. They don't select the candidates.  Their votes aren't the votes that count.  And now you find out that even the results of your straw poll votes are rigged. 

Why participate in any of this idiocy?  Why agree, via your signature collected under false pretenses, to pay for all the debts of this horribly mismanaged and corrupt corporatocracy?  

They can't even conduct an honest straw poll! 

Have you ever wondered why when you enter a polling station, the Nice Lady has to find your name on a computer generated list, and then, you have to sign that list above your name?  Hmmm? 

Knowing as much as you now know about our infinitely corrupt Federal Subcontractors, you should know that when you sign that Voter Registration Roll, you are "enrolling" and signing a contract that obligates you to pay the debts these candidates create.  

You are making yourself liable for their spending and getting what in return? 

Do you choose the candidates?  No, a political lobbying organization does that.

Do you elect the candidates?  No, the Electoral College does that. 

Your straw poll "opinion vote" counts for nothing; all it does is entrap and obligate you to pay for the debts of these foreign corporations. 

And now, it turns out that even the results of your "opinion poll" were messed with. 

Pardon me while I vomit. 

Never have such good and gullible people been so betrayed by their religious leaders, teachers, elected officials, military officers, historians, press members and bureaucrats of every kind. 

The Big News isn't that Trump was right and the election results were fraud.  The Big News is that all these presidential elections have been nothing but fraud since Day One.  

They don't even tell you which "President" of which Corporation you are voting for. 

How much more absurdly fraudulent --- in your face fraudulent --- does this WHOLE PROCESS have to be, before people shake awake? 

Bwah, bwah, bwah, the results of your straw poll were tinkered with. 

Start thinking instead about your "enrollment signature" and what that means, because your votes in Presidential Elections have never counted anyway. 

These straw poll elections are just a dirty way of obtaining your signature on an undisclosed contract, obligating you to pay for and guarantee the winning candidate's misuse of your assets and your credit.

So go ahead and feel outraged by how these thugs and media parrots have drug Trump through the mud and mire.  Be fundamentally angered by the foreign interference and CIA complicity.  Stomp all you like.  

But at the end of the day, realize that it is all fraudulent anyway.  Root, stem, and leaf. 

We need to replace these fraudulent elections and their undisclosed purposes with transparent elections and votes that count toward placing our candidates in public offices. 

Not rigged nonsense serving to entrap people. 


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