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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Self-Governance and the Bank

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever seen a restaurant or other place of business post a sign that says something like, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." or "You can get it done fast or you can get it done right." or "Drug addicts need not apply."?  

Private businesses that are open to the Public have the right to determine certain standards related to what goes on in their store, who they serve and who they don't serve, who they hire and who they don't hire, the liabilities they accept or don't accept, and so on.  

Remember the famous Wedding Cake lawsuit in which a bakery refused to do a wedding cake for a gay couple?  It went all the way to the Supreme Court and it came back in favor of the bakery.  

Global Family Bank is no different.  They won't serve people who are mean-spirited, abusive, entitled, self-important, ugly, combative, and wanting to fight, fight, fight.   

They make it clear that they are here to help and work with anyone who is done with evil, anyone who wants to live in peace, anyone who is ready to step up and accept responsibility for themselves and their world. 

The whole vision of The Global Family Bank is one of peaceful co-existence and brotherhood based on the true commonality of our shared humanity. 

There are too many perfectly nice, self-respecting, polite, rational people, who self-govern their behavior, who need help; why waste time on those who want to call others by ugly names and fight and cause trouble? 

Nobody here and nobody at the bank gets a salary.

Nobody here or at the bank is a "public employee".  

We literally don't "owe" anyone any service at all. 

We took on the responsibility to recoup our own assets and help others to do the same, but if anyone thinks they are going to come in and stomp all over us and call us names while we are trying our best to help the ingrates--- think again.  

We are at peace. Remember that when you contact us or contact our banks or any other institution related to us.  We don't have to put up with mouthy, self-important, abusive people.  And we won't. 

If you want an account with The Global Family Bank and want to receive back money and other assets that were improperly taken from you and your parents and grandparents, fine. We are here for you. 

But you have to be "here" for us, too. 

God didn't entitle you to my work or the work of anyone at The Global Family Bank.  That's all a gift from one to another. You didn't pay for it.  You didn't earn it.  You may or may not deserve it. 

Part of deserving it is getting into the spirit of the effort. We are all equal, all in the same boat. We don't have any "personnel" functioning as mere indentured servants in our world, no slaves, either. 

Everyone you see here is your equal.  Everyone you see here is here because they freely chose to help you.   

So when someone opens up a pathway for you to get back your money and does all the work to recoup the assets and build a bank system to make it possible for you to benefit --- be grateful.  Have the good sense to realize that their service is a precious gift to you and your family.  

I've had several people contact me, complaining that their account at The Global Family Bank was shut down.  

In some cases, it turned out that those same people asked to have their account shut down and then came back complaining because it was. In other cases, it was just some aspect of paperwork or coding that needed to be straightened up and took time.  

But in still others, it was because someone got impatient and started ranting and raving and strutting and blowing off at the bank workers, who responded by shutting down their accounts. 

Well, if you don't like the free service you are getting, guess you'll have to do without.  Go build your own bank system and do your own recoupment work. 

I don't know why I have to say this as one adult to another, but if you have made that kind of error, the fastest way to correct it is to apologize. 

Just say I'm sorry, I was acting out on assumptions carried over from the old system, and being an @#$.  Please forgive me and reinstate my account.  I'll do better in the future. 

Coming home to your birthright requires a whole different way of thinking and doing things.  It requires us to be more responsible, and more appreciative of others. Not less.

It also requires us to respect ourselves more.  No ranting and stomping and crying like two year-olds. No temper tantrums.  No whining. 

You are all adults and this is business.  If you want to help speed things along, pull up your Big Boy pants and grab an oar. 


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