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Monday, October 23, 2023

The "State of Israel" Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are not going to second-guess Jacob Rothschild. Maybe he was just intent on securing a homeland for the Jewish people, an idealistic return to their documented historical homeland. 

It's a beautiful dream.  Who wouldn't be charmed by it?  And yet, in actual practice, it has been a nightmare from Day One, which occurred many years prior to the declaration of the "State of Israel". 

All the backdoor banker discussions that led to the State of Israel, as in one of the United States (ahem), were promoted by and inspired by and pushed by Jacob Rothschild and his cousins at the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. 

They were supported in this by the Government of Westminster and the Vatican, albeit, for different and more political and commercial reasons. 

In any event, the 99-year lease on the land and soil known as "Israel" and purportedly secured by David ben Gurion in 1948, and agreed to by the British Territorial Corporation Government operating the British Middle East Protectorate -- is due for renegotiation. 

So, the rest of the Party Hearties, the true Principals of the Middle East, are backing a highly publicized incursion by "Hamas" forces into Gaza and rattling all the chains and sabers.  

You have to realize that Hamas is just a group of mostly-Muslim mercenaries and would not exist without healthy dollops of cash from both sides, keeping them in existence, and paying for their ammo. 

So, also, you might wonder -- why all this drama and nastiness, from beginning to end?  

There was never anything called "Palestine" in modern times, until the British created it.  This was the Roman name for the geography in question, but so what? 

Two thousand years after-the-fact, the Balfour Declaration resounds and ta-ta-ta-tah!, we have an ersatz thing called "Palestine" back on the map, and the happy and peaceful inhabitants, a mixture of Christians, Muslims, and Jews from throughout the Levant and North Africa, are now arbitrarily labelled, "Palestinians" --- a label they never sought and did not apply to themselves. 

Okay, call that "Team One". 

Next, enter Jacob Rothschild, the Bank of England, all the financing that went into the First World War and the Second World War, and what have you got? 

Oh, another group of emigres pouring into "Palestine" and displacing the "Palestinians".  Call that "Team Two".  

Team Two is infinitely better financed and politically connected than Team One, but also has far less legitimate claim to the land and soil in question. So there has to be a war with real bloodshed in order to claim the existence --by conquest-- of the State of Israel. 

What nobody knows and what is never explained to the public worldwide is that the State of Israel is literally a British Territorial "State" (actually, State of State) equivalent to the British Territorial State of Tennessee or State of California.  

This is why the "State of Israel" receives billions and billions and billions of dollars of money and credit from the United States of America, Incorporated, every year.  

It's only since that British Crown Corporation fell on hard times that there has been the least little bit of economic hardship in Israel, and curiously, the butt of that hardship has fallen on Concentration Camp survivors and kibbutzim, the quintessential Poster Boys for the whole Israel-creation-and-conquest narrative. 

Did the people of America understand any of this? Did they know that they were financing the Israeli Government and the whole State of Israel?  Did they know that the State of Israel was equivalent to the State of Tennessee in the foreign British Territorial system of things?  

No.  Quite simply, no, the American People didn't know this.  They weren't told.  They were being "represented" by foreign subcontractors operating out of the District of Columbia, who for their own reasons, didn't see fit to divulge this pregnant fact.

Those Americans who were paying attention to what was happening in Washington, DC, simply attributed all the payola going to Israel to a super-effective and well-financed pro-Israel Jewish Lobby.

But it wasn't just that. 

Israel was an investment opportunity in the Middle East for the USA, Inc., one that allowed the British Territorial Government of Westminster to keep its sticky fingers on the empire that Larry of Arabia finagled for them, and all at American expense.  

So the American people have been paying through the nuggies all these decades and the Brits have been using Israel as a base of operations in the Middle East to influence and control Middle Eastern economic and social politics, and most important--- Middle Eastern crude oil. 

With typical British Raj disdain for the local people and communities who are the end-line recipients of all their "policies" and "prerogatives", they have made themselves hated on all sides, but they don't care, because they misrepresent themselves as "Americans" ---without actually being Americans. 

All the blame for this accrues to us as long as they get away with pretending to be us and for as long as they control our military forces as our presumed-to-be proxies. 

Yes, proxies, as in shareholder proxies. 

And, absent an Act of God, they will try to continue this situation as long as Americans are dumb enough to register as Voters in their private municipal corporation elections. 

Meanwhile, real people are really dying, both members of Team One and members of Team Two.

The "war" between Israel and Hamas is as phony and mercenary in nature as the funky "war" these same perpetrators have been staging here in the actual States of the Union. And just as illegal. 

Yesterday, the Pope, owner of all these corporations, called Joe Biden, the local municipal corporation CEO functioning as the UNITED STATES Successor, inquiring about the safety of his investments in the State of Israel, Inc. 

And Car Jack Joe assured him that he was on top of it and in communication with the commanding generals, blah, blah, blah. 

We hope that everyone concerned now realizes that the rest of us are also up to speed now and not at all happy with the performance of our Territorial and Municipal employees. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

October 23rd 2023


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