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Monday, October 23, 2023

The Motive Exposed

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here it is, again, the United States Supreme Court Case: Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, argued in 2013. 

Everyone realizes that the virus invoked as the culprit for the entire shutdown and fiasco is the Common Cold Virus, right?  

And we all also know that the Common Cold Virus has far too many variants and is too given to mutation to tame, right? 

We also know that left to itself, the Common Cold Virus is irritating, but survivable.  Our bodies have adapted over millions of years to thrive in spite of the Common Cold, which has little chance of killing anyone over the age of early infancy or past the age of 80.  

We have all lived all our lives with the Common Cold at our elbows, runny nose, watery eyes, moderate fevers, headaches, sinus congestion, body aches, and all.  

And so what?  Why the sudden hysteria?  Why the Fake Out, giving the Common Cold Virus this sudden new persona veiled by scientific and brand names?  
Why shut down the world economy and vaccinate billions of people and expose them to worse threats via an experimental vaccine?

Ah, in the name of "science" --- to experiment with the human genome on a vast scale and see the results.  

That's part of the motivation for men like Fauci, who are cut out of the old Nazi cloth, and have no morality at all. 

Billions of dollars in profits from patents and programs and grants doesn't hurt, either.  

Have you seen how many billions of doses of this  purported vaccine the For-Hire Municipal Corporations based in the District of Columbia bought? 

And how much money people like Anthony Fauci made off that?  

Cui bono?  Just ask yourselves, who benefits? 

It's easy enough to see the direct beneficiaries like Fauci and Pfizer, those that filled their pockets directly from the public trough, but what about the Municipal Government corporations paying out all this money for this dubious product?  

What did they get out of it?  

Slaves.  Millions upon millions of slaves.  The most valuable commodity on Earth. 

How is that possible? 

By unlawfully and deceitfully using the Pathology v. Myriad Genetics case results noted above, to claim that billions of people voluntarily accepted conversion and willingly made themselves into mere Genetically Modified Organisms, owned under patent. 

GMO Transhumans, that is, who are owed no Human Rights, much less any natural and unalienable rights. 

Transhumans, according to the claims and theories of the monsters responsible, are slaves of their owners, literally owned by the patent holders that engineered the tiny snippets of mRNA and DNA inserted into their genome without their informed consent. 

We have the idiot Supreme Court Justices acting in 2013 to thank for this.

Oh, and Bill Gates. DARPA. DOD. The Chinese Development Fund (aka, CIA Pension Fund). USA, Inc. Etc. Et Alia. Just include all those individuals and entities that hope to grossly benefit themselves and increase their coercive power by promoting the theoretical "legal" existence of a vast worldwide slave population deprived of all rights and prerogatives. 

And then look at the Public Law passed by our State Assemblies holding all General Jurisdiction in this country, outlawing all of this, absolutely. 

We weren't disorganized or asleep this time. 

So no matter what the US Patent Office says, these entities have no claim on us, and no claim on anyone else in this country, whether or not they "accepted" the offending vaccine. 

We would argue and do argue, that they have no valid claim on anyone, period, at all, because all these mechanizations have been undertaken under conditions of deliberate self-interested deceit and non-disclosure -- fraud, in other words. 

This circumstance voids any and all commercial claims and patents associated with this incipient enslavement racket and the associated "domestic" bioweapons test program foisted off on the living people by the DOD, DARPA, WHO, CIA,  INC. --- etc., which are all legal fictions with no natural right to exist. 

We call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of all individuals and organizations complicit in this genocide and the liquidation of all corporations having their dirty paws all over this incredibly evil scheme, including the "World Economic Forum" and all its "Future Leaders" that have been insinuated into positions of power in the Territorial and Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia and their franchises worldwide. 

We also call for the arrest of all the corporation Boards of Governors and Trustees responsible for this mess, along with the remaining members of the United States Supreme Court responsible for the 2013 decision cited above, Pathology v Myriad Genetics, who subsequently financially benefited themselves from this disaster which they created.  

We wish for all of them to be rounded up and held to account-- that is, held one hundred percent individually, personally, and commercially liable, as officers elected and/or appointed, of municipal and international corporations and transnational global corporations, and all subject to Ecclesiastical,  Admiralty and Maritime Law. 

We recognize and grant no state immunity to any individuals or corporate entities involved in this plot to undermine the protections and rights and immunities of mankind.  

We invoke Natural Law, Ecclesiastical Law, International Law, and our own Public Laws, treaties and contracts, to protect our persons and all similar persons from attacks from all municipal, admiralty, and maritime legal fictions and persons involved in their administration.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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