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Monday, October 23, 2023

How (Mostly) Dead American Veterans Own the Fortune 500

 By Anna Von Reitz

What happened is that as part of their reward for their service, the WWII Vets were given stock portfolios, mostly in the Fortune 500 companies, which allowed the government to buy controlling interest in those companies ---using the excuse that this investment in US stock companies was a gift from the grateful nation for the veterans coming home.  

But, "legally" all these vets never returned home. 

When they joined the service, their natural political status was changed to that of Federal U.S. Citizens, and when they were discharged and physically returned home, they remained in that foreign political status as U.S. Citizens and were presumed to be voluntarily remaining in that status even after they were discharged.  

The bureaucrats simply took no follow-up action to return them to their original birthright political status, so they remained "at sea". 

Of course, nobody told the vets about the change in their political service in the first place when they joined the service, and nobody instructed them about how to change back when they got out. The veterans just assumed that "Honorable Discharge" meant they were out of any Federal service obligation-- and accordingly, they never did anything to reclaim their birthright political status. 

That circumstance left the WWII vets in Federal jurisdiction and presumed to be voluntarily accepting the political status of Federal civilians even after the war, and of course, the stock portfolios were only for Americans returning home from the war.  

The WWII vets never, technically, returned home to their birthright jurisdiction on the land and soil, so that allowed the foreign British Territorial Corporation acting as a Subcontractor of our "government" to keep and manage the stock portfolios "for" them, until one by one they have died from various causes.

As they die off,  the British Territorial government claims a public interest in the estates of British Territorial U.S. Citizens-- that don't actually exist-- and so, the government corporation steals the benefit that was purportedly for the American veterans and retains the control of the Fortune 500 and many other investments made since then, in the memory of our World War II Veterans who were mischaracterized as foreigners in their own country, taxed to death as such, and never allowed to enjoy the freedom they fought for. 

All this was engineered using the excuse that it was a reward for our veterans, who never knew about it, and never saw a dime from it -- but when the time came to pay the taxes on all the post-war profits these corporations made, the vets who were actually the owners of all these stocks and bonds were made to pay the cost.   

It's more than past time that the Generals got their flat asses kicked, and the politicians, too, and the military bankers and portfolio managers in their little Federal Reserve enclave in Switzerland need a share of the felicitations, also. 

It's time that the British Territorial government and its agents, the British Crown, got liquidated, and all their assets claimed as the result of this and other abundant evidence of criminal activity harming our country and our people---and, most importantly, it's time that The Great Fraud was recognized for the worldwide scam that it is. 

American veterans weren't the only victims. This same web of deceit and malicious intent to defraud has impacted the entire western world -- the former British Commonwealth, Western Europe, Japan....  

The purloined assets need to be recouped and returned to the victims and if not the victims themselves, to the families of the victims of this unlawful conversion and all the false claims resulting from it.  


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