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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Vermin Alert! All Hands On Deck!

 By Anna Von Reitz

You have all either seen or heard about (probably) Ammon Bundy and the way the rats have continued to harass Ammon Bundy as they promote their attempts to steal his home and land.  

You have seen these two short video clips and witnessed how the Vermin set someone up and then attack under False Pretenses and color of law, using your money and misusing your purloined authority and even your airwaves to do it.

It's time for the Silent Majority to speak.  

Now the foreign State-of-State attorneys have gone to the self-interested State-of-State Supreme Court and filed motions to "compel" the Gem County Sheriff to--- in the words of Mouth of Evil Media Propagandists, "do his duty" and serve papers on Bundy, 

The County Sheriff doesn't want to do it and begged off claiming that he was afraid of a confrontation between his Deputies (FBI scum) and Bundy as his excuse.  

Sheriff Wonder needs to know that the State-of-State Supreme Court is self-serving and can't define what his "duty" is and also can't compel him to do anything.  They are acting in a separate and foreign jurisdiction. The controlling case law is at the United States Supreme Court level and it was established in Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. 

Sheriffs get to follow their conscience and use their own discretion when to afford people their Constitutional Guarantees and when not to. There isn't anything that the franchise State-of-State Supreme Court can do about that, as it has already been decided "for" them and for Sheriff Wonder, too.  

Please, everyone who has any contact with the Bundys and/or the Sheriff of Gem County--- get this message through and place a Motion to Stop Interference with the County Peacekeeping Authority before the State-of-State Supreme Court  --and cite Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. referencing the State-of-State and "County of" case, and file a District Court Complaint against GEM COUNTY and Gem County (of) in tandem --- making sure to send a copy to the United States Secretary of State, the State of State Secretary of State, and the Provost Marshal. 

Tell them that Ammon Bundy, a non-citizen, non-combatant American civilian is being harassed and targeted and defamed by self-interested foreign commercial corporations intent on illegally confiscating his land and soil.  

In order to protect our rights and the rights of all living Americans, Sheriff Wonder has to protect his right to discern and apply his own judgment. 

If the FBI comes after Ammon, we are already on their backs and the backs of DOD, INC. and the so-called United States of America, Corporation, too, the Parent Corporation of the whole nest of vermin.  

They are all for-hire foreign mercenaries on our soil, operating secretly, with no right or authority to even be here.  No wonder they lawlessly bully people and confiscate people's property under color of law.  They are all criminals engaged in white-collar international crime, proven and on the record. 

We are moving to liquidate these criminal corporations before they can cause any more confusion, spread any more lies, or cost any more lives. 

Stand firm, America, and raise your voice.  And if you can, send prayers and money to help put wings under the effort to liquidate these corporations and return control to the national government we are owed. 

God bless the Ranchers and Farmers and all decent Americans.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. isnt/ wasnt Ammon Bundy running for Office,Senate(?) in their Foreign Corporation?

    1. I believe so. You don't fight the system through the system. You build a new system that renders theirs obsolete. In simple terms: stop using their shit.

    2. yes. this is what our ancestors already did, 1776, ... built a new system upon the foundation of the laws of nature and natures God...; and it carries over to and for us, their sons and daughters and anyone else who holds the same truths to be self-evident... para2 UnanDecl.

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  3. They stole my land and home. They will get his too. Slave and homeless

  4. Dan S. is still in jail for falling asleep (possibly intoxicated) under a tree in Plymouth Ma. There may be a gun involved. Maybe we should start with the easy ones. Just sayin.

    1. Have you seen any of the people shes addressed these "proclamations" to treat any of them with authority and deference? Why would you think anything she proclaims holds any weight?

    2. . . . repent while yet ye may . .

  5. P.S. Dan is all papered up as an American.

    1. Do you have more details on Dan S.? Where is he and what is he charged with?

    2. dan can have a gnu,...
      was he asleep on some Politicians lawn tho'??
      baldwin, can you get his case number so we can start following what is going on?

    Biden officials have no legitimate oaths of office on file

    1. im finding that perhaps/apparently neither do the "Federal Judges", since 1991.
      if true, its BAD.
      i dont know about ANY of this yet for sure -- havent studied it yet, but will share my notes, maybe someone else has confirmation on if this is true or not?
      the notes (my scribble notes) im going through:
      show that effective March 1, 1991:
      (their) Public Law 101-650, Section 404, 104 Stat 5124 at ss. 407. (and Stat. 5089?) December 1, 1990 .... and
      'by Amendment the Oath at 28 453, 62 Stat 907 so as to relieve all justices and judges of the US of any duty of FIDELITY to the Constitution, namely, Sec 404 - Amend. to Oath of Justices and Judges and Sec 45 of Title 28 USC.'
      Apparently, by recommendation, they struck out the words in their Oath:
      "... according to the best of my abilities and understanding, agreeably to...."
      and inserted "...under..."
      so that the Federal Judges have no duty or fidelity to the Constitution, but
      "only to the DUTIES incumbent upon that Official *under* the Constitution....
      and guess what.... there *are* no duties under the Constitution.

      my scribbles say:
      so now the only duties encumbent upon that Official to discharge or perform are provided in the STATUTES OF CONGRESS in the Laws of the US Corp(se) because the Constitution provides none !!
      such that Oath 104 Stat 5124 SEVERS the connection between the Federal Judiciary and the Constitution!!
      as of march 1,1991 the former FedJudic branch Officers ARE NOW LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OFFICERS!!

      Congress merged the JudiBranch to under itself.

      isnt T rmpS teins sister a Federal Judge?

  7. The reason they are after his property is the radium deposits that are present. A byproduct of radium is helium and the 4th Reich need the helium to float the ballons NASA🐉uses to collect the 66,666,666.66 per day from our credit.

  8. "If the FBI comes after Ammon" but what about "Sheriff Wonder" and his duty as the county's gatekeeper? .........

  9. Generally speaking, there isn't evidence or reference in Anna’s articles. For example,
    next one contains no evidence and no reference :
    【What is the UN ? --- Probably Not What You Think 】

    Next one is a one photo , but it maybe able to be a proof that Trump is innocent, it is not a long article :
    【Official Statement of Stormy Daniels】
    It is desired like this one in Anna’s articles.