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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Dead on Arrival

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

What actually went bankrupt in 1933?  A commercial corporation deceitfully operated as "the United States of America, Incorporated",  by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractor housed in the District of Columbia. This bankrupt commercial corporation subcontractor had no actual tie to our American Government. It was a subcontractor of a Subcontractor. 

The solvency or bankruptcy of a foreign incorporated entity is largely indifferent to us, yet its debts were charged off against the American People and our pre-eminent interest as the Priority Creditor was not represented at the bankruptcy proceedings.  115 other creditors were notified, but not the Creditor having the Preferential Creditor position. 

This failure of Due Process in Breach of Trust renders the entire proceeding null and void and reopens the joint probate and bankruptcy.

Similar proceedings in 1907 with regard to the probate and bankruptcy of the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" are similarly invalidated, as are all the other similarly mis-administered and non-disclosed probate and bankruptcy actions since then.  

In all cases, the actual American Government was left out of the considerations, and the American People were assumed to be the Principals responsible for the bankrupt's debts, when in fact the bankrupt wasn't chartered under our authority and wasn't our responsibility and wasn't even our direct subcontractor. 

The gold and silver and land that the Federal Reserve owes us are due and payable, plus interest.  

The same Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia and operating as the Government of an unauthorized independent, international city-state squatting on our shores in violation of our Use Permits has been a constant source of conflict, violence, evasion of contractual limitations and avoidance of contractual duties.  

We have already noted that the "Plenary Power" related to the Government of the City of Washington, DC, is an exclusive plenary power granted for one purpose only -- to provide a neutral meeting ground for the Federal Capitol.  No other or different plenary powers may be created or assumed, and we must observe that the Municipal Corporation has failed its one duty imposed by the plenary powers --- Washington, DC is not a neutral Federal Capitol and hasn't been since 1933.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt transgressed against both the contract allowing the plenary power associated with the City Government, and trespassed against us, the American Government, when he acted in fraud to set up the independent, international city-state thought to be the Municipal Corporation's Government.  

He also trespassed against us when he claimed "War Powers" for this unauthorized and fraudulently constructed city-state and declared "war" on United States Citizens -- that is, the British Crown-operated District Subcontractor and its Allies.  This reopened an illegal mercenary conflict on our shores among our Federal employees.

See the public record, March 9th 1933.  Roosevelt called for the passage of the illegal and unlawful "War Powers Act"---- 12 USC Section 95 (a) and 95 (b) by the Municipal Congress.  This "act" declared all United States Citizens to be the enemy of the United States (Corporation) Government and placed the Municipal Government under permanent Emergency Rule --- additional powers never vouchsafed to it. 

These illegal, unlawful, and immoral acts: (1) organization of an independent international city-state operating in violation of our land use permits; (2) pretending to have plenary powers extending beyond the city limits of Washington, DC; (3) engendering a permanent "state of war" with our other Subcontractors and Vendors as a means of promoting war crimes and crimes of personage against our General Public; (4) failure to maintain Washington, DC, as a neutral Federal Capitol --- are only part of the rampage of treason committed by the Roosevelt Administration which also promoted the sale of Municipal citizens and human trafficking via the Birth Certification process a full seven years after slavery was abolished worldwide and 168 years after it was outlawed in this country. 

These war crimes engaged in by the lawless Municipal Corporation operating the City Government for non-contractual and criminal purposes against its own citizenry, against our other Subcontractors, and against the letter and spirit of our treaties and service contracts (Constitutions) had to be carried out under conditions of secrecy, non-disclosure, purposeful obfuscation, and deceit amounting to willful fraud, and they have been.

For these unlawful, unfriendly, and treasonous acts, we wish for abundant and substantial compensation, including but not limited to the complete liquidation and/or forfeiture of the control of both Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, so that we, the national government, can put a stop to these unlawful and immoral activities on our shores and put an end to any presumption of any continuing illegal mercenary conflict among our Federal employees.  

Let's now turn our attention back to the personage schemes that have been promoted to allow war crimes to be committed against average non-citizen Americans. 

There are, as we have shown, two (2) such personage schemes, one each promoted by the two Municipal Corporations involved.  

The first fraud and personage is committed by the British-Territorial Subcontractor, which latches upon American babies as they are born. 

A Medical Doctor is most often in attendance, and all Licensed Medical Doctors, are Undeclared Foreign Agents conscripted under Federal Code Title XXXVII as "Uniformed Officers".  Operating in this undisclosed capacity, these men and women, or their employees, present equally undisclosed Registration paperwork, which is presented as routine paperwork --- not as life-altering and political status-altering paperwork demanding an education in law to read.  

Acting under these conditions of non-disclosure, the Mothers are mischaracterized as either Unwed Mothers or as Informants reporting a crime.  Either way, the Mothers are not identified on this paperwork as Mothers of families and are instead misrepresented as Unwed Mothers desiring to give the baby up, or as mere Informants who "found" the baby on the hidden battlefield and are surrendering the baby to military authorities.  

Using this complex and undisclosed ruse, the Perpetrators gain a Registration of a British Territorial "Person" having the same Given Name as the American victim.  This defrauds the baby of the protections of the Constitutions and unlawfully converts their political status to that of a British Territorial Citizen, as if they were born in Puerto Rico. 

Seven years later, the Registration is pulled by the Federal Reserve Banks for use as an "unclaimed collateral asset" and the British Territorial Person is declared legally dead and intestate.  This then gives the administrative Municipal and Military District Courts the set-up needed to seize upon the American being defrauded ---and their property assets.  

Please note that in the British Crown Corporation hierarchy, all legal personnel outrank the general citizenry and all medical personnel outrank the legal personnel as well as the general citizenry, so that Registrations provided by a Medical Doctor affirming the political status of a baby cannot be questioned: they are orders from a superior officer. 

So it does no good for a member of the General Public who just happens to have the same Given Name, to question the set up or the charges, and no good for an Attorney hired by the victim to question any of this criminality, either.  The attorneys are outranked already before entering the courtroom, while the Medical Doctor, untrained in legal-speak and the implications of his signature on the Birth Registration documents, is helpless to cure a mistake that he literally doesn't know he's made. 

The Mother is left in a similar state of unknowingness and the baby, the victim of this unlawful conversion scheme, is too young to have any memory of these issues. 

The resulting Public Trust is administered as if the "dead" British Territorial Person died and left all his or her worldly goods to benefit the public--- in this case, the "public" provided by the British Territorial Municipal Subcontractor's Citizens, not the American State's General Public to which the babies naturally belong.  

This undisclosed Public Trust latches onto all the Public Interest property --- the roads and public buildings and public lands and other public property and natural resources that the baby has an interest in.

We've examined the far older dead "baby" scam in which the other City -operated Municipal Subcontractor receives the afterbirth materials and treats them as a living being and presumes the existence of "a brother who died at birth" or soon after. This is then used to create an intestate infant decedent estate for them to administer directly as a private trust that latches on to all the private assets of the victim. 

Until 2015, all the resulting private Municipal trusts were constructed as dead man's ESTATES organized as Cestui Que Vie Trusts and all the debts that the helpless victim was accused of owing, had to be paid off as mortgages against him, his labor, his home, his land, his personal property in sum total.  

In 2015, Barack Obama operating as the President of the United States (Inc.) was administering yet another phony bankruptcy, and he changed this narrative --- all the Cestui Que Vie ESTATES were considered "US CITIZENS" and so, he redefined these US CITIZENS to be franchises of a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Corporation, instead.  That is, the courts were to address different US CITIZENS --- franchise corporations that were operated as Public Transmitting Utilities under Puerto Rican law instead.  

The entire "Notice" given to the General Public amounted to a change in the way the Given Name was misrepresented; instead of ELLIOT SPENCER WALCOTT, the all-purpose scapegoat was changed to ELLIOT S WALCOTT.  

Instead of administering a phony Cestui Que Vie TRUST, all the attorneys are busy discharging the debts of a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Corporation against the American victims of all this fraud. 

We wish for an end to all these self-interested practices of constructive fraud, including but not limited to the overturning of the undisclosed Registrations obtained under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure. 

We wish for the immediate cessation of all prosecutions operating under these or similar legal presumptions. 

We wish for the worldwide understanding that all these "persons" are dead and were dead from the start, have no pulse, and no valid claim against the living --- not now and at no time in the past. 

Our Given Names are a private asset belonging to us as gifts and operating as both a private copyright owed to our parents and as a trademark of The United States of America --- our Federation of States.  

We find that the British Crown Corporation and its Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia and in Puerto Rico have non-consensually copyrighted our Given Names as products belonging to them, based on all the same lies and self-interested unlawful activities and deceits herein described, and they have qualified both the parent corporations and the British-Crown operated Municipal Corporation as crime syndicates engaged in unlawful conversion and human trafficking, personage, identity theft, and unlawful prosecution. 

We wish that the British Crown Corporation and all its Municipal Corporation franchises including the District of Columbia Corporation and all and any variations of United States, Inc. or United States of America, Inc., franchises and derivatives, be forfeited together with all unlawful and non-consensual copyrights placed upon the Given Names of individual people in the countries affected by this horrific fraud scheme -- and all returned to the administration of the national government of each country. 

We find that the City-operated Municipal Subcontractor has been equally engaged in illegal, unlawful, and immoral human trafficking and reckless conspiratorial activities to evade its contractual duties and deceitfully mischaracterize its Employers as part of its own citizenry. 

We wish for compliance, justice, compensation and prompt corrective action.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 22nd 2023


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  1. "The same Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia and operating as the Government of an unauthorized independent, international city-state squatting on our shores in violation of our Use Permits has been a constant source of conflict, violence, evasion of contractual limitations and avoidance of contractual duties."

    what are the Use Permits?
    are you referring to the ones you call Your Employees?
    are you referring to their own Constitution that they themselves made up and "ratified" themselves without consent from the peoples and then (knowing it is fraud?) didnt sign?; and then went on to super-imposed that fraud over the top of our people's law-fully ratified Articles of Conf and Perpetual Union?

    none of this is defined or referenced so nobody can know what the meaning or the context is.

    note: i nearly always use the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen States of America, July 2, 1776 and the Articles of Confederation.

  2. Just curious with all of your knowledge and information with regard to much of the truth, are you in any way associated with Russell-Jay: Gould. to correct the system to proper syntax in language for our country and effectively the whole world as well.?
    Just makes moral and logical sense about all of this.
    Start over in the correct way as individual world beings - sovereign to God and self?

    1. no.
      ive heard of him re: having the flag(?), and being PostMaster(?), and syntax, i think "parse syntax"(?), but have not read any of his writings.
      i think they are already trying to make the "English" language, ens legis, the Universal Language.

  3. Dear "Curious,"

    As you seem interested in Russel-Jay:Gould, you may wish to read the book about one of his Great Grand Father's, titled:

    The Misunderstood Life of JAY GOULD, King of the Robber Barons.
    by: Edward J. Renehan, Jr.

    The apple, of darkness, doesn't fall far from the tree. (The "Russel" name comes from the name of Robber Baron JAY GOULD's partner.)

    Join the criminals, and be taken by the good guys. Oh, and fun with the hyphens and colons!

  4. What is your dispute with David Straight, if any?

  5. Is wo-man;janmarie for or against David Straight?

    1. not for or against, he's trying to work with land claims isnt he? ive seen online, he holds seminars.
      is he getting anywhere with what hes doing?