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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Notice of Fraud Issued to Coroners and Medical Examiners

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

The following has been issued as a generally applicable Notice of Fraud and Writ of Assistance for Ammon Bundy, an American Rancher, who is being mischaracterized and targeted as a "violent anti-government extremist" based on the same kinds of False Dossiers and False Narratives we have covered in our discussion of the IRS Masterfiles.  

We are sharing this information to bring it home to everyone reading this, that these lies and the institutions and organizations responsible for them, are criminal in nature and cannot be allowed to continue these unlawful practices.  We also wish to bring it home to all of you that these practices on paper too often result in actual injury and loss of life under color of law. 

April 19th 2023 marked the 30-Year Anniversary of the murder of 82 members of the Branch Davidian Community in Waco, Texas.  Nobody has ever been prosecuted for this crime and no evidence of crime on the part of the Branch Davidians was ever found on their compound.  This demonstrates the profound evil of allowing these corporations to make up stories about people --- and then exercise powers never granted to them.  

Another innocent and peaceable American Rancher, LaVoy Finicum, was gunned down in the presence of his family seven years ago. Everyone who knew him regarded him highly for his kindness, decorum under stress, and knowledge of the law.  He, too, was mischaracterized and misrepresented as a "violent anti-government extremist" by the Liars engaged in their illegal occupation of our country and their equally illegal "permanent state of emergency" which they think justifies their war-for-profit activity on our shores. 

We have good reason not to trust or respect these purported government agencies and officials,  who are here both illegally and unlawfully on our shores, pretending to be acting with legitimate authority provided by our national government. 

This is not the case.  They are grossly overstepping any authority ever granted to the foreign Federal Municipal Subcontractors -- including our own American Federal Republic. 

Bear Witness and Take Notice: 

It has come to our attention that in the 1860's, by Act of the U.S. (Territorial) Congress, the word "person" became a legal term of art, and for the government purposes of the Municipal Corporations, no longer meant a living man or woman.  

Instead, to quote a typical admission from the State of Colorado Regulatory Code: "Person" means any individual, corporation, government or governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, limited liability company, partnership, association, or other legal entity.  C.R.S. 2-4-401 (2017). 

The word "individual" in this context means individual franchise corporation. 

These entities are all operating in international or global jurisdictions of the law and have no affiliation with the living people they are named after.  These corporations described as "persons" are all operated by foreign interests and the Americans they are named after have no control over them and receive no credible benefit or service from them.

These foreign  "persons" die by bankruptcy, not by any physical cause of death, because they are not alive to begin with, have no pulse, and have no distinct DNA or any other attribute of living things. 

Nonetheless, these dead things have been operated to the detriment of living people, and have been used to promote crimes of impersonation and identity theft as part of an organized unlawful conversion scheme. 

It is the responsibility of your office to confirm the status --- alive or dead -- of everyone within the area served by your office.  

We are seeking a bulk Correction Order to investigate and invalidate Registrations related to these foreign corporation franchises and the practice of misrepresenting these corporations as living Americans.   

We are also seeking specific affirmation that the American Lawful Person named Ammon Bundy is alive and well and unaffiliated with any bankrupt British Territorial Person using the same name, and also unaffiliated with any Municipal PERSON using the same or similar name.  

Please issue a Death Certificate for AMMON BUNDY, a bankrupt Municipal Corporation, and a Certificate of Life for Ammon Bundy, an American Rancher.  

These same services and precautions may be needed for every living American as a result of widespread criminal fraud and personage schemes being practiced against Americans by foreign business interests.  

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

We are including a link to Ammon Bundy's plea for help.  He knows he is being set up as the next LaVoy Finicum by the same FBI, INC. Agency Personnel who have taken part in all these savage and unprovoked attacks on American civilians.  

In this short video clip:  Ammon Bundy is clearly tired and sad.  He knows that these vicious men are targeting him in order to steal his ranch and other property that are his by right.  He knows that they are getting ready to launch some kind of ugly propaganda campaign misrepresenting him as a violent anti-government extremist, when in fact, he is an American Rancher owed good faith service from these goons, protecting his family and his private property from illegal confiscation. 

Ammon Bundy is worn down, tired, sick of the constant harassment and false claims aimed at him by people that are being paid out of his pocket, so tired that he offers to just give up and give them what they want.  

We wish for Ammon Bundy's identity as an unaffiliated, non-citizen, non-combatant to be honored by all Federal Employees from the top Five-Star General to the lowest grunt in the Federal Civil Service. 

We wish for these out-of-control agencies to be dissolved as if they never were; there is no authority for them under any Federal Constitution, and the majority of the services they provide are as subcontractors of our Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, that is, they don't serve us and the expense for their upkeep needs to be returned to us all the way back to 1878 when this abuse of our public interest began.  

We wish for all the members of the DOD, IRS, BATF, FBI, DOJ, and similar agencies to be sent home and stood down.  There is no legal or lawful reason for their behavior attacking peaceable Americans. We've already seen that the self-interested Mercenary Conflict that these Federal Subcontractors have engendered on our shores is unlawful and illegal under international law. 

We do not need to observe anything more.  As the actual Employers and as the peaceable civilian government of this country, we are bringing well-supported demand against the other Principals to cease and desist and stand down.

These Municipal Corporations and their subcontractors are all acting as criminal mercenaries intent on stealing property that does not belong to them.  They are harassing and threatening their civilian Employers. They need to be arrested and punished, not chronically misdirected and egged on by parent corporations that are also trying to dodge their accountability.

We wish for prompt action to first correct and then unwind this entire mess and we wish for all Federal Employees reading this to protect both Ammon Bundy and his private property assets as required by Article IV of all three Federal Constitutions. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 22nd 2023


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  1. how is certificate defined, as pertains to this "Certificate of Life" for Ammon Bundy?
    are you talking about Ammon Bundy the man?... in their system isnt a Certificate a Debt, a Debit, a Charge?

    if yes, why do you think the Vaticans Costumed Actors have to issue a Debt on the man?
    for what?
    using what authority/"JurisDiction"?

    1. The sword is their only power and they'll use it unlawfully. The story of Robin Hood is an example to all men who claim loyalty to a King that when they live by the sword, the people will see him die by the sword. The people who word this land are NOT Peasants or surfs to be plundered. We will fight to retain what we have acquired as our Right From God for Men in American. All criminals, pirates and BAR Esquires acompolises heed these words...

    2. Join your national state assembly you "lone (st)rangers.

    3. quit trying to tell other man what to do. people can do as they please if they dont harm another man.
      youre nobodys boss but your own... and you probably dont even have sense enough to do that if you think you need an internet graumamana who is a stranger to you to run your business for you!!

    4. "To certify" clearly and plainly means that to whom the requirement is made, the "whom" is required to authoritatively make certain (vouch safe) that one Ammon Bundy be kept well alive and functioning with his family: breathing, heart-pumping, smiling, etc.

      A "certificate" is not a "debt."

      Versus what the criminals accomplish by artifice (false, clever, or insincere behavior.) e.g. The criminals co-opted the "certificates" by a ruse of artifice.

      It is highly recommended that those having trouble with words (wo-man:janmarie) obtain a worthy dictionary, and use it.

      Furthermore, for those who may appear to have trouble recognizing JurisDiction, please study the jurisdiction in which Anna Von Reitz operates. And also study Anna Von Reitz many essays on jurisdiction.

    5. anony407, yes, they have no authority over man and they know it so they use violence.
      but their chickens have come home to roost because they have to do good for man OR THEY LOSE THEIR BA'ALPRIEST HOOD*/ COVERING, and i believe that has ALREADY HAPPENED. now theyre spiritually naked before the world and all their secrets are uncovered.
      theyre panickking... furiously trying to rebuild what the curse in refs.: Zechariah 5:1-4 tore down to the ground, like Jerusalem, like Jericho?
      even jesuis said similar as you:
      ref.: luke 22:36 [again, scriptures about whats going to happen to them are often marked by 9 and/or 11, 19, combos:
      this one, double 11 with a 9]
      "Then he said unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip:


    6. the only thing that is clear is that "English" words usually have many different meanings, sometimes contra-dictary to each other, and one has no idea which one of the sometimes 6 or 8 meanings, or the specialty or technical meanings, that somebody else is using.
      you have to ask.
      you should know that.
      are you trying to confuse the people?

    7. just answer the questions, k?

      it would be just as easy to spend the time actually answering questions?... look at all this you go through... all that time spent and you dont substantively answer even the simplest questions.

      do any of you know what the Articles actually mean?


    8. Those who, woman:janmarie, can not hear/see accurately from within their own heart (core being,) life, and mind will not ever discover anything useful, woman:janmarie, by your' manner of worshiping at the altar of seeking an answer in words and letters, etc.

      Letters and words are merely tools to communicate between mankind, who already know the answer. Being confirmatory connection, and locational. The singing of a humpback whale, or the language of the birds (not to be confused satan's "twitter.")

      Those loving within mankind find solace and togetherness with useful letters, words, sentences, paragraphs etc.

      But words, etc. are merely confirmatory to what mankind already knows and shares in harmony to eternal good.

      The crafty, such as yourself woman:janmarie, worship at the altar words to caste their "spells," doubts, and divergence.

      But you will fail.

    9. To Anonymous (of April 23, 2023, 7:19AM)
      Your writing style is filled with an air of authority, with an air of great importance.
      Don't lecture bumptiously,
      chestily, condescendingly, pompously, portentously,
      you ‘‘large charge’’.

    10. ...which way to the assembly...get thee to thy assembly, but which . . ,.

  2. The ATF helicopters allegedly shot those first 4 agents at Waco because they had information concerning the WTC93 FBI led demolition that happened TWO days before the siege at Waco. Waco was a distraction that eventually begot the Oklahoma City bombing. The big picture at Waco is a coverup of WTC93 false flag event for those hoping to control the mideast. Oklahoma City bombing was to clean up the evidence from the prior two false flags. Just my opinion.


    It's all in the families and the Bundy saga is no different

    And if you don't think they can run operations on line through blogs to get the people on board for their new plan, think again

  4. Among the leaked goals of these government organizations are their self-identified plans “(1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism
    to generate outcomes it considers desirable.” For more information on these leaked documents, I recommend you take the link above.
    Outcomes it considers desireable like your self government under World Parliament as the documents clearly state
    Page 45
    The link he mentions

    And of course it is an independent non profit and your donations are sorely needed to keep the whole thing going

    Blackstone and Blackrock and the ROCKYFELLERS
    So who is Blackstone? It is Peter Peterson and Stephen Schwarzman. Peterson was Secretary of Commerce under Nixon and Chairman of the CFR from 1985 to 2007. He was also chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was Chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers from 1973 to
    1984. He has worked closely with the Rockefellers, and is a trustee of MOMA. Schwarzman was the managing director of Lehman Brothers, and the director of mergers and acquisitions there.
    In short, Blackstone is mainly a creation of Peterson, and Peterson is mainly a creation of. . . Rockefeller.
    Who is Blackrock? While Blackstone was founded in 1985, Blackrock was founded in 1988.
    Initially, Blackrock was part of the Blackstone Group, so there you have it.
    It simply changed its name in 1992.
    Page 43

  5. Anna, I see no mention of the local county sheriff in your presentation here regarding Ammon. Where is the sheriff in regards to this? ......... Isn't the sheriff the gate keeper for the county? .........


  7. No one told RFK about chemtrails I guess
    And gee, put them deniers in for profit prisons is the solution
    I wonder if that might be considered a new ICD11 medical billing revenue code in the near future
    Like digital media and mental health

    Funny thing he's the mouthpiece for the latest boogie man saga and yet he knows nothing about their operations in geoengineering
    What a fraud

    And is it not funny that they can use the same digital media to e GODvernment and manipulate the masses and thats perfectly OK

  8. Another BUSH flappin his jaws
    He's an 'EXPERT'

    New age, vibration, frequencies, blah blah blah blah blah

  9. Blackrock aka Rockefeller
    You'll notice the push to leave the mainstream and head on over to the METAverse for all the 'real' 'facts'
    Steering the herd right to digital hell

    Blackstone and Blackrock and the ROCKYFELLERS
    So who is Blackstone? It is Peter Peterson and Stephen Schwarzman. Peterson was Secretary of Commerce under Nixon and Chairman of the CFR from 1985 to 2007. He was also chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was Chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers from 1973 to
    1984. He has worked closely with the Rockefellers, and is a trustee of MOMA. Schwarzman was the managing director of Lehman Brothers, and the director of mergers and acquisitions there.
    In short, Blackstone is mainly a creation of Peterson, and Peterson is mainly a creation of. . . Rockefeller.
    Who is Blackrock? While Blackstone was founded in 1985, Blackrock was founded in 1988.
    Initially, Blackrock was part of the Blackstone Group, so there you have it.
    It simply changed its name in 1992.
    Page 43

    And the CHD.TV network is expanding with the help of RFK and Fitts here
    Even though they haven't stopped the roll out of one bioweapon childhood immunization vaccine added to their schedule in their entire existence they are there now?
    New CHAPTERS being chartered all over the place and there is even the same outfit in Europe - well golly gomer how bout that
    What a crock
    This is controlled herding of the masses into desired silos to work collectively towards the very outcome these cock roaches planned to achieve from the start

  10. Can't stress it enough that you need to read everything she has written

    And all the counties are lumped together in groups

    And I believe they are steered by the Councils of Godvernments
    Texas has 24 of these
    24 Councils of Government, 2 listed
    NCTCOG -
    WCTCOG -

    The Regional Planning Act of 1965
    670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes
    ADDED THIS ON 2/17/2023***********************************************
    The Commonwealth Secretariat
    Established in 1965, supports Commonwealth member countries to achieve development, democracy and peace.

    Regionalism -----

  11. Lets have a look at this again

    anna-maria-wilhelmina-hanna-sophia:riezinger-von reitzenstein von lettowvorbeck

    Interesting read here
    Also note that the site is a Senator John Heinz History Center and Associated with the Smithsonian Institute

    If you remember John Heinz was 'killed' in a plane crash

    As miles writes often they fake their deaths to retire and move (hide) their wealth and there 'business dealings' around
    Heinz and the family fortune and 'philantropy and ENDOWMENTS

    The third link down is interesting as they opened a digital archive of the tree of life incident from 2018
    Hmm interesting the direction of the world liars and the lines they insert

    unique degree of people reaching across these chasms that normally feel insurmountable – people reaching across geographic lines, across religious lines, across racial lines and across political lines

    And on the flip side all they do is create the divide in all the lines

  12. The ole doc here has been on the payroll for some time now