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Sunday, December 18, 2022

About "Your" Name -- Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let me give you an atypical example, my own, so that you can better appreciate the situation. 

In 1855, in international court, my Great-Grandfather entered -- as a trademark -- our present family Public Name: Riezinger. He created it out of thin air. 

Unlike copyrights and other forms of Public Claims, trademarks continue in effect as long as they are in use and they apply worldwide. 

By creating what appears to be a new "Surname" for his family as an international trademark, my ancestor created a Public Name for himself and his progeny that does not belong to any government.

Although it resembles German surnames, "Riezinger"  was created to be our private property, held within our family as a possession and birthright, much as you might inherit any other piece of property, say a chest of drawers, and use it from childhood onward. 

This does not reflect, however, the terms under which most people inherit a surname.  Most people in the British Dominions inherit a surname (sir-name) as a citizenship obligation.  

This is why they go around calling everyone by titles -- "Mister", "Sir", "Madam" and "Missus" and so on.  A title implies an office and an office implies a public duty or, as it may be expressed, a public debt. 

Your Christian Name, for example, "Anna Maria'', is yours by contract. Yeshuah paid for that under Roman Law. 

The "Sur-name", aka, Family Name, however, belongs to the British Monarch--- that is, if it is a surname at all, and not a privately held international trademark.  

Under British Law, the use of such a Surname/Family Name obligates you to perform as a British Citizen and accept your share of the pagan public debt.  

So when they trafficked all of us Americans into their foreign jurisdiction and misidentified us all as British Territorial Citizens, they foisted their public debts off onto each and every one of us.  

That was the whole point of the name game exercise -- enlisting us to pay their debts and serve as new collateral for them to borrow against.

Unless you hold what appears to be your "Family Name" as a private international trademark, or don't use a surname,  the King claims to own you and to own your land and your (formerly) private property as a British Citizen-- an indentured servant of His Royal Majesty with an indefinite term of service.   

So where does the Pope come into all of this?  He pays the bond for the Christian Name, so that you can't be held responsible for pagan Public Debt --- so long as you don't use a Surname, or do what my ancestor did, and create a new name and use it as a private international trademark.  

This situation has been caused by the necessity of paying the debts of dead men, especially war reparations. 

Use me as an example again --- I was born fourteen years after the end of the Second World War.  There's no way that I am in any way responsible for that great conflagration or for paying for all the cost of rebuilding afterward.  But my Father and Mother could be debtors responsible for it, and in theory, I could be held responsible for their unpaid portion of that debt. 

What's supposed to happen in America is that the debts of dead men are to be written off ---with corporations and businesses taking the losses, but they objected: "Alexander Lamont Smythe" may have died in 1981, but he still owes war reparations from WWII, and a phone bill, and as far as they are concerned, his family is responsible for paying it.  

The King passes on this "Public Debt" via the Family Name, Smythe.  Whatever the Public Debt might be, you get your part of it by virtue of using "his" sir-name, Smythe.  All the family members of the name "Smythe" are responsible for all the debts of everyone who ever lived named "Smythe".  

You can now see how everyone became hopelessly indebted and why politicians go on recklessly spending money "to be owed by" future generations. 

You can also now see how and why "Anna Maria" is held harmless by the Pope, but "Anna Maria Riezinger" is held accountable by the British King, unless I object and bring forward the fact that I am using a private international trademark, not a sir-name, and, additionally, I am an American standing on land that is outside their system of things. 

In which case, both the Pope and his Overseer, the British Monarch, lose a customer.

Hopefully, you will also understand why Americans aren't naturally part of this system at all, and also why people like me, who use an international trademark instead of a sir-name, escape the scheme, as do those who sign with only their Christian Name. 

This latter option is the equivalent of saying, "Mia culpa!  I, John Allen,  am a Sinner and a Debtor!" and letting "Christ" -- or at least, the man claiming to be his Vicar, pay the price. 

This venerable "system" in play since the days of the Roman Empire is now falling apart, along with the fantasies that created it. 

The British Crown represents the "debt collection side" of the ledger, while the Vatican represents the "credit side" of the ledger, and it doesn't much matter to the Pope which side of the ledger turns up, because he owns both.  For him, it's just a matter of applying a credit for a Christian or collecting a debt from a pagan, and in either case, his black-robed minions do it for him, as they have done since the Second Century BCE. 

The credits and debts are all theoretical anyway, so it's a Double Nothing-burger for the Pope, and a game for his bill collectors, even though it has consequences for the unwitting victims, in terms of fines, fees, time in jail, property seizures, and other ills.

Meanwhile, back here in reality, the sense in which "Joshua died for our sins," has nothing to do with Mammon, but everything to do with our common gullibility, hard-heartedness, sheep-like tendencies, laziness, apathy, fear, greed, and shirking of responsibility. 

These are the things we have to overcome in order to have no debt, and a clear-eyed solution to public spending and public debt is what we need in our American paradigm.  

The most obvious way to end this antiquated evil is to use public investments to pay for ongoing public expenses, to recognize surnames  as intellectual property belonging to individual living people, and to make actual corporations pay their fare share.

We, Americans, can withdraw from the foreign maze of interlocking trusts and foreign British Territorial and Municipal "persons" used as dummy corporations, simply by observing that American Lawful Persons are not obligated to any unconscionable implied social contract. We don't recognize any UCC Contract Trust and we don't voluntarily adopt any Territorial Office or Citizenship. 

As more and more of us say this, write this, and stand there four-square looking the Perpetrators of this Great Fraud in the eye and refusing to accept debts owed by Legal Fictions merely named after us, the sooner the Perpetrators recognize the necessity of ending their profiteering scheme and adopting an honest way to pay honest debts.  


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  1. Anna I am Australian so please what is my position? Do I just use for example, Hellen Jane?

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  2. Okay, Anna, time to walk your talk. It has come to light that your Global Family Bank Director, Hunter Aki, has acted in some questionable ways both recently and in the past. His lack of transparency, as well as what appears to be a lack of integrity, seems to be catching up with him. Anna, YOU need to do a deep dive into Hunter’s activities and be forthcoming about what he’s done, if you expect ASNs to invest their money in your Global Family Bank.

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    I love the maxim of law: Fiction yields to truth; where the truth appears there can be no fiction of law.

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