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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Misunderstanding Everything About "State National" and States?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have another would-be guru, getting some of it right, some of it wrong:  

Mostly, this woman doesn't recognize the difference between a "state" described in 8 USC Chapter 12, Section 1101 in Federal Code, which applies to their foreign "state nationals" (1101 (a) 21) versus one of our States of the Union and our "State Nationals".   

She's right to blow an alarm about David Straight, whose process only helps people who are legitimately Federal Citizens or "citizens of the United States"---people who want to stay attached to the federal teats for some reason of their own, while at the same time, reclaiming their constitutional Guarantees.   

There is nothing wrong with that so far as it goes.  Americans who happen to work for one of the Federal Corporations should not be left without their constitutional protections--- but in the same token, David Straight's process doesn't go all the way home.  

It leaves you paying one of the two Pipers, when, if you are an American not employed by a federal corporation, you have no reason to pay either one.  

People need to be aware of their choices when they choose a political status and David is failing to fully disclose the fact that his process leaves one still attached to one or the other of the federal corporations--- and therefore, still subject to the corporate citizenry's limitations and debts. If that is voluntary and knowing, great.  If not, not so much. 

Let me repeat this again --- we have three populations in this country, one that is the General Public and population of this country, people who live in States of the Union, and two other populations that are foreign corporation employees and dependents of Federal Government Subcontractors--- the so-called "federal citizenry" who both "reside" in our States of the Union under the Residence Act. 

Within the terms of their federal government, they  have "states" like American Samoa, which are "states" within their system, and Possessions -- not States --  within ours.   

I don't recommend listening to this video, because all she does is further confuse everyone and everything some more, but for an example of what Junior Woodchuck Experts do to hamper Progress, this video is a classic. 

If you went according to her view, the Americans who do work for the Federal Subcontractors would continue to go without the protections of the Constitution, and the Americans who don't work for the Federal Subcontractors would also be left unprotected and undeclared, and therefore "fair game" for either foreign corporation to mess with. 

She's right that not voting in their elections means that we have no voice in their elections --- but if we are not shareholders in their corporations we have neither any right nor any reason to vote in their corporation elections, do we? 

Think about it.  These Federal Corporations are just like GM or IBM or McDonald's Corporation.  I don't own stock in those corporations.  What business would I have attending one of their stockholder elections and (a) either giving my proxy to someone to vote "for" me, or (b) vote in one of their stockholder elections myself?   


Their internal workings don't concern me. I am not part of their bankrupt corporation and I don't want to inherit its debts as part of their "public", that is, their citizenry, either. 

One of the foreign Federal Subcontractor corporations, the British Crown variety, makes it illegal for Municipal Subcontractors to vote in their elections, the other Federal Municipal Subcontractor wants everyone to vote in their elections, because that means they can spread their debts out among more shareholders and latch onto more private property. 

And realistically, as both Federal Subcontractors are perennially bankrupt or going bankrupt to offload their debts on the unsuspecting American Public, why would anyone want to be a shareholder?  

Do you realize that political parties didn't exist in this country before the Civil War?  Our American Government doesn't have or allow formal political parties. If you and your pals want to organize for or against a specific law or action, you are welcome to do so, but there is no such thing as a political party in the American Government. 

No Democrats.  No Republicans.  No billion dollar elections to rig. 

This woman, in the video referenced above, offers a thousand dollar reward to anyone who proves that her premise that we are "American children" is wrong. 

I don't know where to collect.... but if she looks into the United States Statutes-at-Large or the manuals governing the Government Printing Office, she will quickly discover that we, Americans, acquire our "nationality" from our separate and Several States, not from "America". 

 That is, we are properly called and legally recognized as "Texans" or "Wisconsinites" or "Virginians", etc.,  not as "Americans" which is a more general term that can apply to anyone born in this Hemisphere. 

Thus, our version of "State National" means that you are part of the natural population of one of the sovereign States of the Union.  

The federal version of "state national" means that you owe a permanent allegiance to a foreign and unspecified "state", like Puerto Rico, which is a member of the British Commonwealth and a United States Possession at the same time.  

And while we are on the topic, "permanent allegiance" like "allegiance to the flag" or "allegiance to the King"  is a totally foreign practice that derives from feudal serfdom, and results in adopting foreign citizenship obligations, too.  

Again, this woman gets some of it right.  Her Shinola Sensors are on, and that's encouraging.  We shouldn't be swearing (period) and we shouldn't be offering our allegiance to anyone or anything but our Creator. She's right about that. 

Our allegiance has to be to a Higher Calling than acting as servants or slaves to an inanimate thing like a flag or even to the fallen Federal Republic that that particular flag "stands for", 

Our American Government exists to serve us.  We do not exist to serve it, though some of us, for a period of time, freely choose to serve as government officers or officials for the common good of our country or the good of our individual States of the Union. 

Ours is a far different kind of "Citizenship" than that foisted on British Citizens or citizens of the Municipality of Washington, DC -- that is, different from "federal citizenship" of either kind.  

Our American version of "Citizenship" is entirely voluntary.  It begins when we enter an Office to serve our Public, and it ends when we retire or de-commission from that Office. It is certainly not attached to a British Territorial Title IV Flag, and by the way, that Title IV Flag is not the flag that flew as the Star-Spangled Banner over Fort McHenry.  

I have just today written down the entire fraud and differing law (European) surrounding the Christian Name, the Surname, and what the two federal corporations do to interpret these names as property claims entered in behalf of Christ and alternatively, in behalf of the British Monarch.

Under their foreign laws and codes, the Pope claims the Christian Name (John Allen, Mary Jo, Patrick John, etc.) and the British Monarch claims the Surname (Sir-name) (Steinbeck, Kopeckny, Swayze), but under American Public Law, the State assumes no public interest in either name.    

For Americans acting as Americans and freely adopting their birthright political status, and claiming their "reversionary trust rights" ---  the State assumes no ownership of their name or other private property whatsoever and imposes no hereditary citizenship obligation and no inherited debt. 

And that is part of what is glorious about America and what sets Americans free from the treadmill of serving endless public debt for the benefit of Popes and Princes--- or glutting members of a foreign corporation's version of "Congress".  

As you thread your way through the mazes created to entrap you, by all means do your Due Diligence.  Learn.  Grow.  Use your brain, your eyes, and your common sense.  Become a power for all that is Good, because there is more than enough power and pelf that gets siphoned off and used for Evil. 


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  1. thank you anna, grace to you

  2. Leana from is good friends with Charlie Ward.

  3. State National is a political party in the United States. Generally, it supports policies that support the states and believes that only state governments can effectively manage their affairs. Students often ask for do my online course for me to our experts to grasp these types of political subjects.

  4. Maxwell, please correct me if I am in error, but I believe the "take-a-way" from this Anna article is that in discussing "state" one has to clarify precisely what, which, when, where, how, why "state" one is discussing?

    Maxwell, please make a distinction, for me at least, regarding the "state" you reference??

    thanks, in anticipation of your clarifying for me.

  5. I am ready to have my paperwork notarized and have been studying this procedure but I am still confused .Anna mentioned there are Notary Publics and Public Notaries but I can't seem to find a Public Notary in my county, does it matter? Also, I live in one county but am much closer to a town in the neighboring county, does it matter if I use a notary from the nearer county or do I need to use one in my county? Thank you. I've written to my State assembly rep twice (California) but it's been weeks with no reply.

    1. I am in the same position [ready to record!] and had the same questions. The best I could decipher is that you can use any notary and it does not have to be in your county. Set up your LRO [] and contact a recorder that replies. The recorder does not have to be in your county. Orange county replied to me. Tony Rottero


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