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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

World Premiere: Died Suddenly

 World Premiere: Died Suddenly (


  1. Anyone who is trying to go after the CDC or the FDA or the NIH or any other "health" agency needs to look into the possibility that none of those agencies are responsible for the jab agenda. It seems that from the very beginning it has been a battle plan completely under the control of the Department of Defense. Fits in with Anna's research that proves that the US Military is behind most of the high-level criminality that has taken place here and elsewhere since 1863.

    1. Six of one, and a half a dozen of another?

    2. the comments are VERY informative.

  2. The secret deal of Dorotheenstrasse
    , Berlin 1918-11-11
    {Let's first do them good,
    before their bad BS do to us, m}

    The Dorothenstrasse Secret agreemen of 11-11-’1918.

    The Masonic bail-out governments that took power through a bloody coup d'état in 1926 publicized the temporary act of German surrender signed in Compiegne on November 11, 1918, and instituted a national Independence Day on that date in order to distort Polish history, especially to conceal the role of Roman Dmowski and National Democracy (endecja)-our indigenous political formation.

    And this forgery is still valid!
    This is where and when today's modern Deep State has been established.

    Please see for details

    Make America Free and Healthy m


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