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Friday, August 5, 2022

2000 Mules, The Book with the Proof

 2,000 Mules: They Thought We'd Never Find Out. They Were Wrong. Hardcover – August 30, 2022


  1. perhaps this explains part of the reason for the need for these MULES:
    on UTub channel "Clyde Do Something": new video about the "TRISTATE".
    shows "The WEF Plan" is to take over all(?) of the Netherlands, maybe not just its fertile Farm Ground that feeds much of Europe, together with portions of German and Belgian land, and put in this CITYlike thing that they plan to use to house miliions (145?) of people. (like what shelby has been referencing)
    also, i think its Clyde (hes Canadian) who has a video up about: how at least one of the Canadian provinces MAKES IT A CRIME FOR THE FARMERS TO SELL THEIR FOOD TO THE PEOPLE!!!!
    yeh, so no damm wonder these creeps are stuffing their own CORPORATIONS "Ballot Boxes", PRETENDING like its the people who are voting this shit in.

    This stuff does not just happen by itself... SOMEbody is stepping up and "signing" away our rights and our land, water, air, lives, free state of being, well-being.... all of our gifts from God.
    so, in it essence, even though they dangle KlauSwab and BillyGotes and GeoSorros out in front of us, ITS SOME OF OUR OWN *NEIGHBORS* who agree to actually commit harms upon us, *man*; and do harm us and have and will likely coutinue unless we speak up: Remember the catch-phrase "All Politics are Local"?
    to make it even more egregious, WHILE OUR VERY OWN NEIGHBORS ROB US, the bitches PRETEND to be *serving* us!!!... as "our" Public Servants and are then surely, as they say: "UNDER COLOR OF LAW".
    they say "You have been SERVED" --- as they stand there and make up a "CHARGE"-ing Instrument for their Banking System against the Trust they claim you agreed to let them be the Beneficiary of instead of you... that you didnt even know during your whole lifetime that was ever set up, much less agree to it??
    hey, and let us never forget them paying themselves most handsomely, loading themselves and their own families up on every "benefit" imaginable, including early retirements with benefits still active, clothing allowances, and so forth.
    ITS YOUR OWN NEIGHBORS ROBBING YOU THEN, NOT KLAUS SCHWAB, he just made them the offer to participate in the thft ring, UNDER COVER OF "INSTITUTIONALIZED PIRACY" *** ON THE LAND ***.... cuz "The Pope" sezs its ok (wink)??? is that really how it has been working harm upon us, man?... looks like it to me right now.... someone, please furnish any facts that prove what i am saying is wrong. thank you!


    1. as i see it, here is an absolutely perfect example of these thieving bitches, without any apparent conscience at all, stealing what belongs to common man:
      utub; Rogue Nation; Public Employees, Private Party, on taxpayer dime. (first 20 sec???...idk)
      • and using same for their exclusive "use, benefit, and enjoyment"
      • without right
      • without agree-ment
      • for free
      • without providing equal exchange to common man
      • and being the cause of loss of use of what belongs from right, only to common man
      • while abusing common man who is, inside (of) law, livestreaming them doing same and broadcasting it to the common townspeople! lol!
      the situation is that the CONTRACT-ees of The City of__??_____ Corporation/ other Name:
      blocked the common people from use of the City/County Park during a Holiday, AND ONLY THE CITY EMPLOYEES AND THEIR FAMILIES WERE ALLOWED IN TO USE THAT PUBLIC PARK!!! can this be true??! .... they blocked common man from using what belongs only to common man under threat of "trespass" and arrest, RESULTING IN THE CITY EMPLOYEES AND THEIR OWN FAMILIES HAVING EXCLUSIVE USE OF A PUBLIC PARK THAT BELONGS TO common man *ALONE*.
      and this UTubber, RogueNation (HEROGUY!) went in anyway and started livestreaming to the common townspeople: all the City Employees there, in the "Unsafe Public Park" with their families, while keeping the common man in the town, who the park belongs to, out of his own park!
      several of the CITY EMPLOYEES chose to severely verbally ATTACK RogueNationGuy!!!, called the City Police on him who harassed him and threatened him, ... and they only seemed to calm down a minute or two AFTER it soaked into their thick skulls that he said he is livestreaming!!! oh, THEN "they could see his point"!!! haha!! and his point was that he believed the townspeople needed to SEE what was going on in there... that the City Employees were using the "Unsafe Public Park" for their and their families exclusive use and enjoyment, while keeping the common townspeople OUT of their own Public Park, under THREAT OF ARREST!
      now you dammwell gotta wonder what else those "CityEmployees" might be stealing if they are so blatant as to do this out in the open.
      they DO NOT CARE that they are using YOUR stuff.
      they seem to like telling common man he cant use his own gifts from God or they will hurt him and lock him in a cage!
      they want to use other peoples gifts from God, and they have been abusing us and just TAKING our God-given gifts!!!
      they are GORGING their worthless selfish selves ON COMMON MANS LABOR and further abusing common man if he says NO!
      Why?... is that how they are "SERVING" us? IT looks to me like that SERVICE they are charging us for might just be for the "service" of robbing us??? and arresting us if we "Trespass" upon what is ours?
      this is just sickening, if actually true, and it at least seems to be.

      notice how viciously they attack HEROGUY, then abruptly change to an entirely different narrative and attitude once it hits them that the whole town is not only seeing them exclusivly use what belongs to the common townspeople, but how vile they are and vicious and loud and how abusively they speak to RogueNation Guy for the use of his rights!!

      as i see it, people who do this kind of thing are thieves and abusers and liars and, did i say theives, oh yeh, guess i did... :).
      those who have done these things, if any, are responsible to restore man. they are responsible, in American common law.
      Ancient common law: same...:restore (the) man harmed: ref: jesus of nazareth, and others.
      we, man, declare our union of free and independent American common law nations, called States, stand.

    2. here are two NEW utub channels utub has suggested for me!
      i know nothing about these guys, they could be FedeeralAgentts for all i know; and do NOT suggest anyone do what these guys are doing the WAY they are doing it; but regardless, i have been laughing my head off for three days now playing their Police Audit type videos...
      WARNING... both get very vulgar at times, but i respect their right to free expression, "First Amendment Rights".
      NC TYRANT HUNTER - he opencarries! he is hysterically funny!
      DIRECT D.

    3. heres a good starter video: utub
      NC TYRANT HUNTER."I'll have you removed! -- Is this your first day..." up only three hours: 8,130 views. 117K subscrs, passed 100K only 2-3 months ago :).

    4. wow! i must be doing really good! i just typed another comment and the comment didnt just get wiped out as i finished up and got ready to publish, my device became unplugged from the entire paulstramer website!!!
      dang! my stuff must be kickin somebodies azz!! :):):)
      heads up everybody!
      i will stay with it until i get to publish it!!!! yeeehaw!!! :):):) lol!

    5. we're winning!!!

    6. its about "Corporate Employees" using "HELPING" us, or giving us ANYthing, including:
      Directives, Policy, Orders, Help, ANYthing, it seems perhaps;
      and use it to further "Presume" Jurisdictional /Authority over us.

    7. omgosh! my CorrectionPost got shutdown/wiped out just now!!!
      are my posts Kickin somebodys azz that bad?!! :):):) too funny!!

      ...even the "*** You *** have a nice day." that CORPORATE POLICY ENFORCERS ARE ***TAUGHT*** TO SAY IS, TECHNICALLY, A DIRECTIVE!...

      we do not have to accept anything at all from Corporations Officers, including help, safety tips, suggestions, policies, them showing us around or them telling us what kind of day we are to have. Nothing. We have right to be in those Buildings that belong to us, in at the very least the public areas, without their help, assistance, directions... we dont need to be watched either!!
      And NO! They Can NOT *HELP* US!!

      i believe it looks like their Courts and Court Officers, Probation Officers, Family Courts, Probate Courts, Registrars, Sec of State, Regis of Deeds, ALL INCORPORATED/OHHER NAME, AND ALL ATTORNEYS, CLERKS, "JUDGES" are doing the same type of thing perhaps!

      we're winning!!

    8. It's my suspicion that this is all theatre and that the new world order so to speak is already up and running

      The trick was to get the people to go along with the status quo
      The trick was to get them to sign in sign up climb aboard

      If you watch any tv at all the signs of the shit they planned to do are all over television shews of all sorts
      And I'm talking they going all the way to claiming that pets have mental health issues and putting them on drugs too

      I see commercials for florida farmers are in co ops and not corporate owned
      All that is the transformation talk in to the world parliament shit where these 1000 co op of farmers like printed on the land o lakes butter tub exclaims that those 1000 farmers (hint hint there's that 1000 points of light dick head papa bush spoke about) benefit from your purchase
      1000 privately held farms supplying everything like billy goats suppose to be buying up all the farm land
      Would he be one of the 1000 farmers?

      This shit goes deep folks

      And yes janmarie this is exactly as you have written up
      Anyone who works at all for any sector in this false paradigm is an accomplice to the world crimes
      They are all screwing their neighbor
      Funny thing thats a card game you know

      Just like those new 87,000 tax collectors that supposedly biden hired?
      Well they all have to be vetted and confirmed to be who they say they are and are not on Anna's state assemblies etc etc etc

      You see how this is working

      It'd the slight of hand the magic trick
      As they string folks along they are making the transition in slow incremental steps
      They're all in it together and you bet your ass it is the largest ever PYRAMID ponzi scheme the world has ever seen

      I'm telling you this mystesism, alchemy, magic all of it is in their movies ALL OF IT
      From childrens cartoons to everything else

      This mule story is just that another one of their stories to cover up the actual crimes
      If they can get us to focus on all this other shit then they go undetected
      The real culprits

      I even think that Medici and all these other families were made up as well to cover who the real crooks are


      And all this reference to robots are about the very people you write about janmarie
      The people are the robots that will do and are doing the dirty work hurting their fellow man for a paycheck
      The almighty God dollar

      I'm so sick of the ad naseum bullshit articles
      It is plain to see Anna is a recruiter to the new world order and world parliament
      It states clearly in their documents that everyone will take part and self govern and volunteer and donate to the cause as they work us over with this transition magic shit shew

  2. if you want to, watch how many times this woman keeps trying to get the men to let her "help" them! one point: about ten times in around 5 minutes...
    [utub NC TYRANT HUNTER, I'll have you removed! Is this your first day..."] she starts explaining that they are there to "help" the men at around 14-40, then she starts in again at about 15-55, then again at about 16:30, then at about 17:16 her false belief in her superiority(?) is written all over her face, and she repeats the same thing yet again at about 17-30; at about 17-51 she tosses and repeats the same word salad; at about 18:10 she parrots it again; then at 18:18, she just FORCE her "help" upon the men by OVERTLY DIRECTING the men to look at where she is DIRECTING them to look!! but they tell her theyve "Already seen that". then off-camera, at around 19-21 jeff sounds like maybe she just asked to "help" them AGAIN!!

    She is doing the exact same thing the CORPORATE POLICY ENFORCERS DO... ....BADGER AMERICANS WITH INSISTING UPON us letting them "HELP" US, when we usually dont need their help!!
    the CORPORATION'S RE-VENUE GENERATE-ers are very heavily armed with lethal and other WEAPONS, and very well protected, and: using FORCE AND THREAT AND OTHER ABUSES, they "ISSUE" "CHARGES" against the SecretTrusts? that the CORPORATION uses to siphon off our God-given gifts, under FORCE, without reason or right.
    then, having completed that portion of their CORPORATE AGREEMENT to ABUSE Americans, they end with a LIE, saying:
    "You have been SERVED."
    what?... you say i have been SERVED by you by being abused, robbed, lied to, made sick, and/or had the gifts God gave me taken?
    well, we will see if the American nationals agree with that.
    Trial days are coming.
    we shall see what American nationals decide.

  3. i agree shelby.
    their FLAWED CRAP IDEAS are up and running already on their end. but theyre glitching. theyre DEFECTIVE like everything else they do.
    whats stalling them out even worse, is that i really dont think they planned for: so many of us, still alive who are NOT part of their HUGE Fabricated Controlled Opposition Circus, and who they already know will never agree to participate in their NWO ideas, except under MORE FORCE.
    theyre also, i believe, having serious spiritual problems... the "Sacrifices" they make, if any, are inadequate. more is demanded? ....but covie was a serious flop. the vakkss went bad. and now, too many people are too awake to agree to starve.
    co-ops have been used in kansas since the railroads were put in, but i get what youre referring to about the NWO coops... they tried to start that shit in the 1960s too, with the "hippies", but it took off like a lead balloon.
    people want their own land.
    anyway the coops in kansas are generally classified as farmer-owned, and each farmer gets paid a little dividend once a year... at least all the ones in kansas that i know about are run that way.

  4. omg, you guys have got to see this one if interested!!
    posted 2 hours ago, has 10,000+ views!! utub, James Madison Audits, 215K subscrs. "Im NOT here to make friends! FIRE MARSHALL refuses to budge!"
    a fire department is refusing to take a walk-in "Public Records Request", in accord with State CORP legis.

    1. woman:janmarie

    2. I'd be careful, cause these 'wizards' can throw up a you tube channel in seconds flat with any minion to play the part if the 'Price is Right'

    3. I'm tellin ya this goes all the way to the local level - anyone on the payroll that is not aware of the fraud is participating in it they just don't know it
      They will continue to do their jobs because that is the status quo
      Once they figure out with their conscience say in the area of for hire CPS workers stealing kids for profit hits home if they ever find out
      Then what they bring in immigrants and put them in the positions?

      A fire department - well everyone knows they most likely masons or so they say and they belong to fraternal orders like the cops of the FOP, fraternal order of the police

      This was all planned and they claim that a new world order will arise while these top families behind the 'scenes' 'literally' walk off in their golden globe sunset while their kids carry their mission forward

      That mission is the green new deal of you eat bugs and volunteer your time and efforts to their fake ass save the earth CON
      But not before they pull off their greatest trick, the trick of NOAA and global warming and their end times stage play
      I firmly believe this is why they moving folks to the SMART cities is because they intend to flood and do whole bunch other shit to the rest of the land

      Funny she writes about the illuminated ones today what a crock
      They're not illuminated and never have been
      Bunch of damned cheating ass inbred crooks is what all of them are

      And spare us the Habsburg crap that your mom and 4 kids lived in a barn, please
      SOB story after story about your poor ass from Wisconsin
      If you've ever read Miles' papers you'll know that is their standard MO
      Poor folk came from nothin and became lead architect working on the HARRP project in Alaska

      But climb on board her ship she's her to save you
      Nope they'd never lie to you or send a grandma to the internet to make the blind see the false light

    4. Have a listen

      Speaking of wills and willpower like I put up that video the other day about your Last(name) will and testament

    5. Hmm justinian/trump deception

      And gee Anna the math wizard, history wizard and scholar of cancer cures

      Get this WalMart just entered a contract for electric delivery vehicles from a company called Canoo

      Roe roe roe your boat gently down the NOAA stream marrily marrily marrily marrily
      life is but a dream

      Look up something called the shetar and what those two witnesses signifies along with your signature heart beat on the life dotted line
      Talk about born again and right back in to debt disguised as a prepaid vendor card

    6. And while you're in la la land waiting on those prepaid vendor cards this is their operations for their coming 'HIStoric' weather Chicago Climate Stock Exchange derivitives making billions

  5. The gangs all there from the pillow guy to flynn

    1. The money tree

    2. The hidden ones

    3. You be sure and check out the name at 48:05 in this video
      Pen name is it Anna?
      Or a blatant lie to hide who the hell you really are and what you true origins are?

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